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    Vitalik: Ethereum, Part 2

    Vitalik: Ethereum, Part 2

    The elder statesman of smart contract blockchains 0:00
    The Ethereum community 1:22
    The DAO hack 2:34
    Vitalik’s finest and worst moments in protocol politics 5:18
    Becoming a Twitter memelord 7:45
    Vitalik’s influence on Eth today 8:59
    It’s getting harder to do big things in Eth 10:38
    Goals outside Ethereum 12:17
    Crypto needs the good-natured 15:00
    Russia 18:06
    Vitalik’s lifestyle 19:51
    Closing thoughts 22:06

    Transcript http://nav.al/vitalik-2

    • 25 min
    Vitalik: Ethereum, Part 1

    Vitalik: Ethereum, Part 1

    Introduction 0:00
    Haseeb’s background 0:22
    Vitalik’s background 2:43
    A blockchain you can build any app on top of 7:02
    Eth trades efficiency for transparency 10:18
    Like plain text, Eth is simple and efficient 12:41
    Only high-value transactions can afford the blockchain 13:08
    Doing away with ‘trusted’ third parties 14:09
    Trading performance for security 14:43
    ‘Impregnable castles made of math’ 16:23
    Ethereum’s limitations are latency and privacy 16:56
    There are ways to get back your privacy 19:32
    Can Eth provide a high level of decentralization and a high level of scaling at the same time? 20:39
    Sharding leads to more centralization 21:49
    Verifiability at the expense of scaling 24:00
    How much decentralization is the right amount? 25:11
    What happens when subsidies to join nodes disappear? 27:07
    Stateless clients make it possible to verify the chain with very little on your hard drive 28:18
    Staking culture is difficult to cultivate 28:52
    New blockchain players tend to go for minimum viable decentralization 29:54
    People don’t value privacy until somebody goes to jail over it 30:32
    Eth is ‘simple at the base’ 31:12
    Social recovery wallets make it easier to be your own bank 31:44
    Block space is getting expensive 32:41
    There’s not a lot of innovation on Bitcoin, by design 33:35
    Blockchain’s ‘free-rider effect’ 34:57
    Innovation is slowest at Layer 1 35:34
    Layer 2 moves faster because it’s permissionless 36:59
    What if we froze Layer 1 today? 37:25
    Data for computation trade-off 38:57
    Benchmarking blockchains apples-to-apples 40:02
    Enshrining decentralization 41:43
    Tensions between scaling and preserving value 42:27
    There will be multiple stores of value 43:54

    Transcript http://nav.al/vitalik

    • 46 min
    The Beginning of Infinity, Part 2

    The Beginning of Infinity, Part 2

    Transcript http://nav.al/infinity-1

    • 52 min
    To a Caveman Very Few Things Are Resources

    To a Caveman Very Few Things Are Resources

    Transcript http://nav.al/caveman

    • 2 min
    Knowledge Makes the Existence of Resources Infinite

    Knowledge Makes the Existence of Resources Infinite

    Transcript http://nav.al/infinite-resources

    • 2 min
    Groups Never Admit Failure

    Groups Never Admit Failure

    Transcript: http://nav.al/failure

    • 2 min

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4.8 out of 5
2K Ratings

2K Ratings

Chris Bello | chrisbello.com ,

I am smarter now

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

Listening to this show has given me proximity to Naval and his incredible insights.

I first heard him on a Joe Rogan podcast years ago and finally took the time to check out the podcast. I wish I had done so sooner.

Naval explains things in an easy to understand manner, but also in a way that still blows your mind. Great podcast.

Psalm5110 ,


I heard this guy on the Tim Ferris show and immediately searched his podcast to devour some more of his simple-intellectual gems of knowledge & wisdom.

This show has become my new favorite since I noticed how much I would binge on his episodes like a popular Netflix series! Lol. It’s to the point, structured simply, succinct, fluid with a unique cadence, and most importantly it’s very very well ORGANIZED!

I literally stopped listening to every other usual podcast these past couple days since I started because of this show! Haha

Magnificent work Naval

mzmee21 ,

Micro doses of good info and knowledge

I like them all but truly appreciate and share the short one
Which are precise and on point!

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