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Your daily triple shot to Powerfully Lead your Life and Business.

Redemption with James Arthur Ray James Arthur Ray

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Your daily triple shot to Powerfully Lead your Life and Business.

    The Key to Success or Failure

    The Key to Success or Failure

    Success and failure are both the result of habit.
    If you want to change your life, change your habits.
    Most people run their life and business by the seat of their pants.
    If I ask you specifically what you're doing at 12PM this Saturday can you tell me instantly?
    Those who are masterful have routines and habits and they can answer this question with very few exceptions.
    And not only this week. They can do this every day of every week...

    • 4 min
    Mastery and Balance

    Mastery and Balance

    Mastery and balance cannot coexist in the same space.
    Sorry to potentially burst your bubble.
    But then again, very few are committed to mastery anyway; so maybe it doesn't matter.
    Balance is still nonsense, nonetheless.
    All these people running around talking, teaching and preaching about balance are not even balanced...

    • 3 min
    Good Leader or Bad Leader?

    Good Leader or Bad Leader?

    There are no bad circumstances or situations in life.
    There are no bad teams.
    There are ONLY bad leaders.
    Look, if you have a remote chance of leading your own business in this age of the entrepreneur, you must first and foremost lead your own life.
    I'm sure that makes sense to you.
    Please don't get me wrong in the statement above. Sometimes life will deal you severe blows.
    I’ve had my share and maybe more.

    • 4 min
    Always Ask for More

    Always Ask for More

    Have the courage and wisdom to ask for more.
    Look, you're not even close to your capacity and capability.
    How do I know this?
    Because I know what the human spirit is capable of.
    When things get difficult and challenging ask for more.
    It's the difficulties and challenges that reveal you to yourself.
    Don’t wish for easy—that’s illusion. What you truly want, and need, is greater capacity and capability to get through the challenges life brings...

    • 4 min
    Appreciating or Depreciating?

    Appreciating or Depreciating?

    Whatever is not appreciated is depreciated and eventually lost.
    This is a fundamental principle in both life and business.
    If you don't appreciate your team members, you’ll lose them. Studies prove that money (or a paycheck) alone won't motivate long term; and it certainly won’t inspire.
    If you don't appreciate your health, you’ll lose it. Then Life will give you NO OPTION but to make it job #1.
    If you don't appreciate your relationship, you’ll lose it. Every human being has a deep need to feel appreciated; and they’ll do and go where they must and find that appreciation.
    Your finances, investments and saving are either appreciating or depreciating.

    • 4 min
    Be at Your Best

    Be at Your Best

    The Leader, a true pro, is always at his best.
    Even when he's not.
    The Leader shows up consistently, even when he doesn't feel like it.
    When he says he's going to do something, he does it. Even when he doesn't feel like it...
    When he lacks inspiration, he gets to work.
    For he knows that waiting for inspiration is amateurish, and he refuses to be an amateur; and his inspiration comes THROUGH the work.
    When he feels sad and sorry for himself, which we all do, he lets it wash over him and through him and then QUICKLY counts his blessings,
    And then he gets to work…

    • 4 min

Customer Reviews

2.1 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

EFSweetmanRN ,

No star for this creeper

Three people dead, less than 2 years for hightailing out instead of answering to the crime. Do not give this narcissist a minute if your attention, he’s crap.

darthfleur ,


Kinda sick how three people are dead and this guy is free to have a platform

Progame1 ,

What a slickster salesman! 🤮

Wow, right from the get-go this is a bunch of the same old tired quintessential self-help guru garbage. Absolutely nothing here. “Give me your money and I’ll fix your life! No, I have no legit qualifications but my daddy taught me how to preach and pass the hat with the best of them, so that makes me qualified, right? Oh yeah, and I killed three people then drove away from the site like a hit and run. But don’t worry about that! I used my two years in jail as a growth experience and now I’m back better than ever, selling my snake oil!” Good grief. Disgusting, self-serving, and dangerous person.

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