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Our aim is to encourage, equip, and inspire you to be deeply rooted in Jesus Christ. In each episode, we will discuss relevant topics that help us apply the Gospel to our everyday lives.

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Our aim is to encourage, equip, and inspire you to be deeply rooted in Jesus Christ. In each episode, we will discuss relevant topics that help us apply the Gospel to our everyday lives.

    Understanding Titus 2 Discipleship

    Understanding Titus 2 Discipleship

    In this episode, Ethan and Dianne unpack Titus 2 discipleship. There is so much content in Paul's letter to Titus as he is Paul's apostolic delegate to plant churches, elect elders, and model biblical discipleship. Dianne explains how women invested in her life at many pivotal points in her walk with Christ, and how we can all find beautiful principles in this portion of Scripture for seeking discipleship relationships. Many convolute and misconstrue what discipleship is neglecting what Scripture says in what discipleship was always meant to be. Older men train younger men, and older women train younger women as the process continues. Christian conduct and adherence to biblical principles allow us to model this to both the younger and older generation, demonstrating the way how to act, speak, and live. If you want to learn more about Titus 2 discipleship Dianne will be teaching a class for women on what this looks like! 

    • 29 min
    How the New Testament Was Formed and Why We Can Trust It

    How the New Testament Was Formed and Why We Can Trust It

    Is the New Testament reliable? How was it even formed? With so many varying translations and given its complex history, many criticize the validity of the New Testament. In this episode, Ethan Jago discusses the history of how the early churches distributed Paul's letters and what moved our early church fathers to canonize Scripture.

    • 14 min
    Deeply Rooted Podcast Trailer

    Deeply Rooted Podcast Trailer

    Welcome to the Deeply Rooted Podcast. We are excited for you to join us! Here is a brief trailer episode where Dianne and Ethan Jago explain what this podcast is all about! Thanks for listening.

    • 3 min
    The Future of Deeply Rooted

    The Future of Deeply Rooted

    Proverbs 16:9 says, "The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps." Deeply Rooted started in 2014 as a print publication and 8 years later, the Lord is directing the team's steps in a new and fresh way. Ethan and Dianne are excited to share this new update with you as they take these next steps of faith. Listen to learn where the Deeply Rooted team is headed.

    • 21 min
    Rooted in Christ: What is Evangelism?

    Rooted in Christ: What is Evangelism?

    When people hear the word evangelism, some think of street corner preaching or door to door witnessing. Others think it's enough to "preach the Gospel and, if necessary, use words." But Scripture is clear that we all, as believers, are the Sowers. The word of God is the seed, and all we are to do is throw it out there as the opportunities come along recognizing that only 3 out of 4 of the soils will bear fruit. It's our job to share but it's not our job to save.

    In our final episode for our "Rooted in Christ" series, we answer the questions:

    What is evangelism?
    What does it mean?
    What role does evangelism have in the life of a Christian?
    Should evangelism be burdensome?

    Our special guest for this episode is Dr. Glenn Jago. He is the pastor at Church of the Open Door in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Glenn is not only Ethan's Dad but is Deeply Rooted's Theology 101 writer and Biblical content reviewer! Head over to deeplyrootedmag.com to see the full show notes! 

    • 28 min
    Rooted in Christ: What is a Disciple?

    Rooted in Christ: What is a Disciple?

    This week we discuss what it means to be a disciple and what discipleship looks like in the life of the believer. We break this concept down into five stages/phases. These phases are not a checklist, but merely a way in which you can identify the progression in your spiritual walk and in those around you. Ethan and Dianne touch on the following topics that make up a disciple of Jesus:

    Spiritual Growth
    Bearing Much Fruit

    We plan on including a bonus episode with some comments and questions from our listeners! Please send us a voice message (no longer than 30 seconds) with any questions or comments on any topic that you want us to discuss! Send your questions via: https://anchor.fm/deeplyrootedmag/message

    If you loved the episode, please let us know by leaving us a written iTunes review to help spread the word about Deeply Rooted!  We would love to invite more people to our conversations.

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    Find the full set of show notes here.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Julia Dawn-Kai-S-Koo ,

Biblical & fun

Excellent information & applicable! They are gifted teachers and lead by example.

rlmnl ,

Gospel Centered

Thank you so much for your heart for the gospel! You are honest & humble in the wisdom that you share. You make pursuing holiness feel far more approachable. I feel like I’ve needed every episode I’ve listened to. It’s been such an encouragement. My twin got me your book for my birthday & I am excited to dig in!

tjp0509 ,

So encouraged

As a military wife overseas, being reminded of the gospel in my everyday life is what I daily need. You provided this reminder. I’m encouraged to daily rehearse the gospel amongst all the unknowns. This good news is from God, and it’s so important for me to remember the divine nature of it and the absolute truth, not my opinion of it.

Thank you for your gospel centered podcast!
I’m excited to listen to more!

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