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Hi, I'm Candice Horbacz I believe that life is messy and that's okay, that thinking for yourself is rare but necessary, and that we should always be expanding our curiosity. This podcast aims to have conversations that are thought provoking and challenge you to become a critical thinker.

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Hi, I'm Candice Horbacz I believe that life is messy and that's okay, that thinking for yourself is rare but necessary, and that we should always be expanding our curiosity. This podcast aims to have conversations that are thought provoking and challenge you to become a critical thinker.

    # 87 Ben Azadi - Biological Optimization, How to Burn Fat, Why Breast is Best

    # 87 Ben Azadi - Biological Optimization, How to Burn Fat, Why Breast is Best

     Chatting with Candice
     Ben Azadi
     Episode Run Time: 58:41
    Ben Azadi is a holistic health expert, author, and speaker, and host of “Keto Kamp” who specializes in the field of ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting. In this episode, we talk about fasting, diet culture, and Ben’s journey to the fitness hero that he is now.
    00:00:00 00:01:47 Inflammation Issues and the ELISA Blood Test
     00:07:23 Gut Microbiome, Weight Loss, and the Carnivore Diet
     00:12:57 Ben’s Raynaud’s Disease
     00:17:25 The Carnivore Diet and Bile Bear from Japan
     00:22:42 Intermittent Fasting and Carnivore Aurelius
     00:28:30 Working Out for Women
     00:29:53 Ben’s Shift from Veganism to Keto
     00:37:20 There’s Nothing Better Than the Boob!
     00:42:33 Brain Health, Type 3 Diabetes, and Sirtuins
     00:47:40 Negative Self-Talk, Telomeres, and The Biggest Loser
     00:55:07 All About Cholesterol
     00:57:44 Where to Find Ben
    The Lazy Way For Weight Loss
    There’s this very lazy way to argue about weight loss and that it’s just calories in and calories out. However, there’s so many other things that affect weight loss, an example being gut microbiome and leaky gut. Most people have leaky gut or some form of gut dysbiosis, with leaky gut leading to autoimmune diseases which usually goes undiagnosed for 15-20 years. In the meantime, there are people with digestive issues thinking that it’s normal when it’s not. Gas, acid reflux, and bloating are all good things in the sense that this is our innate intelligence is giving you clues that something is out of homeostasis.
    There’s Nothing Better Than the Boob!
    Candice will die on this hill: there is nothing better than breast milk. Breast milk and formula milk have distinct differences, and while both can provide adequate nutrition for infants, breast milk is generally considered the optimal choice for several reasons: nutritional ingredients, immunity protection, digestibility, and reduced risk of infection. It’s also important for bonding and emotional connection. Breastfeeding promotes a close bond between the mother and baby and the skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, and physical closeness during breastfeeding can enhance emotional bonding and contribute to the baby's emotional well-being.
    Links and Resources
    ELISA Blood Test
    The Keto Kamp Podcast
    Ben's Official Website
    Holistic health expert and Keto Kamp host Ben Azadi talks fasting, diet culture, breast milk, bile bear from Japan, and The Biggest Loser.
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    #86 Nick Onken - The Future Belongs to Artists

    #86 Nick Onken - The Future Belongs to Artists

    Nick Onken is a world-renowned photographer, host of ONKEN radio podcast, and a creative entrepreneur devoted to inspiring the world to create their moments. He has photographed personalities such as Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, and Jessica Alba, with his work being featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, and MTV. In this episode, we discuss how to find your identity Alchemy, Nick’s thoughts on Masculinity dynamics, and ways to stay ahead as a creative.

    00:00 Introduction
    01:08 The Future Belongs to the Creatives 
    03:37 Discipline and Extreme Accountability as a Creative
    06:36 Approaching Art with a Curiosity Mindset
    09:16 What to Do When You Feel Stuck
    10:34 Try Something New to Find Inspiration
    13:24 Understanding the Alchemy of Identity
    17:09 Nick’s Thoughts on Masculinity Dynamics
    19:45 Pleasure Prayers and Sexual Sacredness
    22:35 Learning to Take Risks
    28:26 How to Become Supernatural
    30:45 You Have the Power to Heal Yourself
    33:50 Breathwork Benefits, Uses, and Effectiveness
    38:45 Understanding the Dark Knight of the Soul
    44:45 Self-actualization and the Integration of Psychedelic Experiences
    48:52 The First Step to Creation
    53:54 Where to Find Nick

    Understanding the Alchemy of Identity
    Identity alchemy can be summed up by this three-step process: Deconstruct-Curate-Become. This is the deconstruction of the self, the curation of the new version of yourself, and then becoming who that is, becoming your authentic self. But why is this important? Well, because people love authenticity, and that’s what keeps them coming back to you. The good news is that everybody is an Alchemist. 

    The Future Belongs to the Creatives
    The future belongs to the creatives. We live in a fast-evolving world where everybody is trying to come up with something new. And as technological advancements continue to automate repetitive tasks, it is the imaginative minds who will shape and redefine our world. Creatives bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and unique perspectives that transcend traditional boundaries. They possess the ability to envision possibilities and inspire others to embrace change. With their artistic talents and visionary thinking, creatives will unlock the true potential of emerging technologies, foster meaningful connections, and create immersive experiences. 
    Links and Resources
    Nick on Instagram and Twitter
    Nick’s Website - Onken.co
    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
    The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss
    Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon by Adam Boyce and Dr. Joe Dispenza
    You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Adam Boyce and Dr. Joe Dispenza
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    #85 Emily Fletcher - Pleasure Prayer, Amplify Manifestation

    #85 Emily Fletcher - Pleasure Prayer, Amplify Manifestation

    Emily is a leading expert in meditation for high performance and the founder of Ziva Meditation, where she developed the world meditation training program. She talks about heart and mind coherence, emotional alchemy, purging, and meditation practices to help live a more mindful life.
    00:00:00 00:02:58 Activation and Breathing Exercises
     00:04:39 Heart and Mind Coherence
     00:09:38 Disconnected Women, “The Hug Factory”, and “The Hidden Messages”
     00:14:07 Accepting, Processing, Enabling Emotional States
     00:17:13 What is Emotional Alchemy?
     00:20:56 Purging and Is Energy All the Same?
     00:24:45 Vivid Dreams, Extraction, and an Orgasmic State
     00:32:53 Punishment of Pleasure
     00:35:27 Practicing Pleasure Prayer
     00:38:51 Masculine Wounds and Trauma Responses
     00:46:22 Sexually Charging Yourself Up
     00:54:39 Measuring Frequencies
     00:57:50 Meditation Practices
     01:03:36 Inherent Shame Around Pleasure and Sexuality
     01:08:27 Where to Find Emily
    What is Emotional Alchemy?
    The emotional alchemy process is a way to purge emotion and express yourself. It’s tapping into anything repressed, stuck, or wants to be witnessed anytime. Usually for a lot of people it’s anger, frustration, grief, or sadness, and through emotional alchemy, it’s lletting these emotions move through the body and letting yourself feel through somatic experience or expression such as dancing, punching, or sounding. Once you see and feel it in its entirety, it transmutes. However, the more we ignore these emotions, the louder they get. If we witness these feelings in their entirety, then these emotions are more likely to take a backseat instead of taking control of your life.
    The Purge and Energy Work
    We are communal beings by nature and there is power in that. Showing our emotions among ourselves has become so antithetical to the way that we’ve been socialized and conditioned, even more so in other cultures. To be witnessed and given permission to let our emotions rip, there is so much power in that. Vulnerability and safety can equal to trauma healing, while vulnerability and fear can equal re-traumatization. 
    Links and Resources
    Ziva’s Free Masterclass: How to reduce your stress, overcome anxiety, and improve your sleep in 15 days
    Teacher and emotional alchemist Emily Fletcher talks about our dreams, pleasures, emotional states, and meditation practices to help us heal and ease into mindfulness.
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    #84 Mark Gober - The Great Reset, Sovereignty, Science of Consciousness

    #84 Mark Gober - The Great Reset, Sovereignty, Science of Consciousness

    Mark Gober is an international speaker, author of the award-winning book “An End to Upside Down Thinking”, and host of the podcast Where Is My Mind? In this episode, he distills the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset as well as his views on sovereignty, libertarianism, democracy, and even aliens.
    00:00:00 00:00:29 Mark and His Many Topics
     00:01:46 The WEF and The Great Reset
     00:04:34 Collective Energy That Establishments Hold
     00:07:02 Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better
     00:11:49 The Great Reset and Yuval Noah Harari
     00:15:47 Sovereignty and Being a Libertarian
     00:19:22 Do We Truly Have Private Property?
     00:24:12 Democracy is Tyranny
     00:27:05 Difference Between Equality and Equity
     00:31:44 Diversity and “Belonging Surveys”
     00:35:02 Compassion Can Be Weaponized
     00:42:31 The Science of Consciousness
     00:46:54 How Corals Spawn, Telepathy, and Lucid Dreaming
     00:52:12 The Reincarnation Studies
     00:58:35 The Phineas Gage Story and Altering Consciousness
     01:02:45 Wider Acceptance of Psychedelics
     01:10:33 Aliens!
     01:14:25 Where to Find Mark
    The Great Reset
    In June of 2020, the Executive Director of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab alongside then Prince Charles announced “The Great Reset” wherein we have a chance to reshape society in a positive direction with COVID providing that opportunity for us. Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret shortly thereafter published a book entitled “COVID-19: The Great Reset” and a sequel book called “The Great Narrative”.  The World Economic Forum is in itself a powerful organization that influences or at least has relationships with very important companies, and Schwab himself has said “we penetrate the cabinets” meaning that people with their ideology are involved with global governments. The WEF, whether we like what they do or not, has influence over governments and companies all over the world, so when they came out with “The Great Reset” on their vision for society, it’s worth paying attention to. What Mark explains in his book “An End to the Upside Down Reset” is to try to distill what’s been written about “The Great Reset” and how he disagrees with an organization such as the World Economic Forum and especially given their close relations to governments and companies.
    Sovereignty and Libertarian
    Mark defines Libertarianism as based on the notion of private property wherein you own your body and you own your stuff that you either bought or made on your own, as well as the ability to trade these things. If you believe in private property, the next step is the non-aggression principle, meaning that that property is yours and no one has the right to assert any form of aggression towards you, and when they do, you have the right to self-defense. These kinds of policies that a third party such as governments and organizations would impose on people could also mean that they are imposing without our consent. Laws will be determined by those who subscribe to the organization and if you refuse to participate, then you can leave. This is not the kind of regulation we currently have and we currently have implied consent with governments versus the explicit mutually-agreed upon consent that we normally should have. This is what Mark fears with the WEF who can influence the governments to then impose policies that people didn’t necessarily agree to.
    Links and Resources
    Official Website
    Where Is My Mind Podcast

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    #83 Elise Michaels - Men's Mental Health

    #83 Elise Michaels - Men's Mental Health

    Elise Micheals
    Episode Run Time: 58:25
    Elise is a men’s mental health coach and advocate, helping men find purpose and passion by healing their subconscious trauma. In this episode, we talk about the differences, or lack thereof, in providing support for men and their mental health and trauma, how men can look for love in this modern era, and how one can help the men in their life heal towards a better life.
    00:00 00:49 Introducing Elise
     01:35 Polarity on Support Between Men and Women
     04:07 Cracking Open Men’s Heart Center
     06:26 Men and Decisiveness
     09:32 Common Trauma Among Men
     11:00 Getting Men Out of Toxic Relationships
     13:27 Where Can Men Look for Love?
     16:08 Rejection VS Normal Human Interaction
     20:20 Social Stigma of Men Asking For Help
     23:02 The Boy Crisis
     25:58 Divorce and Prenup
     32:28 Men’s Roles in Relationships
     35:16 The Midlife Crisis and the Retirement Era
     38:21 Being a Woman in Mens’ Topics
     39:40 Developing EQ
     42:14 Old School Mentality on Men
     44:05 Transactional Relationships
     45:06 “The Whore Whisperer”
     47:32 Men VS OnlyFans
     50:36 Escapism Through Ejaculation
     53:15 What Does Depression Look Like in Men?
     54:17 Alleviating Anxiety
     57:12 Where to Find Elise
    How do we crack open men’s heart center
    In order for men to create a safe space for the feminine, they don’t necessarily have to get in touch with their emotions, because that’s when we see them go into more of their feminine. This is also what happens in relationships when women take so much on the masculine and is hard-strung on this dynamic. Relationships need balance, and in this case, men will start taking on the feminine and dive into the emotional side if they’re not taught to control or get in touch with their feelings, confusing both people. The way a masculine man can maintain his masculinity while in a relationship with a masculine woman is to take lead. Men should be a witness to where the burden is, not give women the responsibility on how to un-burden her, and be a witness to how they can participate in leading. Simply, just doing it without asking. 
    Mental Health in Men
    Depression looks like in men like it does in anybody else, but no one pays attention to it. We’ve adopted the fact that this is what’s normal for men when in fact, majority of them are actually very depressed and they don’t even know it. A lot of it is high-functioning depression where they’re going to work and doing well in their job, but they have to take a drink when they come home because they can’t sleep, they can’t shut down, their brain is constantly going “you have stomach issues”, they’re full of anxiety, they can’t connect with people, have no enjoyment, and while all of this is happening, we just think, “oh, this is every man”. This is precisely the problem. Men don’t realize that they can live a life that is free of anxiety and that they don’t have to take a shot before they go to bed, that they can actually sleep peacefully, and they can actually enjoy their lives. They don’t even recognize that this could be a possibility for them, and this is what Elise aims to solve, or at least alleviate, among these troubled men.
    Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Website
    Men’s coach Elise Micheals dives deep into the social stigma surrounding men’s mental health, trauma, toxicity, and how they can become better people and partners in their relationships. 
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    • 58 min
    #82 Elisha Covey - Love, Life, and Womanhood

    #82 Elisha Covey - Love, Life, and Womanhood

     Episode Run Time: 2:05:03
    Elisha is a talented, self-made, multimillionaire businesswoman, entrepreneur, and co-founder of an eight-figure business portfolio as well as being a host of the podcast “The Girlfriends Show”. In this incredibly special two-hour episode, we talk about everything from navigating life, love, womanhood, and motherhood, and what has made her into the amazing woman that she is today.
    00:00:00 00:00:55 Encouraging Independence on Kids
     00:05:19 Instagram and Setting Rules and Guidelines
     00:09:46 The Line Between Shepherding and Passive Parenting
     00:13:32 Encouraging Independent Thinking
     00:15:01 The Sex and Porn Conversation
     00:18:09 Body Count, Giving Away Your Virginity, and Sex Outside of Marriage
     00:22:13 Men Who Lose Respect
     00:23:26 Women Who Talk About Masculinity
     00:26:38 Normalize Changing Our Minds
     00:27:38 Maintaining Working and Romantic Relationships With Your Partner
     00:30:30 King-Queen Archetypes
     00:34:29 Relationship Check-Ins
     00:39:11 “Outwinning the Devil” by Napoleon Hill
     00:41:21 Hormone Cycles
     00:47:45 The Magic of Food
     00:50:48 Our Body is Magic
     00:57:57 Navigating Birth Control With Your Daughter
     00:58:50 Having Agency Over Your Body
     01:03:46 Testosterone in Women
     01:08:35 Candice’s Autoimmune Disease and the Medical Establishment
     01:12:23 Trusting Women’s Gut
     01:14:55 Balancing Romance in Interdependent Relationships
     01:19:35 Always Assume the Best From Your partner
     01:23:19 Be Open to Receiving
     01:25:37 Exercises for Bad Parenting Days
     01:27:50 Different Stages of Motherhood
     01:29:05 Carl Jung’s Devouring Mother Archetype and Disney’s “Bao”
     01:31:41 Alternative Workshops in Praising Women
     01:45:07 Healing Aspect Between the Two Divine Energies
     01:49:06 Elisha’s Mission of Connection and Enlightenment
     01:53:54 Needing a Direct Apology and Holding Grudges
     02:01:09 Meditations in Receiving and Manifesting
     02:04:00 Where to Find Elisha
    Husbands and Partners
    Elisha’s role in business is very masculine, and she learned that if she couldn’t harmonize the masculine and feminine energy, it was going to ruin her marriage. It’s an ebb and flow of adjusting to each other’s wants and needs, and the importance of being honest with each other. Being with a partner means being willing to evolve, change, learn, and adjusting to the person you love. Elisha doesn’t also believe in the “King and Queen” archetypes going all over social media. Men and women are different and we each create the relationships we want, how we want to behave in them, and especially knowing what your spouse is looking for.
    Womanhood and Parenthood
    Candice talks about the short movie “Bao” which is about parenting and the “Devouring Mother” archetype and how some moms who are reluctant of letting go of their children growing up and being their own person. The moral of the story is that it’s important, especially for moms of boys, to let their sons step into their manhood. For men, it’s also important that they offer a safe space for their daughters to be vulnerable. Men should also show their daughters that they can be trusted and that they can be safe and comfortable around them.
    Links and Resources
    Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
    Businesswoman and all-around superwoman Elisha Covey talks about love, life, and womanhood in this special conversation-filled two-hour episode.
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    • 2 hr 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
190 Ratings

190 Ratings

Coachj3ff ,

I was hit with a Wow factor!

After listening to a couple of podcasts I’m officially hooked. Great content for both women and men. I think the big common that I’m getting is to love one another and be a person who serves others while holding steady to core values.

Vinnyb78 ,

Amazing Podcast!

Seriously AMAZING podcast! Candice does a great job with the content, and interviews; she is extremely intelligent. Her guest are knowledgeable, intriguing, and really make me think, and validate my own beliefs, and have helped open my own mind to a new way of thinking that Is definitely much more positive. I listened to my first episode, and was hooked. Just wish there more episodes lol. I’ve shared this podcast with my close friends and family, and everyone I’ve introduced this to agrees this podcast is wonderful. Keep up the great work Candice! This podcast is really helpful, and really something special. I hope more people check it out, and can grow from it. You’re really doing a public service with your passion in this endeavor. Kudos!! You’re definitely hitting the mark with this.

CHStan88 ,

Favorite podcast

Chatting with Candice is one of my favorite podcasts. Her guests are interesting and fresh. I feel like a lot of podcasts are rinse and repeat with the same people and the same conversation. Candice is genuinely curious about her guests and the topics being discussed. She always asks intriguing questions and it makes for a great listening experience.

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