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The show for creators and new media founders who want to grow and monetize their audience. Featuring interviews with creators, influencers and new media founders about the tools and processes they use to scale an online content business. Hosted by veteran digital media entrepreneurs Jason Ziernicki and Kyle Scott, who sold their network of sports websites for $25 million.

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The show for creators and new media founders who want to grow and monetize their audience. Featuring interviews with creators, influencers and new media founders about the tools and processes they use to scale an online content business. Hosted by veteran digital media entrepreneurs Jason Ziernicki and Kyle Scott, who sold their network of sports websites for $25 million.

    Doug Gollan, Private Jet Card Comparisons : Monetizing High Net Worth Niches

    Doug Gollan, Private Jet Card Comparisons : Monetizing High Net Worth Niches

    On today’s episode, we’ve got Doug Gollan. He’s the founder and editor of privatejetcardcomparisons.com, a consumer buying guide to private aviation services. Doug’s story is a fantastic example of how to monetize media in a niche field. If you’ve ever thought something was too niche, let Doug’s example show that if you can contribute meaningfully and have the right audience, particularly an audience with resources, you can be successful pursuing a niche.
    This episode is going to be a little bit different. 
    Kyle: So Jason, you’re a bit mysterious right? Like what does Jason do in his free time? So you came to me last week and said, you know what, I’m a member of this service. I want to have this guy on our podcast; he runs an interesting business. It’s not the private jet company; it’s the guy who advises private aviation. So I just want to make it clear that we’ve lost 90% of our audience here, but Mr. Private Jet, why don’t you introduce our upcoming guest for today? 

    Jason: I disagree that we’ve lost our audience here, because this to me is a perfect example of going to the niche of niches and making, what I assume, is a very good living for Doug Gollan. If you’ve ever thought that niche is too small, Doug has pretty much proved everyone wrong. Private aviation. The assumption is that roughly a hundred thousand Americans utilize private aviation. I want to say that’s it, but that’s subjective. Not a big number. The number of people is not high. This did not scare him off. Nothing should ever scare you off on a niche that you can monetize if you feel you have the best information. It doesn’t even have to be the best, I think Doug is the best by the way. If you think you can contribute to a niche, you win. You’ve already won, it’s just a matter now how big you win within that niche. And that is what he is doing in private aviation.

    Kyle: In all seriousness, this is a really good interview we recorded with Doug. Really good insight on how to monetize what you think might be a small niche. And then really this world of not just aviation, but marketing to deep-pocketed, whether it’s listeners, readers, viewers, it really hammers home the point we’ve talked about a bunch, which is if you have the right audience, it can be worth a lot. If you have the right audience and that audience is literally worth a lot, it could really be a good media business to be in. 

    We’ve got Doug Gollan. He’s the founder and editor of privatejetcardcomparisons.com and they are a consumers buying guide to private aviation services. Let’s get right on to our interview with Doug. 
    ● (0:01) Episode introduction with Kyle and Jason.  
    ● (2:38) Doug’s welcome and introduction.
    ● (3:03) Doug’s background in aviation media, publishing, creating his own publication, Elite Traveler, and then pivoting to privatejetcardcomparisons.com. 
    ● (8:23) Doug discusses the logic of using his background in media to target a niche market and how he built organic traffic with his private aviation content. 
    ● (13:30) A deeper look at Doug’s three revenue streams (subscriptions, ad revenue, selling research) and ideas for growth. 
    ● (16:15) Balancing free vs. paywall content. 
    ● (18:23) The makeup of Doug’s company and his cost-benefit analysis of expanding it.
    ● (20:05) Talking about Doug’s decision to not use affiliate marketing and working with an ultra-high net worth audience. 
    ● (24:08) An overview on the private aviation industry.  
    ● (30:16) Doug explains selling his company’s research. 
    ● (32:23) A discussion on newsletters and if they’re just a trend or have staying power. 
    ● (35:42) Doug’s explanation of jet tracking and the various related viewpoints.  
    ● (48:03) Where to find Doug online and how to subscribe to his...

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    Bobby Trosset, Ravens Vault : From NFL Pre Game Show To Full Time Creator

    Bobby Trosset, Ravens Vault : From NFL Pre Game Show To Full Time Creator

    On today’s episode, we speak with Bobby Trosset, a former NFL pregame radio host who is striking out on his own with a podcast and Youtube channel. Bobby is making the difficult switch from mainstream media to the creator world, with content focused on the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore sports, and beyond. He has multiple podcasts, two Youtube channels, and is thinking about ways to grow his audience to other mediums. In just under nine months, he’s amassed thousands of subscribers and tens of thousands of downloads. Yet the crushing doubt of building your own content business in a niche market hangs over his head daily. Listen now as Bobby walks us through how he made the switch from radio to podcasting and YouTube out of necessity, what he is doing to build and monetize his audience, and how the constant uncertainty of future success is with him.
    Onto the interview….
    ● (0:09) Episode introduction with Kyle and Jason.  
    ● (1:07) Bobby’s welcome and introduction.
    ● (2:10) Bobby’s background, the creation of Raven’s Fault, and the importance of Youtube. 
    ● (7:51) How Bobby handled the new media landscape and decided to create his own content. 
    ● (15:10) The daunting nature of striking out on your own and handling online criticism.
    ● (21:00) The breakdown of Bobby’s business plan and how he approaches monetization and revenue streams.
    ● (27:50) A deeper look at advertising with BlueWire, Google AdSense, and YouTube. 
    ● (34:03) Working in new media and the pros/cons of working on sports content creation without press credentials. 
    ● (39:00) Content differentiation ideas and ditching old media formality. 
    ● (42:05) Expanding business opportunities, online sports betting, and using morals to guide business.  
    ● (48:38) Balancing content creation, audience growth, and monetization.
    ● (52:08) Tools of the trade talk and growth opportunities. 
    ● (58:15) Where to find Bobby online. 
    ● (59:11) Closing thoughts with Kyle and Jason.

    Tools and Resources Mentioned: 
    Youtube Creator Hub Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/youtube-creators-hub/id843566797 
    BlueWire Podcasts: https://www.bluewirepods.com/
    Google AdSense: https://www.google.com/adsense/start/
    Riverside Podcast Recording: https://riverside.fm/homepage
    Beehiiv Newsletter Platform: https://www.beehiiv.com/ 
    Rev Automated Transcription: https://www.rev.com/services/auto-audio-transcription 

    Guest Social Media Links ---

     Ravens Vault Podcast :
    Ravens Vault YouTube Channel : (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1AKndUf3naqrtbFDcN1gDg)
    Bobby Trosset:
    Website: (https://linktr.ee/bobbytrosset)
    Twitter: (a href="https://twitter.com/bobbybaltimoree" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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    John Miller, Scribewise : Leveraging Content to Grow Your Business

    John Miller, Scribewise : Leveraging Content to Grow Your Business

    On today's episode, we speak with John Miller, founder of Scribewise, a content marketing firm. John is an expert when it comes to leveraging content to grow your business and close sales. He works with clients across a range of verticals to help them craft their content strategy to get their brand in front of the right audience.
    While not our typical guest, John understands how content can serve as a top of funnel tactic to generate business opportunities, something any creator can learn from. Listen now as John walks us through how businesses can use content building his agency, the local sports website he founded that employed Stephen A. Smith, and created national reporters and the process of selling and reacquiring his own business.
    (0:09) Introduction to John Miller and his expertise in leveraging content to grow businesses.(1:31) The origin story of John’s business, and how he got into content marketing through his love of sportscasting in Philadelphia.(4:12) The business struggles you face when you focus only on the product and forget the marketing.(6:27) The importance of failing and learning to pivot.(8:26) John describes what his company Scribewise does.(11:45) The importance of an engaged, niche audience to monetize your content. A billion Instagram followers probably isn’t the solution.(15:07) Leveraging word of mouth and thought leadership for more sales.(22:03) Deciding “Am I the business or am I the content arm?” and the internet’s democratization of content.(33:12) Lessons learned on how to merge your company or be acquired.(39:37) What kind of marketing is working well for John’s clients right now.(41:14) A call for courageous marketers.(42:04) Closing thoughts with Kyle and Jason.
    Guest Social Media Links:
    John Miller:
    Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmillerscribewise/)
    Twitter: ( https://twitter.com/ScribeMiller)
    Scribe Wise
    LinkedIn: (https://www.linkedin.com/company/scribewise/)
    Twitter : (https://twitter.com/Scribewise/)
    Youtube : (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUMsVWZwYwDTfvoihU7JEWw)
    Website: ( www.scribewise.com)
    Raising Stake Links

    Website (https://raisingstake.com/)
    Twitter : (https://twitter.com/raisingstake)
    Newsletter : (https://raisingstake.beehiiv.com/)
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    Miles Beckler, MilesBeckler.com : Providing Value To Growing Your Lists & Revenue

    Miles Beckler, MilesBeckler.com : Providing Value To Growing Your Lists & Revenue

    On today’s episode we speak with Miles Becker of MilesBeckler.com. Miles is a thought leader in the online marketing space, having built a lifestyle brand with his wife and a following of hundreds of thousands on YouTube.
    He gives away deeply tactical advice on everything from SEO and affiliate marketing. A must have resource if you want to monetize your audience. I personally used Miles’ videos when I was learning my own SEO strategy in 2018. Miles has an unbelievable world view and incredible insights on digital attention, society, and the ways that creators can funnel the attention to create sustainable businesses.
    Listen now as Miles takes us on a journey from why you must build your email list, how AI dictates our social media use, and what trends he’s seeing in short form video. 
    (0:08) Introduction with Kyle and Jason.  (1:04) Introduction to Miles and how he got on the show.  (3:43) The origin story of Miles and his business, and how he describes what he does. (8:25) Growing email lists, why it's important, and how social media is changing. (14:00) How people can leverage the social media platforms to bring them into a funnel.   (19:40) How attention has changed over the years and the increase in reliance on devices.           (23:55) How short form content impacts audience allegiance to creators, and how search platforms increase your credibility.  (29:12) Leveraging your abilities, learning to delay gratification, and building compound growth. (38:44) What the revenue breakdowns are for Miles’ businesses.        (43:19) How Miles is currently most bullish about.  (48:35) Where you can find Miles Beckler online. (49:07) Closing thoughts with Kyle and Jason.  
    Guest Social Media Links: 
    Miles Beckler: 
    Website: (https://www.milesbeckler.com)
    Twitter: (https://twitter.com/milesbeckler)
    LinkedIn: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/beckler/)
    YouTube: (https://www.youtube.com/milesb)
    Facebook: (http://facebook.com/miles.beckler.page)
    Pinterest: (https://www.pinterest.com/milesbeckler/)
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    Jessica Williams, PetTalkMedia: Proves A Small Niche Can Earn Six Figures

    Jessica Williams, PetTalkMedia: Proves A Small Niche Can Earn Six Figures

    On today’s episode we talk with Jessica Williams, founder of Pet Talk Media and YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner.com. Jessica has become the world's foremost expert in outdoor excursions with your Dachshund. We explore with Jessica how to own a super specific niche, and how that can be both a good thing and a bad thing when it comes to growing an online business. Still, the site is profitable and it has allowed Jessica to run her own lifestyle business. Listen now as Jessica talks about the opportunities that come with having a very narrow and focused audience, the consulting work she does to supplement her income, and her recent competition. 
    (0:08) Introduction with Kyle and Jason.  (0:52) Jessica’s background and the backstory of You Did What With Your Weiner.(6:25) Early business models that Jessica pursued with blogging.  (12:02) Where the business revenue comes from and what the breakdown is, and rising competition in the niche.(16:55) The type of products that drive the affiliate revenue and standing out from competitors in the niche. (22:46) Expanding into video content.          (27:28) The in-person club and the possibility of creating physical products. (30:52) Starting a new blog, acquiring a new blog, and how they operate.(41:32) A moment when Jessica had doubts about the business.       (46:32) Pet Talk Media, Niche Blog Biz blog coaching, and future plans for Jessica’s businesses.   (51:45) A tool or plugin that Jessica cannot live without. (55:09) Where you can find Jessica and her sites online. (58:05) Closing thoughts with Kyle and Jason.  
    Tool(s) / Resources mentation In this Interview: 
    Wordpress: (https://www.wordpress.com)
    Media Vine: (http://www.mediavine.com)
    Guest Social Media Links: 

    Jessica Williams and You Did What With Your Weiner: 
    Main Blog : (https://youdidwhatwithyourweiner.com/)
    For My Dachshund: (https://formydachshund.com/)
    Seattle Dog Club : (https://www.meetup.com/Adventureweiner-Club-of-Seattle/)
    Linkedin : (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicarhaew/)
    Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/youdidwhatwithyourwiener/)
    Twitter : (https://twitter.com/YDWWYW)
    Facebook : (https://www.facebook.com/YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner)
    Pinterest :(https://www.pinterest.com/Adventurewiener/)
    YouTube : (a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuprhGaeD9rIivmloXNZUZA" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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    Ross Pomerantz, Corporate Bro: How Corporate Bro Monetized The Office Experience

    Ross Pomerantz, Corporate Bro: How Corporate Bro Monetized The Office Experience

    On today's episode, we speak with Ross Pomerantz, the man behind the widely successful business humor social media account, Corporate Bro. Ross has become the avatar for corporate sales bros across the country, particularly in silicon valley.
    He’s amassed a massive audience with workplace humor, which is a trend we’ve identified in content. He monetizes through advertising, apparel sales, advisory opportunities, speaking engagements, and his new investment arm, Corp Capital, a very interesting side of the business. Listen now as Ross walks us through his process of creating a steady flow of content, using his following to create business opportunities, and why pushing the envelope allows him to stand out. 
    (0:08) Welcome back and what to expect in the future.  (4:38) Guest introduction by Jason and Kyle.  (5:33) How Ross Pomerantz originally got into content creation and how he found his content niche.(11:28) How to scale and grow your brand and yourself after the initial traction and audience growth, and how Ross monetizes his content.   (22:00) How Ross felt about sales and why he left.  (24:15) The Corporate Bro merch store and strategy.       (27:22) Monetization strategies of Corporate Bro and the story behind the Corp Capital fund. (31:58) How Ross got started with business advising and how it works.  (37:21) The benefits of using LinkedIn for content creation.          (41:18) How Corp Capitol has been doing and how it works. (45:04) How Ross got into speaking events.   (47:30) Goals for Ross and the brand in the future, and what he would like to be doing. (48:52) What the revenue pie looks like for Corporate Bro. (50:14) Whether there was a point where Ross thought Corporate Bro may not work, and the decision to switch to using his personal name.(54:47) A tool or program that Ross could not survive without. (55:47) Where you can find Ross and Corporate Bros online.(56:33) Final thoughts with Jason and Kyle.
    Guest Social Media Links: 
    Corporate Bro:
    Ross Linkedin : (https://www.linkedin.com/in/corporatebro/)
    Corporate Bro Linkedin : (https://www.linkedin.com/company/corporatebro/)
    Website: (http://www.corporatebro.com)
    YouTube: (https://www.youtube.com/CorporateBro)
    Twitter: (https://twitter.com/TheRealCorpBro)
    Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/Corporate.Bro/)
    TikTok: (a href="https://www.tiktok.com/@corporate.bro" rel="noopener...

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20 Ratings

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