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In Before The Lock is a podcast from Erica Kuhl and Brian Oblinger about community, customer experience, and leadership at scale.

In Before The Lock Erica Kuhl & Brian Oblinger

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In Before The Lock is a podcast from Erica Kuhl and Brian Oblinger about community, customer experience, and leadership at scale.

    🔓 107: Under the surface

    🔓 107: Under the surface

    Erica and Brian talk about the bones of your community and how they work together to create a cohesive experience.
    Previous episodes about the “above the surface” bits: 🔓 76: Combo pages
    🔓 91: A list of links
    🔓 101: They want the ugly
    Structures & Modalities Examples
    Permissions & Roles Template

    • 1 hr 11 min
    🔓 106: The Golden Hoodie

    🔓 106: The Golden Hoodie

    Brian and Erica deep dive into customer awards programs and how to get them right.
    🔓 5: A whole bag of crap The Golden Hoodie Alteryx Excellence Awards  

    • 1 hr 38 min
    🔓 105: Measurin’ vibes

    🔓 105: Measurin’ vibes

    Erica and Brian push back hard on the idea that measuring community ROI isn’t important (we can’t believe we had to talk about this or are typing this right now, but here we are).
    Measurement resources:
    🔓 8: Just say No to Page Views 🔓 9: Everyone wants a cool dashboard 🧵 70: Behaviors and indicators 🧵 92: Early indicators Community Metrics Template Erica’s blog:  It’s All About That Data Brian’s presentation on measuring ROI Course: Community Measurement Fundamentals

    • 55 min
    🔓 104: A really great activation

    🔓 104: A really great activation

    Erica and Brian talk about their favorite community activations for in-person conferences.

    • 1 hr 38 min
    🔓 103: Part of the master plan

    🔓 103: Part of the master plan

    Brian and Erica discuss the launch of Community Strategy Academy.
    Use code INBEFORE at checkout for 15% off of any course, bundle, or membership.

    • 25 min
    🔓 102: Scale, success, service, and hubs

    🔓 102: Scale, success, service, and hubs

    The state of the market, why Customer Success is driving community inside of organizations, and how we can partner to deliver value.
    Resources about CS + Community: Podcast: 🔓 34: The “S” stands for “Success” Blog: Building Scalable Customer Success Through Communities

    • 52 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Baby-Yeer ,

Communicating Community Comedically

Entertaining education for engagement! The alliterations are ongoing because this show has it going on! For anyone seeking wisdom on how to build a company community, this is your prescribed medicine with a spoonful of sugar delivered from the vetted & very funny hosts Erica Kuhl & Brian Oblinger!

ShepherdingHeart ,

Generosity in action

Witty, smart, and thought-provoking, Brian and Erika breathe life into community topics. Each episode is relevant to any community builder. I learn something new and am challenged by each episode to do more and be more for the people I choose to serve. If you are a community builder or want to be, their podcast is a must-listen.

KO-WinterPark ,

Loving this podcast!

I’m loving this. I started a community (somewhat accidentally) and I am so happy to find experts sharing how to do this right. There is a real art/skill to cultivating a vibrant community and community experience — it is really cool to hear Erica and Brian describe how to navigate the very challenges I have. I so appreciate their expertise (they clearly KNOW this space) and I am enjoying the light energetic delivery. They are fun to listen to and their passion is contagious!

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