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We dig in to the spiritual philosophy of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, most popularly known from The Law of One book series published by L/L Research. We attempt to provide a somewhat more human slant on these channeled messages so that regular people can apply this philosophy to their lives and participate in their own spiritual development more consciously.

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We dig in to the spiritual philosophy of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, most popularly known from The Law of One book series published by L/L Research. We attempt to provide a somewhat more human slant on these channeled messages so that regular people can apply this philosophy to their lives and participate in their own spiritual development more consciously.



    After taking most of February and March off, Ryan and Jeremy are back, this time continuing to explore sessions recently published on the Living Love and Light podcast by addressing Confederation commentary on the subject of purity. Hatonn and Latwii go to great lengths to distinguish their definition of purity from how it is regarded spiritually or religiously in our society. Instead of stressing purity as an adherence to rules or a removal of certain parts of ourselves, they emphasize the simple and wholesome radiation of the Creator's light within us. The very nature of incarnation requires the admixture of elements that will seem to make us impure, yet our seeking and striving to polarize allows us to purify our intentions and render the imperfections of life moot.
    Show NotesHatonn and Latwii on purity (March 7, 1982)The parable of hiding the lamp under a bushel (Wikipedia article)Q'uo on the role of the spirit complex in self-consciousness (May 18, 2022)Flatland (Wikipedia article)Ra on the purity of light (Session 80, Question 5)Everything Everywhere All at Once (IMDB)Monka on the light within the individual (January 15, 2023)Ra on the pure positivity and negativity (Session 71, Question 14)

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    Being and Doing

    Being and Doing

    The theme of "being and doing" is frequently mentioned in many of the Confederation's communications with Earth. Ryan and Jeremy discuss how to understand this theme and what it reflects about the nature of the Creation and reality. While it is easy to understand how service in the world rests upon "doing," in other words, acting in the world, it takes a little more seeking to figure out what it might mean to say that the very fact of our existence is itself a service.
    Of course, our beingness is the grounds for any doing, but those of the Confederation make it plain that it is simply our passive beingness that serves by imbuing the planet and events in which we participate with the vibration we radiate. Therefore, the conversation weighs what it might mean to better understand our "instruments" on their own terms and not simply in light of the fruits it generates in the socially constructed domain of activity. The more aware we are of our true nature that rests in that passive beingness state, the better the relationship we can have with those unconscious but powerful and creative parts of our entire self. Meditation tees us up for just that kind of inquiry into the self, these forays into the dark but fecund mystery of the spirit complex and intelligent infinity, that build our faith in our polarity and the full breadth of what we bring to others.
    Update: The original audio was messed up, it's fixed now.
    Show NotesRa on the service of being (Session 42, Question 7)Q’uo on being and doing (February 22, 1991 and December 12, 1993)Q'uo on appreciating beingness in daily life (October 17, 1999)Q'uo on the repetition of the being and doing theme (December 12, 1993)Q'uo on channeling versus becoming (November 22, 2008)Personal Q'uo reading (August 24, 2005)Latwii on becoming that which one seeks (May 1, 1983)The Other Selves Working Group's new YouTube channel

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    The Paths Others Take

    The Paths Others Take

    Ryan and Jeremy discuss a Hatonn session from 1982 focusing on the experiences of others and how to relate to them without confusing our path with theirs. It can be difficult to understand the pain and actions of others, but we often do not help by attempting to teach those specific truths and lessons we've learned. According to this Law of One philosophy, other selves are best helped by meeting them where they are, freely gifting them the care, respect, and love they need to learn their own lessons and walk their unique path back to the Creator. This inability to directly translate our life experiences to another's is a good lesson in the reflective nature of other selves, showing us just how much we ourselves trust in our own belief system. By giving our other selves room and freedom to explore their own journey, we receive inimitable insights into the infinite variety of consciousness involved in one Creator encountering another in the illusion.
    Show NotesHatonn on humility and other selves (February 7, 1982)A Fool’s Phenomenology: Archetypes of Spiritual Evolution (2005, University Press of America)Q’uo on inspiring others (September 28, 1986)“Cast your bread upon the waters” (Ecclesiastes 11)Q’uo on being and doing (May 3, 1998)Ex-Porn Actress Interview: Chrissy (Soft White Underbelly, Youtube)

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    Love and Its Fruits

    Love and Its Fruits

    Happy new year, other selves! Nithin joins Jeremy on the last day of 2022 to explore a Q’uo session from early in their contact with the L/L Research circle. Those of Q’uo distinguish the outer forms of spiritual practice from the love that motivates them, urging the seeker to touch into the heart to find their bearing. Looking outside the self to things such as prophecy, tarot, or even channeling will never provide a foundation or orientation for authentic seeking of the Creator, since those phenomena are the fruits of past love, only valuable to the extent they reflect the love we can find within ourselves in the present. The genuine seeker relies ultimately on nothing but the dim star of hope lit by the heart, learning how love is always manifested as a dynamic of the moment and never fully captured in the things of the world.
    Please note that we had some recording difficulties this time through so audio may sound a bit wonky. Also, we discussed a Hatonn session from 1976 before the Q’uo session that dealt with the spiritual significance of the new year, but that recording was lost. The reference to the “symbolism of life” at the beginning of the episode refers to that conversation.
    Show NotesQ'uo on phenomena (February 9, 1986)Ra on the polarity involved in healing and channeling (Session 4, Question 13)Q'uo on love informing our service (March 19, 2006)Hatonn on the metaphor of the banquet (June 6, 1982)Ra on things coming through positive entities (Session 55, Question 7)Hatonn on the new year and cycles (January 4, 1976)

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    Encounters with Negativity

    Encounters with Negativity

    Ryan and Jeremy return from an unexpected hiatus to discuss oppositional forces encountered on the spiritual path. Q'uo reminds us that all that challenges and frightens us originates from our own distortions and biased perceptions, whether it is experienced as other than self or as self. Since all is self, polarization must involve a way of opening one's heart to these aspects that are hard to accept. As we recover these unaccepted portions of self and integrate them, we increasingly identify with a deeper self, a self we do not direct but rather with which we learn to cooperate.
    This deeper self we build a relationship with through work in consciousness is closer to the truth of our unity with all other selves. In finding compassion for the self and its rough spots within, we find the strength and confidence to extend love and patience to others, despite their flaws and the buttons they push in us. By being willing to feel the pain we encounter instead of avoiding it, we discover that it's the same pain others feel, that it connects us. Instead of using negative encounters as an excuse to give up on seeking, we can use them to lovingly incorporate into our heart each thread of the Creator's love we come across in our lives.
    Show NotesQ'uo on negative encounters on the path (December 5, 2009)Hatonn on tempering the self through experience (August 14, 1983)

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    Pride and Confidence

    Pride and Confidence

    After another two month break, Ryan and Jeremy are back at another episode of (inaudible), catching up on what happened over the break including the Other Selves Working Group's third channeling intensive. The 2011 Q'uo session they analyze discusses the nature of self-confidence and contrasts it with pride. Faith seems to be the key to freely expressing the Creator's love and light without needlessly judging the self by other's standards. We are encouraged to tap into the deep hunger and thirst within us to grow and learn, placing our confidence in the Creator and the goodness of the path back to unity.
    Show NotesQ'uo on Pride, Confidence, and Faith (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/2011/0205)Hatonn and Latwii on communication (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1983/0501)Q'uo on the Transformation of the Mind Archetype (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/2022-05-16/3/quo-on-the-transformation-of-mind-archetype)Transcripts from the Other Selves Working Group's Third Channeling Intensive (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/category/third-channeling-intensive)

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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

woltab ,

Thoughtful Discussion by Seekers for Seekers

I’m only a few episodes into (inaudible), but can already tell this pod will dominate my playlist for a couple of months as I catch up. The discourse on L/L channeling is thoughtful, entertaining, and has left me with insights previously unexplored to me. And while I don’t agree with every interpretation presented, consideration and discernment is part of the process of playing The Game we find ourselves in. If you think of yourself as a spiritual seeker, consider giving (inaudible) a listen.

Bawfoon ,


A true seeker will find this Podcast and rejoice for the discussions give clarity as well as deep thought.

Sleeperdude ,

Very thoughtful discussions on living

Love the podcast. Great discussions and thoughtful insight on living a life with love.

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