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We dig in to the spiritual philosophy of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, most popularly known from The Law of One book series published by L/L Research. We attempt to provide a somewhat more human slant on these channeled messages so that regular people can apply this philosophy to their lives and participate in their own spiritual development more consciously.

inaudible Ryan Masterson & Jeremy Weiland

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We dig in to the spiritual philosophy of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, most popularly known from The Law of One book series published by L/L Research. We attempt to provide a somewhat more human slant on these channeled messages so that regular people can apply this philosophy to their lives and participate in their own spiritual development more consciously.

    The Mysteries of Service

    The Mysteries of Service

    Nithin Ready joins Jeremy once more to dive into what those of Q'uo describe as the mysteries and paradoxes of service. How do we know whether we're truly serving the other self, when the other self may not understand its own spiritual project and true desire? How do we give freely with no conditions so that we can give others the freedom to discover themselves that we seek to give ourselves? What do we as servants desire from those we serve, and how do we use even services that go poorly as ways to understand ourselves better? Where do the social norms and pressures fit into all this?
    We can strive to be more polarized, but this is so difficult without any way to judge our polarity. Service encompasses all of the mysteries contained in an illusion of separation refracting and mediating the underlying unity of the Creator. Q'uo offers novel approaches to keeping the faith that love expressed and received are the true natures of service. As we learn to abide in patience and bring through more and more purified love and light, we make ourselves open, available, and even grateful for all the opportunities for growth and connection that service offers.
    Show NotesQ'uo on the mysteries of service (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/2009/1003 (October 3, 2009))
    Laitos on service (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/177/laitos-on-service/ (July 31, 2021))
    Hatonn on spiritual strength and discipline (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1983/0814 (August 14, 1983))
    Ra on the catalytic opportunities for the service-to-others seeker (https://www.lawofone.info/s/95#24 (September 2, 1982))
    Ra on the dual nature of law (https://www.lawofone.info/s/83#14 (April 5, 1982))
    Ra on energy expenditures and the archetypal mind (https://www.lawofone.info/s/91#37 (June 26, 1982))
    Ra on the role of the servant (https://www.lawofone.info/s/55#7 (June 5, 1981))

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    Skillfully Working with Catalyst

    Skillfully Working with Catalyst

    Note: A previous version of this episode omitted Nithin's track. This version is fixed.
    Nithin Ready and Jeremy discuss a 2008 Q'uo session on the subject of processing and distilling catalyst. What about our experiences is the lesson on which we're working? Conversely, what about our experiences needs to be let go and not belabored? How do we deal with our triggered feelings in the moment when catalytic situations first present? Q'uo shares some ideas on the skills involved in the personal and delicate matter of exercising compassionate discernment in facing the events of our lives and balancing their aftermath. Nithin and Jeremy tease apart the nuances of Q'uo's message, including the role our guidance and other synchronicities play as well as the benefits of a meditative approach as we discuss the "diet of catalyst" in our lives.
    Show NotesQ'uo on digesting catalyst (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/2008/1011 (October 11, 2008))
    Ra on the unstudied and spontaneous use of catalyst (https://www.lawofone.info/s/41#19 (Session 41, Question 9))
    Ra on repressing catalyst (https://www.lawofone.info/s/42#9 (Session 42, Question 9))
    Ra on the lifespan and use of catalyst (https://www.lawofone.info/s/76#21 (Session 76, Question 21))

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    Acceptance and the Heart

    Acceptance and the Heart

    Happy Thursday, other selves! Coming off his own recent experiences working with the heart or green-ray energy center (or chakra), Jeremy joins Ryan to discuss a rare 1991 appearance of Hatonn in the L/L Research meditation circle.
    While the heart is a vital center in the energy body -- so important that those of Ra call it a "springboard" to blue ray and beyond -- it also is where we store all our self-judgments and failures. The heart's wisdom is discovered in the forgiveness and healing of its contents, bringing the possibility of balance to all centers in the energy body. Gratitude is the key to keeping the heart open at a steady state, and that paves the way for the blue-ray communication that avoids intellectualization in favor of adaptiveness, fearlessness, generosity, and endless hope. Working with these energies over time, we build the habits necessary to fall in love with our whole selves, making possible the creative and nimble possibilities of service that flow from the open heart.
    Show NotesHatonn on opening the heart (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1991/0526 (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1991/0526))
    Ra on the heart as springboard (https://www.lawofone.info/s/48#7 (https://www.lawofone.info/s/48#7))
    Episode 9: The Green Ray and Blue Ray Energy Centers (https://inaudible.show/episode-9/ (https://inaudible.show/episode-9/))
    Ra on the difference between green-ray and blue-ray radiation (https://www.lawofone.info/s/41#25 (https://www.lawofone.info/s/41#25))
    Hatonn on acceptance and perfectionism (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/203/hatonn-on-facing-difficulty-and-change/ (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/203/hatonn-on-facing-difficulty-and-change/))

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    The Magical Personality

    The Magical Personality

    Returning to the session first discussed in episode 32, Ryan and Jeremy follow Q'uo's segue from discussing the higher self to exploring a highly specialized and articulated version of that self. The magical personality is a powerful way that we access our future sixth density's wisdom and experience to use in our third density life now. However, it must be used with reverence and caution. What does it mean to invoke the magical personality, and what are the ways in which it may be accomplished? How do we build the best relationship with this powerful form of consciousness?
    Show NotesQ'uo on the magical personality (December 31, 1989): https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1989/1231 (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1989/1231)
    Ra on the magical personality: https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=magical+personality (https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=magical+personality)
    Hatonn on finding the true self (November 29, 1981): https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1981/1129#!0 (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1981/1129#!0)
    Q'uo on the spirit complex and self-consciousness (May 18, 2022): https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/301/quo-on-the-role-of-the-spirit-complex-in-self-consciousness/ (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/301/quo-on-the-role-of-the-spirit-complex-in-self-consciousness/)
    Hatonn on how to appraise spiritual information (July 13, 2022): https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/343/hatonn-on-change-and-turmoil/ (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/343/hatonn-on-change-and-turmoil/)

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    Confederation Philosophy in the Public Eye

    Confederation Philosophy in the Public Eye

    Happy Tuesday, other selves! We still need to finish analyzing the session from last episode which began to explore the concept of the magical personality, but Ryan and I wanted to address a Vice article recently published on the Ra contact material, L/L Research, and the r/LawOfOne subreddit.
    In discussing our thoughts about and reactions to the article, we attempt to use it as a lens through which to view a variety of concerns about public perceptions of our philosophy and community. When and how is it appropriate for us to share our beliefs on spirituality? How should we talk about the more transient and outlandish claims made in the material? How do we connect with people on an authentic level while also meeting them where they are at? Are there any ways to discuss channeling in general and still come off as sane? What is L/L Research’s role and responsibility in this public-facing part of our community and our lives?
    Join us on a very special episode as we dive into these issues, and as always, let us know your thoughts. Also, please consider supporting the Farsi translation project. On the next episode we will return to the Q’uo session from episode 32 to finally tackle the concept of the magical personality.
    Show NotesPatreon to support the Farsi translation of the Ra contact (https://www.patreon.com/LawofOne_Farsi (https://www.patreon.com/LawofOne_Farsi))
    Redditors Revived an Obscure Cult That Believes a ‘Mass Harvesting of Souls’ Is Imminent by Tamlin Magee in Vice Motherboard (https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3pz9x/redditors-revived-an-obscure-cult-that-believes-a-mass-harvesting-of-souls-is-imminent (https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3pz9x/redditors-revived-an-obscure-cult-that-believes-a-mass-harvesting-of-souls-is-imminent))
    The r/LawOfOne subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/lawofone/ (https://www.reddit.com/r/lawofone/))
    L/L Research (https://llresearch.org/ (https://llresearch.org))

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    The Higher Self

    The Higher Self

    Ryan jumps back on the mic for another romp through the Confederation philosophy's finer points, this time focusing on a Q'uo session from 1989 dealing with the idea of the higher self. Jeremy and Ryan work through half of the session, talking about the concept of true simultaneity, the drama of polarity through sixth density, and the nature of the higher self that is so crucial to our evolution.
    We will pick up the rest of the session next time as Q'uo bridges the gap between the higher self and the magical personality, that invocation of the higher self in our waking consciousness. As always, let us know how we're doing!
    Show NotesQ'uo on the higher self and the magical personality (December 31, 1989): https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1989/1231 (https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1989/1231)
    Ra on true simultaneity (Search results from lawofone.info): https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=true+simultaneityandst=phrase (https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=true+simultaneityandst=phrase)
    Q'uo on the emergence of self-consciousness from second density (May 18, 2022): https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/301/quo-on-the-role-of-the-spirit-complex-in-self-consciousness/ (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/301/quo-on-the-role-of-the-spirit-complex-in-self-consciousness/)
    Q'uo on channeling and the higher self (May 16, 2022): https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/262/quo-on-the-dynamics-of-contact-and-the-rule-of-three/ (https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/262/quo-on-the-dynamics-of-contact-and-the-rule-of-three/)
    The Other Selves Working Group: https://otherselvesworking.group (https://otherselvesworking.group)
    Contact Ryan and Jeremy: https://inaudible.show/contact-us (https://inaudible.show/contact-us)

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