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Paul Evans & Ben Mondy bring you the latest news and views from around the surf world in their light-hearted, heavily opinionated podcast It’s Not The Length.

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Paul Evans & Ben Mondy bring you the latest news and views from around the surf world in their light-hearted, heavily opinionated podcast It’s Not The Length.

    2021’s Best Chats: Peter Mel, Chris Burkard, Jon Frank & Andy King

    2021’s Best Chats: Peter Mel, Chris Burkard, Jon Frank & Andy King

    Whether 2021 was an annus horribilis for you or not, well it’s all behind us now. For this episode, It’s Not Length looks back on some of the very best chats of the year that was, as your hosts Evans and Mondy brought you insights from an array of some of the legendary folk in the sport.

    Peter The Condor Mel tells us all about becoming the Mav’s GOAT and riding the best wave ever at Mav’s - possibly the best wave anywhere, ever - back in January.

    Next up photographer/explorer Chris Burkard checks in from the wilds of Yosemite to chat all things travel and adventure surf photography. The line is crackly, but the insight and inspiration is tack sharp.

    Jon Frank tells the story of filming Litmus back in 1995, and the Irish surf scene back at a time when relatively little was known about the surf riches of the Emerald Isle. Now co-owner of Australia’s legendary Surfing World Magazine, Frank has long been one of the most artistic surf photographers in the game.

    When Gabriel Medina sat down to mastermind his World Title winning 2021 campaign. He called Fanning. Fanning called Kingy. We called Kingy too, and he told us about working with Gab, life on tour, his own fascinating backstory, but above all gave performance surfing advice for Evans and Mondy.

    Best Wishes for 2022 from everyone at Wavelength.

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    Ep 27: The Winds of Change

    Ep 27: The Winds of Change

    Evans & Mondy would like to borrow your ears to float some great great surf chat in your general direction. Topics up for discussion in this latest episode of the pod include Wozzle worries, recent mountain forays, while Paul is brave enough to tell Ben the tough truths about his sub-standard written work that only a true pal would.

    Meanwhile, Ben hints to a slightly worrying mental state that means he’s still caught up in a lingering Azores Pro finals day emotional high, even though the event was actually so long ago, Paul forgot they were even there. Awks.

    Up for discussion this time out…
    Drugs: Weed, Hapé (shamanic snuff), Oxy
    Sports: Snowboarding, surfing, F1, cricket
    Culture: Jazz (experimental feminist trumpet), The Scorpions, Pete Mel’s Movie Everything & All, Craig Ando in Ceremony, Patrick Raddin Keefe

    Running time: 53mins


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    Evans & Mondy reunite for It’s Not The Length after Ben’s sickening, treacherous and yet not altogether surprising BBC Olympic betrayal, Paul ultimately making a decision to get back together for the good of the pod fans the world over, as well as surfing in general.

    Topics up for discussion in Ep 26 include:

    FOIL WARS: Paul gets into deep and lengthy foil beef with a dangerous, angry kook, yet lives to trim another day with a typical display of resilience, diplomacy and calm under pressure.

    ITALO… BIT OF A C**T?: What’s happened to the 2019 World Champ? Is having a gold chain minion conducive to being a good human? Find out.

    TOM MOREY RIP: Mad cap inventor, innovator, free thinker and jazz enthusiast moves on up to drop knee the endless boogie wave in the sky.

    SKINDOG AKA THE BRIT GOAT: Cornish long lord Ben Skinner cements his pozzie as the greatest Rosbif competitive surfer of all time with a final at Malibu to new 45 year old World Champ Joel Tudor.

    And much much more

    Running time: 41m40s


    Vol 261 Out Now!

    • 41 min
    Blue Earth Summit Special with Gabe Davies

    Blue Earth Summit Special with Gabe Davies

    Blue Earth Summit Special with Gabe Davies by Wavelength

    • 32 min
    Ep 25: OLYMPIC SPECIAL! Featuring German Olympic hero Leon Glatzer!

    Ep 25: OLYMPIC SPECIAL! Featuring German Olympic hero Leon Glatzer!

    It's Not The Length Olympic special brings you the big stories from the build up to the games.

    Surfing debuts at Tokyo 2020(1) in a few weeks time, and we've recorded a special pod episode dedicated to all the things we love about the five ringed circus.

    Find out:

    How Leon Glatzer blazed and epic qualification trail in El Salvador to represent ze Germans in Tokyo, and his homes and dreams for the games... assuming his efforts to stay on the right side of WADA pee pee collectors goes ok.

    Away from surf, we take in Paul & Ben's favourite Olympic memories.

    From your Eric the Eels to your Michael Johnsons and your Cram, Coe & Ovetts and much, much between.

    There's even a run through of Paul's very fave Olympic anthems: rousing anthems from the likes of Katy Perry, Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé and of course Whitney Houston... but who takes gold?

    Also: What formats could liven up the surf event? Should it be a teams competition? Who going? Who isn't and should be? Who is, but shouldn't be?

    Did Team GB kook it by not throwing wads of cash at Yolanda Hopkins Sequeira to surf for them?

    There's even an Olympic mascot themed quiz, where Ben tests Paul's deep olympic memorabilia knowledge.

    Plus: Igarashi streaking? Gilmore urine sample shame*?!?


    Running time 57m50s

    *Purely in the interests of comedy. Stephanie Gilmore has never been implicated in any steroid use**, this is a fictional account for entertainment purposes, not a factual report.

    ** (Yet)


    • 57 min
    Ep 24: Gabriel Medina's New Coach Andy King!

    Ep 24: Gabriel Medina's New Coach Andy King!

    Gabriel Medina's new coach and friend of the show Andy King joins the pod down the line from the land Down Under to tell some of his own his incredible life story, offer insights into the Gabby hook-up and the pair's current working relationship.

    He even offers Evans and Mondy some (brutal) insights into their own surfing shortcomings.

    Elsewhere, the Aussie leg, Mondy's home patch of Newy, new webcast meat, the Surfing Super League and other scintillating topics are under the spotlight.

    Given Mondy's recent joining of the global elite 1% by expanding his investment portfolio into the exciting, delicious new CBD drink Good Rays, Paul - who continues to nobly fight for environmental and social justice - reflects on being the only person left in the surf biz over 40 who doesn't co-own a drinks brand.

    Running time: 1hr10mins

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2 Ratings

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