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A storytelling pod in which an American girl and a Welsh guy bond over a shared love of the terrifying, tragic, bloody, morbid, anxiety-inducing, and horrific -- a joyful and therapeutic exploration of very dark things.

Jack of All Graves Jack of All Graves

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A storytelling pod in which an American girl and a Welsh guy bond over a shared love of the terrifying, tragic, bloody, morbid, anxiety-inducing, and horrific -- a joyful and therapeutic exploration of very dark things.

    Ep. 162: JoAG gets tarot'd

    Ep. 162: JoAG gets tarot'd

    Corrigan's lifelong friend Lian joins the 'cast this week to talk about journeying out of evangelicalism, mental health, spirituality... and TAROT. That's right, this week, we're getting our Tarot cards read! Are we bound for fame? Are our deaths imminent? Find out with us!


    [0:00] Mark tells CoRri and Lian about the Delphi murders[18:53] We introduce Lian and announce our next watch-along on Sat. Dec. 9![26:45] Ko-fi shout-outs! Mark curses each supporter with a personal folk demon[42:13] What we watched! (Witchboard, It's A Wonderful Knife, Saltburn, Love Has Won, Zoo, Pontypool, The Marvels, Day of the Dead, Christine)[71:00] We talk about Lian's spiritual journey and how it intersects with her mental health[86:20] We talk a bit about the history of Tarot, and then Lian pulls some cards for us!

    • 1 hr 54 min
    Ep. 161: medieval tomes & digital souls

    Ep. 161: medieval tomes & digital souls

    Dr. Keri Thomas joins us to talk about medieval manuscripts, death, and the possibility of digital resurrection. Are we entering a digital dark age, or are our mortal souls bound for the cloud?


    [0:00] CoRri tells Keri and Marko about Europe's werewolf trials[28:53] We dive right in with an introduction to Dr. Keri Thomas that spirals into a discussion of how digitization and resurrection are related[66:03] We talk about the super metal way medieval manuscripts were made, how people would have read them, and how people lived so closely acquainted with death[91:42] We talk a bit more about the Voynich Manuscript, which we discussed at length on the Laydown Podcast! Go listen!Follow Dr. Keri Thomas's blog!

    Stuff we referenced:

    Welsh Witches

    The Death Toll of Europe's Witch Trials

    A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials

    What Is Clinical Lycanthropy?

    The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Peeter

    Before America Had Witch Trials, Europe Had Werewolf Trials | HISTORY

    Werewolf Trials: Europe's Gruesome 16th-Century Witch Hunts

    A German werewolf's 'confessions' horrified 1500s Europe | National Geographic

    • 1 hr 49 min
    Ep. 160: sleepwalkers

    Ep. 160: sleepwalkers

    jack of all graves, podcast, horror, horror movies, movie recommendations, violence, scary movies, movie recs, movie reviews, storytelling, sleepwalking, somnambulists, defenestration, homicidal sleepwalking


    [0:00] Mark tells CoRri the story of a detective's shocking discovery in a 19th century French murder case[14:15] CoRri explains thanksgiving to Mark and Mark tells CoRri about British reality tv tradition[36:07] What we watched! (Escaping Twin Flames, Satan Wants You, The Horror Show, The Eyes of My Mother, The Conference, Huesera: The Bone Woman, Bull, The Bay)[69:33] We talk about dangerous and violent things people have done while sleepwalking and why it happens

    Stuff we referenced:

    Why Do People Sleepwalk? Causes, Symptoms, Dangers, More

    What Sleepwalking Teaches Us About Trauma | Time

    Sleepwalker falls out eighth-story window

    Woman fell to her death after climbing through window while sleepwalking, court hears - CNA

    Teenager plunges 25ft after sleepwalking out of her bedroom window ... and survives without breaking a single bone | Daily Mail Online

    Sleepwalking dairy farmer teen, 18, shatters her spine and pelvis | Daily Mail Online

    The sleepwalker who fell out a window — and didn't feel a thing - 9Coach

    Young girl sleepwalks out of window to 30ft fall | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

    Spending The Night With Sleepwalker Mike Birbiglia : NPR

    The Sleepwalking Detective Who Convicted Himself Of A Murder

    • 1 hr 42 min
    Ep. 159: park the panic

    Ep. 159: park the panic

    Greetings from the mirror JoAG universe! Today we come to you with a rare optimistic episode, in which we discuss good things about life on this planet, from stories of survival to tales of good luck to some of the various improvements and advancements humans have made. Certified wholesome!


    [0:00] CoRri tells Mark the harrowing tale of Mauro Prosperi's survival in the Sahara Desert [35:20] We welcome you to our mirror universe and chat about how things are going there[48:00] We talk about the JOY of horror movies [60:00] What we watched! (The Killer, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Suitable Flesh, The Truman Show)[95:00] We talk about things about life and the world that have improved and are improving, and Mark tells the story of the (un)luckiest man alive.

    Stuff we referenced:

    The Toughest Footrace on Earth - Marathon Des Sables

    BBC World Service - Outlook, Lost in the desert: the extraordinary survival of Mauro Prosperi

    Alone in the Sahara: The Survival Story of Mauro Prosperi | RECOIL OFFGRID

    The Myth of Drinking Urine When You're Out of Water | RECOIL OFFGRID

    How I drank urine and bat blood to survive - BBC News

    The Marathon des Sables is the world's toughest race. This man veered 291km off course — and survived - ABC News

    I was lost in the desert for nine and a half days – and sustained myself with raw bats and urine | Running | The Guardian

    • 1 hr 59 min
    Ep. 158: death row stories

    Ep. 158: death row stories

    It’s a chaotic episode as Marko tells a story CoRri doesn’t buy, then changes up the main topic in real time. It’s kind of about death row crimes? It’s kind of about the most notorious murderers of our current times? Listen, it’s all over the place but it’s fun.
    [0:00] Marko tells CoRri an unconvincing tale about a big hole[23:34] A rambling and a little disturbing welcome from Mark and shooting of the breeze[30:25] What we watched! (Jackass Forever, Shutter Island, Coco, Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story, Poltergeist, Hocus Pocus, Goosbumps, Practical Magic, Death Becomes Her, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Killers of the Flower Moon)[58:26] We discuss some of the most infamous crimes in recent times and some complicated death row stories

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Ep. 157: the JoAG Halloween campfire

    Ep. 157: the JoAG Halloween campfire

    Get into the Halloween spirit this week with an 18th century beast, a cursed box of knick knacks, and a horrifying fun house find. Plus, can Marko best a komodo dragon? Does ACAB include RoboCop? Make yourself a s'more and let's discuss.


    [0:00] CoRri tells Marko about the Beast of Gévaudan[23:32] Mark has a unique idea for podcast performance art, we discuss his COVID, and we question whether he could best a komodo dragon in combat[40:45] Watchalong today (Sunday 10/29) on our Discord! Come hang! Plus new stuff on our Discord, and Mark talks a bit about Spider-Man 2 (the game).[49:09] What we watched! (Monster Club, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Dear Zachary, Twilight Zone, The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster, The Puppetman, Unwelcome, Leatherface: TCM 3, Malum, Dark Harvest, Hereditary, The Road Dog)[83:50] Semi-spoiler for Unwelcome[85:30] End of spoiler![89:00] Does ACAB include RoboCop?[90:47] We tell a couple of spooky campfire tales to get you in the Halloween spirit.

    Stuff we referenced:

    When the Beast of Gévaudan Terrorized France | History| Smithsonian Magazine

    What Was the Beast of Gévaudan? | HISTORY

    The unbelievable true story of the real body found in a California funhouse

    The Sideshow Corpse Hidden in a Fun House

    Campfire Sound Effect by Mikhail from Pixabay

    • 1 hr 50 min

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4.9 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

lordlilf ,


Listening to this podcast brought my wife back from the dead. I’m not even married and her rotting re-animated corpse is leaving stains on the upholstery. Thanks Jack of All Graves!

cj78myers ,


If you're wondering about the existence of Mermaids, if vampires need help getting erections, or just how zombies are made...listen to the Boffin!

Don Juan 83 ,

I Adore Them!!!!!

I absolutely love Mark and Corri. They are just such a delight to listen to. They definitely make my commute so much easier in the morning and evening drives home from work. Love you guys!!!!!

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