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An American girl and a Welsh guy bond over a shared love of the terrifying, tragic, bloody, morbid, anxiety-inducing, and horrific -- a joyful and therapeutic exploration of very dark things.

Jack of All Graves Jack of All Graves

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An American girl and a Welsh guy bond over a shared love of the terrifying, tragic, bloody, morbid, anxiety-inducing, and horrific -- a joyful and therapeutic exploration of very dark things.

    Ep. 55: Dumb ways to die

    Ep. 55: Dumb ways to die

    Sometimes you just have to laugh at death and the chaotic and humiliating ways in which it strikes.
    Highlights:[0:00] CoRri tells Mark about the Donner Party
    [22:45] We have some announcements, including book club on September 25th and a VERY special milestone episode on October 16th!
    [33:40] We discuss the wild week in movies we’ve just had
    [54:00] We talk about the poetry of a stupid death, and share some of our favorites

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Ep. 54: Animal defenses

    Ep. 54: Animal defenses

    As we’ve said time and time again, there’s no end to the horrors of nature. This week we’re delving into the wild ways members of the animal kingdom have evolved and learned to defend themselves against predators and unwanted advances.
    Highlights:[0:00] Mark tries to convince terrified-flyer CoRri that sometimes plane crashes can be funny
    [12:55] Mark’s got a new positive character arc for season 2 of JoAG, and CoRri’s basement is still garbage. But hey! Go write us a review on Apple podcasts! US store | UK store
    [23:30] We get into the movies we’ve watched this week
    [43:00] There are a lot of bonkers way animals defend themselves in the wild, and we want to talk about them
    Don’t forget to check out the info on our book club on our website! We’re meeting September 25th to talk about A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay!

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Ep. 53: Floods & FrightFests

    Ep. 53: Floods & FrightFests

    It’s been a rough week as Tropical Storm Ida left CoRri swimming in her basement. We get into what it’s like to weather a natural disaster, and then we’re joined by Tara Court of The Killening podcast and horror/sci-fi author David Court to talk about FrightFest and the new movies you should be looking out for.
    [0:00] CoRri forgot to research a cold open because her house flooded in Tropical Storm Ida
    [16:56] We recap our watch-along and ask for your questions for our favorite boffin
    [26:30] We discuss what we’ve watched this week
    [36:00] We’re joined by podcaster/radio host Tara Court and author David Court to discuss Frightfest
    [1hr17] Do movies have to be seen in the theater to be enjoyed properly?

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Ep. 52: The JoAGiversary

    Ep. 52: The JoAGiversary

    Mark is drunk. CoRri is tired. This is our one year anniversary ramble about vacations, movies, why the world is a giant mess, and why we still need each other and the JoAg fam.
    [0:00] The wild disarticulated feet of British Columbia
    [18:25] Mark pops some champagne to celebrate one year of JoAG
    [23:00] We discuss our respective trips to Knoxvillle, TN and the Isle of Wight
    [36:20] We get into what we’ve watched this week
    [1hr3] Mark has a book rec, we have a book club, and our next watch-along is Saturday!
    [1hr7] We reflect on the state of our world and why we still need JoAG

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Ep. 51: Hiking can be murder

    Ep. 51: Hiking can be murder

    We’ve both been doing a lot of hiking lately, and given the kind of people we are, that obviously raises an important question: What are the various ways in which you can die while on a hike?
    Highlights:[0:00] CoRri tells Mark the story of the town that murdered a man
    [18:30] CoRri is causing mass psychogenic illness and we don’t know if there are giraffes in Sri Lanka
    [25:30] State of the Pod: We talk about exploitative true crime podcasts and whether we actually are one
    [35:30] We discuss blackface and the limits of punching up in media
    [43:20] Check out our book club and don’t forget to get your hands on a copy of Blood Vessel for our September 4th watch-along
    [47:30] We watched Till Death this week. It prompts a conversation about the no-cell-phone trope in movies
    [56:00] We talk about the many ways you can die while hiking, from serial killers to carbon monoxide

    • 1 hr 31 min
    Ep. 50: Nightmare toys

    Ep. 50: Nightmare toys

    Some toys are horrifying because they’re simply unsettling; others are horrifying because they maim and even kill. We’re taking a look at some memorable offenders of both kinds.
    [0:00] CoRri answer Mark’s question from several weeks ago: Is there a disorder that can make you fearless?
    [23:00] We jump straight into some JoAG therapy. We’re having a hard time, friends, but we’re doing our best.
    [29:15] To top off our own personal issues, we discuss some terrible news from the UK about a mass shooting and terrible news from the earth about
    [37:50] We haven’t watched much this week, but one of those things was Robocop and we take a little bit to rave about it, as well as chat a bit about SurrealEstate and a good monster-of-the-week story.
    [52:48] We talk about nightmare toys.

    • 1 hr 21 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Don Juan 83 ,

I Adore Them!!!!!

I absolutely love Mark and Corri. They are just such a delight to listen to. They definitely make my commute so much easier in the morning and evening drives home from work. Love you guys!!!!!

cj78myers ,

Many darkly interesting topics!

Well done! Many weird, mostly accidental, and completely unexpected ways to die. All of which are explained in just the right amount of detail. Sprinkle in some comic relief and you have JOAG. Congratulations to Corri as her life slowly comes back to "normal". Also, a special thanks to Mark as I will now refer to my own spouse as "my long suffering wife" in social situations.

Skel LaTour ,

Real world horror...with friends!

Corri and Mark are the perfect hosts to bring true-life horror into your week. The topics are dark, but the attitude is uplifting and fun. One of my very few can't miss podcasts, so glad to have found them.

For those who can't get enough, step beyond the podcast and join in on their monthly movie watchalongs.

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