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John Carpay, founder and president of The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, talks about the issues--legal, political and cultural--that concern him most. The Justice Centre (website jccf.ca) has been going strong for ten years, so there is a lot to discuss. With facilitator and producer Kevin Steel, each week John will bring you up to date on the latest, as well as provide insights about the law and the fight for freedom.

Justice with John Carpay The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

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John Carpay, founder and president of The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, talks about the issues--legal, political and cultural--that concern him most. The Justice Centre (website jccf.ca) has been going strong for ten years, so there is a lot to discuss. With facilitator and producer Kevin Steel, each week John will bring you up to date on the latest, as well as provide insights about the law and the fight for freedom.

    S05E13 "Fare Thee Well" to Private Info

    S05E13 "Fare Thee Well" to Private Info

    Lawyer James Manson critiques Nova Scotia's new law allowing the government to access everyone's private medical information. He says it’s dangerous because it is so overbroad and ill-defined. Then he talks about a potential new case in which two public education teachers were fired for their religious beliefs. And we finish with an update on the Zexi Li et al v. Chris Barber et al lawsuit against the truckers for the 2022 Ottawa protest.

    LifeSite News, Apr 15, 2024: Nova Scotia passes law allowing government access to private medical records

    CBC, Mar 21, 2024: Doctors Nova Scotia concerned about proposed changes to health information law

    Wired, Jun 7, 2019: The complicated truth about China's social credit system

    Justice Canada Charterpedia: Section 1 – Reasonable limits

    Ole Braatelien in The Western Journal, May 21, 2023: Teen Reportedly Arrested After Handing Out Bibles - His Response Proves He Isn't Backing Down on the Gospel

    The Tenneessee Star, May 13, 2023: Parents of Student Urging Pro-Catholic Teachings Suspended from Their Teaching Positions, Under Investigation

    John Carpay in The Post Millennial, Dec 15, 2018: The government retreats from compelled speech on Summer Jobs program

    The Cass Review: Independent review of gender identity services for children and young people

    Justice Centre, Dec 12, 2023: $290-Million Class Action Against Freedom Convoy Participants

    Ottawa Citizen via MSN, Feb 6, 2024: Judge tosses motion to dismiss proposed class-action lawsuit against convoy participants

    CBC via MSN, Feb 8, 2024: Convoy organizers want Ottawa police board to pay any damages in class action

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    Defending the "Religious Defense"

    Defending the "Religious Defense"

    John Carpay and Kevin Steel discuss the attempt by the Bloc Québécois and special interest groups to remove the Criminal Code's Section 319(3) - "the religious defense" to accusations of hate speech. John argues that it will lead to the removal of certain portions of religious texts in Canada. Would this proposed amendment result in the outlawing of all kinds of religious belief? We also discuss John's column on unvaccinated medical professionals still being barred from working in Ontario and BC health systems. We finish by examining a recently leaked, secret report by the RCMP that predicts civil unrest in Canada. The solution? John thinks "freedom" and "democracy" may be the answers.

    The Globe and Mail, Mar 29, 2024: MPs, religious groups seek to end religious hate-speech defence in online harms bill

    Parliament of Canada: C-367 November 22, 2021, to present - An Act to amend the Criminal Code (promotion of hatred or antisemitism)

    John Carpay in The Epoch Times via the Justice Centre, Apr 6, 2024: Bill C-367 Threatens Religious Freedom in Canada

    Justice Centre, Aug 11, 2023: Ontario Court of Appeal orders new trial for William Whatcott on criminal hate speech

    Supreme Court of Canada, Dec 13, 1990: R. v. Keegstra

    CBC, Nov 8, 2023: Politicians, Jewish groups outraged by Montreal imam's prayer at pro-Palestinian protest

    Justice Centre, Apr 3, 2024: Two years later, Ontario and BC medics still need vaccination proof

    Justice Centre, Nov 20, 2023: BC healthcare workers prevented from returning to work despite understaffing

    Justice Centre, Apr 11, 2024: RCMP Report to Federal Government Sees Democracy as a Threat

    Rob Shaw in BIV, Apr 5, 2024: B.C.’s opposition parties demand probe into alleged government grant kickbacks

    CTV Montreal, Apr 6, 2024: Former premier Jean Charest calls on politicians to promote civility

    Toronto City News, Sep 30, 2020: ‘Bunch of yahoos’: Ford on anti-maskers sharing his phone number with contact tracers

    LifeSite News, Apr 9, 2024: Trudeau says infamous remarks calling unvaccinated ‘racist’ and ‘misogynist’ were taken out of context

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    S05E11 And the winner is

    S05E11 And the winner is

    In this week's Justice with John podcast, John announces the winner of the Justice Centre's annual George Jonas Freedom Award. Later, John talks about what led him to write a column on the rise in school absenteeism in Canada. We also discuss an op-ed in the Toronto Star supporting the Online Harms Act. The show ends with a bonus clip from 2008 in which we hear our 2024 George Jonas Freedom Award recipient address a controversial issue in defense of free speech.

    Justice Centre: George Jonas Freedom Award--The annual recognition of a Canadian advancing and preserving freedom.

    The National Post, Feb 29, 2024: The history of Section 13, the controversial hate speech law the Liberals just revived

    Rebel News

    CBC, Feb 16, 2016: Rachel Notley's NDP bans The Rebel from Alberta government news conferences

    The Hill Times, Nov 25, 2019: Rebel Media, banned by press gallery ‘for years,’ vows to continue to cover parliamentary news ‘with or without’ gallery approval, says Levant

    CBC, Jan 9, 2024: Rebel News personality arrested after an encounter with Chrystia Freeland

    New York Times, Nov 3, 2004: Dutch Filmmaker, an Islam Critic, Is Killed

    The Guardian, Sep 28, 2012: Andres Serrano's controversial Piss Christ goes on view in New York

    John Carpay in the Western Standard, Mar 30, 2024: No surprise — school absenteeism remains high after lockdowns

    CBC, Mar 27, 2024: Kids missing more school since pandemic, CBC analysis finds

    Ottawa Citizen, Jan 1, 2022: Ottawa teachers' unions call on Ottawa Public Health to keep schools closed

    Supriya Dwivedi in The Toronto Star, Mar 28, 2024: Have you heard the one about Justin Trudeau attacking your free speech online? Trust me: That’s just rage farming

    Peter Menzies on X, Mar 28, 2024: "the same people who approved the Online Harms Act decided it would be a cool idea have a staffer write an oped for The Star..."

    Ezra Levant human rights complaint videos

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    S05E10 Fired for Defending Freedom

    S05E10 Fired for Defending Freedom

    Lawyer Marty Moore discusses the firing of a library CEO in an Ontario town, let go after she published an opinion piece in the local paper defending freedom to read, diversity of opinion, and neutrality in library collections. The board that fired her, in a supposed effort to provide a "safe" space for everyone, did so in violation of their own policy.

    Cathy Simpson in Niagara Now, Feb 21, 2024: Censorship and what we are allowed to read

    Niagara Now, Mar 21, 2024: NOTL’s chief librarian fired over column in The Lake Report

    Niagara This Week, Mar 16, 2024: Niagara-on-the-Lake chief librarian under fire for column supporting controversial U.S. group

    Justice Centre, Jan 29, 2020: Vancouver Library Takes A Strong Stand For Free Speech In Allowing Event Discussing Gender Identity

    Marc A. Thiessen in the Washington Post, Jun 22, 2018: The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility

    Catholic News Agency, Feb 2, 2021: SPLC denounced as ‘thoroughly disgraced’ after labeling pro-life, family organizations as ‘hate groups’

    Justice Centre, Feb 21, 2024: Windsor Constable Appealing Conviction For Freedom Convoy Donation

    Monica Harris in The National Post, Mar 22, 2024: The unjust firing of Ontario librarian who challenged DEI orthodoxy

    CBC Radio, As It Happens, Oct 17, 2019: 'I'm not going to reconsider': Toronto's top librarian refuses to bar speaker critical of transgender rights

    True North, Mar 14, 2023: Calgary city council approves bylaw to limit drag queen story hour protests

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    S05E09 Manifestly, Supremely Strange

    S05E09 Manifestly, Supremely Strange

    Our show this week concentrates on the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). We were triggered by the strange take on a sexual assault case from Justice Sheila Martin, who took issue with the word "woman." Then John reads out a few woke posts from the Court's X account. We also go over an excellent column on the SCC by Barry W. Bussey in The Epoch Times, and we review the Court's decision not to hear the Justice Centre's Manitoba lockdown challenge. A few sympathetic words are reserved for the Chief Justice in his struggle with the federal government to get more judges appointed.

    National Post, Mar 13, 2024: Supreme Court decision opts for 'person with a vagina' over 'woman'

    CanLII, Mar 8, 2024: R. v. Kruk, 2024 SCC 7 (CanLII)

    Jamie Sarkonak in The National Post, Mar 14, 2024: We didn't need 'person with a vagina' added to the legal vernacular

    SCC X-post, Mar 10, 2024: Canadians need to see themselves reflected in their judiciary because that builds trust in our democratic institutions.

    SCC X-post, Mar 10, 2024: Achieving gender parity among judges at all levels in Canada is a step in the right direction towards having greater diversity on the bench.

    SCC X-post, Mar 10, 2024: March 10, we celebrate International Day of Women Judges, which recognized the importance of the full and equal participation of women...

    Barry W. Bussey in The Epoch Times, Mar 15, 2024: Politicization of Supreme Court of Canada Started Long Before ‘Woman’ Dustup

    Justice Centre, Jan 23, 2024: Court Ruling: Federal Government Acted Illegally In Responding To 2022 Freedom Convoy

    Bruce Pardy in the National Post, Jun 2, 2022: Supreme Court undermined by chief justice condemning freedom convoy

    Justice Centre, Jan 11, 2024: Peckford, Bernier Take Travel Restrictions To Supreme Court Of Canada

    CBC, Mar 18, 2023: Feds appeal decision requiring action on 'appalling' level of judicial vacancies

    Justice Centre, Mar 14, 2024: Supreme Court will not hear case about government’s violation of rights and freedoms

    Justice Centre, Mar 14, 2024: Supreme Court Declines To Hear Constitutional Challenge To Gathering Restrictions

    Gateway Pundit, Mar 16, 2024: Meet the MO v. Biden Plaintiffs- Our Government and Big Tech Tried to Destroy Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya Because He Dared to Question COVID Policy – Here Is His Story

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    S05E08 Bitter Fruit and Flowers

    S05E08 Bitter Fruit and Flowers

    We have arrived at the fourth anniversary of the Covid pandemic and the implementation of draconian restrictions throughout Canada.  Traditionally, the fourth anniversary is celebrated with fruit and flowers, however this is something of a bitter celebration as some repressive measures continue. What, if anything, have we learned? For one thing, we learned that it is easy to rule by fear. We also convey a Justice Centre message for International Women's Day. We look at a Radio Canada story about puberty blockers, and we revisit the BC MLA Selena Robinson story now that she has resigned from the NDP caucus.

    Sign the Petition: Stop the Online Harms Act

    X Post by @JCCFCanada, Mar 8, 2024: On International Women’s Day, the Justice Centre envisions a Canada where...

    Washington Times, Mar 12, 2024: COVID-19 tested our commitment to freedom; 4 years later, we’re still failing

    Vancouver Sun, Mar 22, 2022: COVID-19: About 2,500 B.C. health-care workers lost jobs over refusal to vaccinate

    The Canadian Press via The National Post, Mar 7, 2024: Freedom Convoy trial judge will hear argument that Lich, Barber conspired to organize an illegal protest

    Justice Centre, Mar 7, 2024: Charges stayed against Derek Sloan and Henry Hildebrandt over their peaceful pro-freedom protests

    Justice Centre, Jan 18, 2024: ArriveCAN ticket case dismissed, but Charter rights remain in limbo

    Justice Centre, Feb 20, 2024: Quebec teacher challenges Education Minister’s gender transition policy

    The Telegraph via MSN, Mar 12, 2024: NHS bans puberty blocker prescriptions for children in ‘landmark decision’

    The National Post, Mar 6, 2024: 'You broke my heart': Read Selina Robinson's resignation letter to the B.C. NDP caucus

    John Carpay in the Western Standard, Feb 13, 2024: Sorry Selina, but what goes round, comes round

    The Globe and Mail, Mar 8, 2024: Former NDP chief says Jewish members are feeling uncomfortable in the party

    Lindsay Shepherd in True North, Mar 1, 2024: Two BC libraries ban the book “Grave Error”

    Justice Centre Report, May 13, 2020: No longer demonstrably justified: An Analysis of Alberta’s COVID-19 Modelling – May 13, 2020

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    • 58 min

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