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Welcome to Kimberly's Italy, a travel podcast focused on all things Italian. My love affair with Italy started with a move to Milan many years ago, and the enriching experience became part of my DNA. Our episodes highlight some of our own travels and the comical lessons we learned along the way. You can be the beneficiary of invaluable travel tips, and at the same time enjoy a few laughs. We share our passion of the Italian cuisine, history, art, architecture, and the welcoming nature of the Italian people, whom define this incredible country. You can reach me at: Kimberlysitaly.com

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Welcome to Kimberly's Italy, a travel podcast focused on all things Italian. My love affair with Italy started with a move to Milan many years ago, and the enriching experience became part of my DNA. Our episodes highlight some of our own travels and the comical lessons we learned along the way. You can be the beneficiary of invaluable travel tips, and at the same time enjoy a few laughs. We share our passion of the Italian cuisine, history, art, architecture, and the welcoming nature of the Italian people, whom define this incredible country. You can reach me at: Kimberlysitaly.com

    151.. Lago d'Iseo where Art and Beauty meet!

    151.. Lago d'Iseo where Art and Beauty meet!

    Episode Highlights:

    Lago d’Iseo: Our journey to the lake, filled with challenging switchback roads, offering thrilling views and driving experiences.

    Monte Isola: Europe’s largest inhabited lake island, rich in history and cultural significance.

    Art and Culture:

    Christo’s 2016 Art Installation: The floating dock covered in yellow fabric on Lago di Seo, a remarkable project that attracted global attention and left a lasting impact on the local community.

    Exhibition of Christo’s Work: A dive into the artist’s creative world and legacy.

    Local Experiences:

    Ferry Ride: Embracing local customs and enjoying a search for delicious food.

    Gastronomy: Savoring pizza and Aperol spritz while soaking in the tranquil Italian lifestyle.

    Scenic Beauty and Historic Exploration:

    Lake Imagery: Vivid descriptions of the stunning lakes and pristine villages.

    Historic Towns: Cappuccinos and exploration of towns with rich architectural diversity and a church with Roman foundations.

    Memorable Moments:

    Unfinished Piazza: The charm of an incomplete piazza in a village, symbolizing Italy’s unique character.

    Cautionary Tale: A story about a tourist fined for walking on a protected pink sand beach in Sardinia, emphasizing the importance of respecting local regulations.

    Closing Thoughts:
    Gratitude: I have to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all of the emails, texts and social media messages after the death of my mother

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    150. Kimberly News, Italy News

    150. Kimberly News, Italy News

    In this heartfelt episode, Kimberly opens up about the recent delays in her podcast episodes, attributing them to the emotional aftermath of her mother’s passing and technical internet issues. She takes a moment to reflect on the unwavering support of her parents, particularly in her decision to move to Italy to pursue her photography career. This move not only enriched her appreciation for Italian culture but also inspired the creation of her podcast.
    Key Highlights:
    Personal Reflections:

    Kimberly shares a touching tribute to her parents and their support for her adventurous career shift to Italy.

    Insights into how her experiences in Italy have shaped her podcast’s content, focusing on travel, culture, and personal stories.

    Travel Insights:

    Historic “Motonave Milano” Steamship:

    The refurbishment of this iconic Art Nouveau steamship on Lake Como, despite facing recent extreme weather in Lombardia.

    The steamship’s rich history, architectural beauty, and the modern amenities it offers to travelers.

    Travel Tips for Northern Italy:

    Essential packing tips to prepare for Northern Italy’s unpredictable weather.

    Practical advice on using credit cards, recommending Visa or Mastercard over American Express.

    Tips for enjoying Venice at night, along with new regulations aimed at managing overtourism.

    Sustainable Tourism:

    Camino Reto Hiking Route:

    Introduction of the 170-kilometer hiking route in the Dolomites, promoting eco-friendly travel.

    Connection of remote villages through this scenic trail, offering diverse landscapes and historical sites.

    Future enhancements including a traveler’s passport, a diploma for completing the route, and plans for a twin cycling route by 2025 to improve accessibility for outdoor enthusiasts.

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    149. The Perfect Birthday in Sirmione

    149. The Perfect Birthday in Sirmione

    Episode Highlights:
    Weather Breakthrough:
    The narrative begins with the joy of a sunny day at Lago di Garda after a series of rainy days, setting a picturesque backdrop for the episode.
    Critical Insight on AI in Travel:
    Kimberly and Tommaso delve into the pitfalls of AI-generated travel articles, sharing a critique of an inaccurate piece about Newport, Rhode Island.
    They emphasize the importance of verifying online travel information to avoid misinformation.
    Travel Planning Tips:
    With the high demand for travel to Italy, listeners are advised to plan their trips well in advance.
    Road Trip to Sirmione:
    Detailed recounting of our scenic journey, including a ferry ride from Desenzano to Sirmione.
    Highlights include visiting Castello Scaligero and celebrating Kimberly's birthday at a restaurant renowned for its gin and tonics made with Tassoni tonic water.
    Culinary Delights:
    A mouth-watering description of our lunch featuring burrata, tomato salad, and pizza, served by a charming waiter.
    Historical Exploration:
    A visit to Grotto di Catullo, the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, with detailed observations of its historical significance and stunning panoramic views.
    The site’s organization and informative signage enhanced their experience.
    Village Stroll and Discoveries:
    Anecdotes about navigating restrooms, walking through village streets, and discovering a villa that resembled a luxury hotel.
    Despite skipping the long lines to explore Castello Scaligero in-depth, we admired its architectural beauty and restoration efforts.
    Practical Travel Advice:
    Tips for visiting architectural sites early to avoid crowds, enjoying local cuisine, and strategically planning ferry rides.
    Perfect Birthday Celebration:
    The day culminates with a sense of satisfaction from exploring ruins, a castle, and savoring delicious food and drinks.
    The episode wraps up with excitement for our next road trip destination.
    Join Kimberly and Tommaso for an episode filled with travel tips, cultural insights, and personal anecdotes, ensuring you have the best experience in Italy while navigating the potential pitfalls of AI-generated travel information.

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    148. So much to LOVE in Lago di Garda!

    148. So much to LOVE in Lago di Garda!

    Main Theme:
    Explore the enchanting region of Lake Garda through our immersive travel experiences, historical insights, appreciation of cultural richness, and our personal anecdotes.
    Episode Highlights:
    Road Trips Around Lake Garda:

    Activities include sailing, biking, hiking, and camping.

    Emphasis on discovering hidden gems and local adventures.

    Camping at Lake Garda:
    Thera are a multitude of local campsites.

    Architectural and Scenic Marvels:

    Visit to a Romanesque church offering breathtaking views of Lake Garda.

    In-depth look at the striking architectural features of the church.

    Journey to Limone Sul Garda:

    Challenges of finding parking in a popular tourist spot.

    Observations on the village’s lemon-themed branding and its charm.

    Admiration of the beautiful waterfront and a humorous encounter with a soccer field near an old convent.

    Listener Engagement:

    We encourage listener feedback and participation through reviews and social media interactions.

    We appreciate audience engagement, fostering a community of Italy enthusiasts.

    Future Explorations:
    Teasers about upcoming adventures around Lago di Garda, promising more hidden spots and unique experiences.

    Join us as we weave through Italy’s picturesque landscapes, sharing stories that capture the heart of Italian culture, history, and everyday wonders. Whether you’re planning your own trip or simply love the idea of Italy, this podcast promises to transport you to the enchanting shores of Lake Garda. Ciao! Ciao!

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    147. Tourist Season is in Full Swing!!!

    147. Tourist Season is in Full Swing!!!

    Welcome to another episode of “Kimberly’s Italy,” where your hosts, Kimberly and Tommaso, take you on a journey through the heart of Italy, exploring its art, culture, cuisine, and the unique challenges travelers face. This episode is packed with insights, stories, and recommendations for anyone looking to experience Italy beyond the surface.
    Main Themes:

    Transportation Challenges: Learn about the hurdles travelers encounter, from navigating Rome’s streets to dealing with taxi shortages at airports. Hear a firsthand account of a car accident in Rome and the struggle to find alternative transportation with the complexities of local services.

    Practical Travel Recommendations: Discover apps like IT Taxi and the benefits of hiring private drivers or using the Leonardo Express train for efficient airport-city commutes.

    Upcoming Events and Strikes: Get insights into how the planned nationwide taxi strike and the Vatican jubilee in 2025 could impact travel and transportation in Italy.

    Responsible Tourism: Reflect on the importance of traveling responsibly, considering the environmental and cultural impact of our visits. Learn about the fines for taking sand from Sardinia and the effects of overtourism in cherished locales.

    Enrolling in STEP: Understand the value of staying informed about potential risks while traveling abroad, especially amidst global unrest.

    Heartwarming Travel Stories: Be moved by a touching narrative of a client visiting her grandparents’ village in Puglia, showcasing the depth of personal connection that can be found in Italy.

    What You’ll Learn:

    How to navigate Italy’s transportation system, including alternatives to traditional taxis and strategies for dealing with strikes and shortages.

    The importance of responsible tourism and how to minimize your footprint while maximizing your experience.

    Safety and preparedness strategies for international travelers, ensuring a smooth and informed journey.

    Episode Highlights:

    Kimberly and Tommaso share their expertise and passion for Italy, offering listeners a comprehensive guide to making the most of their Italian adventure.

    Hear real-life stories from clients, including the challenges they faced and the unforgettable moments that made their trips special.

    Gain valuable insights into planning your trip, from choosing the right transportation to finding those hidden gems that offer a genuine Italian experience.

    Join us as we delve into the beauty and complexity of traveling in Italy, offering you the tools and knowledge to navigate your journey with confidence and joy. “Kimberly’s Italy” is your passport to a deeper understanding of this magnificent country and its many wonders.
    Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review. Your feedback helps us make each episode even better. Safe travels, and until next time, Arrivederci!

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    146. Diving deep into Verona with a guide (and a Jeep!)

    146. Diving deep into Verona with a guide (and a Jeep!)

    It was Tommaso’s first visit to this history rich city, therefore we hired a private tour guide who made our visit perfetto! No matter how much you research and read about a destination, you will never learn as much as with a (good) guide. The amount of interesting facts and details we were told kept us happily engaged for hours.
    Verona offers so much visually with its mix of architecture and a significant amount of the frescoed facades from the 16th century are still visible today, hence it’s nickname of The Painted City. Another big lure to Verona is that it is so small you can walk absolutely everywhere, so no need to find a taxi stand!
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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
145 Ratings

145 Ratings

Abby.s. ,

Learning while laughing!

Incredibly grateful for this duo! Their mixture of entertaining travelogue, educational cultural/historical segments, and practical travel tips has been extremely helpful when planning AND making the most of our trips to Italy. Their passion is contagious, plus they never fail to crack me up! I really feel like I’m sitting around a table with extremely knowledgeable friends—my gold standard for a podcast! Here’s hoping we’ll pass each other in an Autogrill someday lol

Shad from North Jersey ,

Kimberly la Generosa!!

Kimberly has guided me through many an adventure from the comfort of my deck chair, kept me smiling and in charming company for hours in the car and generously offered up a bevy of knowledge that I could never claim to have absorbed otherwise. Tomasso is okay too, (wink wink, haha). To take in her podcast is a pleasure on all days and mostly feels like conversing with a friend. Talk, laugh, sip, tell stories and laugh some more, what else is life about? Her travel services were also highly appreciated and certainly worth everyone’s consideration when pondering trips to Italy. Thank you Kimberly and Tomasso for your shared joy and knowledge. You’ve both been truly generous to us all.

Shad from North Jersey

Absioni ,

No information

Really no information about the town itself. I only heard their personal problem situations. Finding a pharmacy, power outage. Oh well

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