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A podcast for soul sisters, where we talk all things faith, feminism, and friendship from our homes in the South.

Kindreds Katey Zeh and Ashley Peterson

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A podcast for soul sisters, where we talk all things faith, feminism, and friendship from our homes in the South.

    Tackling the Taboo: One and Done

    Tackling the Taboo: One and Done

    Being a parent of an only child comes with all kinds of baggage and inappropriate comments and questions. We discuss the ways that only children are stigmatized and dispel some of the cultural myths surrounding this family structure.

    Shownotes: https://kindredspodcast.com/2023/05/08/episode-73-tackling-taboo-one-and-done/

    • 53 min
    Tackling the Taboo: Are We Wine Moms?

    Tackling the Taboo: Are We Wine Moms?

    CW: we discuss alcohol and drinking on this episode. How has our relationship with alcohol changed over the course of our lives? And are "wine moms" really a thing or are we just failing parents of young children?

    Shownotes https://kindredspodcast.com/2023/02/27/episode-72-tackling-taboo-are-we-wine-moms/

    • 34 min
    Tackling the Taboo: Sex and Sexuality

    Tackling the Taboo: Sex and Sexuality

    Welcome to our seventh year of recording Kindreds! This year we are tackling some taboo topics that until now we were a little too fearful to talk about on the show at the length. This episode we start a conversation about sex and sexuality with a focus on what we learned at church, school, and in the culture as young people and how we're unlearning and re-educating ourselves about sex and sexuality in our 30s.

    • 47 min
    Wrapping Up 2022

    Wrapping Up 2022

    We wrap up 2022 with some life updates from the fall, some of our favorite things from the year, and how we are making the end of this year. And of course, we included our annual Spotify playlist.

    Link to playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4aPDl74PcN9dAKSVblUCFr?si=0a9aba471abd446b

    Shownotes: https://kindredspodcast.com/2022/12/19/episode-70-wrapping-up-2022/

    • 54 min


    We explore the age-old question of what happens when we die. We return to our evangelical roots and discuss theologies of salvation, atonement, and baptism—and how those things are portrayed in church culture (hell house, anyone?). Is Hell even a biblical concept at all? Then we move into talking about where we land these days. In short, we have a lot of questions, and we’re just fine with that.

    • 51 min
    Navigating Grief, Part 2: What Does It Mean To Heal?

    Navigating Grief, Part 2: What Does It Mean To Heal?

    What does it mean to heal from grief? Is it something we do alone, or is healing a communal effort? What does support look like for grieving people, and where do we go for that support? How do we support people we love who are grieving? These are some of the things we talk about in this second conversation about grief.

    Some of the areas we discuss are the ways that churches show up (and don’t) when we are suffering a loss, how grief connects to the rituals of different religious seasons and practices, and some of the worst things people say in the face of a person’s loss.

    How to Process our Collective Grief (https://www.yesmagazine.org/opinion/2022/06/23/how-to-process-our-collective-grief)
    Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52623750-wintering)
    Marked by Covid (https://www.markedbycovid.com/)
    Black Liturgies on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/blackliturgies/)

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

CheshandTigg ,

Hit a chord with me

Oh my gosh, the quote that you read about the word "blessed" and the problems that come with it (associated with unearned privilege) really resonated with me. I've felt kind of odd about that word and couldn't put my finger on why. Thanks for that discussion. - C. Levin

SarahMidwest ,

Love this podcast.

As a Christian who is constantly learning about social justice, this podcast makes me feel less alone in the world. There aren’t many spaces where I can find Christians who agree with me about LGBTQ+ issues, reproductive rights, racism etc. but Katey and Ashley are unapologetic about their views. Their episode about diet culture was a revelation! Thanks for showing me I still have a space in this faith, folks.

Emtee$ ,

Important informative and fun!

I have been listening to this podcast since it started and love it!! While most topics are aimed at women, men like myself can learn a lot about the opposite sex! Katey and Ashley have crafted a podcast with the perfect balance between conversation, introspection, and information sharing. If you want to give them a try, I recommend #9 “What it means to be white”. It’s an honest look into the racial divide in our country and how white privilege effects us all. Give a listen...you’ll love it!!

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