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    Palo Alto Humane Society: No Shelter But Lots of Help for Animals

    Palo Alto Humane Society: No Shelter But Lots of Help for Animals

    PODCAST (14:09) -- Leonor Delgado is Education Manager for the Palo Alto Humane Society and on 3/29/20 she was interviewed by co-host Josh Stephens about community humane education, creating humane kids, and what an advocacy organization founded in 1908 does besides run a shelter -- which her group gave up in 1970.

    They discussed three focus areas for the group. These are operating what amounts to a pet advice hotline, paying for vet care and spay/neuter for needy animals, and a range of community education programs that she would be happy to share with other groups and communities.

    PAHS has a number of interesting, well-proven, and repeatable programs that can be adopted by other animal advocacy and welfare groups and even individuals. One of these is a writing contest for 7th and 8th graders that is currently underway.

    The group supports many cat programs and is often called upon to help with orphan kittens, trap-neuter-return, and other feline challenges.

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    Amanda Wight, HSUS, Against Trophy Hunting

    Amanda Wight, HSUS, Against Trophy Hunting

    PODCAST (22:07) -- Amanda Wight is Wildlife Protection Manager at the Humane Society of the United States. This was a return visit as her first appearance -- on a terribly windy Sunday -- was repeatedly interrupted by weather and traffic updates.

    She discussed trophy hunting, wolves, bobcats, subsistence hunting, rattlesnake round-ups, and so on, and the HSUS position on hunting more generally.

    I apologize to Amanda for being so ADD during our chat (on 3/29/20). She is great but there are so many topics that this was not my best interview.

    Amanda was very patient, however, and did great. She's a hero and this is the kind of issue that separates HSUS from dog-and-cat-only humane groups. You need to hear these topics and support humane care for all animals.

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    Ask Dr. Diehl: Cat Clots Paralyse Rear Legs

    Ask Dr. Diehl: Cat Clots Paralyse Rear Legs

    Dr. Kelly Diehl, Morris Animal Foundation

    PODCAST (11:26) -- If your cat suddenly loses control of its hind legs and is in severe pain, get her to the vet immediately. It's probably Feline Aortic Thromboembolism.

    That's the advice from Morris Animal Foundation veterinary internist Dr. Kelly Diehl, who says a blood clot and heart disease may be responsible.

    On the 3/22/20 KSCO Pet Radio, we discussed how a clot can lodge itself at the end of the aorta, where the blood flow to the legs "y"s off. Lost of circulation reduces or stops movement and, if not promptly corrected, can result in the feline's death.

    Here is a link to a Feline Aortic Thromboembolism page with illustrations and lots of additional information about diagnosis and treatment.

    Sadly, my experience with this symptom was with my beloved bottle-baby, Larry, who lost hind leg movement after a fight with cancer and had to be painlessly euthanized. He was 16 at the time.

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    Ask Dr. Diehl: Seizures in Dogs and Cats

    Ask Dr. Diehl: Seizures in Dogs and Cats

    Dr. Kelly Diehl, Morris Animal Foundation

    PODCAST (19:46) -- The first-time seizure in a dog or cat is a true medical emergency that requires immediate treatment. Why? Because seizures originate either inside the brain or someplace else in the body. Neither Is good and both can kill your pet.

    One big danger is that "outside the brain" includes a world of toxic substances, including some infamous flea and tick killers used on pets. These toxins -- including plants -- can quickly kill the animal.

    Dogs and cats don't have strokes the way people do. But seizures are still fairly common and, fortunately, help is often available often in the form of medications "tested on humans first."

    That's my #1 takeaway from this discussion of seizures and epilepsy in dogs and cats with our friend, Dr. Kelly Diehl, a veterinary internist at Morris Animal Foundation.

    Here is a page from their website that talks about seizure disorders in pets.

    Here is good advice from AKC.com about what to do for a seizing dog.

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    COVID-19 Won’t Stop Low-Cost Spay Neuter

    COVID-19 Won’t Stop Low-Cost Spay Neuter

    Melanie Scherer of SNIP Bus

    PODCAST (23:52) -- I was dreading what I might hear when the founder of the mobile low-cost spay/neuter SNIP Bus project appeared on the 3/15/20 program.

    I was ready for Melanie Scherer to tell me that like much of the Monterey/Santa Cruz area the $25-a-pet SNIP Bus would be closed for as long as the coronavirus outbreak continues.

    Fortunately, that is not Melanie's plan. And she will continue providing mobile spay and neutering during this crisis. That makes very good sense. Here's why:

    * A typical day is 25 or 30 pets and owners spread over several hours.* The bus or trailer is parked outside and people can stay as far apart from one another.* SnipBus staff doesn't have to touch people and the patients are mostly in carriers, which can be sanitized as needed.* Vet techs have the infection-control thing down pretty well, so transmission risk between humans in minimal.* Pets don't catch or transmit COVID-19, so medical staff is not at risk.

    Those are some of the things we discussed during the interview. Melanie's enthusiasm for the spay/neuter mission is infectious, just like COVID-19, but does much better for pets and the community.

    The SNIP Bus, mobile spay/neuter clinic is a regular visitor to locations in the Monterey Bay area. Melanie also spoke about how SNIP came to be, what services it offers, and how spay/neuter is the only hope for getting feral populations under control.

    The SNIP Bus is a KSCO Pet Radio Recommended Organization.

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    ODIE Pet Insurance: Demystifying Needed Coverage

    ODIE Pet Insurance: Demystifying Needed Coverage

    PODCAST (21:15) -- ODIE Pet Insurance is a small, family-run business that offers a variety of pet insurance products. I had a nice chat with Miles Thorson, managing partner of the firm, on the 3/15/20 edition of Pet Radio.

    Our discussion was low-hype and I learned about pet insurance from the buyer and seller points of view. Pet insurance is becoming increasingly common and even necessary as the level (and expense) of care available to our pets continues to increase.

    If you are even vaguely considering pet insurance -- and especially if it's not yet on your radar -- this is a good place to start.

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