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A cultural detective's journey into philosophy, art, sociology, and psychology with Ryder Richards. (Formerly known as "The Will to DIY")

let's THiNK about it Ryder Richards

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A cultural detective's journey into philosophy, art, sociology, and psychology with Ryder Richards. (Formerly known as "The Will to DIY")

    Accelerationism & Futurism

    Accelerationism & Futurism

    A convoluted romp from 1909 to 2008: the Italian futurism war machine and speed worship into the Accelerationists cyber-dream of progress through technology beyond the limits of capital. One pesky problem: humanity, with its slow flesh and bothersome morals, is slowing us down.

    • 31 min
    Cybernetics & Capitalism

    Cybernetics & Capitalism

    Regulating a system means moderating excessive energies. Is capitalism moderating not only our desires but our rebellions as well? By applying self-regulation theory (or cybernetic "circular causality") we see how feedback requires a change (or correction) to maintain a steady state. When we protest and rebel, are we just offering feedback on how capitalism should alter itself to maintain its dominance? Then perhaps the answer to how to break capitalism comes from its manipulations of us: we can use the excess desire and rage to refuse participation, rather than increasing our consumptive misery.

    • 24 min
    The Path of Opposition (Failure as Transcendence)

    The Path of Opposition (Failure as Transcendence)

    Opposites travel different paths, that is the shape of their antagonism. While the two opposites can become one by circling around to meet, other paths (such as the Mobius strip) never allow contact, yet the opposition reverses polarity. Right to Left.

    Looking at Peaky Blinders, Hegel, Slavoj Zizek, Graeme Wood, and a few others we chart how the contradictory failure to sublimate (ascend) is inscribed within us: our failure is our path to transcendence.

    0:00 intro
    3:37 part 1: the path for the 2 to become 1 (the 2 is 1, linked through exclusion)
    6:55 part 2: the circle into the Mobius strip (3 antagonistic motions: convergence, rotation, flipping sides)
    14:52 part 3: going down to get through (mining the ground, going through, donuts)
    18:54 part 4: the knot (tying it up, the 2 is not 2, your failure is your path)
    22:10 outro

    • 23 min
    Artificial Negativity & Repressive Tolerance

    Artificial Negativity & Repressive Tolerance

    What if democracy is a sham and we live under total control through consumerism? Then any negativity you see comes from the system and will never change it. ~ Ryder looks at Paul Piccone's use of Artificial Negativity, and Herbert Marcuse's idea of Repressive Tolerance, considering Piccone's move from left to right as a failure to (in Hegelian fashion) sublate, instead switching sides.

    • 18 min
    The One-Dimensional Man

    The One-Dimensional Man

    Chasing “false needs” we are too drained to rebel, much less think. Capitalism must channel our energies, either absorbing or dispersing them. What better to feed itself while neutering us than playing on our wealth and desire until we only relate to the world through material goods? ~ a short introduction to Herbert Marcuse's book "One-Dimensional Man"

    • 11 min
    The Double Bind

    The Double Bind

    A binary is a game where each side needs and provokes the other, while a double bind plays the individual against irreconcilable outcomes that damn them either way.
    We are born into a game, a set of rigged circumstances, but can we refuse to play, like Alice refusing the Red Queen's edicts? Or have we been captured and co-opted, only to internalize the paradoxical contradictions until our sanity is in doubt?

    • 14 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

hip-gnosis-dallas ,

intelligent life is here not out there

When searching for content to fill my drive time, I am often bored or annoyed by podcast presenters and end up listening to public radio (the music station). But after listening to Survelience Capitalism by Ryder, time passes quickly (engaging content) and I also have a few laughs (his voice effects) and learn a few new words (big vocabulary).

Lucy Deasley ,

Brilliant thought provoking delivered with humor

This podcast makes you think about daily acceptances of “the way things are” that deserve to be questioned. It challenges authenticity of thought and a true search for true facts to support theories. I enjoy they pointing out daily of hypocrisy not overly obvious to me prior to listening. Definitely recommend listening to this one!

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