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Practical parenting advice from parenting expert, radio host and founder of Shepherds Hill Academy, Trace Embry.

License to Parent with Trace Embry Trace Embry

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Practical parenting advice from parenting expert, radio host and founder of Shepherds Hill Academy, Trace Embry.

    America 2.0 with Eric Holmberg

    America 2.0 with Eric Holmberg

    The Divine Reset

    As children and teens, the world we experienced back then seemed to be much more straightforward. For the most part, our culture tended to agree on what was right and what was wrong; even if some chose not to follow the rules.

    Enter the worldwide web. Screens and keyboards have become a new alter of worship as our kids are learning and discovering the ways of thinking of the masses without a moral lens or perspective.

    We find that culture today goes against many of the principles of scripture, science, logic, and what we would consider to be common sense. Unfortunately, if you are waiting for a figurehead to take over and lead us back into morality, you may be in for a long wait.

    Discussing a Different Approach with Eric Holmberg

    Eric Holmberg is the founder and director of Reel to Real Ministries and the Apologetics group. He’s not only an ordained minister, but he is also an author, speaker, and video documentarian.

    His work has been featured on a number of broadcasts and web media platforms. His writing has been featured in publications such as Focus on the Family Magazine, Time Magazine, and the American Family Association Journal.

    Eric’s work covers everything from revival to rap music and from science to sex; helping to bring a biblical worldview to the conversation and ultimately transform lives.

    He is working on a new project called “The Divine Reset: America 2.0.”

    Woke or Awakened

    Episode Highlights:

    What is meant by a divine reset?

    Is there a culture war? Are we winning or losing?

    How is culture impacting and influencing our children?

    What is courage and what role does it play today?

    How can parents practice and exhibit courage?

    What happens when we live differently?

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    Training Up Teens in a Tech-Driven World with John Fuller

    Training Up Teens in a Tech-Driven World with John Fuller

    Never Knowing a Time Without Tech

    A generation ago, raising children was a totally different ballgame! Sure, technology has made our lives (and our parenting journeys) much easier in a lot of ways. But in other ways, technology has made our lives a whole lot more complicated.

    Some may argue that technology today is hindering parents and their ability to impart, maintain and preserve moral standards, wisdom, and spiritual maturity. We also see that technology has played a role in the decision of young people to leave the church that they once called home.

    How can we help to guide our children and help them establish a solid biblical worldview? Can we remain relevant in our society today? Is it possible that tech could actually be a part of the solution?

    Discussing a Life with Tech with John Fuller

    John Fuller has worked with Focus on the Family for the last three decades. Since 2001 he has been in the co-host seat of the Daily Broadcast with Focus President Jim Daily. That program reaches over 6 million listeners each week. He also hosts Focus on The Family Minute and the podcasts Focus on Marriage and Focus on Parenting. Most Focus programs are available online on Focus Radio.

    He has written dozens of magazine articles and has also written a book called First Time Dad: The Stuff You Really Need to Know. John and his wife have six children of their own.

    Offering a Solution

    Episode Highlights:

    Why is it so important for parents to first model healthy technology use?

    How do we equip our kids? How is this different than protecting them?

    Can technology be used in a positive way to help our kids grow closer to Christ?

    Are there any resources available to parents that offer guidance on this subject?

    What role does our lifestyle play in our child’s faith?

    What is the impact of showing up for our kids?

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    Wise Words for Warriors with Sam Sorbo

    Wise Words for Warriors with Sam Sorbo

    Leading the Christian Life

    Well, the Bible is clear that the Christian life will involve warfare. Metaphorically speaking, it refers to putting on the full armor of God. It also uses many other analogies of war that describe our role in advancing God’s kingdom.

    In fact, Jesus himself describes his kingdom as something to be entered rather forcefully. Some English translations even use the word “violently”.

    Furthermore, Jesus said that he came not to bring peace, but a sword, and yet Scripture calls him the “Prince of Peace.”

    Unfortunately these days many people confuse peacemaking with peacekeeping.

    Discussing Fighting Back with Sam Sorbo

    Sam Sorbo is a model, actress, homeschool activist, media host, and linguist. She speaks five different languages. She’s a parent and educator who also has a background in biomedical engineering from Duke University.

    She’s also an author and film producer. She’s the host of the nationally syndicated “The Sam Sorbo Show” and speaks publicly around the country. She has also worked with her husband, Kevin Sorbo, on recent films, Let There Be Light and Miracle in East Texas. Today, Sam discusses her brand new book, “Words for Warriors.”

    Words for Warriors

    Episode Highlights:

    How are words changing and adapting in today’s culture?

    What is systemic racism and critical race theory?

    What is an NPC? Why is this important?

    How can we fight to get our language back?

    How do we impact our school systems and school board?

    How are thoughts & ideas created? What is the idea exchange?

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    A Reason to Live with Joannie Debrito

    A Reason to Live with Joannie Debrito

    Suicidal Ideations in Teens

    Mental illness, addictions of all kinds, self-harm, and suicide are among the most prevalent. Sadly, suicide is now the second leading cause of death today among American teenagers. That is only surpassed by motor vehicle accidents. This is absolutely tragic.

    Today we speak with one of our friends at Focus on the Family about the topic of suicide and how to keep this epidemic from invading your home.

    Discussing the Teen Suicide Epidemic with Joannie Debrito

    Joannie Debrito is part of the counseling team at Focus on the Family and draws from over 30 years of diverse experience as a parent educator, family life educator, school social worker, administrator, and licensed mental health professional. She speaks concerning how we can take an active role in suicide prevention.

    Her expertise and personal experience, including counseling students and families after the Columbine tragedy, is something we hope will be an encouragement to you. We invite you to not only learn about this but to also take part in the solution.

    Helping Teens Discover Hope

    Episode Highlights:

    What are suicidal ideations? How does this differ from a fleeting thought about suicide?

    How do suicidal thoughts manifest? What do suicidal teens think about?

    Do most people consider suicide at some point in their lives?

    Are suicidal ideations contagious?

    How can a parent recognize suicidal ideation?

    What can parents do to help their teen who is exhibiting suicidal tendencies?

    What resources are available for those struggling with suicidal ideations?

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    The Bible Parenting Code with John Rosemond

    The Bible Parenting Code with John Rosemond

    God’s Perfect Parenting Plan

    Last time on License to Parent:

    “Our first obligation in the raising of a child is not to the child. Our first obligation is to God the father. Your second obligation is to your neighbor. Your third obligation is to your child.”

    That’s John Rosemond, author of The Bible Parenting Code: Revealing God’s Perfect Parenting Plan.

    You see, parenting is about more than just the kids. It’s about serving God and others through your parenting. We’ll talk more about that today on License to Parent.

    If you missed our first conversation with Dr. John Rosemond, be sure to listen to our last episode, From Child Rearing to Mental Health with Dr. John Rosemond.

    Raising a Child in the Way They Should Go

    Episode Highlights:

    Do we ever have to train a child to do wrong?

    What is the first lie a child tells?

    Should we be concerned about the parenting trends of today?

    Do we need to always answer the “why” questions?

    When should children obey their parents?

    The most obedient children are the happiest

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    From Childrearing to Mental Health with Dr. John Rosemond

    From Childrearing to Mental Health with Dr. John Rosemond

    Coaching the Fundamentals

    Now many coaches through the years have used a framework for success that includes focusing on the fundamentals. But Wooden takes that to the extreme. At the start of each season when he would meet with the new team, he would spend about half an hour giving step-by-step instructions on the correct way to put on your socks. “Because in order to play the game, you have to start with a good foundation. Putting on your socks correctly is critical. Because if you don’t, you get blisters. And if you get blisters it impacts everything else you do as a player. Ultimately, that impacts the whole team.

    As Christian parents, have we gotten so wrapped up in the game of life that we’ve neglected or forgotten the basics? Today we’ll be talking with two men who likely agree that we have; Trace Embry (our host) and Dr. John Rosemond on today’s License to Parent.

    Discussing parenting today with Dr. John Rosemond

    John Rosemond has worked with families, children, and parents since 1971 in the field of Family Psychology. Presently, his time is devoted to speaking and writing. John’s work is syndicated in several hundred newspapers nationwide. He’s written about 20 best-selling parenting books. He’s also one of America's most popular speakers in the field of parenting.

    The Role of Childrearing

    Episode Highlights:

    Psalm 11:3 - What does this verse say and why is it so important for Christian parents today?

    How has mental health changed the parenting landscape?

    Who do I to when I need parenting advice?

    How have parenting principles shifted away from God’s principles?

    How did we transition to post-modern and progressive?

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