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Adulting can be hard work, but it is a great adventure with friends. Listen in every Monday as Mel and Soph navigate life's journey through their witty, unscripted and unfiltered conversations.

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Adulting can be hard work, but it is a great adventure with friends. Listen in every Monday as Mel and Soph navigate life's journey through their witty, unscripted and unfiltered conversations.

    Lessons from Lockdown

    Lessons from Lockdown

    With the pandemic far from being over, today we reflect on the last eight months of being in lockdown and the individual lessons we have learnt so far. Amongst other things, Mel discusses her experience of living alone during this time and Soph discusses finding purpose and her results after taking a mental health test.



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    • 37 min
    We're back! Catch Up & Lockdown

    We're back! Catch Up & Lockdown

    Well, we took an unexpected break but we are back with season 2!!! In this episode we finally catch up with each other after months in apart.

    Ps - Please note this episode was recorded face to face, before we went back into lockdown.

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    • 32 min
    Social Media for Businesses

    Social Media for Businesses

    We are very pleased to be joined this week by Jennifer Begg, Co-Founder and CEO of Two Bees Consulting Ltd. Amongst many things including love for ice-cream and pastry (yum!) we discuss whether all businesses should be on social media, how businesses can maintain visibility online and the future of content creation.

    We really enjoyed recording this episode with Jennifer. Find out more about Two Bees Consulting via their website or on Twitter. You can also join their Facebook community page for additional support and resources.

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    • 55 min
    Dealing with Disappointment

    Dealing with Disappointment

    We started the year with a lot of excitement and hope for a new decade. We put together our vision boards and goals. This was going to be our year! There was a major curve ball barely into the year that has disrupted our plans. In this episode we are discussing what progress we have made with our goals and how we deal with setbacks and disappointment.

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    • 49 min
    Homeschooling During A Pandemic

    Homeschooling During A Pandemic

    Andrea Fender joins the Life Lately podcast to discuss homeschooling - a situation where many parents find themselves in unexpectedly. 

    Andrea is a qualified teacher who has worked in London as a primary school teacher for over 15 years. She also specialises in special educational needs having taught children with autism spectrum condition (ASC), pupils with communication difficulties and those with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. Andrea expanded her work in home and online tutoring and currently runs her tutoring business, all-in TUTORING, tailor-made to fit children’s individual learning needs.

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    Crisis Communications - Part 2

    Crisis Communications - Part 2

    We pick up from where we left off last week with our conversation with Stella Kiguta-Ng'ang'a - a Communications Specialist, CEO & Founder of Brand Essence Public Relations -  to discuss how institutions can communicate effectively during times of crisis. If you haven't already, make sure you listen to part 1 of this conversation.

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    If you would like support in your business communications, do contact Stella by email at stella@brandessencepr.com

    • 36 min

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