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    Run Run Run: Media, Pop Culture, Cinema & Controversies

    Run Run Run: Media, Pop Culture, Cinema & Controversies

    In this insightful episode of Liquid Late Nights Podcast, we traverse the blurred lines between fact and fiction, revisiting the treatment of iconic figures by mainstream media. We discuss the media's portrayal of prominent figures and the consequential impact. Focal point of the discussion is the sensationalized depiction of OJ Simpson's case, supplemented by reflections on popular productions like 'People Vs. OJ Simpson' and '30 for 30'.
    Breaking away from controversies, we indulge in the artistic spectrum of pop culture and discuss critically acclaimed films 'One Love' and 'A Night in Miami', shedding light on the performances that reincarnated legendary figures like Bob Marley and Malcolm X on screen. Exciting upcoming series on Apple+ such as 'Franklin' and a series around John Wilkes Booth also make for engaging discourse.
    The episode explores classic narratives to modern television, commenting on Benjamin Franklin's mission to France, and how this resonates with today's digital content consumption. We debate on the rush to catch the latest cinema releases and the wait for digital releases.
    Join us as we dissect narratives from latest trailers and TV shows like 'Three Body Problem', 'One Love', 'Fallout', 'The Boys', 'Shogun', 'X-Men' and 'Don't Look Up'. Participate in our lively debate on the interplay of historical narratives and the evolving digital streaming world.
    Hit subscribe for our insightful conversations around media, pop culture, cinema, and controversies! Straddle the past, present, and future with us on this rollercoaster of reflections!

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    It's the Play-In: Predictions, Insights, and Upsets

    It's the Play-In: Predictions, Insights, and Upsets

    From NBA to NHL and Beyond: A Comprehensive Sports Primer
    On an equally thrilling note, we delve into the realm of the NHL, unveiling current team standings and examining the potential of the wildcard team, Tampa Bay. We analyze power players such as the Dallas Stars, Winnipeg Jets, and Nashville Predators, all poised to shake up the championships as the tough season unfolds.
    We also explore the intense nature of the sport, drawing attention to riveting, on-field raw power. Additionally, we take a quick look at the WNBA scenario, anticipating the upcoming draft selections. Standout teams like the Sparks factor into our discussions, along with lighthearted banter surrounding fan-favorite players.

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    Eclipse at the Pyramids: A Liquid Late Night Sports Recap Journey

    Eclipse at the Pyramids: A Liquid Late Night Sports Recap Journey

    Welcome aboard another jam-packed episode of our Late Night Sports Recap. This episode takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the sports world, starting with our unique perspective on the recent eclipse near the ancient pyramids. Experience the phenomenon like you were there with us as we unravel its fascinating revelations. From basketball to boxing, we leave no stone unturned as we analyze the memorable moments, key players, and surprising outcomes in a variety of sports.
    Are you a March Madness fan? We'll make sure to cover all corners with our insights on the controversial matches. Immerse yourself as we delve into the shocking and thrilling aspects of major WMBA players' journeys, making bold NBA season playoff predictions. Be part of our intense discussions about the Lakers, Celtics, Bucks, and Knicks' performance against the backdrop of the NBA season.
    The episode isn't all about sports, as we also navigate through the world of entertainment. We chat about current trending shows like Discovery and Netflix's The Three Body Problem, reflect on past car shows' charisma, from Lambos to Tesla's and transition into everyday life contrasts. The hilarious crowd turnout for Madonna's concert in Tampa Bay finds a nostalgic place in our conversation, reminiscent of the '80s Madonna craze.
    Our casual bantering takes a more serious tone as we switch gears to discuss Disney's controversial corporate moves and the tension caused by activist investors. However, the fun doesn't end there, as we wind up the episode with a light-hearted note on AI-generated chatter. 

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    Key Bridge Collapse Stops Major Info Flow

    Key Bridge Collapse Stops Major Info Flow

    In this intriguing episode, we delve into a serious situation of the shipping crisis that arose following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge at the Baltimore Harbor. We discuss the probable interruption in the supply chain, potential looting at the ports, and the challenge of rebuilding the bridge. This is a comprehensive conversation on a crucial event with nationwide implications.
    Baltimore Harbor is a major shipping port in the U.S, and the unfortunate incident caused a significant disruption, halting all shipping movement. We dissect the repercussions of this event on supply chain dynamics, citing specific examples where merchandise could potentially be misplaced at different ports. We also touch upon potential incidents of theft due to the chaos at the port.
    The central aspect of the discussion navigates its way to the rebuilding of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed in the incident. We consider how long it might take to erect a replacement, drawing parallels from previous rebuilding efforts across the country. The pressing need to resume shipping operations leaves the administration with a daunting task of clearing the harbor and setting plans in motion for a new bridge, and we explore the possibilities of how this might be achieved.
    Moving further, the episode also features concerns about rising costs of goods, the escalating prices at a gas station, and fair trade. As the discussion veers towards the fair price of goods and services, we shed light on instances of profiteering, raising pertinent questions about 'fairness.'
    We end the episode with a promise to keep you updated with developments about this compelling story of the Baltimore shipping crisis. We explore the possibility of whether this could be a turning point for the administration to prove its efficiency in crisis management and provide quick, effective solutions to major infrastructural challenges.

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    The Case of Apple

    The Case of Apple

    Liquid Latenites.. where the tech titans come to the fore. In this episode, our hosts CD and AD, along with GQ, dive into one of the most controversial issues in the digital world: monopoly vs innovation, and they are taking a closer look at Apple.
    Our hosts discuss the recent lawsuit by the Department of Justice against Apple, claiming it's monopolizing the tech ecosystem, stifling innovation and turning against competitors, much like Microsoft in the 90s. They delve into the arguments, defending and attacking Apple's practices. Everyone is aware of the love, fandom, and exclusivity attached to being an Apple user, and how it's often pitched against Android.
    However, this lawsuit isn't about iPhone vs Android, or even about iMessage. It roots for everyone having a slice of the tech pie. Monopoly and dominance might be a tempting game for every business, but does it jeopardize innovation and creativity? Do we need to redefine the rules of the game?
    Our hosts widely discuss the effect of these monopoly practices on the distribution of apps and how the company's dominance might affect smaller players. This becomes even more intriguing when considering the geographical divide – Android might be the dominant platform worldwide, but in the US, Apple plays the tough contender.
    Get ready to discover some in-depth and fascinating insights into this topic with spicy debates that make things even more interesting. This episode is not just about the conversation around Apple. It's a deep dive into the larger issue of corporate monopolies, innovation, and their impact on the world of technology. Tune in and join the discussion that's shaking the tech industry!

    • 14 min
    Catching up on Movie Trailers, X-Men 97 & More

    Catching up on Movie Trailers, X-Men 97 & More

    Catch our host's lively banter and discussions as they dissect a blend of topics from the movie world and comics. In this episode, riveting conversations revolve around prolific talk on renowned actor Martin's fitness levels to how trailers have piqued their interest, particularly the latest release of "Bad Boys for Life". They deliver thoroughly entertaining opinions on the star's performance and the new web flicks arriving our way. Delve deeper into their humorous yet sharp dialogue on weighty topics. From the anticipation surrounding the movie release during the pandemic to thoughts on whether it could find better viewership through streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, the conversation takes interesting turns.Fascinating tidbits about Ghostbusters; the "Frozen Empire" appear to grab attention, keeping listeners hooked. All comic lovers are in for a treat as thoughts on X-Men 97 are shared, with impressive reviews and talks about its re-emergence, making this episode an intriguing ride for followers. This chat poised with exciting teasers and witty dialogue promises an eye-opening journey through pop culture.

    • 9 min

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