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Live Your Best Life is hosted by Liz Wright! Each week Liz shares shares from her personal encounters and insights to help you experience the wonderful transforming Power of the New Creation Life. Join us each Monday as Liz shares stories from her own life and brings us conversations with her friends from around the world who have insights to the season and moment we are in. You’ll be empowered with practical keys and powerful insights to step into your most authentic self. Start living your best life now!

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Live Your Best Life is hosted by Liz Wright! Each week Liz shares shares from her personal encounters and insights to help you experience the wonderful transforming Power of the New Creation Life. Join us each Monday as Liz shares stories from her own life and brings us conversations with her friends from around the world who have insights to the season and moment we are in. You’ll be empowered with practical keys and powerful insights to step into your most authentic self. Start living your best life now!

    Repositioned For the New Move w/ Joanne Moody 

    Repositioned For the New Move w/ Joanne Moody 

    Joanne Moody of Agape Freedom Fighters joins Liz Wright to discuss the importance of divine perspective in the midst of challenging circumstances and the current state of the world. Joanne encourages us that we can’t let the natural dictate what our senses believe. We are called to take dominion, yet many have been feeling hopeless, distracted, and abandoned.

    God wants to lift you up today and for you to know Him as Sovereign and the God of peace. We must sit our circumstances and the world in the context of divine perspective, we are not to worry or to be fearful but be captivated by Jesus afresh. Joanne shares testimonies of what she’s recently been seeing in the Body of Christ as she’s ministered over the world, and that He is moving in a new way. Receive an infilling as she prays for all who want a baptism of Holy Spirit or a fresh touch from Him. This is a repositioning time and it’s a season to return to first love, because if we don’t cultivate intimacy with God we can’t expand the Kingdom in the new way.

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    In Everyday Supernatural, Joanne Moody serves up a spiritual feast of captivating testimonies, practical teaching, and powerful activations. You will walk away emboldened with the knowledge that God is intent on using everyday people to perform His miracles and reveal His Son to the world!

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    Secrets of Hidden Revivals w/ Michael Marcel 

    Secrets of Hidden Revivals w/ Michael Marcel 

    Joining Liz in this episode is author Michael Marcel, who is passionate about revival. Michael spends his time researching and recording our Christian heritage and past revivals (visit ukwells.org). He travels extensively across the United Kingdom, praying over revival sites, writing books, preaching and making films on forgotten revivalists and UK Awakenings. What we can learn from the past is profoundly important for us today,
    Michael shares the preceding events he has discovered to be consistent amongst every revival he has studied. What he shares will open your eyes to what’s possible and how we can be partnering with God in this hour. Let your passion for God to move in your nation be stirred up as you watch this episode, as Jesus increases your hunger for His power to transform lives and the culture around you. 

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    How To Lead Like Jesus w/ Eric Gilmour

    How To Lead Like Jesus w/ Eric Gilmour

    Fall in love with Jesus all over again as you listen to Liz and Eric Gilmour discuss His extraordinary power and humility. Eric reminds us of the wildness of the humility of Jesus, our Servant King. The God that we read about in the Bible  manifest Himself in human flesh in the form of Jesus. This Almighty God came to serve and lay His life down. Eric shares a holy encounter he had from John 13, where Jesus washed the Disciples’ feet. This encounter changed his life and the way he saw everything, and it’s an invitation for you as well. The profound humility of God is an example for us to follow in any area we lead. Whether it’s family, the workplace, ministry—true leadership is serving and requires a humble heart. Be empowered today to reconnect in your heart with the majesty of Jesus, and remember that this God of awe and wonder lives within you and is for you.

    Join Eric Gilmour and Liz Wright on March 14-16 for Encounter 2024 at Church of Glad Tidings in Live Oak, CA with other amazing guest speakers.

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    How to Unlimit God In Your Life w/ Liz Wright

    How to Unlimit God In Your Life w/ Liz Wright

    “Get His perspective before you speak.” - Liz Wright
    We have reached our 200th episode! We’re celebrating the journey of these last 200 times of encouragement, insight, and encounter. In this hour, God is releasing something deeply important into the Body that is specifically focused on reconnecting the divine perspective and eradicating unbelief from our lives—particularly in the way that we speak. In this episode, Liz shares a dream that led into an encounter where God invited her to intercede for the Body in the area of unbelief, and how it limits the work of faith in Christ in our lives. Liz walks us through the wisdom of her encounter, and leads us into a time of repentance, reconnection to the lordship of Jesus in our lives, and re-establishment of the lens of faith through which we were created to see life.

    Unbelief keeps us from the freedom we have in Christ and the work of the Spirit in our lives. It’s crucial that we grab ahold of this moment to check in with our hearts and identify areas where unbelief is ruling, rather than the lordship of Christ. It’s time to see as He sees, to know His mind, thoughts, and truth. We need to release circumstances, situations, and people into His hands again, and step into belief as He sees it. As we do this, we step out from underneath a distorted, judgemental, unbelieving lens and experience the freedom that comes from the lordship that is our source and strength. We shift out of a distorted way of living as we do this, and see things as He does. As Liz walks us through this invitation, we pray that your heart is reset to great trust and rich faith founded deeply in the lordship of Jesus in your life.

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    Join the International Mentoring Community IMC, to facilitate a safe environment where like-minded people at any stage of their walk can enter into a deeper experience of Jesus. Liz Wright will mentor you each week through revelatory teaching, powerful testimonies and the grace to step into life-changing encounters with Jesus.

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    How to Create Safe Relationships w/ Danny Silk

    How to Create Safe Relationships w/ Danny Silk

    “If we’ll stand in the light together, have fellowship with Jesus and with each other, then I can tell you the truth, and you can tell me the truth, and as we exchange the truth, we build this beautiful trust.” - Danny Silk
    What does it mean to be powerful—as a person, in your relationships, and in your growth and development? Many of us might think of “powerful people” as strong, dominant, and maybe even aggressive, but truly powerful people are those who direct themselves in specific priorities, self-manage, choose love over fear, honor and respect others, and set healthy boundaries. These are people committed to glorifying Christ with their lives, and their health creates safety for others, flourishing relationships, and covenant connections. In this episode, Liz connects with Danny Silk, who is the President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, a ministry to families and communities worldwide, as well as a Leader, and a bestselling author.
    Throughout their conversation, Danny shares about how powerful people are made as they pursue health in the light of Christ’s example and love. He also discusses the way that fear attempts to remove us from health, and what we can do to re-empower love and connection in our lives over control and anxiety. Danny shares that, in our world today, there is some confusion around what true safety in relationship looks like. In true safety, we are able to show others who we really are accompanied by their desire and intentionality in pursuing understanding us, and that we are able to do the same for them. As this exchange takes place, we are able to build trust.
    Danny also unpacks how vital it is for us to learn how to language our feelings rather than acting them out, citing the practice as a hallmark of true maturity and health. He reminds us that our journey is to become fearless in our relationships, and notes that it’s in the exchange of truth with one another that we experience freedom and intimacy.

    As the conversation continues, Danny covers five keys for keeping your love on towards others, what codependency really is and how Jesus modeled healthy boundaries in relationship, and what it means to build towards covenant connections in our lives. We pray that as you listen to this conversation, that you would feel a stirring to pursue health, wholeness, and empowered living in your relationships, glorifying Christ and transforming the world through love.

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    KYLO University exists to help you strengthen each of these vital relationships. You’re invited to join us on THIS life changing journey.
    Dynamic teaching from Danny Silk, Brittney and Ben Serpell, Dr. Margaret Nagib, Bill Johnson, and more.Develop and deepen your relationship with God, yourself, and others – inspired by the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 22:36-38.Engage in Core Teachings and Transformation Groups designed to foster connection, growth, and lasting change.

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    What Happens When We Die? w/ Shaun Tabatt

    What Happens When We Die? w/ Shaun Tabatt

    “We need to embrace the hope of heaven, and know that it’s a real place where our Savior is waiting for us.” - Shaun Tabatt
    As followers of Christ, we know that there is a life beyond this one we find ourselves in. But what does that life look like? What is the experience of going to Heaven like? What happens to someone when they have a near-death experience? In this episode, Liz connects with Shaun Tabatt, Acquisitions Publishing Executive at Destiny Image Publishing, host of The Shaun Tabatt Show, and is the co-author of Near Death Experiences: 101 Short Stories That Will Help You Understand Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife. Over the course of his research gathering hundreds of stories and testimonies of those who have experienced the afterlife, Shaun has discovered core consistencies and truths that provide a glimpse into the realities of Heaven.
    Shaun’s desire in gathering this research, and in sharing these stories, is to help create a more effective vocabulary for conversations about the afterlife, and what we will encounter there. He shares stories of people having out-of-body experiences, describing the initial confusion and unknowability of the situation, but also shares about the invitation to move towards a bright light, and the heavenly realm experiences that people have as they go. Some experience an impasse, or note the contrast between a place of darkness and a place of light, but some of those who move towards Heaven describe the landscape of a place where loved ones are free and whole again, where nature sings in worship to God, and where revelation about lives lived is made known.
    He has also noted several “steps” that many of these stories go through as they go onward and return, and shares how these experiences transform the lives of those who have them—and how they can speak insight and hope to every heart. As you listen, we pray that your faith will be stirred and your heart encouraged about what Heaven is like, and the love that awaits each of us when we arrive.

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    If you have ever been curious about life beyond the grave, if you've ever doubted whether Heaven really exists, Near Death Experiences is the powerful testimony of life beyond the veil that you've been waiting for.
    Shaun Tabatt has collected fascinating stories of near-death experiences and afterlife encounters from ordinary people who have visited Heaven.

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4.9 out of 5
136 Ratings

136 Ratings

Hermanut ,

God’s timing

Oh my, each episode helps with restoring my soul, faith. There are coincidences. Thank you!!!

EGJones ,

I love this.

Liz’s depth of relationship with the Lord, her vulnerability and her range of impressive guests is a fantastic combination for life changing conversations. I love listening, I love pondering the wisdom I hear in each episode and I love that each episode makes the Lord more approachable and appealing. Fantastic.

lmorgansnyder ,

Love this podcast

Liz. I love your interview with Simone Baker. How can we find out more about him?!

You are wonderful!!!!!

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