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Starting, sustaining, and having a successful small business is hard, but you already knew that, but wouldn't it be great to have a podcast that talks to and digs in to the people who've made it problem solved. This is local vibes, small business success stories, talking to successful small businesses from around America. You'll hear awesome stories about how they got started and how they survived and thrived online. And in their communities, we find out their special vibe. Welcome to Local Vibes.

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Starting, sustaining, and having a successful small business is hard, but you already knew that, but wouldn't it be great to have a podcast that talks to and digs in to the people who've made it problem solved. This is local vibes, small business success stories, talking to successful small businesses from around America. You'll hear awesome stories about how they got started and how they survived and thrived online. And in their communities, we find out their special vibe. Welcome to Local Vibes.

    The Visionary Behind Visionary Meals: Josh Link Building Healthier Lifestyles with Visionary Meals

    The Visionary Behind Visionary Meals: Josh Link Building Healthier Lifestyles with Visionary Meals

    Step into the excitement with Angie Cherubini and Pat Cherubini as they join Josh Link on the Local Vibes podcast! Get ready for an amazing journey as we explore the incredible story of Josh's entrepreneurial adventure.

    Imagine this: Josh, just like any other college student, had big dreams. But one day, while visiting a meal prep outlet, he had an extraordinary idea that changed everything!

    Even though he had plans for a different career, Josh followed his heart and created something truly special—Visionary Meals!

    Discover how Josh made his mark by introducing pick-up locations, making it easier and more affordable for his customers. Not only did this show his dedication to the community, but it also brought unparalleled convenience to everyone involved!

    And that's not all! Join us as we delve into Josh's passion for media. He's not just about meals; he's also reviving his awesome podcast. Get ready to be inspired and entertained!

    Don't miss out on this incredible episode where dreams turn into reality and innovation meets passion! Tune in now!



    The Entrepreneurial Journey of Josh Link: From Visionary Meals to His New Visionary Podcast and Beyond

    The Genesis of Visionary Meals

    Embarking on a mission to redefine the meal prep industry, Josh Link established Visionary Meals with a fervent aspiration to inspire healthier lifestyles. At the heart of Visionary Meals lies a passion that transcends beyond simply producing quality meals—it's an endeavor fuelling a movement for better living. The conception of Visionary Meals didn't just emerge out of a void; it was a result of a serendipitous revelation Josh had during a visit to a meal prep outlet while at college. Envisioning the potential of bringing a similar concept back to his home state, Ohio, he experienced an entrepreneurial awakening.

    Driven by a persistent feeling that resonated with him during his junior year of college, Josh—in pursuit of a career in law enforcement—found himself increasingly intrigued by the idea of starting his own meal prep business. As someone who was training to be a cop, he was met with a certain irony: a profound nudge towards entrepreneurship that he couldn't ignore. Eventually, this led to the creation of Visionary Meals, a business underpinned by the philosophy of delivering meals that make a positive impact not just on customers' bodies but on their spirits too.

    The Ingenuity of Pick-Up Locations

    The innovation that set Josh's venture apart was the development of a unique delivery model that alleviated the financial burden of shipping costs for customers. By forging partnerships with local gyms, supplement shops, and coffee houses, Visionary Meals installed branded refrigerators, allowing customers convenient access to their nutritious meals without the extra charges typically associated with meal deliveries. This move not only streamlined the process for consumers but also accentuated the brand's commitment to community involvement.

    Passion Projects and Side Hustles

    Josh Link's occupational plate is anything but meager, as it remains adorned with a diverse collection of professional endeavors. Beyond his leadership at Visionary Meals, he contributes as a project manager for Division One Roofing, specializing in insurance restoration. Despite the challenges of balancing multiple roles, Josh's commitment to his enterprises is unwavering. His journey also delved into the world of sports performance with Visionary Athletics, showcasing the versatile business acumen he possesses. However, recognizing the need to concentrate on his burgeoning ventures led him to step away from the sports company,

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    From Art Teacher to Wellness Entrepreneur: Sarah’s Inspiring Journey

    From Art Teacher to Wellness Entrepreneur: Sarah’s Inspiring Journey

    Tune in to this enlightening episode of Local Vibes, where we cover Sarah Schlievert's journey through the disciplines of art, teaching, fitness, and ultimately, entrepreneurship. Initially an art teacher at a high school, encouraged by her family's vision for her future, Sarah found herself desiring more; to utilize her talent, to make a direct impact on others' lives.

    In her quest for fulfillment, Sarah stumbled upon the business of health and fitness. Embarking on a new journey, she left behind a teaching career for the unpredictable realm of entrepreneurship in fitness. With help from trusted friends, she started paving her path in the wellness industry, leading to the creation of '2717 Wellness', a venture that's all about nurturing holistic wellness.

    Note from Pat:  I apologize for the "technical difficulties" in this episode. 

    OMG!  Everything went wrong but we persisted and got it published.  Wrong audio input at first (the sound gets better after the first 10 mins, camera was freezing, then the camera died!...  Had to finish with a handheld iPhone... Just get'r done! 

    This ends Pat's lesson of the day. 



    Introduction to Entrepreneurial Wellness: The Journey of Sarah Schlievert

    The Seeds of Entrepreneurial Spirit and Wellness

    The story of Sarah Schlievert intertwines the worlds of art, education, fitness, and entrepreneurship. It's a tale that begins with a passion for creativity and the cultivation of knowledge, as Sarah originally embarked on a career as a high school art teacher. The importance of a career in education was instilled in her from a young age, influenced by her family's desire for her to pursue a stable and secure job. Despite the noble nature of teaching, Sarah realized over time that her aspirations extended beyond the classroom. She found herself yearning for an avenue that not only allowed her to flex her creative muscles but also provided a direct and tangible impact on individuals' lives.

    Sarah's journey is a testimony to the idea that one's vocational path is not always linear. Her narrative unfolds as she transitions from the structured world of high school teaching to the dynamic and often precarious domain of entrepreneurship. This move was sparked by an epiphany, which came after realizing that her leisure time was heavily dominated by an interest in fitness and nutrition—a passion that would eventually become her vocation.

    Creative Foundations: A Path Through Art and Education

    Before delving into the wellness industry, Sarah's academic pursuits led her to pursue a degree in art education, followed by a transformative nudging from her painting professors towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She grappled with the concept of becoming a professional painter—a career that seemed as fraught with uncertainty as it was alluring. Although her natural talent for painting became evident, the real-world implications of embracing such a profession posed a stark contrast to the security her family envisioned for her.

    This struggle between following one's passions and conforming to practical expectations is a common thread in the tapestry of many career journeys. For Sarah, the decision to double major and obtain a degree in painting and drawing, in addition to her teaching qualification, was a compromise and a testament to her dedication to her craft. This balance allowed her to explore her artistic capabilities while also meeting the practical demands of a stable career trajectory.

    The Leap from Education to Empowerment

    After eight years of teaching various subjects, including digital photography and graphic design,

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    The Most Impactful American Businesses: Patriot Owned Businesses

    The Most Impactful American Businesses: Patriot Owned Businesses

    In this episode of Local Vibes, hosts Angie and Pat chat with Tim Labatzky of Patriot Owned Businesses about his military family background, his experiences with small business, and the growth of his Facebook group, also called Patriot Owned Businesses, which supports American businesses.

    They discuss the challenges small businesses face against large corporations, the importance of community support, and the group's non-political stance, focusing on unity and patriotism. Tim also addresses monetization efforts and future plans for the group, including events and a marketplace.


    Nurturing Patriotism and Entrepreneurship: A Deep Dive with Tim Labatzky

    As the host of the Local Vibes podcast, I've had the pleasure of engaging with some truly inspiring individuals who are making a significant impact in their communities. In one of our most recent live episodes, I sat down with Tim Labatzky, the force behind Patriot Owned Businesses, to discuss the remarkable journey of his initiative and the profound effect it has had on American businesses and the broader community.

    The Genesis of Patriot Owned Businesses

    Our conversation began with Tim sharing his deeply personal connection to the military and small businesses. Coming from a family with a strong military background and having witnessed the struggles of his own family's business endeavors, Tim's life has been steeped in the values of service and entrepreneurship. His poignant recollection of overhearing his father's concerns about paying employees, rather than himself, left an indelible mark on Tim and fueled his passion for supporting American businesses.

    A Community of Support and Growth

    Tim's creation of the Patriot Owned Businesses Facebook group and its subsequent growth to 17.4 thousand members is nothing short of impressive. The group's mission is clear: to support American businesses and foster a culture of like-minded, hardworking individuals who share a love for the USA. As a business owner myself, with over 25 years in website and marketing design, I was immediately drawn to the group's supportive nature and its dedication to connecting businesses across the nation.

    Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Change

    Throughout our discussion, Tim highlighted the challenges of managing such a large community, especially in the face of ever-changing social media landscapes. He shared insights into adapting posting strategies to maintain engagement and the importance of honest feedback when dealing with negative reviews or misinformation about businesses.

    The Power of Local Support

    A recurring theme in our conversation was the importance of supporting local businesses, especially when competing against larger corporations. Tim and I discussed the impact of community support on the local economy and the need for small businesses to band together. Tim's commitment to promoting patriot-owned businesses and organizing events that bring the community together, such as networking events and fundraisers, truly showcases the power of collective effort.

    The Struggle Against Big Chains

    Tim didn't shy away from addressing the elephant in the room: the dominance of large chains like McDonald's, Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks. He expressed concern over the influence of global corporations and the importance of consumers supporting businesses that align with their values. The conversation underscored the need for small businesses to unite in the face of such competition.

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    018 Building a Legacy With Entrepreneur and Firefighter Kip Payne

    018 Building a Legacy With Entrepreneur and Firefighter Kip Payne

    Join Pat and Angie today as we chop it up with a young entrepreneur, business owner, firefighter, and EMT Kip Payne.

    This is an "Inside The Tribe" episode as Kip and his company Innovative Seamless Gutters are clients of Local Vibes and he is an avid user of our Justine The Lead Machine software.



    This was a great chat with a young gun of business.  Our relationship with Kip is a lesson in networking.  He is connected with another Inside The Tribe guest Heath Redman of AML Roofing & Restoration


    Kip's FB

    Innovative Seamless Gutters

    017 Should You Stop Marketing During Your Off Season?

    017 Should You Stop Marketing During Your Off Season?

    Can you make more money by pulling back on your marketing?

    If I had a nickel for everytime a contractor from up north asked me this... I'd at least have a pocket full of nickels.  :).  Roofers, concrete contractors, landscapers... all of 'em.

    Save money?  I suppose but is your business goal to save money or to make money?  We answer that emphatically in this episode.

    Join Pat & Angie as they walk through a question asked by a podcast viewer on this new podcast style.  Not only are we doing interviews but we are adding to our episodes by including Q&A with P&A (Pat and Angie), as well as going over our "Core 4" that helps us succeed in business and life and keep disciplined and working towards our goals.  We call it F.L.I.P. your life!

    Fitness, Lifestyle, Impact, and Profit.  We work on each one every day and so should you.

    Join in and ask us questions and maybe we'll answer yours on the air.








    Pat Cherubini - Speaker 1 (00:01):

    Hey everybody, it's Pat and Angie. I looked in my camera.

    Angie Cherubini - Speaker 2 (00:06):

    It's the only time you've ever looked where I pointed in your life.

    Speaker 1 (00:08):

    It's, it's welcome to Local Vibes, guys, and it's been, gosh, when was the last time we had Heath?

    Speaker 2 (00:17):

    Oh, that's been a few weeks ago. We've both been sick and we've had other things family happen. So that was our official relaunch and we petered out and now we're going to relaunch again. This is about the fourth time, but we have some plans we want to share with you and tell you what we're doing, where we're going and why. It's going to be a little bit different now, but it's also going to be a lot more frequent

    Speaker 1 (00:42):

    And I think more fun. It'll be, we're still going to have the interviews with the business owners that use our CRM and we'll probably sprinkle in there some other business owners too, that has

    Speaker 2 (00:57):

    Leaders, entrepreneurs, anybody. Yes,

    Speaker 1 (00:59):

    We're going to do a q and a with p and a questions and answers with us because we get a lot of questions about different things that comes through email and texting and social media. And so we're going to address a lot of those. A lot of those things. The four pillars of marketing. This is something that we've been teaching, oh my gosh, we've been teaching for years, for years. We have a course on it. It's something that is important. It's what we do. It's what we try to teach other people to do.

    Speaker 2 (01:33):

    We use a blueprint, you can download that for free right there. Local vibes, us slash blueprint, and it's basically a checklist of the way we run our business, the way we run our client's business, and the way that we're going to teach you how to run your business if you're open to it. So it's free. Jump in, there's a free course, it's going to come with that. It's not quite done yet, but it's going to be basically walking you through how to set up online marketing for a local business.

    Speaker 1 (02:00):

    And then the final category or section of the podcast is the flip

    Speaker 2 (02:09):

    016 Single Dad, Business Owner, & Roofing Expert Heath Redman of AML Roofing

    016 Single Dad, Business Owner, & Roofing Expert Heath Redman of AML Roofing

    On this episode of The Local Vibes Podcast Pat & Angie sit down in the studio located in the "Pat Cave" at Local Vibes HQ and have a relaxed chat about the life of a local business owner, roofing contractor, and most importantly, a great dad named Heath Redman.  He tells us in this podcast that is business is named after his daughter.  AML are her initials.  So sweet!

    Heath came into our lives a few months ago as a referral from another client. (Thanks to Kip Payne!!!).  Heath contacted us about getting more roofing customers and what happened next what we love about owning our own business.  We made a new friend.

    Heath and his right hand man Jason said "we'd love to talk but how about meeting for a beer?"  Ummm... ok.  If we must. 


    Of course we had to meet a at "local" place, 'cause ya know that's our vibe.  So we went to Three Tigers Brewing in Granville, Ohio and after way more than one beer and about 3 hours later we had two new friends and a new client.

    We aren't networking fans at all.  I do however believe that our network is responsible for your net worth.  We love our network but the way "networking" happens now is too needy.  Face to face is great but showing up at a networking event with a bunch of lower level sales people is not what I call productive.

    We meet with owners and get shit done!

    The best part about this friendship is the exchange of value.  Heath came to us as a referral from one of our current clients, paid us to help him make more money, which helps us make more money.  We then we needed a new roof so guess who we hired?  Yup.  We paid AML Roofing to give us a new roof.

    We told some friends and at least two of them bought roofs from him (not to mention the ones he gets from his lead machine we built for him).  He told another roofing friend in another part of the state about us we we got another account and more friends.

    And round and round it goes!  BEAUTIFUL!

    Take a listen and let us know what you think!



    Heath Redman - Facebook

    AML Roofing and Restoration


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