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A podcast about Neil Young's music from Mike Hsu and The Condon Brothers (of Town Meeting). Proud part of Pantheon - Podcasts for Music Lovers.

Long May You Young Mike Hsu and The Condon Brothers

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A podcast about Neil Young's music from Mike Hsu and The Condon Brothers (of Town Meeting). Proud part of Pantheon - Podcasts for Music Lovers.

    Prairie Wind (Part 1)

    Prairie Wind (Part 1)

    It's the crazy season, Youngsters! Luke's hundreds of kids are all in the playoffs, Town Meeting is back up and booking summer shows like crazy, Mike is on the radio constantly and hunting Italian grinders in his downtime. What we're trying to say is, the pandemic it seems is coming to an end (Hallelujah!), and our lives are starting to explode again! So apologies in advance for the next few episodes - they may be scattered or short, but we will stay the course! And hopefully by the end of the month we'll have our schedules ironed out a little better.
    But that's neither here nor there. What's important is that we talk about Neil Young. And specifically the gem that is Prairie Wind! Although we don't get to all of it, we do cover some important topics: Neil's father passing, the discovery of an aneurysm, name dropping Chris Rock, etc.
    Unfortunately this episode gets cut short (Luke's fault), but we vow to finish it ASAP! Next episode look for the conclusion of Prairie Wind and possibly a little Heart of Gold as well. We appreciate you bearing with us! See you next time, Youngsters.
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    We've arrived at Greendale. And what a perfect way to head into our second year of this beautiful wonderful nonsense that we call a podcast. Seriously though, what an album. More than that. What a world! Whatever Greendale is supposed to be or not be, all your hosts agree Neil executes everything perfectly. Down to the little details in each song. We get into the geography of the town, the way the Horse perfectly handles carrying the story, and who we'd cast in an HBO series based on the album. It's a long one, but honestly we could have talked for three more hours about these songs and characters Neil created. And we probably will. There's so much more to Greendale than just the one album, I'm sure we'll get back into it down the road at some point.
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    Our 50th Episode!

    Our 50th Episode!

    It's our 50th episode and we invited all the Youngsters to join our celebration!
    Oh man, what a ride it's been. It's crazy to think that this time last year we were throwing on Neil's first self-titled album and getting ready to see if this whole thing would work at all. Seriously. Luke didn't even know what Squirt was. Russ was only flirting with Ben Keith. And Mike had NO IDEA what he was getting himself into.
    But what a year it ended up being! (For the podcast, anyway. Everything else about 2020 can go right straight to hell) From Nails to the Titular Bird to the Jacket to drinking an ungodly amount of Squirt, we've had a blast navigating the waters of all these albums. We even managed to talk about Neil Young on a few of them.
    So from the bottom of our hearts, honestly, thank you all! This episode was so fun for us - getting to meet all of you and talk about our mutual obsession with old Shakey. There's no fan like a Neil fan, and you all prove that to the max. Thanks for being part of the podcast. Thanks for being a part of this episode. And thanks for being our friends. For real. Here's to another year of Young!
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    Are You Passionate (w/ John Craigie)

    Are You Passionate (w/ John Craigie)

    The results are in, Youngsters. We are passionate about Are You Passionate!
    The incredible John Craigie joins us for a second time, this time to talk about Neil's second album of the 2000's. And boy do we have mixed thoughts. We talk about Booker T. Jones meets Ol' Silver Gold. We get really close to getting into 9/11 conspiracies, but we show a little restraint. Luke wonders why McGruff the crime dog didn't make it into the liner notes. Russ thinks this album would have fit well in the middle of Neil's 80's records.
    Apologies in advance for the not-as-stellar audio quality. I'm still working out the kinks for zoom episodes.
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    Road Rock Vol. 1 / Red Rocks Live

    Road Rock Vol. 1 / Red Rocks Live

    It's another zoom episode, folks, and oh boy do we get into it on this one. Russ is absent (theories to his whereabouts abound), but thankfully some "friends and relatives" of the show contribute throughout! First, Luke reads a message our good pal Astrid sent about the Red Rocks show about the crazy weather and some situations that arose because of it. Mike and Luke discuss the wild differences between the album and the Red Rocks DVD. One is pretty universally thought to be superior. We'll let you figure it out. I won't tell you who the other two "friends and relatives" are, but if you put a feather in your cap and nail it there, you'll probably figure it out.
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    Silver & Gold

    Silver & Gold

    With differing opinions on Neil's 23rd studio album and his first album of the 2000's, your favorite podcast trio discusses Silver & Gold over a zoom call and some hearty flapjacks. Russ obviously talks about Ben Keith, but also his appreciation for the rest of the band. Luke likes the album but thinks it lacks edge. Mike likes it and also introduces a new character, Ol' Silver Gold, who is bound to become another ridiculous staple to this insane podcast. We all loved Without Rings, though. It's just a great song.
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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
61 Ratings

61 Ratings

poisonfood ,

For What it’s Worth

This is not a scholarly podcast. It’s unpolished, often unfocused, and mostly opinion based. And that’s exactly how Neil would want it.
This is a laid back hang out. Drinking, listening to records and talking about them. Their opinions differ, they argue, get sidetracked, and every time that may annoy you, you think “yeah, this is exactly like hanging out with my buddies”. What these gents lack in professionalism they make up for with genuine experience in music/radio and deep rooted love for their subject. They won me over with their humor, (dare I say?) charm, and enough trivia about Neil and the songs to satisfy the need for more than just ‘reviews’. I’ve enjoyed every episode and am bummed I gotta wait for new ones to drop now. Whether you know Neil’s work well or are just dipping in, this podcast is a fantastic companion for digging into these records. I would love for them to bring on some female perspective sometime, though. Total sausage fest, guys.

allyarnaiz ,

Give it a listen!

Love this podcast because it always makes me feel like I’m spending time with people who are just as obsessed with Neil in all his Neil-ness like me. The hosts are funny, insightful, and enjoyable to listen to. Cheers to our triple Scorpio grandpa Neil and all who love him!

hnt254 ,

5 stars

I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this forever and have finally found it! Been a serious Neil fan for the last 10 years and am thankful for the nuggets I’ve picked up listening to this.

Also appreciative of the Ben King stories, I went to high school with his grandsons and may have met him a time or two in passing when I stayed over with them on weekends. They always said he was a session musician and were kind of dismissive of his accomplishments (metal heads), so I would have never had any idea who he was.

I put the dots together because I remember one of the grandsons saying he worked on the Jewl record, and later confirmed it by asking him on FB after hearing the pod. They weren’t as enthusiastic as I was about Neil and changed the subject before I could press them for any cool tidbits. Bummer

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