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Lost Origins explores all things ancient mystery, alternative historical theory, extraterrestrial phenomena, and lost civilizations. Every week, Andrew and CK chat with experts, researchers, and authors on esoteric history and mind bending mysteries.

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Lost Origins explores all things ancient mystery, alternative historical theory, extraterrestrial phenomena, and lost civilizations. Every week, Andrew and CK chat with experts, researchers, and authors on esoteric history and mind bending mysteries.

    S04E01 - Adam Stokes // The Egyptian Origins of America's Pyramids

    S04E01 - Adam Stokes // The Egyptian Origins of America's Pyramids

    Today, we are pleased to present an unexpected episode of Lost Origins. With Covid-19 forcing us into quarantine, we felt that an episode could help our audience adjust to life in the great indoors. Today, we link up with our good friend, Adam Stokes to discuss the Egyptian origins of America's pyramids, the mound builders of North America, diffusionism, and their interesting connection to the Book of Mormon. You do not want to miss this one.

    Adam Oliver Stokes is an expert and professor of theology and religion at St. Joseph University. He obtained his B.A. in Religion at Duke University and his Masters of Divinity from Yale Divinity School. He is a regular contributor to Ancient American magazine and his work ranges from ancient American civilizations, the Old Testament and Greco-Roman history, and folklore.

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    S03E23 - Veritas Nunquam Perit

    S03E23 - Veritas Nunquam Perit

    Season three of Lost Origins is arguably the strongest in the show's history. Andrew and CK continued their quest for the truth and connected with some of the leading minds in the historical and investigative space. The two welcomed several new guests onto the show, reconnected with some old friends, journeyed to California for the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, and so much more. In today's episode, the team closes season by reviewing some of the top moments from recent conversations and share some important information regarding season four.

    • 52 min
    S03E22 - Mary Rodwell // The New Human

    S03E22 - Mary Rodwell // The New Human

    This week's episode of Lost Origins features all things extraterrestrials and altered reality. This week Andrew and CK link up with Mary Rodwell and the conversation does not disappoint.

    Mary Rodwell is recognized internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers and writers in the UFO and contact phenomenon areas. Mary is the author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life’; and producer of EBE award winning documentaries:- Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint, and Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint. Her new book ‘The New Human’ which describes and documents star children was released in late 2016.

    Mary is the Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) which was established in 1997 to provide professional counseling, support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families with ‘anomalous’ paranormal experiences and abduction-­‐contact experiences. Mary is also Director and Chair of the Experiencer Support Programs of Dr Edgar Mitchell: Foundation for Research into Extra-­‐terrestrial Encounters; and an advisory Committee member of Exopolitics. Mary also organized the inaugural 'Hidden Truths' international conference held in Perth, Western Australia in 2003.

    Mary has researched more than 3000 cases and suggests extraterrestrial encounters are a global phenomenon and this is evident in the new humans referred to as star children. Mary affirms that star children exhibit a maturity and wisdom beyond their years and have an awareness and connection to spiritual realms. ‘Indigo’s’ or ‘crystal’ children as they are also known have telepathic abilities, are spiritually awakened, and can describe many species of non-­‐human visitors with a feeling that they are as real to them as their ‘real’ family because they feel supported by them.

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    S03E21 - Brien Foerster // The Paracas Skulls

    S03E21 - Brien Foerster // The Paracas Skulls

    On today's episode of Lost Origins, Andrew and CK are able to complete a long-standing goal of the podcast - the two link up with Brien Foerster. A legend in the fields of alternative thought, the Paracas Skulls, lost ancient technologies, Gobekli Tepe, and more, Foerster is a wealth of knowledge. The conversation covers a massive amount of ground and the three discuss droves of enigmatic mysteries from around the globe.

    Brien Foerster was born in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A. but grew up on the west coast of Canada. At age 11, he became fascinated with the Native art of the Haida native people and began carving totem poles, and other related art forms, learning from Native teachers. After completing an Honours Bachelor Of Science degree, Brien decided to take up carving and sculpture full time, at the age of 25. This included the creation of 13 full-size totem poles, dugout canoes, masks, bowls, boxes, and other Native style works. In 1995 he moved to Maui, Hawaii, and was hired as assistant project manager for the building of the 62-foot double-hull sailing canoe (ancestor of the modern-day catamaran ) Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani ( Sacred Lizard That Pierces The Heavens. ) This project lasted 2 years. There, having learned how to make Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddles from master carver Keola Sequiera, he started an online outrigger paddle business, which flourished internationally.

    Peru became his next major area of interest. The study of the Inca culture led to his writing a book, A Brief History Of The Incas. He has become an authority on the megalithic works of South America and the perplexing ancient Elongated Headed people of the area and divides his time between Paracas and Cusco, Peru.

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    S03E20 - Tom Carey // Inside Hangar 18

    S03E20 - Tom Carey // Inside Hangar 18

    In this week's episode of Lost Origins, Andrew connects with Tom Carey to discuss all things extraterrestrial. As an authority in the field, Tom obtained his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Toronto and is an Air Force veteran who held a top-secret crypto clearance. Tom has served as a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Section Director for Southeastern Pennsylvania from 1986 to 2001

    Alongside his partner in crime, Donald Schmitt, the two have co-authored several books including UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson, Witness to Roswell, The Children of Roswell, and The Roswell Incident. While Schmitt was unable to join the call, Andrew and Tom discuss their latest book UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson, the events that began at Roswell's Area 51 and that ended at Wright-Patterson, an ultra-top-secret Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio, and the enigmatic Hangar 18.

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    S03E19 - Dr. David Miano // World of Antiquity

    S03E19 - Dr. David Miano // World of Antiquity

    This week, Andrew and CK connect with Dr. David Miano. Dr. Miano is well known for his ability to speak to the chronology of the ancient world in a manner that is direct, yet thoughtful. The three discuss some of the common alternative historical theories and Dr. Miano provides Andrew and CK with his take on what we are seeing at play.

    Dr. David Miano is an ancient historian specializing in the histories of the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China. He earned my Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego. He is the author of How to Know Stuff, an e-book designed for the general public, and several anthologies designed for classroom use, including Ideas in the Making: A Sourcebook for World Intellectual History to 1300 and Pen Stylus, and Chisel: An Ancient Egypt Sourcebook.

    He currently teaches at the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota. Previously, he taught at the University of California, San Diego, and at San Diego Mesa College. In 2009 Dr. Miano received the Revelle College Outstanding Faculty Award in recognition of his excellence in teaching, and he continues his efforts to improve. Additionally, he is the founder and executive director of Schola Antiquorum, a national, non-profit academic society dedicated to the study of ancient history.

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
244 Ratings

244 Ratings

Build&Destroy ,

Not good if you take ancient civilizations seriously....

This is pure entertainment, and lower brow than Ancient Aliens. If you want substance, I recommend “Earth Ancients”.

Nothing new after the self-proclamation that season 3 was the best ever.... This podcast is effectively dead.

Andyofthedesert ,

Adam Stokes

I had high hopes for this podcast but it’s basically Scott Wolter’s America unearthed in podcast form. I think everyone wants to unravel the mystery of what happened before European contact in America but pronouncing wild speculation as scientific fact is extremely reckless and irresponsible. The people within the LDS church who do this are directly discrediting Native Americans. No matter what the LDS say, there is no archaeological evidence that the Book of Mormon is true. None. Stokes tries to tie state that because the Norse (arguably the best seafarers in the world 1000 years ago) made it to America, that it must mean the Jews (not particularly skilled at navigating the Mediterranean) made it here 3000 years ago. This isn’t even pseudoscience. It’s just not historically or scientifically correct as cool as it would be if it were.

CountZero123 ,

Invokes questions and deep thought

I've been listening for a few months now, and have ingested about 1-1/2 years worth of Andrew and CK's podcast. I love the "question everything" mindset... there is so much that we either don't know or *think* we know that is probably wrong about the history of the human race and other things. For those who want to put their head in the sand, that's fine. Some of us are more interested in what the truth really is. And the segments with Eden are awesome - it makes me smile to think of her trying to get her mind around some of these ideas. Anyway, I often find myself looking at my phone to see if there are any new podcast episodes, because of you and several other truth seekers. Keep up the good work!

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