Made Good Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Laughingbeebs ,

Felt so seen known and loved

Flo has such a great way of speaking to the feminine heart! She is hands down a great speaker and loveeeee the topics. The podcast was just what I needed to hear! Put on the helmet of hope ladies!✨

KennedyBucko ,

A Podcast for The Catholic Gals Who LOVE Living Well!!

Ever single woman NEEDS to listen to this podcast!!! Flo cuts through all the noise of diet culture to offer a simpler approach to living well & THRIVING. This podcast is a breathe of fresh air in a health space that is quick to tell you what to do, what not to do, & make you feel like you’re twenty years behind in healing your body. Her perspective on feminine health is LIFE CHANGING!! I have taken Flo’s course, Made Good, & am so grateful to finally feel seen by a health provider!! She desires deep deep healing for every gal she works with & offers really practical advice in light of how the Lord made the feminine body. I HIGHLY recommend listening to this podcast, sending it to all your friends, & working with Flo!

Janedixon ,

Love it!

Such a great podcast that has started to help me reframe how I treat my body and approach food!

KaityKing ,

Florencia, future saint of femininity!

Florencia has helped in so many ways in my life!
Personal Perspective: Florencia truly cares about each woman that comes across her to ask questions! I love that she always wants to help.
Health Perspective: From health in preparing my body to be pregnant, to being so sick in pregnancy, and postpartum! She has helped me to make my body feel like it’s working for a common goal; which is to truly feel like I’m helping my body to support life or to help my body from day to day activities rather than trying to survive. Florencia is a true joy and you can hear it in her podcast that she wants all woman to know that we were made by God to be good and we only have to put what we really need rather than what the world tells us what we need or need to do. Florencia is always by your side to help provide the correct information that truly is best for you! Lastly, I have been so sick in pregnancies and Florencia has helped in my last pregnancy to not be as sick and my nausea stopped sooner than my previous pregnancy!

Therese W. ,

Best podcast ever!

Love it! Always my favorite listen!

Molly N Clark ,

One of my favorite podcasts/courses

Love LOVE this podcast!! I took Flo’s course (10/10🤩) and it has changed how I live my life, which then has been actually changing my life. And to have this podcast after the course is an extra gift with such incredible free information from Flo. Her love and desire for each women to believe that they are made good is REAL!