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Welcome to the Mangu TV podcast where we will be celebrating regeneration and explore the challenges of our current paradigm.

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Welcome to the Mangu TV podcast where we will be celebrating regeneration and explore the challenges of our current paradigm.

    30. Psychedelic Confessions with Dennis McKenna

    30. Psychedelic Confessions with Dennis McKenna

    We are excited to host the legendary Dennis McKenna on the Mangu.tv podcast for an episode on Psychedelic Confessions.

    Dennis has conducted research in ethnopharmacology for over 45 years, with a primary focus on the interdisciplinary study of Amazonian ethnopharmacology. He was a key investigator on the Hoasca Project, the first biomedical investigation of ayahuasca and a part of the original Scientific Strategy Team at Shaman Pharmaceuticals in the early 1990s. In the spring of 2019, he incorporated a new non-profit organization, the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy. In collaboration he organized two landmark conferences in 2017 and 2022, the Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs. Dennis is the younger brother of another legend in the psychedelic world, Terence McKenna.

    Dennis and Giancarlo discuss six compounds in this episode - ayahuasca, psilocybin, DMT, 5-Meo-DMT, salvia and datura. We begin with Dennis’ primary lover, Ayahuasca. He shares details of his most important journeys with ayahuasca and magic mushrooms, as well as profound messages that have influenced his life and work. He also discusses DMT & 5 Meo-DMT, their similarities and differences, and how this compound influenced both his and Terence’s path in life. Finally we hear about his misadventures with datura and dysphoric experiences with salvia, and the importance of set and setting, careful dosing and choosing your medicine wisely. Last but not least, they discuss the impact that these medicines have on our society as we discover the lost connection and alliance between humans and psychedelics, as outlined in the Stoned Ape Theory.

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    29. Couples Rising: Johann & Rachel on being in discovery together

    29. Couples Rising: Johann & Rachel on being in discovery together

    Welcome to the second Couples Rising podcast by Mangu.tv with two guests, Rachel Pringle & Johann Urb.

    Rachel specializes in Communication Alchemy, Sensuality through Embodiment, Trauma Release and Dynamic Tantra. Her teachings are steeped in the awareness of self and unlocking the body's physical and emotional contractions to merge with the moment. Her mission in life is to guide people to their deepest purpose through aligning them with their spirit.

    Johann is a master of breathwork, and is a sought after meditation teacher and spiritual coach. He is the creator of The Pyramid Breath Method, a unique method using sound, movement and optimum oxygenation techniques to dramatically shift one's state towards positivity; by releasing past trauma, old beliefs systems, patterns, habits and connecting with sacred sexuality. Johann has the unique gift of bringing his deep spiritual perspective to his coaching practices and relationships, through conscious communication and the experience of fulfillment.

    In this episode, Rachel and Johann tell their story about coming of age under challenging conditions and the impact of their most cathartic moments. They share about their spiritual influences, experiences with plant medicine, and spiritual practices that have inspired them to help people all over the world to remember that they are powerful beyond belief.

    They dive deep into their intimate relationship, how they navigate triggers and the steps they made to make it more conscious. They discuss the value of transparency, remaining curious, being in discovery and listening to each other’s energy, beyond the words.

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    28. Baba Dez on temple arts, sacred sexuality and waking up to love and freedom

    28. Baba Dez on temple arts, sacred sexuality and waking up to love and freedom

    We are very excited to host Baba Dez Nichols on the Mangu.tv podcast. Baba Dez is an internationally renowned speaker and teacher, daka, author, singer, songwriter, and transformational guide who has been featured in countless tv and radio shows. He is recognized for his contribution to the healing arts and evolving human consciousness. A teacher of sacred temple arts, he is the founder of ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts. His passion is supporting other educators and healers to deepen their skills in areas of healthy living, relationships and sexuality.

    Baba Dez shares the motivation behind his work, which is his endless fascination with the multifaceted human experience. He sees sacred sexuality as a path that leads us to the expansion of consciousness, and the expansion of human potential. His mission has always been to bring together everything that can serve humanity in creating a better individual and collective experience. He discusses the various cultural influences behind his approach to temple arts, and the merging of spiritual, sexual and shamanic disciplines, where spirit and sex are the focus of the human experience.

    Baba Dez and Giancarlo discuss the power of sexuality, and the role it plays in modern society. They also discuss boundaries, consent, polyamory, as well as the structure of the current ISTA program, and waking up to love, freedom and power.

    Don’t miss this episode if you are curious about sacred sexuality.

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    27. Jorge Ferrer on transpersonal psychology, community living and the sexual revolution

    27. Jorge Ferrer on transpersonal psychology, community living and the sexual revolution

    We are excited to welcome Jorge Ferrer back to the Mangu.tv podcast. Jorge is a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an author and educator. He was a professor of Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco for more than twenty years. He is an author of several books on psychology, and intimate relationships, including Love and Freedom: Transcending Monogamy and Polyamory. He was a member at the Esalen Institute Center where he also taught workshops on embodied spirituality.

    Jorge is currently shifting his current focus from academics to creating more accessible content that can reach and make an impact on more people, on such topics as intimacy and relationships.

    In this episode Jorge discusses the origins of transpersonal psychology, and the influences of the meeting of western psychology with Eastern traditions. He explains the systemification of Eastern philosophical concepts in transpersonal psychology and the shift of focus to the spiritual being. Since humans have access to different kinds of wisdom and instincts, Jorge elaborates on the importance of educating the heart and our emotional intelligence.

    Jorge and Giancarlo also dive deep into the idea of conscious community living serving as a growth catalyst. They also discuss the sexual revolution, the impact it had on women gaining sexual autonomy and new wave feminism. Last but not least, they talk about the concept of the universal truth, spiritual narcissism, and the trending idea of divine consciousness in new age communities. Don’t miss this rich episode!

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    26. Couples Rising: Canay & Rudy on the importance of dreaming together

    26. Couples Rising: Canay & Rudy on the importance of dreaming together

    Welcome to the first Mangu.tv podcast episode of Couples’ Secrets. We are excited to welcome two guests, Canay Atalay and Rudy de Waele.

    Canay is a business visionary, senior advisor, keynote speaker, conscious business designer, and leadership mentor. She's the founder of the regenerative success platform for women leaders: The Heroines, and is the co-founder of RegenerateX, the learning and design agency which serves “Heart Masters” experiential events in Ibiza and around the world to co-create Systems of Peace.

    Rudy is the co-founder of RegenerateX and Unconditional Men. He guides, connects, and inspires leaders and entrepreneurs to co-create new paradigms of regenerative change. His vision for the future is that the deeper underlying systemic shifts cannot happen any longer on the outside and need to happen from innovating within ourselves.

    Canay and Rudy have been together for seven years. In this episode, they share with us the story of how they met and recognized their soul connection. They let us in on their secrets of success that have allowed their relationship to thrive, in their personal lives and in business. They open up about the challenges they have overcome since they opened their relationship and how they have dealt with jealousy. They each discuss masculine and feminine energy and how each plays a role in their relationship, business, and in life. They also discuss plant medicine, their most profound cathartic moments, how they turned crises into growth, and the importance of dreaming together.

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    25. David Solomon on the layers of awakening the soul

    25. David Solomon on the layers of awakening the soul

    We are excited to host a dear friend, David Soloman, on the Mangu.tv podcast. He is the founding steward of the world’s largest forum of indigenous people. He is one of the world’s leading voices in nation building in East Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Throughout his life he has raised 3.5 billion dollars for developing countries, and his project, Spirit 1st is about to be unveiled to the world.

    He once worked at Solomon Brothers as an investment banker, but at some point he was disillusioned and left what was once his dream job. He went to Indonesia to help orphans, and  where he ended up studying martial arts. Practicing martial arts was his doorway into spirit, the deep discipline opened the path to a journey of faith. He gave up everything, including his income, and went on a journey of searching for meaning and significance. David shares with us the incredible adventures he encountered on his path to awakening, from Indonesia to Sinai, and his deep understanding of the different layers of awakening of the soul.

    David and Giancarlo also discuss what is necessary for humanity to awaken and thrive on this planet, which is regeneration, localization and bridging the gap between mind, body and spirit. In order to move beyond our colonial history and to stop being driven by greed, we must bring back the sacred, celebration and community.

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