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Crazy interesting people with amazing insights, perspectives, and stories to share. In the last section, Mich asks questions that tend to spark conversations that may not otherwise take place. Thought-provoking stuff here!

MichMash Mich Hancock

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Crazy interesting people with amazing insights, perspectives, and stories to share. In the last section, Mich asks questions that tend to spark conversations that may not otherwise take place. Thought-provoking stuff here!

    Moziah Bridges

    Moziah Bridges

    The truly inspiring Moziah Bridges, the president and creative director of Mo’s Bows, 18 year-old entrepreneur, and I talked about being a guest on Shark Tank, Mo’s Bows NBA Deal, Marketing conference, balance, growing up as a business owner, stories of being a boss baby, making local connections, business mentor, meeting with Obama, creating Obama Blue, Jimmy Fox, TV shows, creating a clothing line, finding the right pattern, customizing materials, his favorite fashion trends and music, and where to find him!
     Website: www.mosbowsmemphis.com
     Facebook: mosbowsmemephis
     Instagram: mosbowsmemephis

    • 21 min
    Bill Weiss

    Bill Weiss

    Bill Weiss, creator of the Cloud 9 Experience, and I chat about meditation, meditating at 19, 1971, teaching meditation, TM, Cloud 9, group techniques, asking the mind to leave, affordable meditation, stress/burn-out, mainstream meditation, workplace, getting rest, zen, incandescent bulbs, rubberbands, finding Nirvana, the furthest place he's been, travel, 6 months of meditation, senses, limitations, school systems, change, Randy, and where you can find him - 

    • 27 min
    Jeff Bollig

    Jeff Bollig

    Jeff Bollig, director of marketing and public relations at Acendas, and I chat about hassle-free travel during COVID-19, travel adjusting, the "new normal", sanitize travel, plane prototypes, 70 touchpoints, cruise ships, people are still traveling, vaccines, don't cancel until you have to, refunds made easy, travel is the passport to peace, becoming a world citizen, Napa, Acendas is growing, Gwen's is now Acendas, we go where you go, travel advisors are like financial advisors, affordability, Jeff's honeymoon, space travel, Bollig house, Zoom, walks, and where you can find him! 

    • 27 min
    Amanda LaPlante

    Amanda LaPlante

    The truly inspiring Amanda, integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I chat about 8 autoimmune
    diseases, mental disorders, trauma therapy, PTSD, her healing journey, effective medication and
    meditation, the difficulty of consistent change, self-awareness, embracing YOU, personal growth,
    growing up in “a junk food era”, the effectiveness of clean diet, her awakening, motivation,
    believe and hope, teen parents, nourishment from the environment, the metaphor of peeling of
    an onion, being a survivor of date rape, sexual assaults, lasting implications, the power of
    breathing, source of support, her go-to recipe, the invention of instant pot, being a cheer coach,
    karaoke, her favorite 90s music, and where you can find her!
    Website: http://amandalaplante.com/pages/home
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getrealtoheal/
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aklaplante/
    Podcast: Get Real To Heal on Sound Cloud
    Radio show: 929 FM Friday 1:30pm CST

    • 31 min
    Amy Fenster

    Amy Fenster

    The lovely Amy Fenster Brown, Producer and editor, and I chat about sex in the city, matching bras and panties, behind-the-scenes stories, working with a diverse population, intern experience at channel 5, working with Jennifer Blome and Mr. Food, boundaries with the loved ones, how to work effectively at home, volunteering at the Board of National Counsel of Jewish Women, a year-long program with 500 volunteers, serving 1500 children, the “new normal”, freedom of speech, wearing masks, judgments, Zoom virtual background, conspiracy theories, one spacer/two spacers, online purchasing experience, her best friends since 2nd grade, balancing mother-daughter relationship, and where to find her!
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.brown.524934

    • 37 min
    Heather J. Crider

    Heather J. Crider

    The incredible Heather J. Crider, Mindfulness and Executive Coach, CEO of Heather J. Crider & Company, and I talk about her current training program at Google, her recent article publication: Why intention is Your Happiness Superpower, using different perspectives and mindsets, the lessons from failure, relationship between emotional intelligence and success, sustaining a balance, stress and fulfillment, how neuroscience can help increase productivity and clarity, relieving stress in a pandemic, the effect of physical relaxation, her go-to coffee, how she would love to meet Dalai Lama, and where to find her!  
    Instagram/Facebook with Heather J Crider
    Podcast: goreflectyourself.com 

    • 30 min

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

mebdrion ,

Worth the listen

Every podcast goes down a slightly different path due to the variety of guests on the show, yet all are thought provoking and full of personality.

JJulian2 ,

Mich is amazing!

Authentic and smart! Mich is amazing at her craft!

Danielrayhancock ,

Mishmash is a breath of perspective

Interesting, funny people talking about super cool ideas and projects I love it

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