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Hey minor league baseball fan! Do you love traveling to minor league level baseball ballparks? Come discover the best quirks, features, baseball food, mascots, and promotions that minor league baseball has to offer. You'll also learn about sites to see and food to eat while your visiting each city. What are you waiting for? Let's go on a road trip together!

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Hey minor league baseball fan! Do you love traveling to minor league level baseball ballparks? Come discover the best quirks, features, baseball food, mascots, and promotions that minor league baseball has to offer. You'll also learn about sites to see and food to eat while your visiting each city. What are you waiting for? Let's go on a road trip together!

    003: Tri-City Dust Devils - Tri-Cities, WA

    003: Tri-City Dust Devils - Tri-Cities, WA

    Tri-City Dust Devils - Tri-City, Washington
    In this episode, we travel to Tri-Cities, Washington to visit the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League. The Dust Devils are the High-A affiliates of the Los Angeles Angels.
    Highlights, Key points, and takeaways from this episode:
    The Tri-Cities Dust Devils play their games at Gesa Stadium in the Tri-Cities area of Washington.The fan experience at Gesa Stadium is enhanced by unique features like a giant shade that provides relief from the sun and a beautiful view of the surrounding desert landscape.Visitors to the Tri-Cities should schedule their trips around special events like the annual hydroplane boat races and the Columbia River Rooster Tails game at Gesa Stadium.The Tri-Cities area is known for its wineries, and visitors can explore the local wine country while enjoying a baseball game at Gesa Stadium. The Tri-Cities Dust Devils baseball team is located in Pasco, Washington.The weather in Pasco is hot and dry during the summer months.The best seats at the stadium are along the first base side.Visitors to the Tri-Cities should check out local wineries and enjoy the Mexican food.There are many outdoor activities to do in the area, such as hiking, biking, and enjoying the views of the Columbia River.The ballpark offers unique food offerings, including grilled sausages, foot-long hot dogs, and teriyaki chicken bowls.Promotions and events at the ballpark include Dusty's Dash and Dollars in Your Dog Night.The team's mascot, Dusty the Dust Devil, is a fan favorite and interacts with fans during games.Hot Mess Burgers and Fries is a local business in the Tri-Cities area that offers delicious burgers made with locally sourced ingredients.
    Ballpark Guide
    Erik "The Peanut Guy" Mertens joins us as the Ballpark guide for this episode. Erik is the Manager of Fan Experience and Community Relations. He has been with the team for 24 years starting as a peanut vendor. He then became the teams' on-field emcee and recently was promoted to his current role.

    Fan Guide
    We are joined once again by Erik this time he is accompanied by his wife, Carina. They are going to give us some insight as fans at the ballpark and also show us around the Tri-Cities.
    Business, Organization, or Event
    I had to pleasure of feature Cara and Hot Mess Burgers & Fries from Kennewick, WA. Hot Mess Burgers & Fries is a food truck that serves the best smash burger and fries in the Tri-Cities.
    Most of their food is made from scratch including their buns, American cheese, and sauces. The owners have over 40 years of combined experience.
    The top burger at the restaurant is the Boring Mess, which is a basic patty, cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and special sauce. Then they up it a notch and have the Big Mess which includes a grilled cheese sandwich inside the burger.
    A lot of their food is limited meaning if you see it on the menu that week then it probably won't ever come back.
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    00:00 Introduction and Welcome
    04:33 Eric's Longevity with Tri-City Dust Devils
    07:40 Eric's Love for Tri-Cities and Baseball
    10:50 Getting to the Ballpark and Parking
    11:26 The Giant Shade at the Stadium
    13:22 Weather and Best Seats at the Stadium
    16:48 Exploring the Stadium and Food Offerings
    20:44 Dusty the Dust Devil and Mascot Activities
    21:56 Erik's Peanut Patio
    24:11 Eric's Role as Team Advocate
    26:26 Promotions and Special Events
    29:47 Unique Food Offerings at the Stadium
    32:50 Exciting Promotions to Schedule
    37:12 Where to Find the

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    002: 2024 Minor League Level Baseball Promotions

    002: 2024 Minor League Level Baseball Promotions

    This episode of Minor League Fan Club highlights some interesting promotions happening in minor league level baseball this year. The first promotion discussed is the Cheese Ball created by the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes, which has unique rules and fun activities.
    The second promotion is the game between the Birmingham Barons and the Montgomery Biscuits at Rickwood Field, where Major League Baseball will be honoring the Negro Leagues.
    The last promotion mentioned is the 'Wait, Who Are Those Guys?" night, where every team in the minors will participate, featuring Oatly as the sponsor.

    00:00 Introduction
    01:11 Highlighting Current Year's Promotions
    06:33 Game at Rickwood Field Honoring Negro Leagues
    08:59 Wait, Who Are Those Guys Night?
    10:34 Conclusion

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    001: San Antonio Missions - San Antonio, TX

    001: San Antonio Missions - San Antonio, TX

    San Antonio Missions - San Antonio, Texas
    In this episode, we travel to San Antonio, Texas to visit the San Antonio Missions of the Texas League. The Missions are the AA affiliates of the San Diego Padres.
    Highlights, Key points, and takeaways from this episode:
    Promotions to consider for the Missions: jersey giveaway, bobblehead giveaway, t-shirt giveaway, thermal mug giveawayThe names of the San Antonio Missions mascots are Ballapeno, Mamapeno, Popper, and Henry the Puffy TacoFoods to try while at Wolff Stadium are the Philly Cheesesteak with homemade chips, chicken on a stick, Bahama Bucks, Bill Millers BBQLook out for the planes that land at Lackland Air Force Base towards the outfield during a gameBest seats are in section 203 and 205 because of the breeze Some places to visit in San Antonio include the Alamo, Menger Hotel & Bar, 2M Smokehouse, Pinkerton's BBQ, Chris Madrid's, La Fogata, Rolando's SuperTacosTry the Wemby Burger challenge at Chris Madrid's or get the Cheddar CheesyPlaces to take the kids: Sea World, Witte Museum, The DoSeum, Six Flags Fiesta TexasFiesta is a major event in San Antonio that takes place at the end of April and offer a festive atmosphere with food, music, and parties 
    Ballpark Guide
    Jennifer Lamb-Mahoney will be our Ballpark Guide for this episode. She works as one of their mascot performers. She shares her experience on how she got the job as a mascot performer and what it’s like to perform as a mascot. 
    Jennifer then takes us around Wolff Stadium where she talks about the promotions and events that fans can schedule their trip around. 
    We learn about where we can stay if we make it an overnight trip and what parking is like once we arrive at the stadium. 
    Jennifer also shares some of her favorite foods like the cheesesteak with homemade chips that you might want to try when you come to Wolff Stadium. We finish the interview with some fun things for kids to do while at the game.

    Fan Guide
    Our Fan guide this week is Charles Dennis. Charles is a former season ticket holder of the San Antonio Missions but recently moved to Kentucky. 
    We begin our interview by learning how he got his 51stubs handle and his extensive pin collection for his maps. He uses the map and pins to keep track of all the stadiums and arenas he has been to. He talks about how many ballparks he’s been to and how many he plans on making it to this year.
    Charles then takes us on a tour of Wolff Stadium from a fan perspective. He shares what makes the stadium unique even though it’s one of the older stadiums in Minor League Baseball. He talks about the location of the ballpark and why being near an Air Force Base makes it special. 
    Charles then gives us some of his favorite treats to get if he was to have something at the ballgame and shares where you can find some solace from the Texas heat while watching Missions baseball. Hint: there’s a secret section you should consider sitting.
    Promotions at the Missions are very popular just as they are at most minor league ballparks. Charles talks about some of the fun promos that occur during the game. We also get another tip from Charles on how to approach promos while waiting in line.
    It’s time for us to go around San Antonio. Of course, there’s the Alamo and the Riverwalk but Charles tells us an exciting hotel and bar to visit if you do stop by the Alamo. 
    San Antonio is well known for BBQ. Charles tells us a couple of places that he recommends while you're in town. If burgers are more your thing then there is a delicious local place that he recommends as well. San Antonio makes the best tacos in Texas and Charles gives us his favorite place plus a list you can get of 365 different places done by the local newspaper. Last but not least we can’t forget Tex-Mex. One place that may be considered controversial in San Antonio in regards to what is good Tex-Mex is suggested in this interview.
    Minor League Fan Club podcast wants to make sure we include the fa

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    Minor League Fan Club Trailer

    Minor League Fan Club Trailer

    Minor League Fan Club is the unofficial fan club of minor league level baseball. If you love and support minor league level baseball then you are automatically in the club.

    One of the fun things we minor league fans enjoy doing is visiting different cities, often cities we would never consider traveling to, and catch a game.

    Many of us do some sort of research prior to visiting one of these cities to see what there is to do, eat, and see. That's where this podcast comes in the hopes of providing you with an invaluable resource and a wealth of useful information that you can use.

    Minor League Fan Club podcasts' goal is to show you things you can't miss while you are at a stadium. This could be a very popular menu item or an awesome feature you didn't know the stadium had. We might learn about special promotions they hold so that you can try and schedule your next visit. I will talk with a staff member to get the low down on the stadium of that week's episode.

    Although baseball brought us to the city, we don't want to miss out on the uniqueness of the city we are visiting as well. That's why we will talk to a local fan about what they love about the stadium as well as what make the city special.

    What food should we eat while we're in town? Is there amazing landmarks we should check out? Are there fun activities or festivals that coincide with baseball season that would make the trip even more fun?

    Lastly, I'll interview a local business owner or employee of the city to talk a little more about one of the recommendations from the fan so that we can learn a little more in depth about their unique business, landmark, or event.

    Minor League Fan Club will be a weekly show taking you across the U.S. and Canada.

    Check out Minor League Fan Club at:

    Website: https://minorleaguefanclub.com/

    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/33tKQzdHAs

    Instagram: @milbfanclub

    TikTok: @minorleaguefanclub

    X: @milbfanclub

    YouTube: Minor League Fan Club

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