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    Sophisticated Morning 84

    Sophisticated Morning 84

    One of the awesome things about having been around and immersed in music for as long as I've been is that I know songs from years ago and the general history of music that surrounds those songs -- and that knowledge guides me through my current musical projects.  One of my major sources of joy is finding new remixes of songs from years ago that are fresh, intriguing and current with the times.  And with that I'm super excited to bring you Sophisticated Morning 84.  This set follows my tried and true template by starting out chill and emotionally warm and then slowly and subtly building in intensity until my listener has arrived into full blown feel-good anthems.  On this set I am really excited to bring you the new Seal release called "Just A Ghost".  I always loved his voice and am so happy to hear that he's still gracing us with his brilliance and beauty.  My three stunning recognizable finds on this edition are "On The Beach" by York (originally by Chris Rea),  "This Is Your Life" (a stunning morning house classic from the 90s by Banderas) and last, but not least, the stunning, powerful and spine-chilling 2021remix of "Silence" by Delerium.  By the time you finish listening to this set...I hope you'll have the same blissed out chill bumps that I got time and again while composing this DJ set.  As always...this project was made with every Love I've got to give.  From my heart...to your ears.#/Artist/Title/Remix01.  Elderbrook/I Remember/PDM Original Mix02.  Mayra/You Are A Traveler/Tidal Waves Extended03.  Jonas Myrin/For The Ones We Love/Axel E Remix04.  Seal/Just A Ghost/Claptone Extended Mix05.  Jerro/Too Weak/Original Mix06.  Fractures/Leave Me Here/Jerro Original Mix07.  Sudad G/This Is Your Life/Afro Summer Remix08.  Amega/Want To Run Away/Newman I Love Original09.  Mats Westbroek/Miracle/Extended Mix10.  York/On The Beach/Kryder & JenJammin Sax Edit11.  Diana Leah/Come To Life/Extended Mix12.  Shouse/Love Tonight/Robin Schulz Extended Mix13.  M-22/Need You There/Extended Mix14.  DJ Licious/Fun/Extended Mix15.  Delerium/Silence/Antrim 2021 RemixFOR WORLDWIDE DJ BOOKING INFORMATION:Phone:  202-766-6880Email:  IamBrianNorwood@gmail.comInstagram:  DJ Brian NorwoodFacebook:  Brian Norwood

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    Sophisticated Chill 11

    Sophisticated Chill 11

    I was lucky enough to have come of age during the glory years of the 90s when clubbing was in it's youthful years and it wasn't pounding beats far into the next morning/day.  During those years the transition from late night to the early morning hours at clubs and parties were notable for the slowing of the BPM tempo as the music settled into a melodic and emotionally-rich groove.  One could hear and dance to the most spine-chilling music imaginable  as the DJ (me) slowly allowed the crowds to come down from the ecstatic euphoria from the peak of the night.  Those morning time hours were and still are my favorite aspect of the journey.  Fast forward to now:  these Sophisticated Chill sets are largely a result of my having come of age during that time and are my nod to it all.  One important note is that all the music on these sets is fresh and new.  Although the style of music is a nod to the past...the actual music is a nod to the here and now.  Times have changed and I have changed too.  But what hasn't changed is my commitment to providing you, my listeners, touching and emotionally uplifting music whether you be on a dance floor at 6AM or you're cleaning your house, going for a run, Flagging in your living room or driving home from a long day at work.  This is music that transcends atmospheres.  I hope that you receive it with as much joy as I give it after having conceived and composed it.  This is my gift and my labor of love for you.  From my heart...to your ears.  Enjoy!#/Artist/Title/Remix01.  Paul Oakenfold/The World Can Wait/John Askew Downtempo Mix02.  Black Eye Peas/Where Is The Love/Clement BCX Rework)03.  Gareth Emery/Way To You/Original Mix04.  Alan Walker, Ruben/Heading Home/Original Mix05.  Chicane/Saltwater/Chicane's Slow Tide Extended Remix06.  Shallou/All Your Days/Original Mix07.  GoldFish/Hold Your Kite/Original Mix08.  FDVM, Madism/Forget The World/Original Mix09.  Kesha/Stronger/Sam Feldt Extended Remix10.  LVNDSCAPE/What I'd Give/Extended Mix11.  Dakota/All I Think Of Is You/Alex Gaudino & Kellerman Mix12.  Wrabel/Moon Rider/Jai Wolf Original Mix13.  Lost Kings/Don't Call/Original Mix14.  Aexcit/What We Do/Extended Re-Edit15.  GoldFish/Everlasting Love/Extended Mix16.  Elton John, Dua Lipa/Cold Heart/PNAU Remix17.  American Authors, SeeB/Best I Can/Petey Remix18.  Rogelio Douglas Jr./Better Man/Klingande Extended MixFOR WORLDWIDE DJ BOOKING INFORMATION:Phone:  202-766-6880Email:  JohnBrianNorwood@me.comFacebook:  Brian NorwoodInstagram:  DJ Brian Norwood

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    Sophisticated Morning 83

    Sophisticated Morning 83

    On all of my DJ sets I always have one or two songs that are my absolute favorites from the bunch; the songs that I listen to on repeat, over and over and over again. Well...almost unbelievably...there are about 6 or 7 of those songs on this new Morning set. These are songs that would have a legitimate shot at my "record of the year" title. Sometimes...luck, fate and circumstances deliver me the opportunity to deliver one of the very, very, VERY special sets of music that stands out amongst all of them...and that is what has happened with this set. Regarding the actual music...you might could say this is a tale of two mixes. The first half is full of emotional deep house ballads and anthems that yank at one's heartstrings and send emotions soaring. The second half bounds into powerful progressive house anthems, some with vocals, some so powerful that no vocals are needed. All pieced together...I believe that it's one of my best compositions in a long long time. I dearly hope you'll agree. As I always say...from my HEART...to your ears. Enjoy!#/Arist/Title/Remix01. DJ Licious/Hope/Acoustic02. Birdy/Find Me/Jonasu Remix03. Tailor/In The Dark/Jerro Original Mix04. Sam Martin/Higher/York Extended Mix05. Ryland James/Save Me/Lipless Extended Mix06. Kolidescopes/Torn/Original Mix07. JLV/Sunset/Holseek Extended Mix08. Falden/Don't Wanna Know/Le Youth Remix09. Above & Beyond/Every Little Beat/Khen Extended10. Tom Grennan/By Your Side/Dom Dolla Remix11. Liz Cass/Won't Leave Your Side/Nora En Pure Extended12. Nora En Pure/Aquatic/Extended Mix13. Zoë Johnston/Love Is Not Enough/Newman I Love Extended14. ArtLec/About Moments/Extended Mix15. Sam Supplier/Sail Away/Extended MixFOR WORLDWIDE DJ BOOKING INFORMATION:Phone: 202-766-6880Email: iambriannorwood@gmail.comInstagram: DJ Brian NorwoodFacebook: Brian Norwood

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    Fire Island House Music 8

    Fire Island House Music 8

    I have always been a huge fan of many different genres of music and that's been a real blessing to me as a person but in some regards I consider it a slight curse -- as an artist.  Let me explain that so that it makes sense.  Personally I love many different genres of music -- some that might surprise you.  I love disco, tech house, techno...and the list goes on and on and on.  You probably don't know me much for those sounds because I don't push them forward very often in my podcast sets.  What you probably know me most for is my chill and deep house sets.  I decided a good few years ago that it was important that I try as hard as I could to "brand" myself in a particular way...so as to not confuse the listeners who came upon me.  Artistry is important but branding is also extremely important.  As an artist one never wants to confuse their audience.  So...I decided to work hard to "stay in my lane" since it was one that I love passionately and consider myself to be pretty good at.  If you listen to my (Sophisticated) Morning, Deep and Chill sets you will hear direct similarities in them.  They all fit nicely together running what I call "parallel to the dance floor".  They are kind of dance floor friendly....but also kind of not.  All that being said...I AM a child of the dance floor.  I love to dance and I love to DJ to dance floors.  That brings me to this newest podcast, Fire Island House Music 8.  Every summer I have released a Fire Island House Music set because I love house music so much and as a gift to my many listeners who I know love it as much as I do.  Two weeks ago I released #7 in this series and was totally blown away by the outreach from my listeners in response to it.  I actually can't remember the last time I received response like this to a music set.  I've had phone calls, direct messages and even had people calling me through Facebook Messenger.  House and disco house are what I mainly spin at my live performances but feeling and seeing your response to that last Fire Island House set has motivated me to start pushing more of them out via podcast.  If I confuse a person or two....well, so be it.  I'm going to listen to you (and my heart).  From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY!#/Artist/Title/Remix01.  Black Box/I Don't Know Anybody Else/Motown Disco Anthem02.  Mark Knight/Love Is All We're Living For/Extended Mix03.  Ten City/Be Free/Emmaculate & Sharon Chambers Extended04.  Disco Incorporated/Disco Piano/Vocal Disco House Mix05.  Platinum City/Holy Spirit/Mark Brickman Remix06.  Coree Mathews/Believe In You/Yam Who? Extended Mix07.  Shapeshifters/You Ain't Love/Express Mix08.  Dawn Tallman/Stand Up/Extended Mix09.  Jasper Street Co./Reach/KC + DFP Church of Disco Mix10.  Kimberly Davis/Second Chance/Shapeshifters Reprise11.  Lisa Millett/Baby Please Don't Go/Extended Mix12.  Junior Jack/Stupidisco/David Penn ExtendedFOR WORLDWIDE DJ BOOKING INFORMATION:Ear:  202-766-6880Email:  IAMBrianNorwood@gmail.comFacebook:  Brian NorwoodInstagram:  DJ Brian Norwood

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    Fire Island House Music 7

    Fire Island House Music 7

    If you've ever been to either the Pines or Cherry Grove on Fire Island...then you've been blessed to experience what I say is the closest thing to heaven on earth.  Fire Island is truly a place like no other.  Starting with the moment you get onto the ferry in Sayville to carry you over and continuing on with every single moment you're there...there's something magically different about it.  That difference definitely includes the music.  And no matter the time -- 3AM or 3PM -- as you walk you'll ALWAYS hear music wafting through the air from the stunning houses that dot the boardwalks.  And we're not talking just any music.  It's OUR music.  There's a very particular sound that permeates the island.  What is that sound?  Well, I'd say it's classic house music with major influences from soul and disco. This is house music that has stunning melodies, rhythms and vibes.  It's sometimes sweeping and soaring, sometimes laden with gospel choirs and sometimes groovy and hip shaking.  But what it always is is classic and timeless. It's versatile enough that it's perfect for lazy days by the pool or for hands-in-the-air nights at the club.  Every year as Summer shines upon us I mix this set with a nod to the island.  For those of you that have experienced this magic...then you know what I've just described is magically true and accurate.  And if you haven't experienced it...then I hope that you can close your eyes and visualize the beauty of the island as the mix plays along.  As always, I've mixed this set with every ounce of love that I've got to give.  From my heart...to your ears.  ENJOY!!!#/Artist/Title/Remix01.  Janice Robinson/There Must Be Love/Disco Juice Piano Intro Mix02.  Dimitri From Paris/Music Saved My Life/Extended Discomix03.  Janice Robinson/Freedom/Epic Classic Mix04.  Tracy Hamlin/I Stopped Loving You/Richard Earnshaw Revision05.  Beverley Knight/Everything's Gonna Be Alright/Extended Mix06.  DJ Marlon/Open Your Love/Kevin McKay Extended Remix07.  Barbara Tucker/Most Precious Love/Sebastian Creeps & Julian Back Remix08.  Bakermat/The Spirit/Extended Mix09.  LaShun Pace/Ain't Nobody/Extended Mix10.  David Penn/Hallelujah/Odyssey Inc. Extended Remix11.  Kevin Haden/Who Is He/Dr Packer Extended Remix12.  Billy Porter/Love Yourself/Ralphi Rosario Anthem MixFOR WORLDWIDE DJ BOOKING INFORMATION:Phone:  202-766-6880Email:  IAMBrianNorwood@gmail.comFacebook:  Brian NorwoodInstagram:  DJ Brian Norwood

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    Sophisticated Morning 82

    Sophisticated Morning 82

    You hear me talk a lot about what I call "heart-tuggers"; songs that pull at your heartstrings. I've always had a weak spot for those types of songs because I find music so much more enjoyable when the songs I'm listening to really pull some sort of strong emotion from me. Really, what's the point of music if it isn't going to affect us (and hopefully for the better)? All that being said...I'm happy to say that this new edition of Sophisticated Morning is full of those blissful heart tugging masterpieces. These are songs that will lead you to dream and surround you with warm and happy love. As always, I've gone out of my way to bring you the most current and trending artists of the day including Coldplay, London Grammar, The Midnight, Emmit Fenn and more. And I always post my track listings so that you may dig in and discover more from these artists yourself. I hope that my collection of heart tuggers touches and overwhelms you with love. And as I like to say...it's all from my heart...to your ears. ENJOY!


    01. The Midnight/Because The Night
    02. Forester/Symphony
    03. Altero/One Day
    04. Emmit Fenn/Far From Here/Jerro Remix
    05. Coldplay/Higher Power/ZHU Remix
    06. Robin Schulz/Make Me Feel The Night
    07. SAYGRACE/Feel Something
    08. Steve Aoki/Use To Be/Lipless Remix
    09. Richard Walters/Streetlights
    10. London Grammar/Baby It's You/Samuel Sonder Remix
    11. Janieck/Northern Lights/ARTY Extended
    12. Le Youth, Sultan + Shepard/Skipping Stones
    13. Anabel Englund/Waiting For You/Yotto Extended
    14. Sultan + Shepard, Nathan Nicholson/Naama
    15. Mark Sixma/Somebody Else Instead/Danny Julian Extended

    Facebook: Brian Norwood
    Instagram: DJ Brian Norwood
    Email: IamBrianNorwood@gmail.com

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4.8 out of 5
67 Ratings

67 Ratings

Lex philly ,


Thjs is my good friend BrianNorwood, his music has gotten me through death , soul suicide ,happiness and sadness ! He has a heart as open and full of love,as I have ever known ! His music can sooth , excite ,entice, it can make me want to dance , rest , heal, love ! It always gives me chills, I cry, I smile!! He is not only a genius of music , he is a master of emotions and feelings.. who can ask for more from a friend !! Brian I hear you, and I feel you need a real friend NOW! If you need me call me! I will be in touch very soon also !! PHILLY ALEX

Blue Eyes LA ,

Brian Norwood is the best!

Thank you Brian Norwood — you are pure joy!

paulh891 ,

Awesome Morning Music!

Just discovered you....love you! So happy to find these awesome mixes.

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