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Moms on High is a bi-weekly podcast about moms who use Cannabis.

Tabitha, Sarah and Tricia dive into everyday mom issues, spirituality and Cannabis.

Every episode will keep you laughing, learning and help break stigmas of parents who choose to medicate with Cannabis.

Moms on High Tricia Herber-Pruett

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Moms on High is a bi-weekly podcast about moms who use Cannabis.

Tabitha, Sarah and Tricia dive into everyday mom issues, spirituality and Cannabis.

Every episode will keep you laughing, learning and help break stigmas of parents who choose to medicate with Cannabis.

    Ep. 12 Free the Weed

    Ep. 12 Free the Weed

    Recording on election night 2020, Moms on High got to finish their last episode of the season interviewing AJ Jacobs, former law enforcement officer and Sonia Martinez, Criminal and Family Law Attorney.

    If you’ve ever wondered what the laws are in Arizona, and how Cannabis being federally illegal still affects you even in a legal state LISTEN IN!

    What is Prop 207 and what changes now that Recreational Marijuana is legal?

    What qualifies as being impaired while driving after medicating?

    How should you safely transport your Cannabis?

    What it I’m pulled over?

    Am I allowed to own a gun and have my Medical Marijuana card?

    What happens if I medicate during pregnancy and DCS is called?

    How do I navigate DCS if a report is placed for Cannabis use?

    What happens if Marijuana is used against me in divorce or custody court?

    How AJ and Sonia suggest talking to your kids about Cannabis

    Sonia Martinez
    Criminal and Family Law Attorney
    Mesa, AZ

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Ep. 11 Psychic AF with weed witch Sarah Thorp

    Ep. 11 Psychic AF with weed witch Sarah Thorp

    Grab your broomsticks and pipes for a magically witchy episode featuring our guest empowerment guide and weed witch Sarah Thorp of The Self Love Rebellion 🧹 🖤 💨✨

    We’ll dive deep into witchy magic plus so much more in an episode you do not want to miss!

    🖤 ✨ What is an empowerment guide?

    🖤✨ What is shadow world and what does it mean to work on your shadow self?

    🖤✨ How to heal from past trauma and narcissist abuse and learn to love and trust yourself again

    🖤✨ Healing your body and mind to fully transcend and love your magical vessel

    🖤✨Protecting your energy and setting boundaries are a light worker and high vibe human

    🖤✨ Unconditioning from past trauma and embodying your true self

    🖤✨Loving yourself fully weather single, or in a relationship

    🖤✨ Womb healing and how last sexual partners have affected our energy

    🖤✨ Workinf on your relationship during this 2020 awaking...are the men waking up?

    🖤✨ What really is witchcraft and witches?

    🖤✨ What are the differences between intuition and manifesting?

    🖤✨ How to trust and strengthen your intuition

    🖤✨Easy tips and tricks for manifesting

    🖤✨What are the differences between Human Design and Astrology? How can these be used in healing and business?

    🖤✨ Synching your moon cycles to align with your magic

    🖤✨ Balancing your masculine and feminine energies

    🖤✨ Healing your body from chronic health and auto-immune immures by healing spiritual, energetic and metaphysical blocks

    Them we finish off with insanely powerful oracle and tarot card readings and Sarah pulls a card for the collective 🙏🏻

    Make sure to drop a picture of your white feather below that you manifested😘😉 www.theselfloverebellion.com

    Happy Halloween! 🧹🌕🎃👻💨🧙‍♀️

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Ep. 10 Protecting the Herd

    Ep. 10 Protecting the Herd

    Many of us who have medical conditions are all to familiar with the long list of adverse effects that comes along with pharmaceuticals, this is why so many end up being cannabis card holders in the first place! But what happens if that pharmaceutical product is a vaccine?

    October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month and Mom's on High believes these families should have a voice! .......Join us as we chat with our next guest Brandy Williams who filed a claim in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program on behalf of her Vaccine injured son Logan. Logan's case went on to being a world renown case in the VICP.

    Brandy is also joined by friend, fellow advocate, special needs parent, Medical Cannabis patient and Former Law Enforcement Officer AJ.

    Brandy has spent the last nine years dealing Government Scientist from HHS, Special Masters in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, DOJ Lawyers, Neurologists, Neuroscientists, Infectious Diseases Exsperts, Immunologists, Toxicologists & beyond. Because of this she has received information most people from the public are not privy too! YOU CAN NOT SUE THE VACCINE MANUFACTURERS when something goes wrong thanks to the national Vaccine injury act that was signed by Congress in 1986!!!!!!!!!!!

    Logan had serious life treating self injury and agression towards care givers. He was smashing his head 75-150 times per day and his mom knows it is brought on by the pain caused by encephalopathy (brain inflammation) seizures, stroke damage, enterocolitis, inflammatory bowel disease and other conditions brought on by his twelve month round of vaccines.

    When Logan's pediatrician handed Brandy a script for a helmet and Risperdal, a hard core Antipsychotics, she knew knew THIS was NOT going to be good enough for her young son who was only THREE! The same pharmaceutical company that made the vaccines that harmed her son was the same pharmaceutical company who makes the antipsychotic. And how is a antipsychotic going to address the damage that the vaccines caused? This was the pivitol moment that lead Brandy's family on a journey to the path of healing and advocacy. Logan received his card when he was five years old because of a seizures diagnosis his family wanted to address more naturally and what they got was so much more!

    Brandy has been Advocating the use of medical cannabis for Autism for the last five years. She is a part of a Grassroots National Organization Called Mother's Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism. MAMMA was founded in 2014 by two Conservative Mother's while at church in Texas. Brandy started one of the first MAMMA state chapters here in Arizona and is the Petition Specialist for MAMMA USA.

    While Brandy may not have gone through Medical school she has earned the letters MD following her name. Mother Determined!

    Mother's Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism

    National Vaccine Compensation Program

    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Ep. 9 Notice: We’re being Manipulated

    Ep. 9 Notice: We’re being Manipulated

    Join us for a review and discussion about the new documentary “The Social Dilemma”. We talk more about the manipulation behind social media and how to keep yourself and your kids safe during the digital age. As always, we keep this podcast fun, upbeat and can promise in delivering lots of laughs.

    • 40 min
    Ep. 8 CBD 101

    Ep. 8 CBD 101

    Episode 8 is all about CBD verses THC. This is a great episode for anyone who...

    ✅Wants to know the differences of THC and CBD

    ✅ Wants to use Cannabis without the high

    ✅ Wants to know more about how CBD can help you

    ✅ Wants to learn about the legality of CBD

    ✅ Wants to learn about the scientific breakdowns of the components of the plant

    ✅ Wants to know where to find quality CBD

    ✅Wants to learn more about using CBD for our kids and families

    ✅ Wants to hear 3 hilariously awesome moms chat about Cannabis

    • 43 min
    Ep. 7 The Wedding That I Never Knew I Always Wanted

    Ep. 7 The Wedding That I Never Knew I Always Wanted

    We check in with our homeschooling journeys then get to dive into all the mushy, gushy, enchanted and magical details of Sarah’s cannabis wedding. You don’t want to miss this episode! 🥰😍🤩💍🌱👩‍❤️‍👩 👰

    • 30 min

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7 Ratings

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