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Mother Miriam Live: Host Mother Miriam takes you on a spiritual journey through some of life’s toughest challenges. (Live Monday-Friday 10am ET)

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Mother Miriam Live: Host Mother Miriam takes you on a spiritual journey through some of life’s toughest challenges. (Live Monday-Friday 10am ET)

    Cardinal Sarah on African Theology and Western Ideology

    Cardinal Sarah on African Theology and Western Ideology

    Mother Miriam Live - June 11, 2024
    An Article on Cardinal Sarah's address to the African Theologians.
    Can Protestants pray the Rosary?
    Does receiving Communion kneeling and on the tongue require a special process at the Novus Ordo? 
    How do I manage becoming a Missionary Nurse and starting a family?
    Why is the Book of Wisdom removed in the Protestant Bible?
    What moment exactly does Transubstantiation take place?
    How to work in a charity where the people I am supposed to help make bad lifestyle choices and spend money on frivolous things?
    What is the difference between venerating the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary and venerating Jesus and Mary themselves? 
    Is the Chaste Heart of Joseph a valid devotion?

    • 51 min
    Are We Forcing Confirmation on our Children?

    Are We Forcing Confirmation on our Children?

    Mother Miriam Live - June 10, 2024
    An Article on the Matter of Faith: What we Must Believe to be Catholic
    Why do Catholics pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem?
    Should Confirmation be forced at a certain age?
    Why was Mary so young when she gave birth to Jesus?
    How do I deal with my restless kids during mass?
    Advice on how to exercise humility.
    Did Mary conceive both the Divine and Human natures of Jesus?
    Should we ask God for signs?

    • 49 min
    The Beauty and Loss of Tradition: How Did We Get Here?

    The Beauty and Loss of Tradition: How Did We Get Here?

    Mother Miriam Live - June 6, 2024
    Dr. Anthony Esolen examines the beauty of tradition and how we have reached the point of starting to lose that tradition
    Do Catholics believe that the Bible is God’s word? If Catholics believe it is in fact God’s word, do they believe the Bible is without fault or error?
    Discussing a father's authority over and role in the family
    I have not yet finished my RCIA program and I am already starting to have thoughts about potentially pursuing a vocation. At the very least, I want to learn about what it would entail and possibly start to prepare if I feel called down that path. Is it too early to speak to my priest about this given the fact that I have not yet been Confirmed in the church?
    How do we know an animal doesn't ask Jesus into its heart just because they're non-verbal?

    • 47 min
    Current Christianity vs. The Ages of Faith!

    Current Christianity vs. The Ages of Faith!

    Mother Miriam Live - June 5, 2024
    How has Christianity evolved over the years due to worldly influence? What can we do to overcome that influence?
    My priest became angry at me after I went out of my way to receive the Eucharist from his line instead of that of a Eucharistic minister. Am I wrong for doing it in the first place? How should I proceed from here?
    Why doesn’t God just get rid of the devil?
    My great grandfather, grandfather and my uncle are presumably Freemasons. Is there something I should be concerned about? What are your recommendations?
    I am getting married and am wondering if it is a sin to have an open bar at our wedding reception? Is it on my soul if people get really drunk?
    If my practicing Catholic sister marries a non-Catholic, even if it’s technically with Church dispensation, should I attend? Is it still a valid Catholic marriage? Am I being uncharitable to refuse to attend?

    • 47 min
    A Former Protestant Discovers the Fullness of the Catholic Church!

    A Former Protestant Discovers the Fullness of the Catholic Church!

    Mother Miriam Live - June 4, 2024
    Continuing yesterday's conversion story from a former Protestant turned Catholic
    Is modernism the synthesis of all heresy? Is Pope Francis a modernist? If he is, should he not resign or be forced to resign?
    Mother's reaction to women pushing for structural changes in the church at the synod
    A very dear friend is in a gay relationship and getting “married” in Germany. We are invited. My husband says we should go to show support for our friend. There is a group traveling for several days together before the activity. I have agreed to go on the trip but refuse to go to the “ceremony” and party. We will watch the children for that night, but their dad is also Catholic. Does that make me complicit in his going?

    • 46 min
    A Catholic Covert Shares His Story, Navigating Unhealthy Relationships

    A Catholic Covert Shares His Story, Navigating Unhealthy Relationships

    Mother Miriam Live - June 3, 2024
    A Catholic convert shares his story in a newsletter from The Coming Home Network International
    I have heard a lot about Eastern Catholic churches lately and their “Divine Liturgy.” Is that something you would recommend a Catholic check out some time? I have heard many good things, and as I understand it, any Catholic can participate. I get the impression that this is still a better option than an irreverent Novus Ordo mass.
    Can a Catholic married man continue to maintain close relationships and friendships with women other than his wife?
    Navigating difficult and borderline abusive relationships
    For those of us holding firm to the teachings of the Church on human sexuality and the dignity of the human person, how can we guard ourselves against accusations of hatred and bigotry by those who subscribe to these modern gender ideologies? Also, how can I explain that having a belief about such issues does not in itself denote that someone is being “judgmental”?
    During World War Two, Hitler put Jews in the oven. Their crime: Being Jews. Someday, God will put Jews in the oven (Hell). Their sin: Being Jews (not becoming Christians). Hitler burned the Jews, God will burn the Jews. Your thoughts on this comparison, please?

    • 47 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
90 Ratings

90 Ratings

Brian197608 ,

God Bless

She is a joy to listen to.

ChefVal ,

Beloved Dear Mother Miriam

My dear Jewish Catholic sister is an absolute breath of fresh air. May G-d always Bless her! Don’t know what I would do without her!!!

karkar8888 ,

Absurd, Strange

I am trad Catholic but this nun is Wildly bigoted, misinformed and uniformed. Often speaks in a way that is inappropriate for a nun. Expresses many of her personal opinions and “advice” which is often not in alignment with church’s teachings. Her view and tone is often very strangely negative, doom and gloom and full of a hatred and animosity for anyone who does not think or behave in the way that she seems correct. Not a drop of compassion. I would suggest folks reach out to a qualified priest or listen to a more informed and podcast. I have given several of these episodes a listen and she is certainly no mother Angelica. It’s comical they use a pleasant piano music as intro before it drops into her fire and brimstone. One does not “deepen an understanding of Catholicism” but gets a glimpse of these woman’s extremist delusions…

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