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Welcome to Motherhood Simplified,a podcast for moms who want to declutter but don't want to become a full blown minimalist!

Motherhood Simplified Krista Lockwood

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Welcome to Motherhood Simplified,a podcast for moms who want to declutter but don't want to become a full blown minimalist!

    Clutter and enneagram

    Clutter and enneagram


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    paper clutter + surface clutter challenge!

    paper clutter + surface clutter challenge!

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    A bunch of decluttering resources for you!

    A bunch of decluttering resources for you!

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    Simple summer meal planning + stress eating tips

    Simple summer meal planning + stress eating tips

    Listen in with Megan Dahlman as she shares tips on stress eating AND an upcoming even to help you create a capsule pantry AND DIY dinner bins! Join her free event here before 6/9/2022 https://partners.vigeofit.com/37265/117882

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    Simplified postpartum care

    Simplified postpartum care

    Maranda Bower

    • 45 min
    when you just can't catch up on life

    when you just can't catch up on life

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    Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and just laid there totally exhausted by the day and you just can't seem to figure out what you actually did all day? Me too.

    You have already spent the day cleaning and catching up but there are still dishes in the sink, laundry to be done and once again everyone in your house seems to have left their stuff all over for you to clean up?  Sometimes I just can't do another freakin' chore.

    Even if I know it needs to be done. If someone makes me go behind my kids and clean up those tiny pieces of string, straws and cardboard scraps they left on the kitchen table again I will cry (insert bad straw that broke the mama camel's back joke here ).

    When I Googled "how to make my kids stop making a mess" it told me this...  Keep only what you need in all areas of your home Simplify your kids toy collection
     Each and every mom out there feels the hefty weight of trying to keep up on the messes that come with raising kids and that will affect their energy levels and mental/emotional state.

    Add in the need to declutter on top of manage these daily messes, and there is a whole new set of decisions that can affect us and our time we have to do anything else in a day.  Everyone at some point is going to question if they're doing enough, but moms have it on so many levels that I want to make sure you know that you are not alone when you question what you actually got done at the end of the day.

    Especially if it feels like that answer is nothing.  Of course we can make to do lists, chore charts and check them off so that we can feel good about our productivity....and yet there will never be a time where we don't have days where we feel like we still fell short and forgot something or didn't pay enough attention to our kids.

    Every time you question yourself know that there are a million moms out there feeling the same pain as you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  I can't give you a world where you will always have the energy to do all the things in a day, but I can make sure you are surrounded by people who tell you that even when certain decisions don't give you the results you wanted that it will all be ok.

    That is the moment when friend Krista, (not coach Krista) will be there to tell you to just go to bed and leave the messes for tomorrow... and then the next day (when you are ready) I'll be there to help you figure out how to clear some major clutter to get chronically caught up!

    I hope this gives you the gentle nudge to trust yourself to make a decision today even if it isn't contributing to having a more simplified home today, but I do know that you are a wonderful mother who isn't perfect (none of us are) and that's ok.  We don't need to be perfect, we just need to be bold in our decisions, and compassionate in our forgiveness of ourselves.  Talk soon,

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
119 Ratings

119 Ratings

Curly_girl21 ,

Love your course & podcast!

I just listened to Krista’s podcast about Routines vs. Schedules and it was enlightening for me to hear the difference so that I can now figure out how to implement simple routines in my everyday life. I'm on her email list and this was sent to me when I needed it most, whether she knew it or not! I’m excited to start making steps towards having a home that serves my needs by using the tools Krista has provided in her course and helpful tips in her podcast!

whitney256 ,

Thank you Krista!

I completely am in love with this show and podcasts! It’s really helped change my mindset and determination to help me spend more time with my family instead of being surrounded in clutter all the time! Thank you Krista!

SusStutz ,

So easy, and judgement free

Krista is so great and easy to follow. She breaks things down and explains the reasoning why behind it. There is also a Facebook group for support and other questions and support along with her courses for extra support. Such a great and judgmental free community to improve your life.

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