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Welcome to Motherhood Simplified,a podcast for moms who want to declutter but don't want to become a full blown minimalist!
Each episode is recorded live and in real time on my social media platforms so that you can have the experience of hanging with mom friends who get you, and are there for you while you embark on this living with less journey!

Motherhood Simplified Krista Lockwood

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Welcome to Motherhood Simplified,a podcast for moms who want to declutter but don't want to become a full blown minimalist!
Each episode is recorded live and in real time on my social media platforms so that you can have the experience of hanging with mom friends who get you, and are there for you while you embark on this living with less journey!

    The solution to your decision fatigue

    The solution to your decision fatigue

    Have you ever experienced decision fatigue?
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    We can make at most 100 excellent, high level decisions before we begin to max out our brain power.
    As mothers we simply do not have the time or energy to waste on insignificant decisions.

    Organization is often sold to us as a solution for our decision fatigue. I am here to bust this myth for you.

    When you organize the stuff in your home, you are really just making a series of decisions on how to store things.

    It’s essentially attempting to create a system for your decision making. The problem is that when you organize your clutter you still have the same amount of decisions to make on an every day basis.

    When you choose to declutter, you make the decision once and are done with it forever.

    Here are some real life examples of decluttering and decision fatigue.
    One mom inside of the course I created, Decluttering Simplified said this:

    “I finally chose to declutter this book, and now I am free. I never have to make a decision on it again.”

    The book she is referring to was one that she had been trying to read for a year. It sat on her counter, her nightstand and daily she was required to make a decision about it.

    To read it, or not read it? Bring it up to her bedroom, or not? Spend time with her family, or read her book.

    She even brought it on a family vacation and made decisions on it while on vacation.

    What she realized is the book required her to make many decisions almost daily. Never was the decision to actually read, and benefit from the book.

    The way she explained her decision fatigue was so clear.
    Here is another example from a mom inside of the group. This mom decluttered a cupcake stand she never used, but made many decisions on before that.

    The cupcake stand represented the mom she thought she should be. It sat on her counter for a long while until she needed the counter space back.

    She had to decide where to put it. Which led to a series of decisions made on how to rearrange he pantry so it fit.

    It fit in there for a while, but was mostly in the way.

    Which inevitably led to her needing to make another decision on where to keep the cupcake stand.

    Organize a different cabinet? Declutter some tupperware to make room? Something else?

    Ultimately, after a long series of decisions about a cupcake stand that was never used she decluttered it.
    Now, it might not be a cupcake stand for you that is consuming all of your decision power. It can be anything – nail clippers, sunblock, toys, shoes, or a sippy cup for your kids.

    The point I hope you get from this episode is that your clutter requires, and demands a lot from you. In very seemingly small ways that add up over time.

    Decluttering is also a series of decisions you need to make.

    What do you do first, next and last?

    Where do you take the items?

    Should you sell them? For how much?

    When should you declutter? Do you include the kids, and how?

    You can experience decision fatigue in decluttering as well, so the less things you need to figure out yourself the more time and energy you have to spend actually decluttering.

    Which is exactly what I offer inside of Decluttering Simplified. Not only do you have the full step by step plan available to you, but you also have accountability and support in implementing the content.

    Check it out and enroll right here! 

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    How to have a drop in ready home

    How to have a drop in ready home


    Get the show notes and full transcription here!

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    Practical rest for moms with Deanna Mason

    Practical rest for moms with Deanna Mason

    0:57 - what is burnout? 

    1:58 - signs in humans 

    5:18 - what actually causes burnout 

    7:42 - ask yourself these important questions 

    9:26 - Deanna's story 

    12:02 - Deanna's first signs of overwhelm in herself. 

    20:02 - how do you recover? 

    20:25 - the impact of rest 

    21:17 - 7 ways to rest 

    32:36 - Deanna's Sabbath rest and how that looks 

    34:02 - how Krista's practical rest with kids has looked. 

    41:17 - refreshed moms podcast - https://deannamason.com/the-refreshed-moms-podcast/ 

    41:31 - spiritual rest with refreshed moms on facebook

    Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/spiritualrestwithrefreshedmoms/?ref=share

    Page - https://www.facebook.com/refreshedmomswithdeanna 

    44:09 - mini sabbaticals - https://refreshed-moms-academy.teachable.com/p/refreshed-moms-spiritual-rest-mini-sabbatical 


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    What is Decluttering Simplified?

    What is Decluttering Simplified?

    1:28 - what is decluttering simplified 

    2:24 - how the course fits with a Montessori mindset

    3:26 - how it fits into life as a mom

    5:31 - how Krista stays with you for ongoing accountability and community 

    6:24 - why Krista keeps things super simple

    7:44 - Krista regularly improves on this course as she watches how it works for real life moms

    9:12 - framework of the course content

    12:31 - bonus - toy decluttering 101 and clothes decluttering 101 + maintenance decluttering plan.

    15:43 - accountability worked in

    16:38 - twice a month co decluttering sessions 

    18:23 - audio and video content. Most is transcribed.

    21:15 - typical results

    25:38 - track your progress

    27:30 - mindset after decluttering

    29:29 - recap of what is decluttering simplified the course

    30:39 - what it is

    31:09 - what it is not

    33:00 - Krista's heart about why she does this

    33:50 - https://motherhoodsimplified.com/declutteringsimplified

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    One thing you need to do if you want to successfully declutter your home

    One thing you need to do if you want to successfully declutter your home

    1:06 - the thing you have to do. 

    3:00 - general rules of thumb 

    3:13 - 1st rule of thumb - do your stuff first. Lead by example. 

    5:32 - example of why you need to do your stuff first. 

    6:34 - 2nd rule of thumb - be mindful of their ages and stages of development 

    8:03 - Decluttering simplified the course https://motherhoodsimplified.com/declutteringsimplified 

    8:37 - 3rd rule of thumb - adjust your expectations around their timeline. 

    11:17 - 4th rule of thumb - proactively moving forward in a new way with what is coming into your home on a regular basis as well as how often you are intentionally letting go. 

    13:44 - release your clutter like a powerful mother challenge in the Facebook group happening May 3-10th!


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    Why decluttering is so emotionally draining

    Why decluttering is so emotionally draining

    This episode is all about why we are so emotionally invested into our clutter, and how we can break free from it.

    -our childhood wounds are being relived, whatever those are and it can be the OPPOSITE of your childhood wounds

    -avoiding your home because it's too overwhelming to be there. So we find other things to do, places to go, things to have. 

    -buying things because it was a good deal and we had FOMO, scarcity based mindset and feeling like we will be deprived or not have enough

    -we become victims of expert marketers telling us well be a good mom, our kids will be happier/smarter/more well rounded

    -we want to keep up with trends and the joneses. To feel accepted/included.

    So how do we move past it?

    -the most effective thing, dive into your decluttering with a critical mind. If we declutter only from emotion that's when we regret it, or get rid of the wrong things. 

    You can start small, and you can start simple. Sometimes we think we have to go from where we are now to the extreme opposite that we probably don’t even want. You have time/ there are so many steps between where you’re at now, and white walls one spoon and 2 outfits AND

    You can get support in this 

    -start to let the layers of stuff go. See the relief you feel, and how safe it really is to declutter. 

    -take a step back and ask critically "why is it hard for me to let this go", "realistically what will happen if I let this go" what is the WORST case scenario. 

    -create voids in your home and life so that you can fill it up with something better. We fear white space not realizing those are the spaces for the things we DO want to have grow. 


    3:40 - the list of reasons that we might be feeling emotionally invested into our clutter and therefore it makes it difficult to declutter 

    16:23 - how do we move past the clutter 

    20:27 - new/free challenge Release your clutter like a powerful mother challenge - May 3rd-10th inside the facebook group 

    23:24 - its not as bad as you think 

    24:42 - Whats the worst that could happen? 

    26:09 - join us in the facebook group for the release your clutter like a powerful mother. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2010014145929427/?ref=share

    28:14 - share this podcast with your friends

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4.8 out of 5
97 Ratings

97 Ratings

k mccarthy ,


I love listening to Krista every week while decluttering my home! She is Motivating, real, compassionate and she just gets it! This podcast is a must listen for anyone going through this motherhood journey-!

This Alaskan Mama ,


I love how you are authentic!! Doing this in real time with the crazy life we all have as moms so we can feel not alone! I love having this to listen to weekly to keep my modulation up on decluttering my home! Thank you!!!

Jenbunny626 ,

Great podcast

This podcast has been so helpful in guiding me in simplifying my life/house.

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