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Mom Business Coach Rosemary Nickel interviews the most inspiring and successful mompenuers. We pull back the curtain, share vulnerable moments with lessons we’ve learned along the way and solid business tips. MOM Radio will leave you saying “I CAN DO IT!”

Motivating Other Moms Rosemary Nickel

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Mom Business Coach Rosemary Nickel interviews the most inspiring and successful mompenuers. We pull back the curtain, share vulnerable moments with lessons we’ve learned along the way and solid business tips. MOM Radio will leave you saying “I CAN DO IT!”

    M.O.M. Radio - EP #71 - Cynthia Jamin

    M.O.M. Radio - EP #71 - Cynthia Jamin

    On this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by actor-turned-entrepreneur, Cynthia Jamin.  Cynthia and Rosemary discuss her acting journey, the various shows she made appearances on and how she started out. Cynthia shifted into entrepreneurship and shares the story of her shift into TwirlyGirl. Rosemary and Cynthia also discuss a sensitive topic that has affected both of their lives in a substantial way and how they shared their story.


    Key Takeaways:

    01:02 Cynthia talks about acting career

    03:18 Rosemary and Cynthia discuss how she got started in her acting journey

    10:56 Is acting like entrepreneurship?

    12:45 Cynthia’s transition from acting to entrepreneur

    14:45 Getting her daughters involved in TwirlyGirl

    17:28 Cynthia shares how she started her business

    18:31 The challenge of having an online clothing store

    20:19 Cynthia’s target audience

    24:30 Starting TwirlyGirl

    29:52 Getting strong and confident

    31:04 Cynthia and Rosemary discuss self defense

    32:10 Rosemary and Cynthia share their experiences

    38:54 Adding Cynthia’s story to her business

    41:00 How Cynthia has grown

    43:40 Rosemary and Cynthia speak about giving advice and getting feedback

    48:31 How this can change lives

    52:15 Parenting challenges

    56:02 Cynthia talks about taking her daughter to a defense class

    59:20 How to get in touch with Cynthia



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    Listen, Learn, Love by Susan Miller 



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    M.O.M. Radio - EP #70 - Sharon Lechter

    M.O.M. Radio - EP #70 - Sharon Lechter

    On this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by financial guru, Sharon Lechter. After Sharon’s life experience with children and financial responsibility, she has made sure to spread her knowledge to help parents teach their kids about money. Rosemary and Sharon discuss Homeschooling, youth finances and the events that lead up to Sharon’s expertise.


    Key Takeaways:

    1:52 Sharon talks about being a grandma

    5:11 Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series

    5:50 Sharon gives tips for developing content

    07:24 Financial education for youth

    13:25 Sharon speaks about when her son went to college

    16:37 Monetary struggles

    18:40 Rosemary and Sharon discuss negativity

    25:33 Tips for entrepreneurial moms

    29:00 The importance of mastermind Groups

    33:04 Rosemary and Sharon talk about homeschooling

    25:00 Being taught not to ask for help

    36:18 Sharon explains making changes in our society

    38:25 Sharon’s games to help kids with money

    43:57 How kids can start a business with a gum ball machine

    45:47 Sharon’s favorite book

    48:32 Sharon’s favorite junk food


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    M.O.M. Radio - EP #69 - Maria Ross

    M.O.M. Radio - EP #69 - Maria Ross

    On this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by actress, author and marketing guru, Maria Ross. Maria is an entrepreneurial mom who has had her share of ups and downs. With a sudden health crisis, Maria’s outlook on life shifted and changed her view for the better. Maria and Rosemary cover a slew of topics including branding, key qualities of business and life as an entrepreneurial mom.

    Key Takeaways:
    01:03 How Maria started in branding
    03:07 Acting or Branding: What came first?
    05:30 Your internet appearance versus reality
    07:32 Rosemary and Maria discuss creating content and building trust with your audience
    10:11 Maria talks about the importance of consistency
    14:02 Creating content that you enjoy creating
    15:30 What is branding?
    16:52 Rosemary and Maria talk logos
    19:04 Maria describes her journey
    21:50 Maria talks about her book
    23:29 Being and advocate for your health
    27:30 Maria speaks about patience
    29:00 Asking for help
    32:30 Maria talks about her son
    35:42 What had Maria surprised about motherhood
    42:02 “Magical” new-mom moments
    44:19 Maria speaks about her marriage
    47:22 The struggle of being a mom and running a business
    52:07 Over scheduling your children
    58:01 How to reach Maria


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    M.O.M. Radio - EP #68 - Marla Cilley, The Fly Lady

    M.O.M. Radio - EP #68 - Marla Cilley, The Fly Lady

    On this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by The Fly Lady. The two discuss the start of The Fly Lady ministry, turning chores into blessings and the family business dynamic. The Fly Lady shares her insights and tips with Rosemary about parenting, home life and getting organized. Rosemary shares her struggles and gets ideas and possible solutions.


    Key Takeaways:

    [00:00:47] Rosemary introduces The Fly Lady

    [00:02:37] Blog talk vs iTunes

    [00:05:10] The Fly Lady discusses starting out

    [00:06:31] Without a website, how she started with The Fly Lady

    [00:10:15] Where The Fly Lady got her name

    [00:12:22] The Fly Lady talks about working for county commissioner

    [00:14:26] What is the first step in becoming organized?

    [00:16:56] Kids unloading the dishwasher

    [00:18:19] The role of mom at home

    [00:20:16] The Fly Lady describes The Launch Pad

    [00:22:10] The ladies talk about the term “fly babies”

    [00:23:40] All about feeling overwhelmed

    [00:24:31] The Fly Lady describes an ideal morning routine with a toddler

    [00:27:05] The importance of getting up early

    [00:27:48] The Fly Lady’s philosophy on shoes

    [00:28:55] The Fly Lady family dynamic

    [00:29:52] Selecting tools & company dynamic

    [00:36:10] The importance of bookkeeping

    [00:38:52] Creativity versus born organized

    [00:39:53] The Fly Lady talks about her new book

    [00:43:22] What it was like shipping books before

    [00:44:54] The Fly Lady talks about her website

    [00:47:25] Where you can find The Fly Lady






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    M.O.M. Radio - EP #67 - Susie Miller

    M.O.M. Radio - EP #67 - Susie Miller

    On this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by Relationship Coach, Susie Miller. Susie Miller is a cancer survivor, an empty-nester, and someone who is referred to as a Possibilitarian. Susie provides a fresh and relieving look at problems we face daily, and has been a huge help to so many moms, including Rosemary. Susie and Rosemary discuss a slew of topics covering different relationship and family conflicts and their solutions, while discussing the importance of community among moms.


    Key Takeaways:

    [05:29] Susie tells her story

    [07:32] “We don't do this alone.”

    [10:35] Rosemary and Susie discuss judgement

    [14:12] Susie explains the importance of being in the moment

    [18:06] Success in the home life

    [21:14] Rosemary and Susie talk about taking vacations with your spouse

    [24:31] What does your perfect life look like?

    [25:43] Susie speaks about balance versus harmony

    [29:14] Being alone with your spouse

    [32:40] Susie talks about saying no and the deeper yes

    [34:53] Rosemary talks about her spirituality journey

    [38:15] Fighting with spouse

    [40:55] Susie describes the gifts she is giving away

    [46:01] What is real?

    [47:12] Susie and Rosemary discuss the importance of knowing others are struggling



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    M.O.M. Radio - EP #66 - Marsh Engle

    M.O.M. Radio - EP #66 - Marsh Engle

    On this episode of Motivating Other Moms, Rosemary is joined by spiritual life coach, Marsh Engle.. Rosemary and Marsh talk about their strengths and values, and their spirituality. Marsh shares her journey from stay at home mom to life coach, and the ups and downs she has encountered along the way. Marsh has two special gifts for the listeners!

    Key Takaways:

    [00:01:30] Marsh talks about her kids and starting out

    [00:02:27] Marsh and Rosemary talk about the media

    [00:06:48] Traveling

    [00:12:02] What was going through Marsh’s head

    [00:16:27] Rosemary and Marsh speak about self care

    [00:21:07] Marsh shares her experience of going to maui

    [00:23:29] How Maui got Marsh all fired up

    [00:28:14] Marsh talks about women and vulnerability

    [00:29:28] Redefining leadership

    [00:33:02] Strengths versus values

    [00:43:02] Women in spirituality


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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

KianaJB ,

Loving the Support from Other Moms

Having a podcast specifically for moms is so needed. Thanks Rosemary for the added value and support your podcast is providing.

Demi @ Comcastro.com ,

Great info!

Love the mission and the can do attitude! Rosemary anticipates the questions people will have and really has a beat on what needs to be covered!

Heather @ BeatInfertility.co ,

I hope to be a mom one day

My twins died during delivery in January 2014. Most people say I'm a mom already, but it's hard to feel that way. I love listening to this show to get me mentally prepared for my future! Especially the infertility episode since that's my struggle right now. Thanks, Rosemary!

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