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Mystery Through Manners is a storytelling podcast which explores the living expressions of the Catholic faith from the perspective of everyday Catholic Americans Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mystery-manners/support

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Mystery Through Manners is a storytelling podcast which explores the living expressions of the Catholic faith from the perspective of everyday Catholic Americans Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mystery-manners/support

    Sneak Peak Story: Ruah Storytellers

    Sneak Peak Story: Ruah Storytellers

    Want a sneak peak into our inaugural Advent series?

    Advent is just around the corner (only one week away!) so we decided to give our listeners a sneak peak into our vision for this platform by releasing a teaser episode featuring one of our gifted storytellers, Brittany Calavitta.  Brittany's writing can be found on her website, www.liveinthelonging.com.

    Music for Today's Episode:

    "In Need of a Savior (feat. Andrea Thomas)". Words and Music by Andrea Thomas and the Vigil Project.

    © 2016 Papercastle Records Publishing (ASCAP), VIGIL Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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    Trailer: Ruah Storytellers

    Trailer: Ruah Storytellers

    Welcome to Ruah Storytellers, a daily Catholic storytelling podcast to accompany you through the season of Advent. Each day, a different woman of faith will journey with you to the manger through the power of story. Through the gift of poetry, spoken word, oral storytelling, and song, listeners can deepen their faith and find shared purpose and hope this liturgical season.
    For more information about our mission, theme, and storytellers, please visit our website www.ruahstorytellers.com and please SUBSCRIBE AND DOWNLOAD Ruah Storytellers to listen to your favorite storytellers. 


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    34: When Music Heals

    34: When Music Heals

    In our final episode of this second season, we discuss the power of the arts to help provide healing, particularly through music. Whether it's the individual, the culture, or the Church, music can enliven our spirits and help us to face big, deep emotions on the journey of faith.

    Featured in today's episode:

    Shaun Garrison, musician, missionary, founder of Windswept Ministries. You can learn more about Shaun at his website: https://www.shaungarrison.com.

    Jimmy Mitchell, founder of Love Good Culture. For more information about how you can support Jimmy and the Love Good Mission, please visit his website here: https://lovegoodculture.com.

    Gabby Banzon, podcaster, musician, and music therapist. You can visit Gabby's website for more information about her various projects here: https://www.gabbybanzon.com. In her spare time, Gabby partners with other Catholic musicians in the Novum Collective. You can learn more about their work here: https://www.instagram.com/novumcollective/

    Andrea Thomas, co-founder and singer for the Vigil Project. Please visit their website for information about upcoming tour dates and music for the Advent season. https://www.thevigilproject.com

    Music for Today's Episode: 

    All Shall Be Well

    Words and music by Shaun Garrison.

    © 2017 Shaun Garrison. As recorded on All Shall be Well. All rights reserved. Used by permission. 


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    33: The Careful Art of Live Stories

    33: The Careful Art of Live Stories

    In today's episode, we dive into the world of beauty through the medium of theater. We talk with experts in the theater, including playwrights, directors, and actors, about how the medium can build bridges in today's fractured world, why storytelling is essential in the Christian life, and how theater can move our hearts perhaps more than any other art form.

    Featured guests for today's episode: Dr. David E. King, professor at Kennesaw State University. For more about David and his beautiful writings for the Church, check out the article I discovered for my research on storytelling in the Catholic tradition!

    Jeremy Stanbary, executive artistic director of Open Window Theatre.

    Cole Matson, Managing director of Open Window Theatre.

    For more about Open Window and their beautiful work, please visit their website! (In particular, check out their CORE principles, as referenced in the episode!)

    Laura Pittenger, playwright and director living in New York City. For more information about Laura's work, please visit her website and the Sheen Center for information about the theater fellowship program and other talented playwrights putting together beautiful work for the archdiocese.

    Music for Today's Episode:

    Heave Ho⁠ Words and music by Fr. Tansi.⁠© 2018 Love Good Culture. As recorded on Garden. All rights reserved. Used by permission from the artist. https://lovegoodculture.com/product/garden-2/⁠


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    32: The Met Gala

    32: The Met Gala

    In 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hosted its annual MET Gala, the kick-off to an exhibit under the same theme. Oh...and the theme for the night? "Heavenly Bodies, and the Catholic Imagination." I mean, was there any chance I WOULDN'T do an episode on it? :)

    Featured Guests for the episode:

    Dr. Anne Carpenter, associate professor of theology at St. Mary's College

    Dr. Jennifer Frey, professor of philosophy at University of South Carolina

    Elizabeth Lev, art historian in Rome

    Music for today's episode:

    Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent

    Words by Gerard Moultrie. 

    © 2015 Sarah Kroger. As recorded on Origin (a beauty initiative within FOCUS). All rights reserved. Used by permission. https://focusoncampus.org/beauty/projects


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    31: The Cost of Curating Beauty

    31: The Cost of Curating Beauty

    Many months ago, as I began to create storylines and episode ideas for an entire season on Beauty, I came across an interesting dilemma: how to talk about beauty when our world has so many ideas about it? It seemed to be that the only way to have an honest and real discussion about the importance of Beauty in our lives, we have to address the ways the culture has weaponized beauty to cause harm and anxiety.

    In today's episode, we dive into the heart of our culture's problem with beauty, and how we can better serve as a model for the gift of True Beauty.

    Guests for Today's episode:

    Amanda Martinez Beck, writer, podcaster, and author of "Lovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave Me

    Mary Rose Somarriba, managing editor at Verily Magazine. Please visit their website and check out their new subscription service, Verily Yours.

    Colleen Carroll Campbell, award-winning journalist, speaker, and author of The Heart of Perfection: How the Saints Taught me to Trade my Dream of Perfection for God's.

    Music for Today's Episode:

    Beautiful Love

    Words and music by Dana Catherine. 

    © 2018 Dana Catherine EP. As recorded on Nothing in the World. All rights reserved. Used by permission. http://www.danacatherinemusic.com/shop

    Today's Sponsor: Annunciation Designs.

    Looking for gifts for those you love, especially as we approach the Fall and Holiday gift-buying season? Please visit www.annunciationdesigns.com and use PROMO code MANNERS for 10% off your next purchase (keep in mind the store will be closed in the month of September). 


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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

duckysrmyfriends ,

Intellectual and Accessible Ways of Understanding Catholic Art

I’ve gone back and listened to the episodes on beauty three or four times already, particularly the introductory one to Season 2, several times. The interview with Laurence Pierson, the iconographer, was brilliant and really explored the deep meaning behind religious iconography as an aid to prayer. I appreciated how Jules addresses both the amazing beauty in churches, liturgical music, and Catholic art, while also recognizing the ways in which the Church hasn’t always championed her artists, particularly in recent decades. I appreciated the nuance and insight Jules brings to each episode, and as someone who is getting her PhD in literature, Jules has really profound insights into literature and art that makes me feel like she’s a kindred spirit.

This podcast is one of the best out there for reflecting on the intersection of faith and art. I love that it’s interviews woven together with Jules’s own narration in a conversational way, without simply being a “banter” podcast (though those are fun too!). It’s refreshing to have a podcast with a clear narrative arc, as well as deep and insightful reflections on the history of Catholicism, Catholic art, and Catholic communities.

Howarac ,

An absolute blessing

I can not tell you how much this podcast has blessed me!
My sister in law (who had worked with Jules at Camp Gray) told me about it. This has become one of my absolute favorites!
Jules does such a great job of surveying the whole landscape of art and culture in a way that makes you hope and feel that, maybe it isn’t just from a Catholic perspective, but is slowly, surely seeping into the whole world around us (maybe that is truly ‘catholic’!). You have shown me things that are out there that I would not have known otherwise. It builds a community of support for us trying to live quite, holy lives.
From the beginning, but especially this second season on beauty, this podcast has helped inspire me to take up my own brush (laid down for many years) and to create some beauty of my own in my little corner of the world.
I share your podcast with everyone I who will listen.
Thank you, thank you, Jules for the love & passion you share with us here.

Amy K. Powers ,

My favorite!

So much love put into this podcast...the highlight of my day when there’s a new one. Thank you!

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