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The National Fire Radio Podcast Channel featuring a variety of personalities and their podcasts that capture the essence of the Fire Service.

National Fire Radio Jeremy Donch and Robert Ridley

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The National Fire Radio Podcast Channel featuring a variety of personalities and their podcasts that capture the essence of the Fire Service.

    The Size Up Episode 70 - Room To Improve - Ryan - Carna Bunker Gear

    The Size Up Episode 70 - Room To Improve - Ryan - Carna Bunker Gear

    In this episode, Pip and Ryan Conley discuss the importance of reducing cancer risks in the fire service and the need for improved gear and training. They highlight the challenges faced by firefighters, including the use of gear that contains carcinogens and the lack of awareness about the risks. Ryan shares his experience as a firefighter and his journey to create Carna Bunker Gear, a risk reduction tool that mimics the weight and thermal capabilities of gear without the associated risks. They also discuss the need for cultural change and the ongoing discussions within the fire service to address these issues. The conversation covers the importance of reducing exposure to carcinogens in the fire service and the need for proper decontamination practices. It emphasizes the risks firefighters face from both known and unknown chemicals and the need for education and awareness. The conversation also discusses the benefits of wearing long sleeve shirts, washing gear, and taking sleep and nutrition seriously. The creation of training gear that allows firefighters to train without exposing themselves to harmful substances is highlighted as a solution to reduce exposure and extend the life of operational gear. In this final part of the conversation, Ryan and Pip discuss the importance of cleaning SCBAs after fires and how PFAS has become a gateway conversation for cancer risk reduction. They also talk about their love for good food. Because, what you do off the job, MATTERS!!!

    • 1 hr 12 min
    The Porch - Top Floor Tactics Episode 26

    The Porch - Top Floor Tactics Episode 26

    Jeremy and Mickey sit down together on the porch where the conversation revolves around the concept of firefighter IQ and the importance of deep understanding and thinking in the fire service. They discuss the need for firefighters to go beyond just performing repetitive tasks and instead focus on developing a deeper understanding of the job. They emphasize the value of lectures and learning from experienced firefighters, as well as the importance of analyzing fire videos and using social media as a tool for education. The guys also discuss the significance of work ethic, attention to detail, and letting your tools do the talking.

    • 49 min
    333. Beatles Forever and a Mix of Firefighting - Anthony Avillo

    333. Beatles Forever and a Mix of Firefighting - Anthony Avillo

    Retired Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo loves the fire service but a the Beatles and English rock certainly can compete. Anthony has had an extensive career that began early on with his first memories of the Tiller truck and Snorkel turning out for runs from his neighborhood firehouse. He found himself playing football, attending college and by chance, taking the fire test which began his journey in firefighting. He credits his upbringing and football on his dedication and work ethic. His foundation was strong which lead to a successful career with the Weehawkin, NJ Fire Department, which eventually became the North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue Department. Retiring in 2015 as a Deputy Chief, Chief Avillo began teaching and sharing his perspective and experience with the fire service. A published author, presenter and leader in the fire service, his knowledge is overshadowed by his zest for learning. He runs with the heavy hitters and values the relationships he has made over the years. While he continues to push the job forward, he certainly recognizes the need to pass the baton to the next generation. Mentoring and paying it forward is at the forefront of making this job better, and Anthony Avillo is doing just that. While he is professional in all aspects of the job, he has never truly grown up - which keeps him young and ready to run!!
    Check out www.chiefavillo.com for more information about his writings and other projects he is working on.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Frontline Mindset Episode 14. Maia Brown and the Beltane Guild

    Frontline Mindset Episode 14. Maia Brown and the Beltane Guild

    In today's episode of 'Frontline Mindset,' Rob sits down with Maia Brown from the Beltane Guild. They delve into Maia's influential career in the fire service and discuss the founding of the Beltane Guild. This episode is a must-listen for those starting a family in the fire service, as Rob and Maia also touch on important reproductive health issues. Join us to gain insights into her journey and the valuable lessons she's sharing."

    • 51 min
    The Size Up Episode 69 - Circle Of Influence - Gerard Mann

    The Size Up Episode 69 - Circle Of Influence - Gerard Mann

    In this episode, Pip and Gerard Mann discuss their friendship and the importance of living in the moment. They reflect on their past experiences together, including Gerard's visits to the United States and their shared love for the fire service. They also talk about the value of authentic relationships and the need to go beyond surface-level conversations. The conversation touches on the excitement of upcoming trips and the joy of experiencing new cultures and traditions. The conversation explores the concept of aligning one's circle of interest with their circle of influence to avoid frustration and negativity. It delves into the importance of understanding what can and cannot be changed and the need for patience in implementing change. The theme of parenting and the parallels between parenting and leadership are discussed, emphasizing the importance of explaining decisions and being vulnerable. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the value of travel, building relationships, and the intimate atmosphere of teaching and instructing. They emphasize the need for instructors to be humble, curious, and focused on the growth and development of their students. They also highlight the role of instructors as coaches and leaders, guiding and supporting their students to become better. The conversation touches on the significance of experience and learning from mistakes, as well as the rewards of seeing the growth and success of students. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of effective teaching and the impact it can have on students' learning and development. Because, what you do off the job, MATTERS!!!!

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Top Floor Tactics Episode 25

    Top Floor Tactics Episode 25

    In this episode Jeremy and I sit down over a few cold beers to delve into the world of leadership and the critical traits and skills that define effective leaders in high-stakes environments, examine the concept of "Firefighter IQ," and discuss the ever-growing influence of social media on the firefighting community.

    • 1 hr 13 min

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4.7 out of 5
175 Ratings

175 Ratings

Moose4760 ,

My first time

I listen to podcasts all the time, today was my first time listening to your show (episode 239) and it just happened to be featuring my son Trevor Meador, it was fantastic (slightly biased)! But seriously, your energy and the overall podcast was great, I’ll be listening to more on my commute into DC!

Ronnie509 ,

Thank you!

I’m a 21 year FF and a 26 year elevator mechanic. This is a phenomenal podcast, and appreciate everything you do!

Beast beater ,

Daily dash of gratitude

This is a daily dash of gratitude of the people who serve the job well. This show is showing that the Brotherhood is strong, alive and well.

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