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Capturing the Traditions and Culture of the Fire Service

National Fire Radio Jeremy Donch and Robert Ridley

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Capturing the Traditions and Culture of the Fire Service

    232. No Such Thing as Ground Hog's Day Here - Mike Elston

    232. No Such Thing as Ground Hog's Day Here - Mike Elston

    232. No Such Thing as Ground Hog's Day Here - Mike Elston by Jeremy Donch and Robert Ridley

    • 56 min
    231. 30 Years of Mistakes - Steve Robertson

    231. 30 Years of Mistakes - Steve Robertson

    Columbus, OH Engine Co. 18 Lieutenant Steve Robertson can rattle off numbers on nozzle and hose packages all day long. His deep knowledge on engine company operations is widely known across the globe with his conference lectures and hands on training, the countless training articles, podcasts, seminars and the list goes on and on. His highly popular class, Stretching for Success, is in his words, 30 years of mistakes wrapped up into one program. "We all make mistakes" and "we screwed up fellas" is easy to say, but how we go about addressing it and fixing it is what sets people apart. "We must train to our weaknesses" is an absolute for Steve. The mentors of Steve's early years truly left a mark with him and he now finds himself over 30 years later helping shape the next generations. It's often easy to forget that Steve still runs as a Lt. in a busy urban engine company. More than just fires, the routine of the job, including shootings and overdoses plague his first due. He speaks to these aspects of the job as well, discussing a recent mass shooting in which there were many lessons to be learned. The job is constantly evolving and "requires us to keep growing". This episode has so much packed into it and Steve Robertson is certainly a leader in the fire service. "Don't take my word for it, vet me" and "Knowledge without experience is just theory". Words that Steve Robertson truly believes in. Stretching for Success in my opinion is not just about stretching lines, it's about accountability and being sure we put the work in to be a successful.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    The Size Up Episode 19: Jeremy Sanders @crew1stculture

    The Size Up Episode 19: Jeremy Sanders @crew1stculture


    Leave it better than you found it has been the main tenet of crew 1st cultures mission since day one. Jeremy and Pip’s friendship started several years ago. This week's episode includes topics concerning, family, life, balance, leadership and the fire service.

    Jeremy recently attended The Metro Atlanta Fire Firefighters Conference and took part in the Tactical Resiliency program. He speaks about the importance of the class to all firefighters giving you not just the how it is run, but the why. Just more reasons to ask yourself the question. What’s My Size Up.

    Jeremy can be contacted on Instagram @crew1stculture or his email crew1stculture@yahoo.com

    • 1 hr 8 min
    230. You Gotta Share It - Eric Hankins

    230. You Gotta Share It - Eric Hankins

    23 years with the City of Yuba City, CA, Battalion Chief Eric Hankins recognizes that his position can affect change within his organization. The Battalion Chief still hits the street with companies and is a important part of the operations structure in and out of the firehouse. His presence on the fire ground provides him with the insight he needs to be a champion for the needs of those working the streets. It's a liaison position, the go between the firefighter and officers and the administration. Being able to affect change is a great task and one Eric does not hold lightly. His roots in the fire service hooked him and he took a quick liking to the emergency services. A focus on training really hooked him and he found his way to conferences, training events and other activities where he found like minded firefighters. He was always looking for more knowledge, more insight about the job he was so passionate about. his lead to friendships and comradery that opened more and more doors. He soon found himself the Vice President of the FOOLS (international) and teaching with some of the biggest names in the business. Inside the job, Eric is a decorated firefighter including the 2010 Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award by FDIC / Fire Engineering as well as the California State Firefighters Association Medal of Valor for his heroic rescues made off duty from a burning building. His career thus far has been everything he has wanted and more. He has come to understand the need for a sort of balance outside the job and he finds that the two wheel therapy of his motorcycle is exactly what he needs. A member of the Men of Fire Motorcycle Club allows him to unwind and decompress from the job. He values his friendships and recognizes we need to do more for one another. Losing several Brothers and friends to mental health, he knows we have along way to go to help our own and he is passionate about the topic of mental health in the fire service. Eric Hankins loves the job and continues to teach and promote why the job is so good. Eric truly believes that you need to share it in order to pay it forward and he continues to do that each day.

    • 59 min
    PipTalks Episode 3: Music

    PipTalks Episode 3: Music

    Pip talks about the importance of music in his life

    • 10 min
    229. We're All Doing the Same Job - Kerri Lawson

    229. We're All Doing the Same Job - Kerri Lawson

    From wildland firefighting out west to structural firefighting in South Carolina, Kerri Lawson has found a comfort in firefighting. A strong female mentor early on set the stage for Kerri to find her way into the wildland protection. Growing up surrounded by the great outdoors, her love of the freedom and lifestyle that surrounds that type of living was so impactful to her. Wildland firefighting offered something she wanted and proved to be a test of her wit and determination. Dong the job the same as her male counterparts was imperative so that she knew she belonged exactly where she was. Always facing scrutiny and having to prove herself, Kerri has always been on the offensive in making sure she is an equal. From her wilderness days to now firefighting with the St. John's Fire District in South Carolina, she knows that firefighting is where she belongs. Focusing on herself and making sure those around her are well, she is an advocate for metal health. Dealing with her own struggles at times, finding an outlet and just talking with someone can change the course of someone's life. Kerri is passionate about people and those who might need an ear. She longs for the mountains of Wyoming and Utah and hopes to find her way back to her roots because the wilderness is where she thrives.

    • 59 min

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4.7 out of 5
151 Ratings

151 Ratings

Ronnie509 ,

Thank you!

I’m a 21 year FF and a 26 year elevator mechanic. This is a phenomenal podcast, and appreciate everything you do!

Beast beater ,

Daily dash of gratitude

This is a daily dash of gratitude of the people who serve the job well. This show is showing that the Brotherhood is strong, alive and well.

Firefiretony62266626 ,

Instant classic

Podcasting is becoming part of the culture of the fire service, very cool what these guys are doing. Great guest!

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