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Nomadic Diaries shares the secrets of life lived well in the global mobility lane. We cover everything from launch to landing in the expat, repat, digital and global nomadic communities.   

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Nomadic Diaries shares the secrets of life lived well in the global mobility lane. We cover everything from launch to landing in the expat, repat, digital and global nomadic communities.   

    Palm Trees, Refugees and Resilience - Joel Bond

    Palm Trees, Refugees and Resilience - Joel Bond

    Nomadic Diaries host, Doreen Cumberford sits down with Joel Bond, to discuss Palm Trees and Resilience!  Joel is an author, educator, and expatriate who has lived in Iraq for seven years. They dive into his experience as chronicled in his first book, "As Large as Your Spirit," touching on the human side of living overseas and finding one's identity amidst global chaos.
    We discussed Joel's Reverse Refugee Experience, where he shared his unique tale of attempting to return to Iraq amidst the refugee crisis, offering a fresh perspective on the term 'reverse refugee.'

    A few highlights from this show included:
    Pandemic Reflections
    The enforced solitude of the pandemic brought about a period of introspection for Joel, prompting a deeper understanding of his global nomad identity.
    Post-ISIS Iraq
    Joel paints a picture of life in Iraq after ISIS, discussing rebuilding efforts, educational challenges, and the surge of foreign investments.
    Evacuation and Repatriation 
    Joel describes the urgency of evacuating a country for safety, the subsequent emotional turmoil, and the journey towards finding a new balance.
    This conversation underlines the value of empathy and listening to the myriad of personal stories shared by individuals, regardless of their backgrounds.Doreen and Joel credit their time in the Middle East for their resilience, not only in adapting to change but also thriving amidst them. 

    When culture shock gets you down, view it as an opportunity to dig deeper and learn more!
    Joel's book can be found on Amazon.

    Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/joeldavidbond/
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/joeldavidbond
    Linkedin Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joeldavidbond/
    Amazon Link: https://a.co/d/5o9g5RJ

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    Adaptation: The Ultimate Superpower

    Adaptation: The Ultimate Superpower

    Catch Renata Urban's sage advice and Doreen Cumberford's experience on this episode of Nomadic Diaries, guiding you through the exciting yet challenging journey of developing  adaptation  the superpower . Whether you're planning a move, living abroad, or simply curious about cross-cultural experiences, this episode is a must-listen.
    Episode Highlights
    The Art of Adaptability
    Renata Urban discusses the critical factors for a successful expatriate experience, such as adaptability, emotional and intercultural agility, and a readiness for change.
    Language and Culture
    The importance of language learning is emphasized, noting that it goes beyond communication—it's about respecting and engaging with the culture of the host country.

    Five-Step System for Cultural Adaptation
    Renata provides a guide to understanding and adapting to a new culture.
    Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone
    Renata and Doreen encourage listeners to stretch their limits, embrace the discomfort, and be open to the unpredictability of new cultures.
    Language Learning for English Speaker
    Renata challenges the complacency among native English speakers and stresses the benefits of trying to speak the local language.
    Communication Over Precision
    Renata highlights the significance of appreciating the efforts of non-native speakers and values effort over grammatical perfection.
    Intercultural 'Sixth Sense
    Renata wishes for expats to have an intuitive superpower for sensing and responding correctly in intercultural situations.
    Building Cultural Awareness
    The conversation includes tips for developing cultural agility and understanding over time through curiosity and careful consideration
    Catch Renata Urban's sage advice and Doreen Cumberford's vast experience on this episode of Nomadic Diaries, guiding you through the exciting yet challenging journey of cultural adaptation. Whether you're planning a move, living abroad, or simply curious about cross-cultural experiences, this episode is a must-listen.
    Contact Renata Urban

    Explore Renata's range of training and courses to take your intercultural skills to the next level. 

    Recommended Resource
    "The Culture Map" by Erin Mayer is suggested reading for those seeking a deeper understanding of cultural dimensions and preferences.
    Thank you for tuning into Nomadic Diaries. Join us for our next adventure, where we discuss the beauty of blending into the local tapestry of life abroad. Safe travels and until next time, embrace the journey!

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    The Wizard of Oz Moments in Cultural Adaptation!

    The Wizard of Oz Moments in Cultural Adaptation!

    Welcome to this world of Oz and cultural adaptation. In this intriguing episode our host Doreen Cumberford invites guest Vanessa Paisley, an expert in intercultural communication, to dive into the complexities of living and working across different cultures.
    Throughout the episode, Vanessa and Doreen swapped personal stories that reflect on the challenges of maintaining one's mental health and identity when living overseas.  

    Vanessa discusses her experience of moving to rural Austria, dealing with despondency and cultural sensitivity, while Doreen recalls her time in Saudi Arabia and the struggles with expatriation, repatriation and constantly feeling out of place.
    Vanessa offers insights on navigating communication challenges, language barriers, and working styles, particularly between Austrian and Indian students, touch upon the intricacies of professional communication, stressing the importance of cultural intelligence, comprising knowledge, attitudes, and skills, to enhance empathy and understanding in diverse scenarios.
    The discussion further explores the significance of intercultural experiences, the role of cultural bridge builders, and the relevance of being mindful and open-minded to different perspectives. Vanessa and Doreen highlight the mental and physical energy needed to adapt to various cultures and the importance of developing cultural skills to minimize biases and foster healthier intercultural interactions.

    This enriching conversation aims to give listeners a deeper appreciation of the nuances of living as expats, nomads, and full-time travelers, encouraging them to embrace cultural differences with curiosity and respect.

    Join us on "Nomadic Diaries" for more insights into the global villages and the Wizard of Oz-ness of life lived overseas.
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    Cultivating Open-Mindedness Abroad

    Cultivating Open-Mindedness Abroad

    In this enlightening episode of Nomadic Diaries, host Doreen Cumberford talks with Syed Zafar, a well-respected voice in the field of intercultural communication. Syed  brings a lifetime of experience navigating multicultural environments, from his roots in Pakistan to his professional endeavors in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United States. 

    Listeners are in for an engaging discussion on the nuances of cultural intelligence, the distinction between tourists and travelers, and stories that highlight the importance of adaptability in an ever-globalizing world.

    Key Points 
    Cross-Cultural Challenges
    The episode kicks off with Zafar recounting his time living in a compound in Saudi Arabia, delving into the stark contrasts between life within and outside these bounds.
    Vital Attributes
    The importance of open-mindedness, resiliency, and tolerance for ambiguity in cross-cultural interactions is a significant talking point.
    Cultural Preparation
    Zafar stresses the need for proper preparation before immersing oneself in a new culture, highlighting the importance of managing expectations and understanding one's own cultural backdrop.
    Tourists vs. Travelers
    The conversation explores the dichotomy between these terms, referencing social media discussions and the concept of the "ugly American."
    Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
    Zafar discusses the merger of ExxonMobil and the strategic shift in workforce locations, emphasizing how CQ plays a crucial role in global business.
    Adaptability and Routine
     The necessity for routine and adaptability in settling into a new culture and the role of diet, exercise, and sleep are discussed.
    Mindset for Travel
    Zafar encourages a shift from the golden rule to the platinum rule — treat others how they prefer to be treated, thereby highlighting the need for sensitivity to individual preferences.
    The DIE Rule
    A focus on the DIE rule — describe, interpret, and evaluate — as a framework for non-judgmental engagement with new environments.
    The Nomadic Lifestyle Trend
    With remote work becoming more prevalent, the episode highlights the trend towards nomadism and the accompanying cultural adjustments needed. Doreen extrapolates on traveling with purpose and how meaningful cross-cultural experiences can lead to personal growth.
    Memorable Quotes from this episode.
    1. "Living between cultures teaches you not just about others, but about the depths of your own identity." – Syed Zafar
    2. "You don't just carry your luggage when you travel; you bring your cultural baggage too. Knowing what to unpack is the art of a true traveler." – Doreen Cumberford
    A few action items or listener takeaways.  
    - Embrace the mindset of a traveler, not just a tourist.
    - Invest in understanding and appreciating cultural differences.
    - Prepare and manage expectations when experiencing new cultures.
    - Cultivate adaptability through maintaining good routines and health practices.
    - Exercise the platinum rule in cross-cultural engagements.
    - Engage new environments with the DIE rule to foster better understanding and acceptance.
    - Syed Zafar’s Book: "Crossing Cultures with Grace and Humor

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    Truly Nomadic - With Horses Will Travel the Globe!

    Truly Nomadic - With Horses Will Travel the Globe!

    Koen Gomes: A Journey into Sustainable Travel and Global Citizenship 🌏
    Exciting news, wanderers and travel enthusiasts!
     🚀 The latest episode of 'Nomadic Diaries' is now live, and it is one you can't afford to miss. Join our host, Doreen Cumberford, as she converses with the worldly Koen Gomes about the tapestry of adventures, the importance of cultural competence, and the art of traveling sustainably.
    Key takeaways from this insightful conversation include:
    Embrace the Unknown
    Koen's experiences remind us that exploring new territories doesn't mean getting lost. Nature can guide us, and there's always a helping hand nearby. His stories from around the world will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone with confidence.
    Sustainable Exploration is Key
     As a flying horse groom and avid traveler, Koen underlines the essence of connecting meaningfully with places and people. His emphasis on preparedness, from quick research to essential items like your passport and phone, ensures responsible and enriching travel.
    Global Citizenship Through Travel
    Traveling isn't just for fun; it's an educational venture that fosters global awareness. Koen's discussions on flexibility, adaptability, and starting exploration locally provide a personal roadmap to becoming a well-rounded global citizen.
    Curious to learn about Koen's riveting experiences in San Miguel and beyond? Eager to understand how to blend passion with purpose during your travels? Tune in to 'Nomadic Diaries' episode three, "Koen 2 (short).mp3" on nomadicdiaries.com or your favored podcast platform. Let's get inspired together! 🌟
    #NomadicDiariesPodcast #TravelSustainably #GlobalCitizenship #Wanderlust #CulturalCompetence #Podcasting #AdventureTravel
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    Listen, Learn, Love - How to Master Intercultural Competence

    Listen, Learn, Love - How to Master Intercultural Competence

    Title: Nomadic Diaries: Navigating Cultural Complexities with Nick Dunn
    Episode Summary:
    In this enriching episode of Nomadic Diaries, we sit down with intercultural competence specialist Nick Dunn to dissect the intricacies of cultural differences and how to navigate them with grace and efficiency. Through personal anecdotes and expert insights, we explore the value of cohesion, clarity, and playfulness in communication—both in global travels and multicultural workplaces.
    Key Points Discussed:
    1. Nick's Guiding Values: We delve into his cornerstone values of efficiency, clarity, precision, respect, and cohesion, which are crucial when resolving differences and fostering effective communication in a global context.
    2.  A Third Way: Nick shares his approach to reconciling differences and advocating for the creation of new solutions that merge varying perspectives.
    3. Language and Cultural Gaps: Doreen reflects on her experiences with 'Franglish' and language barriers while living abroad, underscoring the importance of cultural empathy.
    4. Playfulness in Communication: Nick highlights how a playful attitude can defuse tension and lead to more creative problem-solving in intercultural interactions.
    5. Universality of Forgiveness: Our hosts and guest discuss how different cultures generally show understanding towards non-native speakers, emphasizing the human desire to connect.
    6. Inspiration from Children: Observations on how the self-organizing principles of kids at play can teach adults valuable lessons in teamwork and innovation.
    7. Continuous Creative Process: The iterative nature of creativity in bridging cultural gaps is highlighted, alongside the importance of recognizing, respecting, and reconciling differences.
    8. Leveraging Cultural Empathy: Sharon discusses with Nick how deep cultural understanding can significantly improve team dynamics and outcomes.
    9. Nick Dunn's Day-to-Day: An insight into Nick's daily work facilitating intercultural competence through training sessions and leadership retreats.
    10. Janet Bennett's Influence: Nick pays homage to the late Janet Bennett and her invaluable contributions to the field of intercultural research and practice.
    11. Intercultural Relationships and Partnerships: The complexity and rewarding nature of navigating cultural differences in personal and professional relationships.
    12. Navigating the Fast-Paced Cultural Landscape: Tips from Nick on handling cultural complexities, including the need for intentional exposure and mindfulness practices.
    13. Practical Steps for Addressing Cultural Differences: Recognize, respect, reframe the differences, and employ a spec list for clearer communication.
    14. There IS a  Business Case for Inclusion: The conversation extends to the effectiveness of diverse teams and the necessity of embracing cultural empathy in the workplace.
    Guest Bio:
    Nick Dunn is a seasoned expert in building intercultural competence, presenting a rich background of guiding diverse teams and leaders through the complexities of cultural differences. His work focuses on developing strategies for more inclusive and effective communication.
    Resources Mentioned:
    - Janet Bennett's Intercultural Development Inventory and Cultural Development Continuum
    - Janet Bennett's "Four R approach"
    - Aaron Meyer's accessible abstract concepts from a Western and European standpoint
    Recommended Actions:
    - Explore the work of Janet Bennett to better understand the intercultural development process.
    - Engage intentionally with diverse experiences to expand cultural understanding and adaptability.
    - Incorporate playfulness and respect in daily communications to build bett
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7 Ratings

Bitsyboorud ,

The pod for YOU!

If you are into other peoples adventures, and experiences out in the world, this podcast is for you! Doreen asks pivotal questions, and is wise and compassionate! Check it out!

joeldavidbond ,

Compassionate, Inquisitive, Insightful

Doreen was exceptionally kind and compassionately inquisitive. A superb host and interview who really knew how to elicit some depth!

ErinAustinGo ,

Practical and Thoughtful Considerations

The hosts interview true experts that have a wide perspective on expat nomadic travel of all types, work, kids, retirement, etc. Their information and quests provide practical and thoughtful considerations for those considering, just starting or continuing nomadic expat travel. The podcast covers many situations and considers how the listener may improve or exceed their travel goals and expectations.

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