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Join us each week, as we share inspiring stories about the challenges, strategies, and successes of non-profit organizations and change-makers in Silicon Valley, who are making an impact in their communities.

Non-Profit Stories: Inspiring Tales from Silicon Valley Sharad Gupta | @NonProfitStories | Founder of TradeMyHome.com

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Join us each week, as we share inspiring stories about the challenges, strategies, and successes of non-profit organizations and change-makers in Silicon Valley, who are making an impact in their communities.

    A Hub for Emerging Theater Professionals with ‘City Lights Theater Company’

    A Hub for Emerging Theater Professionals with ‘City Lights Theater Company’

    ‘City Lights Theater Company’ – Silicon Valley's Outreach for Assistance: City Lights Theater Company has inspired and stimulated audiences since its establishment in 1982. Located in the heart of downtown San Jose, this vibrant theater space draws in a diverse community of artists, educators, students, and theater enthusiasts. Explore the links below to discover what makes this venue buzz with creativity and find opportunities to become a part of it.
    America's Theater and Live Shows Problems:
    Decline in ticket sales: Ticket sales for the latest season were down 27% from the pre-pandemic levels. This represents a loss of over $1 billion in revenue Regional Theatres Closing: Last year, 20% of regional theaters had closed. This represents a loss of over 100 theaters. Lack of Diversity: In the past year, 22% of Black Americans and 28% of Hispanic Americans went to a live performance, whereas 48% of White Americans did the same * Data cited from internet sources and may not be 100% updated

    City Lights Theater Company's Mission: City Lights Theater Company creates provocative live productions that engage, inspire, and challenge audiences and artists through innovative concepts, intimate staging, and uncompromising storytelling.

    About the Guest: Lisa Mallette has worked as an actor, director, and manager for countless theater companies throughout the Western United States. She became Managing Director of City Lights Theater Company of San José in 2001 and Executive Artistic Director in 2004. She has since led City Lights through over a decade of unprecedented artistic and administrative growth, winning widespread public and industry acclaim and closing 16 consecutive years in the black, a run ended only by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lisa is a Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts graduate in Santa Maria, California, the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, and a proud Actors’ Equity Association and SAG/AFTRA member.
    In this Episode: In this episode, you can anticipate an insightful conversation with Lisa Mallette, the dedicated leader of City Lights Theater Company. Lisa shares her journey, experiences, and the organization's remarkable history since its founding in 1982. Discover how City Lights has continually inspired and challenged audiences through various plays and musicals, including fresh, new works. We dive into the dynamic atmosphere of their downtown San Jose theater, which is a magnet for artists, educators, students, and avid theatergoers. And we learn more about the captivating world of theater and how you can actively participate in this thriving creative community.

    “Thinking strategically is one vital lesson. And the other one is to be kind.” – Lisa Mallette
    Show Notes: The history of City Lights Theater Company how it was established by a group of passionate artists in San Jose, and how it has evolved over the years How City Lights has become a hub for innovative and thought-provoking productions, including a wide array of fresh new works Insights into Lisa Mallette's journey and her role as a dedicated leader in steering City Lights to success How City Lights aims to create a holistic theater experience, fostering connections between artists and audiences Why building meaningful relationships is key to City Lights' success and how it influences their approach to theater The challenges faced by City Lights and the broader theater industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic Reconnecting with Live Theater: Understand the efforts to rekindle the audience's love for live theater in an era dominated by streaming and digital entertainment Advice on what it takes to succeed as an artist, emphasizing kindness and collaboration How the theater industry is changing, evolving, and adapting to the challenges of our times An Invitation to Get Involved: Discover opportunities for engagement with City Lights Theater Company, whether you're an artist, patron, or enthusiast Link

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    Preventing Children From Sexual Abuse with 'Kids Again Foundation’

    Preventing Children From Sexual Abuse with 'Kids Again Foundation’

    ‘Kids Again Foundation' – Silicon Valley's Outreach for Assistance: Kids Again Foundation is a nonprofit initiative bringing hope and healing to children traumatized by sexual abuse. We accomplish this by sponsoring their participation in youth sports leagues, music classes, art, and other fun and engaging activities.
    America’s Child Sexual Abuse Problem:
    About 400,000 babies born every year (10% of all babies born) will become victims of sexual abuse before they turn 18 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 6 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse During a one-year period in the U.S., 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized The financial cost of child abuse and neglect in the United States is estimated at $585 billion * Data cited from internet sources and may not be 100% updated

    Kids Again Foundation Mission: Kids Again Foundation's mission is to prevent child sexual abuse and empower children through education and the cultivation of positive self-esteem. She aims to equip children with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate life's challenges, fostering their growth into resilient and strong adults.

    About the Guest: Krystaelynne Sanders was born amidst the idyllic landscapes of Sonoma County, California. She received a triple degree from California State University, East Bay, and then further honed her intellect at Binghamton University, New York, gaining a Master's in Political Science. A heart-wrenching revelation about child abuse within her family spiraled her into depression, pushing her to take a professional hiatus. But adversity breeds champions, and harnessing her pain, she established the ‘Kids Again Foundation' in May 2021, offering respite to sexually traumatized children through holistic activities. Her debut book, “Where Hands Go: An Introduction to Safe and Unsafe Touch,” embodies her commitment to combating child sexual abuse and fostering crucial conversations between kids and guardians.
    In this Episode: Tune in as we spotlight the founder of the Kids Again Foundation, revealing her heartfelt journey from personal trauma to championing child safety. Discover alarming child sexual abuse statistics and learn how her impactful books, like ‘Where Hands Go: Body Safety Rules,' empower children with knowledge about body autonomy and consent. We also dive deep into preventative solutions, the challenges advocates face, and the essential resources offered by the foundation for healing and prevention. Don't miss this enlightening discussion on a topic that touches hundreds of thousands yearly!
    “Our mission is to help children who are victims of sexual abuse become kids again.“ – Krystaelynne Sanders
    Show Notes: The origin of Kids Again Foundation – Founded in 2021 to help child victims of sexual abuse find normalcy after trauma What are the signs of child sexual abuse The scale of child sexual abuse – Alarming statistics highlight that nearly 500,000 children are victims each year before they turn 18, and one in four girls and one in six boys are affected How Krystaelynne's children's books serve as an educational tool, teaching body safety, consent, and autonomy The importance of collaborating with schools, community organizations, and public health offices to share resources A touching story of a child memorizing one of the foundation's books, “Where Hands Go: An Introduction to Safe and Unsafe Touch” Kids Again Foundation vision – Expansion of the foundation's reach to nationwide communities, aiming to serve children worldwide What are the challenges the organization faces – Educating individuals about the widespread nature of child abuse and encouraging open conversations on this sensitive topic  Kids Again Foundation commitment – To ensure no child or family face the trauma of sexual abuse like her family did Programs offered by Kids Again Foundation –  Sponsorship Program: Funding for children's extracurricular activities like art classes

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    A Future Where Every Child Unlocks Boundless Potential Through Reading with ‘Reading Partners’

    A Future Where Every Child Unlocks Boundless Potential Through Reading with ‘Reading Partners’

    'Reading Partners' – Silicon Valley's Outreach for Assistance:
    Commencing its journey in Silicon Valley in 1999 as "Yes Reading," Reading Partners rapidly expanded its presence. Shortly afterward, it extended its reach across California by 2007, eventually evolving into a national nonprofit organization. This transformation mobilized communities, allowing them to provide students with the essential and specialized reading support needed to achieve grade-level proficiency by the fourth grade. Moreover, by establishing solid partnerships with teachers, parents, and community volunteers and equipping tutors with thoughtfully crafted, research-based lesson plans, Reading Partners effectively nurtures students. This approach helps them become confident and enthusiastic readers. Continuing this remarkable path, they expanded their reach into 12 diverse U.S. regions. In each of these regions, they introduced a groundbreaking blueprint in 2018. By 2022, they had successfully conducted over 2.5 million tutoring sessions.
    America's Child Illiteracy Problem:
    Two out of every ten children enter kindergarten with skills two to three years lower than their grade level, and another two children start school with a one-year disadvantage Illiteracy is a significant factor in whether adolescents graduate from high school. One in 6 high school students — or about 1.2 million teens — drop out each year Children of adults with low literacy skills are 72% more likely to be at a low reading level in school * Data cited from internet sources and may not be 100% updated

    Reading Partners Mission: Reading Partners aims to help children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results.

    About the Guests: Starting with Felicia Webb, she has an impressive career spanning over two decades in both the education and nonprofit sectors. Initially, she held roles as an educator and therapist, later transitioning into a leadership consultant. Before fully committing to nonprofits, she guided individuals in their career journeys. Furthermore, Felicia excels in nonprofit management, creating educational materials, and securing grants. She also possesses a talent for workplace evaluation. Additionally, she's initiated projects to enhance reading skills, facilitate job placements, and promote community rehabilitation. Fueled by her unwavering commitment, she consistently advocates for a holistic approach to youth education, often fondly recalling her foundational days as a teacher.
    On the other hand, Michael Andrade is the Director of Development at Reading Partners. With an equally rich background spanning two decades, Michael brings a wealth of skills to the table. Specifically, he excels in strategic planning and DEI facilitation. Furthermore, he's renowned for mentoring executives, bridging gaps within senior teams and organizations, and providing specialized business consultancy. As a result, his extensive expertise greatly benefits Reading Partners.
    In this Episode: In this episode, we'll discuss Reading Partners, originally known as "Yes Reading," which began its journey in Silicon Valley in 1999. Following that, we'll explore how they expanded, first in California by 2007 and then into 12 other regions across the U.S. Afterward, we'll delve into their pivotal 2018 plan, which played a significant role in improving children's reading skills. As we approach the end, you'll be fascinated to discover that they've conducted an impressive 2.5 million tutoring sessions by 2022. So, if you're interested in stories about education, community engagement, and remarkable achievements, this episode is just for you!

    "Empowering children through literacy is the bridge to a brighter future." – Felicia Webb
    Show Notes: A brief overview of Reading Partners and its origins, tracing back to Yes Reading's beginnings in Silicon Valley in 1999 How the shift

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    Helping People on Dependent Visas to Succeed in their Careers in the US with ‘Career Pathway Institute’

    Helping People on Dependent Visas to Succeed in their Careers in the US with ‘Career Pathway Institute’

    'Career Pathway Institute' - Silicon Valley's Outreach for Assistance:
    Career Pathway Institute is a strong, supportive community of working professionals and business leaders who can relate to the problems and frustrations of internationals. They have been there, know how hard it was, and are ready to share their knowledge and resources to support others. CPI organizes career workshops, panel discussions with working professionals and hiring managers, career fairs, career coaching, and more. They partner with other local and global nonprofits, sharing resources and empowering internationals, helping them on every step of their career journey, from identifying who they want to be to when they sign their first job offer or open their own business.
    America’s Dependent Visa Holder Problem:
    There are an estimated 2.3 million dependent visa holders in the United States 20% of dependent visa holders report experiencing discrimination, compared to 10% of US citizens and permanent residents 20% of dependent visa holders develop a mental health condition due to discrimination and social isolation The economic burden of mental illness among dependent visa holders is estimated to be $38 billion per year * Data cited from internet sources and may not be 100% updated

    Career Pathway Institute's Mission: The mission of Career Pathway Institute is to equip dependent visa holders with the necessary tools and resources and provide support from navigating their career pathways to achieving professional goals.

    About the Guest: Kate Khatseyeva started her professional journey as a Human Resources Business Partner at a global IT company in Belarus. Her career trajectory shifted after relocating to the US from Mexico in 2019, where she developed a passion for leadership coaching. This led her to assume a significant role as the President of the Board of Directors for CCIS at Stanford. Beyond this, Kate founded the Career Pathway Institute (CPI) in Silicon Valley, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting those grappling with career and identity challenges. She also lends her expertise as Stanford's United Nations Association Film Festival Juror. Kate now calls San Francisco home, where she lives with her husband and beloved dog, Josefina.
    In this Episode: This episode highlights the hurdles skilled individuals face on dependent visas, from career interruptions to identity loss. Kate's insights were instrumental in shaping CPI, which now serves as a guiding light for those keen on reviving their US careers. Through fostering a strong community and sharing success stories, CPI remains dedicated to guiding individuals to achieve professional success. Listen and learn how the institute, born from Kate's vision and experiences, provides comprehensive career coaching, networking events, and many resources for dependent visa holders in the U.S.
    "In the heart of Silicon Valley, I found not just dreams but the strength to chase them." - Kate Khatseyeva
    Show Notes: About Career Pathway Institute and their lifeline for those seeking to rebuild their careers in the US. How volunteering can open doors, from brewing coffee at Stanford's CCIS to leadership roles and community building Uncovering the challenges those on dependent visas face, from career gaps to lost professional identities How to navigate career challenges as an immigrant in the U.S. A firsthand experience of adapting to new cultures, from Mexico to Silicon Valley, and the importance of breaking out of your comfort zone Career Pathway Institute's mission is to be that supportive community for many and to recognize the crucial role of community in personal and professional development About how challenges can be turned into opportunities for growth and how CPI embraces the message that "everyone is an asset, not a burden" How the Community Committee for International Students at Stanford inspired the creation of a broader, supportive community The challenges of juggling multiple

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    Solving America’s Fatherless Crisis with ‘Empowering The Fatherless’

    Solving America’s Fatherless Crisis with ‘Empowering The Fatherless’

    Terrance Dwayne Hunter, widely recognized as a notable author and speaker, initially leads the nonprofit “Empowering the Fatherless” to equip at-risk youth with essential skills. In addition, while addressing the Fatherless Crisis, he mentors incarcerated individuals, empowering them to become proactive, engaged fathers. Transitioning from being released and honored for his autobiography on 30 years in California's Corrections, he subsequently earned the 2022 Morgan Hill Community Foundation Award. As a result, he positively influences lives at Elmwood Correctional, Silicon Valley Boys and Girls Club, and several local schools.
    Empowering the Fatherless, a Santa Clara nonprofit is a beacon for at-risk youth and fatherless men. Founded by a transformed inmate, it reflects his journey without a father figure. Currently, they impact roughly 100 children's lives. Additionally, partnerships with groups like the San Jose Youth Empowerment Alliance amplify their reach. However, even with challenges like keeping volunteers, they remain committed, envisioning a brighter future for each child.
    In this episode, Terrance delves into his transformative journey, illustrating his shift from a 30-year imprisonment to a beacon of hope for many. He discusses the underlying causes of his incarceration, devising personal strategies, and offering help to fellow inmates navigating their struggles. Fast forward to 2019, he talks about the birth of Empowering the Fatherless and how it was founded to equip vulnerable youth and men with indispensable life and parenting tools. Plus, listen in to learn how Terrance draws inspiration from his upbringing, void of a father figure, and how he's driven to reverse the prevalent school-to-prison pattern in Santa Clara to forge a nurturing community for all.
    “From the pain of being fatherless, I found my passion in empowering the fatherless.” – Terrance Hunter
    Show Notes: How Terrance's 30-year confinement and self-help programs shaped his transformative journey How the organization's outreach is to approximately 100 kids, offering them guidance and mentorship, even though Terrance never had children A touching story of trust and bonding with a 15-year-old girl, highlighting the deep connections Terrance forms with the youth The promising collaboration with “Carry the Vision” in Gilroy, California, and their shared mission to uplift the youth Why it's crucial to stay true to the core mission of a nonprofit, even amid challenges or periods of slow progress The dangers of accepting donations with strings attached and why it is always vital to maintain organizational integrity The emotional toll of growing up without a father and the importance of seeking support and expressing feelings Introducing the “Inside Out Dad” and “24-7 Dad” programs aimed at incarcerated men and community members, respectively. The 24-7 Dad Program Explained: A 14-week program that transforms men into responsible fathers and partners by addressing antisocial behavior and redefining manhood A touching story of a 17-year-old's realization of the value of self-esteem classes and the impact of childhood experiences About Empowering the Fatherless's diverse range of programs, from values and responsibility to specific courses on teen challenges like vaping and drug use Addressing the long-term effects of childhood trauma and the importance of early intervention The mission of Empowering the Fatherless (ETF) is to empower fatherless and at-risk youth by equipping them with Life/Living Skills so they may reap the benefits of living well-rounded and fulfilling lives. They also offer Self-Help courses and a Fatherhood program for men who were raised in fatherless environments or raised by poor examples of the true meaning of fatherhood.
    Links Mentioned: Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley Carry the Vision Homeboy Industries Morgan Hill Community Foundation San José State University South County Youth Task Force

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    Enabling Opportunities for the Differently Abled with Inclusive World

    Enabling Opportunities for the Differently Abled with Inclusive World

    With a rich 18-year background in tech, Madhu Krishnan co-created Inclusive World and now leads as its President. Holding a degree in Computer Applications, it's clear her skills aren't just limited to tech. Within Inclusive World, Madhu oversees planning and partners with local groups. On top of that, she teaches Scratch Programming. When Madhu is not working, she loves the outdoors, so you might spot her hiking or jogging with her dog, Jazzy. And yes, she's quite the gardener too.
    Inclusive World is a shining light in Silicon Valley, especially for those with special needs. Started by Madhu and her two co-founders, Deepa Lakshminarayan, an innovator who has an eclectic experience spanning from tech to education, and Swapna Iyer, an AI engineer who builds software systems that change the world for the better, this group has changed the game in job training. They've mixed tech lessons — think Python coding, with fun arts and crafts. At its heart, Inclusive World aims to bring out the best in everyone. They also design programs that fit each person's unique talents and dreams. And this fresh approach is changing how we see inclusive learning and job training.
    In this episode, Madhu talks about her shift from a high-tech industry expert to creating special programs for individuals with different abilities at Inclusive World. How it all began with simple arts and crafts, and how they've expanded into tech lessons. About their people-first approach and how Inclusive World has blossomed, all thanks to the community's trust. You'll also learn that today, they're more than just a training center, as they are helping differently-abled individuals find jobs in Silicon Valley.

    “Every differently-abled individual is a beacon of inspiration, waiting for their moment to shine.” – Madhu Krishnan
    Show Notes: How a sabbatical from IBM led to the birth of Inclusive World The limited programs available for differently-abled individuals and the inspiration behind starting unique programs tailored to their strengths Inclusive World's initial projects that laid their foundation — from arts and crafts to Python programming The importance of trust and word-of-mouth in the growth of the Inclusive World A heartwarming success story of a student who went from struggling in high school to thriving in the workforce The hurdles the organization faces, from diversity to volunteer recruitment How their partnerships and collaborations have played a pivotal role in overcoming challenges The future of the organization, from expanding to weekday programs to offering transportation How Inclusive World's person-centered practices and strategies have been instrumental in their success The importance of vocational skills training and job placement in empowering individuals Inclusive World's Mission: Inclusive World’s mission is to identify and nurture the hidden potential in differently-abled youth and to motivate and mold them to lead meaningful lives.
    Links Mentioned: Cedars Life Clearly Blue IBM Shastha Food Donate to InclusiveWorld.org Connect with Madhu Krishnan and Inclusive World: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | Inclusive World
    Contact Inclusive World: Address: 106 S Park Victoria Dr Milpitas, CA, 95035
    Phone: +1 (408) 836-1661
    Email: madhu.krish@inclusiveworld.org

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4 Ratings

SanJoseGirllll ,

Inspiring to me !

I found it interesting in the upbringing in Silicon Valley , I love hearing about a city (San Jose) that I grew up in. I like how this non profit is getting the community involved and getting the counties to come together to develop more of the neighborhoods that are in crisis. It becomes personal when many homeless are being displaced because of the high rent that is something that I’ve delt with personally. I believe it is more expensive for the city to clean up the homeless camps and more hazardous than come up with housing solutions with low income or permanent housing for low income families or homeless people. This is a great resource to know ! Thank you for this space

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