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Allison Sheridan's technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias

NosillaCast Apple Podcast Technology with an EVER so slight Apple bias

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Allison Sheridan's technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias

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4.8 out of 5
132 Ratings

132 Ratings

donnaray ,

One of my favorite apple podcasts!

Very responsive - super helpful, inspiring, and never makes people feel dumb because of their questions. Makes it fun to discover cool stuff and learn new tricks! Love Bart’s “security bits” but I’m always a little worried about something new after his segment... 😵

Original_username_1337 ,


As an Apple fan, I love this! It’s not clickbait, cause the titles are an overview of the podcast. Some other podcasts are short, and take a long time to get to the point. Not this one! Nice and long, but also you explain it a bit so it’s not just q/a basically.
This is great! I absolutely love it! It’s funny too! What I really like is that yes, it’s only very slightly Apple biased. You just talk a bout Apple. It’s like you like apple 51% and Windows 50%. (Okay, maybe a little less windows) also how can I comment on a specific episode? I really want to be able to.

enigmakv ,

Bart Busschots is the gem here.

I listen to this podcast for one reason only...the bi-weekly “Security Bits” segment with Bart Busschots. If Bart were to go elsewhere I’d quickly follow and leave this podcast in the dust.

The host is often very abrasive toward Bart when his political or personal security agenda differs from hers.

She has friends in the Android podcast community with whom she cross-promotes and thus is always trying to downplay security differences between Apple and Android trying to play both sides of the fence apparently to keep audience numbers up.

The host also appears to me to be a man-hater. She goes out of her way interrupting Bart when he uses the pronoun “he” by interjecting “or She!” She goes over the top adding “girl” to any term she can: “girl-power”, “girl-skills”, “my go-to girl”, etc.

When she has a negative experience with someone (salesperson, tech. support, etc.) she is WAY more likely to refer to them as “my little friend” (emphasis on little) if the person she dealt with was male.

On a recent episode her guest Bart tried to educate her on the etymology of the words “man”, “woman”, “mankind”, “manual” and the like. She immediately shut him down saying “I’m not going to discuss this with you!” Like a true Californian, if the facts don’t match up to your agenda or if someone has a different view than you, attack.

Bart has really good information to share. He has a healthy amount of digital paranoia and an eye toward preserving ALL of our privacy online. I just wish he’d go off on his own or find a better host. It’s a shame that so much good information and help has to be overshadowed by a host with a personal agenda who is abrasive and appears to be quite bitter at times.

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