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Broadcasting from the burning edge of the climate crisis. An Australian news, politics and comedy podcast.

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Broadcasting from the burning edge of the climate crisis. An Australian news, politics and comedy podcast.

    115 — The Last Post

    115 — The Last Post

    We log off (for now).

    No notes! Go touch grass.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    114 — Spyro Speed Run (feat. Celeste Liddle)

    114 — Spyro Speed Run (feat. Celeste Liddle)

    We chat with Celeste Liddle, Greens candidate for Cooper, about unionism, protest and speedrunning Spyro the Dragon.

    • 51 min
    Non-Ep 2 — What’s up

    Non-Ep 2 — What’s up

    Not an ep! Just an update! See you all soon xx

    • 1 min
    113 — Budget special

    113 — Budget special

    QLD and NSW are underwater, again. Knives are out for the prime minister. FU Pay is not good. The budget is discussed.
    Floodcast (not that one)
    At Melbourne’s Flower and Garden show, see “Coming soon”, a garden built around the theme of climate change.
    The flooding in Queensland and NSW: It’s real bad.
    Lismore’s flood warning system didn’t work, because it was still damaged from the flooding three weeks ago.
    The NSW government has proposed cutting stamp duty for people leaving flood-effected areas.
    Everybody hates Scott
    Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells used her retirement speech to attack Scott Morrison and is not fit to be Prime Minister.
    In 2020 Fierravanti-Wells pushed conspiracy theories stating that the bushfires were created by eco-terrorist arsonists. Then voted against any kind of climate resilience measures.
    In 2007 she attended a Croatian neo-nazi event.
    And in 2014 asked Craig Kelly to attend that same event on her behalf.
    Scott Morrison has denied that in 2007 he claimed his preselection opponent was a “moslem”.
    Jim Malo: “being racist doesn’t preclude you from public life, in 2009 or now”.
    Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett is proud of his golliwog collection.
    FU PAY Me
    Australia loves buy-now-pay-later services.
    Australian Venue Co let you buy for a parma with four easy payments.
    Payday loan lenders are also getting into the area.
    New buy now pay later service FUPay is letting you buy milk, petrol and rent and pay it off later.
    FUPay are also pitching themselves as a tool for employers to micromanage their employee’s money.
    FUPay’s headquarters are in the same building as Indue, the company that manages cashless welfare cards. A real nexus of evil.
    Budget spectacular
    The government is giving $420 in additional tax offsets to lower income earners.
    If you do a winners and losers breakdown, lol that’s fake.
    The best form of welfare is a job, and the best type of rental support is buying a house.
    Volunteer for a better political party.

    • 59 min
    112 — Sundown with Kochie

    112 — Sundown with Kochie

    Carbon credits are a big scam. David Koch fantasies about cutting the rope.

    Carbon Credits!
    Angus Taylor has spent a billion dollars on “sham” carbon credits.
    Whistleblower Andrew Macintosh says many parts of the carbon offsets system are a scam.
    Andrew Macintosh has been replaced by former fossil fuel lobbyist David Byers (we’ve talked about him before).
    Under the Gillard government, Australia’s emissions actually went down.
    What’s the go with Angus Taylor anyway?
    Blockade Sunrise
    Protestors from Blockade Australia are continuing to disrupt coal company operations.
    Emma Dorge went on morning TV show Sunrise while hanging from a pole above a train line.
    Sunrise’s “Cool the Globe” initiative was sponsored by Origin Energy.
    Shoutout to The Greens! They’ve announced some cool new policies, like free university, and dental into Medicare.
    Shoutout too to Joe Hockey for fighting for free university too (before stripping it for parts).
    Blockade Australia are running actions from 27th of June - July 2nd.
    Change your god damn electricity provider!


    • 54 min
    111 — Care of Duty: Modern Lawfare 2

    111 — Care of Duty: Modern Lawfare 2

    We get Adelaidepilled, then talk about the federal court ruling that the Environment Minister doesn't have a duty of care after all.
    The election in South Australia saw large swings against the Liberals. The new Premier said some okay things.
    Fair enough!
    The federal court has found that the Environment Minister doesn’t have a duty of care to protect children from climate change after all!
    The judges had a lot of good legal reasons why we should ignore the fact that the government has blood on it’s hands.
    Climate change-lover Joel Fitzgibbon loves this.
    Climate scientist Peter Kalmus on the need to take risks.
    A harder place to live
    Scott Morrison says Australia is becoming a harder place to live. I wonder who did that?
    Guess he’s just moving through the stages of climate change denial.
    Scotty also reckons we should run coal power plants for as long as possible!
    Speak up when you can! Find your community. It’s not your job but you’ve gotta do it anyway.

    • 57 min

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