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The NOT REAL ART podcast celebrates creative culture and the artists who make it. NOT REAL ART is fresh, fun and inspiring. It contains material not suitable for pretentious art snobs. Guests include the world-class artists, designers and creatives who drive the $2T creative economy.

NOT REAL ART is hosted by L.A. based art world insiders Man One and Sourdough who bring their devil-may-care attitude to discussing their mutual love — and hate — for the contemporary art world, creative culture, and everything in between.

If you're an an arts professional or creative culture enthusiast, NOT REAL ART is for you!

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The NOT REAL ART podcast celebrates creative culture and the artists who make it. NOT REAL ART is fresh, fun and inspiring. It contains material not suitable for pretentious art snobs. Guests include the world-class artists, designers and creatives who drive the $2T creative economy.

NOT REAL ART is hosted by L.A. based art world insiders Man One and Sourdough who bring their devil-may-care attitude to discussing their mutual love — and hate — for the contemporary art world, creative culture, and everything in between.

If you're an an arts professional or creative culture enthusiast, NOT REAL ART is for you!

    Samuel Douek of Thunderflix: Netflix for Metalheads

    Samuel Douek of Thunderflix: Netflix for Metalheads

    While struggling to watch a concert by one of his favorite metal bands online, Samuel Douek realized there was a gap that needed to be filled. Thus, Thunderflix was born, the world's first on-demand video streaming service dedicated exclusively to heavy metal music and its ardent fans. Samuel built his career as the founder and director of the Hola Mexico Film Festival and a former film distributor. In this episode, he joins us to tell the story of Thunderflix, a place where metalheads like himself can access new releases, live performances, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and official content from their favorite artists. You’ll learn what goes into launching a streaming platform and curating digital content directed at a subculture of highly passionate fans. We also discuss the challenges of licensing, how the platform helps viewers discover new bands, and so much more! Regardless of whether you’re a metalhead or not, you’ll see that Thunderflix is a testament to the dedication of one enthusiast's unwavering vision for a "Netflix for metal.” This episode promises insights and inspiration for music enthusiasts, art lovers, and entrepreneurs alike, so be sure to tune in today!
    Key Points From This Episode:
    Insight into the Hola Mexican Film Festival, which is in its 16th year.When Samuel first discovered heavy metal and fell in love with the art form.The ardent passion that heavy metal fans have for the bands they love.Where the idea for Thunderflix came from and how it satisfied Samuel’s needs as a fan.How he went about negotiating licensing and copyrights with record labels.Challenges of curating and organizing the content available on Thunderflix.What goes into building a streaming platform and populating it with data.Different ways Samuel and his team marketed Thunderflix to their target audience.The future of Thunderflix, which includes producing their own films and concerts.How the platform helps metalheads discover new and incredible bands.Why Samuel believes that work is work, even when you love what you do.A look at some of the many ever-evolving sub-genres of metal.
    For more information, please visit http://notrealart.com/samuel-douek-thunderflix

    • 52 min
    SNL Cue Cards: Behind the Scenes With Wally Feresten

    SNL Cue Cards: Behind the Scenes With Wally Feresten

    Wally Feresten, iconic cue card writer for shows like SNL and Late Night with Seth Meyers, Explores his craft's artistry and his journey during the pandemic. He shares how he adapted to the challenges, starting his successful business, Cue Cards by Wally, and the joy of bringing personalized cue cards into people's lives globally. Wally also reflects on his relationships with hosts and performers, stressing the importance of rapport and discussing the unforeseen inventiveness brought about by navigating COVID-19 restrictions. The conversation rounds out with insights into the supportive and creative environment of his work and the significant but often overlooked role of cue cards in live television production.
    Episode Contents00:00 Wally is a lovable, funny, cue card writer.
    07:33 Discussion of various dimensions of sign painting.
    12:44 Discussing tradition, design, and obsession in conversation.
    21:25 Building trust and relationships for successful collaboration.
    24:03 Building trust with SNL hosts every week.
    29:50 Grateful for long-lasting job on TV show.
    36:33 SNL returns with COVID restrictions, logistical challenges.
    39:24 Wife entrepreneur rejects personalized cue card idea.
    46:41 Christopher Walken hosts SNL, asks for card.
    51:39 Sharpies, Power pilot pens, and old markers.
    57:18 Meeting artists and celebrities can be challenging.
    01:00:42 Talent, hard work, and kindness matter most.
    01:05:13 Endorsement for custom cue cards by Wally.
    Topics DiscussedIntroduction to Wally Feresten
    - Introduction of Wally Feresten as a guest on the Not Real Art Podcast.
    - Explanation of Wally's role as a cue card writer for notable TV shows like SNL and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
    - Mention of Wally's personal life, including his family and recreational activities.
    Cue Cards and Artistry
    - Discussion on the artistic aspect of writing cue cards.
    - Comparisons made between Wally's work and famous sign painters.
    - Reflection on the history and evolution of cue cards in the entertainment industry.
    Business Ventures and Adaptations During COVID-19
    - Exploration of Wally's business "Cue Cards by Wally" providing personalized cue cards.
    - How the pandemic influenced Wally to start the business.
    - Transition to remote work and adaptation of the business model during COVID-19.
    Operational Details and Employee Management
    - Insight into Wally’s operational and billing practices for shows.
    - Discussion of employee status transitioning from independent contractors to full-time staff with benefits.
    - Wally’s approach to maintaining a good work environment, highlighting the importance of being nice.
    Impact of Cue Cards in the Industry
    - Highlights of famous cue card writers and their contributions.
    - The preference of cue cards over prompters by traditional hosts.
    - Story about Wally's mishap during a live show and handling different personalities.
    Creative Side Projects and Personal Stories
    - Wally’s involvement in creating cards for various personal events and celebrations.
    - Mention of his sons’ careers and personal projects.
    - Story about Wally’s interaction and relationship with fans and other industry figures.
    Reflections and Philosophy
    - Wally’s reflections on the stability and changes in the entertainment industry due to strikes and other disruptions.
    - His philosophy on work ethic and the advice of being nice as pivotal to success.
    - Scott and Wally’s shared experiences and appreciations...

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Why the Creative Arts Are Experiencing a Full-Blown Renaissance

    Why the Creative Arts Are Experiencing a Full-Blown Renaissance

    Are the creative and performing arts experiencing a 21st-century renaissance? NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power thinks so. “What's left when you've lost faith in your church, in your company, in your government?” he ponders in this week’s podcast episode. “What's left when you feel like all the fundamentals have lost their integrity and you've lost trust in the cornerstones of our societies? Well, I would speculate that art and artists are left.”
    In today’s episode, Scott delves into the rebirth of creative culture in contemporary America. Spurred by waning trust in corporations, capitalism, and religious institutions, this renewed appreciation for creative expression signals a cultural sea change in our society. Is this a quest for authenticity in an increasingly commodified world? Are we yearning for connection in an age of digital isolation? Where do we find truth and beauty in the modern world?
    “If you're looking for [integrity, honesty, purity, truth, empathy, compassion, and intelligence], what better place to look than the visual and performing arts?” asks Scott, adding, “Go look at art,” Scott says. “Go meet some artists because you're going to be inspired, and you're going to find positive energy that will give you faith, hope, and trust in our country, in our communities, and in ourselves.”
    Tune in today as we explore these questions, shed light on the cultural shifts unfolding before our eyes, and celebrate the resilience of creativity and the enduring power of artistic expression in shaping our collective consciousness.
    Key Points From This Episode:
    Brands that have ignited a passion for creativity and design.Reasons that we’ve lost faith in institutions, corporations, and capitalism at large.Different ways that our governments and communities have eroded in recent years.How art fills the void that’s left when all the fundamentals have lost their integrity.Why looking at great art and meeting great artists is so inspiring.
    For more information, please visit http://notrealart.com/arts-renaissance

    • 21 min
    Muralist Michelle Hoogveld: The Power of Color, Connection, and Love

    Muralist Michelle Hoogveld: The Power of Color, Connection, and Love

    Instantly recognizable and beaming with positivity, Michelle Hoogveld’s colorful, kaleidoscopic murals demonstrate the power of love, connection, and color. Her graphic, geometric compositions weave an intricate tapestry of joy and passion, the relationships we form with each other, and the one thing that connects us all: love.
    “I chose February 14 as my first day as a professional artist because I wanted to choose love,” Michelle says. “I wanted that to be my day of choosing the thing that brought me the most joy and passion. At that time, I had no idea that my art would be about love and connection, so it's a symbol and a meaningful date because it's not only just about love romantically for the world, but it became a catalyst for this career change and my goal as an artist moving forward.”
    In today’s podcast episode, host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Michelle to discuss the Canadian artist’s practice and creative process. A former athlete, Michelle shares the valuable lessons she picked up playing soccer and how it helped her in the studio. “[Being an athlete] taught me determination, [motivation], and hard work ethic,” she says. “You put in the time. That very much translates to running your own business and being an artist. You have to put in the time, you have to dream big, and you have to have goals of excellence.”
    Michelle and Scott also chat about the motivating effects of self-care, why her practice remains mostly a “one-man show,” and the importance of “just showing up.” Tune into today’s episode with Michelle Hoogveld for a conversation about color, connection, and creating a brighter world.
    Key Points From This Episode:
    Some of the colorful, eye-catching murals Michelle has done in LA.The massive studio she recently found that can accommodate her large-scale work.Insight into her creative process and why she mostly remains a “one-man show.”What Michelle learned about putting in the time and dreaming big from being an athlete.Why she chose February 14th as the first day of her career as a professional artist.Influential people in her life and how the painter Andrew Salgado has inspired her.How seeing others chase their dreams gives you permission to try.Advice for young artists who are trying to find their voice in the art world.Reasons that love, connection, and color are at the core of Michelle’s work.A look at her daily schedule and routine and the power of just showing up.How self-care informs motivation and even inspiration for Michelle.What the future holds for today’s guest and where you can view her work.
    For more information, please visit http://notrealart.com/michelle-hoogveld

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Kate Averett Anderson of Black Mountain College: Birthplace of the American Avant-Garde

    Kate Averett Anderson of Black Mountain College: Birthplace of the American Avant-Garde

    Despite its short lifespan, Black Mountain College (BMC) left a lasting legacy as an influential pioneering arts institution that challenged traditional academic structures and fostered a unique community of creative thinkers. Founded in 1933 just 20 minutes outside of Asheville, NC, the college emphasized holistic learning and the study of art as central tenets of its educational philosophy. While BMC closed in 1957 due to funding issues, many of its faculty and students were or would become influential in the arts, including Josef and Anni Albers, Elaine and Willem de Kooning, John Cage, Ray Johnson, Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg, and Cy Twombly. 
    In today’s special crossover episode from our friends at ArtsvilleUSA, we welcome Kate Averett Anderson, a writer, curator, staff historian, project coordinator, and board member at the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (BMCM+AC). The museum works to preserve the legacy of educational and artistic innovation of BMC through exhibitions, conservation, educational events, and public programs. “It's not about having a gallery space where you walk in and you go, ‘Here is the history of Black Mountain College from beginning to end,” says Kate. “You can come in and have hands-on experiences with different exhibitions that tell a lot of different stories.”
    In this episode, you’ll discover the fascinating connections between BMC and the iconic Bauhaus movement, relive the vibrant atmosphere of the college's legendary parties, and uncover the pivotal role of the BMCM+AC in keeping BMC's spirit alive. From exploring historical parallels to celebrating the creative freedom that BMC championed, this episode offers valuable insight into the birthplace of the American avant-garde. “[Black Mountain College] was a haven for a lot of people,” says Kate. “It was a place where a lot of people had the freedom and ability to explore different elements of their identity.” 
    Key Points From This Episode:
    An introduction to Kate, her career journey, and her role at BMCM+AC.The origin story of BMC (which starts with a scandal, like all good stories do).Insight into founder John A. Rice’s educational philosophy on hands-on learning.Nazis, the final days of the Bauhaus, and how Josef and Anni Albers found BMC.Influential figures that attended BMC and the relationships that developed between them.The legendary parties that were thrown at BMC; such as Jean Verda’s Greek party.An overview of the communal, democratic, non-hierarchical structure at BMC.How a young Robert Rauschenberg was profoundly influenced by his time at BMC.Some of the many famous student revolts at BMC; including one known as The Split.Cultural and political shifts that impacted the college in the late 1950s.The important role that BMCM+AC plays in keeping the BMC legacy alive.How the BMCM+AC differentiates itself from the typical stagnant museum institution.Different stories that BMCM+AC hopes to tell about BMC, not just its history.Looking to the future in the ReVIEWING Black Mountain College conference.Reflecting on the history of identity intersection and racial integration at BMC.A closing anecdote about Harriet Sohmers Zwerling and sexual liberation at BMC.
    For more information, please visit http://notrealart.com/black-mountain-college

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Moral Masuoka of Beautify Earth: Connecting the World With Street Art

    Moral Masuoka of Beautify Earth: Connecting the World With Street Art

    In a world full of digital noise, street art can tell vital stories, rejuvenate urban spaces, and bring communities closer together. For over 10 years, creative agency Beautify Earth has collaborated with artists and brands to connect communities through murals, street art, and strategic marketing. Today’s guest, Beautify Earth CEO Moral Masuoka, joins host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power to discuss her organization’s commitment to positive social and environmental change through public art. 
    “People are starting to think about the spaces that they live in, especially when it comes to community and how we’re relating with the people around us, getting out of our own houses, and trying to be engaged in the places that we live,” says Moral, who combines her love of contemporary art with social policy and urban design to create community engagement. “Street art does an amazing job of that. People can be connected by a piece of artwork in their community. It’s something that you can talk about and [identify with]. It can also become a representation of the stories and the people who live there.” 
    In today’s episode, Scott and Moral discuss public art as a vehicle for placemaking, balancing professionalism with creativity and spontaneity, and the importance of cultivating creative habits daily. The two also explore  the complex relationship between street art and gentrification: 
    “[Street art can either be] a tool of people trying to gentrify neighborhoods or it can be a powerful tool to represent the people that are there, amplify voices, and show the people in the community that need to be prioritized, not displaced,” says Moral. 
    To find out more about Beautify Earth and its mission to elevate street art and advocate for its practitioners, listen to our conversation with CEO Moral Masuoka on the player above. 
    Key Points From This Episode:
    The origin story of Beautify Earth and how it utilizes art as a tool for positive social change.How the perception of street art has progressed and how it can connect communities.Street art as a vehicle to amplify community voices versus as a tool for gentrification.Different roles that art can play and why situational awareness is key.Opportunities for connection within the network of artists that partner with Beautify.Ways that Beautify caters to the constantly evolving needs of artists.Common career challenges that Beautify works with artists to overcome.How Beautify educates clients (and artists) about the economic impact of art.Lessons that Moral has learned as Beautify has grown into a creative agency.Balancing professionalism versus spontaneity in street art.Insight into Moral's career journey, her love for art, and how it led her to Beautify.Why Moral believes it’s important for everyone to cultivate a daily creative practice.Reasons that drawing should be considered as crucial a skill as writing or math.Moral’s parting thoughts about the unique value of art as a communication tool.
    For more information, please visit http://notrealart.com/moral-masuoka-beautify-earth

    • 1 hr 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

R Saez ,

Great resource for art biz newbie

As an Art business newbie and I love this show. I always learn something and Scott does a great job pulling out the personal and professional insights from his guests. Nice work!

Tijera Williams Review ,

Great Experience, Great Opportunity, and So Much Fun to Make!

As a podcast-virgin, being apart of the makings of the podcast was a tremendous opportunity and experience. Sourdough was a great host, and we could go on and on. I am especially appreciative of the opportunity to speak about my art on a new platform that I will definitely be exploring! It felt like the conversation was seamless to produce and was conveyed to the audience in an easy-to-understand delivery when discussing art history. If I could do it again, I absolutely would! These podcasts are great for art learners and art-lovers alike, and I’m so glad to be apart of the Not Real Art family! :)

Rachel O. ,

It’s like free art school!

Great podcast for anyone interested in working in the arts! Definitely a great selection of guests, art forms + processes discussed. A must-listen for any artist!

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