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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

    Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness

    Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness

    Matthew Henry: All true spiritual blessings.


    We do not want to forget the word righteousness. Is the state commanded by God. It is the standing the test of His tests. Do not confuse mans versus Gods definition of righteousness. Man has always tried to obtain perfection.


    The foundation of righteousness and it’s importance to seek it.


    Can one work or earn it?

    Romans 4:19-24; It is a gift to those that will believe in Christ. This is the reason that nothing else can be accepted for salvation. No amount of baptism, religion or works will bring forth righteousness. Our righteousness is like filthy rags. This righteousness is given only because we believed in Christ Jesus.


    Though we might be saved we also know that we dwell in the flesh and it’s a constant battle between the inward and outward. It’s our nature to want to go the evil way because our flesh is sinful. The flesh will not be entering into Heaven. The soul, which is saved, will enter into Heaven and God will then present our new bodies.


    We all know what it means to be hungry or thirsty. It’s a natural process that our bodies do and that’s to tell us that we are hungry or thirsty. We can’t live long without eating or certainly drinking. Now in the scripture we must see that we should hunger and thirst for the spiritual righteousness. The sinful flesh doesn’t want to get up early in the morning and go to church. It doesn’t thirst or hunger for God. For the most of us, we work and we often do not want to, however we push through and go on. We wake up early to go to a job that we dislike for two common things, food and shelter. Our soul should hunger and thirst for the spiral things. We eat 3-4 times a day and yet we can’t even pray once a day. Within the child of God there should be a hunger for Christ. When a person is on a diet, they try to suppress their appetite. However, we should not be on a diet, suppressing God if we are saved.


    The blessing is for both now and eternal. For they shall be filled.

    When you seek Him and spend time with Him everyday then you will experience the joy of Christ, now.

    There is also a forever satisfaction that will come later. When one accepts His righteousness then an eternal home is waiting and it will be full spiritually forever.

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    The Meek

    The Meek

    When one thinks of the leaders of the world, Meek is not a description to most all of them.


    Matthew Henry: 

    The meek are those who quietly submit themselves to God, to his word and to his rod, who follow his directions, and comply with his designs, and are gentle towards all men; who can bear provocation without being inflamed by it; are either silent, or return a soft answer; and who can show their displeasure when there is occasion for it, without being transported into any indecencies; who can be cool when others are hot; and in their patience keep possession of their own souls, when they can scarcely keep possession of any thing else. They are the meek, who are rarely and hardly provoked, but quickly and easily pacified; and who would rather forgive twenty injuries than revenge one, having the rule of their own spirits.



    Because of pride we often do not do well with injustice. Some think that meek equals weak, yet it’s the other way around. The disciples were just as regular people and they too struggled with meekness. The only one that we can look to for true meekness is Christ Himself. He went to the slaughter without saying a word. Yet this is our true struggles. Our tongues can be sharp and yet our tongue is controlled by the heart. We must control our hearts in order to control our tongues.


    Jesus the example of meekness.

    We see Jesus in the upper room and after the last supper was completed He began to wash the feet of His disciples. Not only did He was their feet He also washed Judas’ feet, the very one that was to betray Him.


    We then see Him before He was arrested by the enemy showed meekness and healed his ear when it was cut off.


    Peter told Jesus that he wouldn’t deny Him and yet before the night was over he had denied Him 3 times. But, Jesus still loved him.


    We often react ill and prideful because we feel like we are right. Jesus was angry at them that made the temple a store house and ran them all out yet, we see Him right after preaching, loving them in the streets.


    Meekness is not a softness but a kindness. Have you ever had road rage? There is not reason for it. We act like we are on edge with every little thing. This is the act of Satan. Meekness requires a great amount of strength. How many times has something hit your button and before you know it you’ve said something you shouldn’t have?  Have you ever said something that you can’t get back? Soon as it comes out you think you shouldn’t have said it.


    We’ve discussed what meekness is and that it’s not weakness. Let’s discuss the second part of this scripture. 


    Those that are truly meek can live in a comfort because they are not afflicted in the mind. 


    Fully satisfied in the moment.

    Anger doesn’t control you, but you control it.

    They experience true happiness.



    Psalm 37:11

    The meek shall inherit the earth. When the flesh dies where does the saved spirit go? Back to God. He is very clear about the worldly and the Heavenly. 

    Revelation 20:1-6; Where is this reign to take place, on earth for a thousand years. No devil, no evil.

    Romans 8:17

    2 Timothy 2:12

    Revelation 5:9-10

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    They That Mourn

    They That Mourn

    In verse 4 we see an oddity. It’s the opposite of what we know. Mourning is often a sad time. There is not reference in the Bible where we see it noted that Christ laughed. However, we do see that Jesus often wept or mourned.


    Psalms 51:17; How many of you are broken before God?


    The lost will not understand these points because they lack God in their life.


    Types of mourning:

    * Worldly

    People can be sorry for losing a spouse, money, jobs, etc. but these things are all worldly. The depression that comes with it is sinful because often blame comes with it.

    * Spiritual

    We often pray because we are burdened or broken and yet we don’t know why. Once we surrender unto God then a joy comes that only the sorrow can bring.

    * Natural

    This is the morning of someone close to us that has passed on. This is something that both the lost and saved have experienced. However, no matter how great the loss, the saved will have the comfort and will bring the joy. The lost do not have the comforter and therefore look to worldly objects to bring them “joy”.


    The flesh doesn’t like to mourn. The “man” wants to be in charge and force the tears back because it feels vulnerable. We often fight these feelings back because we don’t want to surrender. The most comfort that you will ever experience is when you are at your lowest and yet you yield yourself unto Christ. 


    Until you’re broken you will never repent. Brokenness is a key element to forgiveness. Our country lives in their pride and will not humble themselves to God. A lot of people consider being broken an annual event. They only attend church on special events like Easter or Christmas.


    People walk around doing what they want, when they want, and how they want. They are prideful thinking they don’t need God in order to do what they want. Our churches sit empty with hundreds on the membership rolls. Why? Because they think they need God and their flesh has taken over.


    When you meet with God does He see you and humbled and broken? Does He see you as ready to do His work? We must be broken daily in order for God to use us.


    What keeps us from being broken? What do you not want God to touch? God try’s to get you to release it and yet you keep holding onto it.

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    Poor In Spirit

    Poor In Spirit

    Blessed: Fully satisfied. Another word is happy but it is limited. We often when asked state that we are blessed. We think of those earthly things that we have, food, shelter, family, etc. However, the lost and saved alike usually have these things. Try not to water down the word, blessed.


    We are all a spirit. Notice the word is not capitalized meaning it is not talking about God, a being. Cowardliness is not something that should bring upon poor spirit as this is a sinful way. Fear is not a part of God.

    What does it mean to be poor in spirit? The flesh is born to know how to be boastful. We must condition the flesh to know who is in charge. God is the creator and we are His creation. We must humble ourselves to God. We are living in a world where most are saying that we should pat everyone on the back for everything good even when it’s bad. 

    Riches can’t bring upon happiness. Many of millionaires are not happy just because they have much money. Money is temporal. Then there are those that are as poor as poor could be but are happy.


    In biblical time the Jewish people would pay for mourners to come when one would die. We think of how ridiculous this is however, we often attend church thinking that God needs us to be there. We think that God needs us to do something in order for Him to be able to do something.


    Luke 18

    We see a man that thinks that God was hearing him just because of his stature compared to the others. He came with pride and “thankful” that he wasn’t like the others that were there.

    Then we see another man that was humble before God. He knew where he stood before God.


    We see ourselves and services at our church. We excuse ourselves from attend worship for Sunday School, Sunday service, Sunday evening, and Wednesday services. We don’t attend because of pride and think we have it all under control. If the only time you attend or call on God when the troubles begin in your lives then you only use Him as a spare tire. You never think of Him until you need Him for something. A sinful pride lives within and God does not and can not honor over sin.


    Another story of a woman that was also of high stature. This woman threw herself at Jesus’ feet and begged Him to remove the devils from her daughter. Now Jesus refused to do so because this woman’s heart was sinful. We see another story with a man and Jesus refused the same because the man only wanted it because of himself. Back to the woman, after He exposed her motive and her heart, she awoke. In our culture we often get upset and mad because our pride is exposed. Since the woman changed her heart Jesus healed her child.


    There’s never been a soul saved that was proud.


    Phil 2:3-11

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    Blessing Insurance

    Blessing Insurance

    Eight directives that Christ gave that were different than before. Very different than what most know today. 


    Paradox: a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense but perhaps true.


    Jesus was introducing His earthly life as not a curse but a blessing. Right before Jesus was introduced, there was a period of 40 years of spiritual silence. Then Gabriel was sent to introduce Jesus and from that point on the curse became a blessing. God intends to bless but, what does it mean to be blessed.

    The word blessed could be changed to happy but let’s take it one step further to “fully satisfied”. One could be happy but quickly be pushed into sadness. However, if you’re fully satisfied you’re beyond happy and when sadness comes you are still happy.


    A warning about the blessings, one can’t do them as works thinking you’ll get into Heaven. First, one can’t complete them 100% without being saved. They do not come from man but by God. God is the resource in which the blessings come from. Being blessed is more than a term that means, I’m alright.


    Happiness is one of the perks of being saved. However there are times that hit us hard and begin to eat away from the happiness. What Christ was teaching is the opposite of common sense. The flesh tells us that once our needs are met we will be satisfied. This is a lie of the sinful flesh as the flesh is never satisfied. The flesh is prideful and pride is lustful and will always end in selfish acts.


    It’s more than happy, being fully satisfied is:

    ... a joy unspeakable and full of glory.

    ... a contentment that’s not based on circumstances, but is anchored in ones position in Christ.

    ... a hope in the eternal and not the temporal.

    ... a peace that’s like a river that flows through our very soul.

    ... a feeling when the world says you should be empty.

    ... a comfort when all the world sees is morning.

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    Following Jesus

    Following Jesus

    Matthew 5:1-2

    If you follow Jesus you will learn some things. He is always teaching us things if we are willing to be taught.


    Matthew 5:3-12

    These are the beatitudes that Jesus preached. The key to these is that no one knew about them unless they were there with Him.


    Matthew 5:13 - The important of a witness.

    Matthew 5:17 - He fulfilled the law.

    Matthew 5:21 - Forgive one another.

    Matthew 5:27 - Sin comes from within.

    Matthew 5:31 - Divorce.

    Matthew 5:33 - Keep your promises.

    Matthew 5:38 - Retaliation and not taking revenge.

    Matthew 5:43 - Give to your enemies.

    Matthew 6:1 - How to give.

    Matthew 6:5 - How to pray.

    Matthew 6:6 - How to fast.

    Matthew 6:19 - How to lay up treasures.

    Matthew 6:22 - Light of the world.

    Matthew 6:24 - Put Gods kingdom first.

    Matthew 6:1 - Don’t judge.

    Matthew 7:7 - Ask and seek God in prayer.

    Matthew 7:13 - Broad and narrow way.

    Matthew 7:15 - How to behave and to tell from a false prophet.

    Matthew 7:21 - Not everyone will go to Heaven.

    Matthew 7:24 - A firm foundation and it’s importance.


    The importance of follow Jesus is for growth, good growth. There is always something in the word of God no matter how many times it’s been read. How many times a treasure was found when reading His world.


    A lot of folks are searching for a private revelation. God doesn’t work that way. God is open for all within His word. Many leave His word on the table or shelve to collect dust. It’s meant for us to learn.


    So what do the Bible teach us about Christ. It took 4 chapters to get a lot of it out. Some can’t show up and sit thru a short sermon without it going in one ear and out the other. The spiritual food is what we need and to expose ourselves to God.


    At one point God told them that the people should be on the meat but He was having to still give them milk. They were not taking their spiritual growth seriously. We see our Sunday School attendance and see that this is still true today. People don’t want to come and grow in His word. It’s important to know that we are on a journey, a learning journey because everyday spiritual school in in session.


    God knows how to get your heart in tune for you to listen to Him. At times it might take correction in order for you to pay attention. It shouldn’t be that way. God has already taught and it’s in His word but we often leave it to someone else to teach us instead of ourselves learning it. It’s not up to the preacher, teacher, deacon, or someone else to teach you about God. This is so important to a Christians life!


    The word of God has power in itself, yet we treat it like it’s just another book. Some think they already know it. That is a lie because there are things in His word that He has never revealed unto anyone. There are people that have studied His word all the days of their lives and yet in the end of their life admitted they still were not finished. Being smart has nothing to do with learning His word. It’s not about your IQ. Even a fool understands Jesus. Many of blind people are able to “read” Gods word. Preachers that are blind have preached Gods word to many. Your learning disability is not a physical one but a spiritual one. Step one, attend Sunday School. Step two, attend Sunday evening service and then Wednesday services.


    Matthew 8:1, 5, 14, 16

    What happens when people follow Jesus.

    He healed a bunch of people.

    God can heal anyone. He heals people even when they don’t love Him, the lost. Not only does He heal the lost but He shows favor to those that love Him, the saved. Is there anything too hard for God? All one has to do is ask. Now physical affliction happens to everyone. No matter if you’re lost or saved,

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