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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

    Always Present, Always There

    Always Present, Always There

    There is no place that we can be that God is not there. God is everywhere all the time. This is a fact that is hard for the human mind to understand. This means you can’t just leave God somewhere on purpose or by accident.

    In verse 8 before rockets or airplanes were created that could carry a person into the air, he knew God was there.

    Spiritually, have you ever thought or said you felt your life was a living Hell? The lowest point is what you thought you were going through. There is nothing that compares to Hell on this earth. When you are at your lowest point in life, God is still there. He never leaves or forsakes. Being backslid on God, He is still there. When you were living like Hell, disgraced His name, He was still there.

    It rains on the just and the unjust just the same. God knows what you need and when you need them. His blessings are pouring out regardless of where your love is for Him. If you think that you can go beyond God’s love and that He will let go of you, you’re badly mistaken if you’ve been saved. God doesn’t depart from His sheep. When it gets hard He doesn’t detach from you and say, you’re on your own.

    In verse 9 he speaks of the East and West. No matter how far to the east you go away from the west, God is still there. Jonah was a backslid preacher and God stuck with him even in the belly of the fish, Jonah’s Hell. The very fact that He is with us means He can hear us. There isn’t a single person that is above the thought of suicidal thoughts. The devil can easily sow the seeds of un-care and before you realize it, your thoughts are on suicide. With Jonah, God had already prepared the great fish. Once Jonah hit the water the fish swallowed him and down they went. God then told that fish to take Jonah to Ninnava. Just as Jonah, God is directing your path back home. You might have to go through “Hell” to get there, but you’re headed back home. God knew that Jonah was going to do His work.

    In verse 11 he stated that even when it’s dark, God can still see and is still there. In our lives, it might get dark where we can not see. God can see, and He’s still there. God is not affected by the brightness or the lack of. The dark things will come whether we are the reason for them or not. Regardless of the fault, God is there, always.

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    Chastisement From God

    Chastisement From God

    God only chastises His children. A lost person isn’t chastised by God because they are not His. A saved person struggles against the flesh because it’s sinful. There are a lot of people that say they are a Christian but spend some time with them and you’ll find out they don’t live as a saved person. Hell is a horrible place to be. A fire that never goes out and never stops burning. Torments that never stop. The worst part of Hell is that God is not there.

    Romans 9:10-13

    God had chosen before they were born the purpose of God would be fulfilled. You must be born again. It doesn’t matter about a person's lineage or whether your father was a preacher. One must be lost before they are saved. Salvation is the most important decision that you will ever make. Even though Esau was blessed by God, He never corrected him. Jacob was blessed but God chastened him. Jacob wrestled with God so much that he walked with a limp for the rest of his life. We contribute the blessings of God as His approval. The world is full of fake religions today, do your part and God will bless you. A lot of people think that if they have something to show then they are approved of God. The blessing from God is not the same as His love. His blessings are not His signs of His approval.

    What is holiness?

    Is it the ability to know the scripture inside and out? No. Holiness is the condition of your heart, who you are when no one is watching. Your walk with the Lord in the dark. Many people attend a church and act like it on Sunday. How is their walk on Monday or Tuesday? What are the desires of your heart? Are you still in love with the world? Are you willing to lay it all down for God? Luke 14 Jesus said that if anyone doesn’t come to Him with more love than their family then they couldn’t be His disciple.

    1 Peter 1:13-20; thank God for grace! Grace is not to be taken lightly. 13: Sober; 14: Obedient; 15: Lust after the world; 16: Be holy.

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    At The Foot Of The Cross

    At The Foot Of The Cross

    Death is permanent. You have two places to go to after death, Heaven or Hell. How many people believe they will live forever, and never die?

    Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. A lot of blame is placed on Eve but Adam ate of the tree too. We would have done the same thing. After they were disobedient against God they tried to hide their sin. Just like today, people still try to hide their sins. In front of God, we are all naked. He knows our sins regardless of how we try to hide them.

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    Journey Home

    Journey Home

    My Father’s Love

    Because He Loved Me

    That’s Just His Way

    The Same God

    I’d Rather Have Jesus

    He Never Fails Me

    I Don’t Know Any Better Than Jesus

    A Few Steps From Home

    A Whisper Away

    It’s Alright, It’s Okay

    I Thank You

    Grave Clothes

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    The Glory Of The Cross

    The Glory Of The Cross

    You never want to get so large, big that others can’t see the cross. When you think of the Glory of Christ what do you think of? When one thinks of the Roman crucifixions there’s nothing glorious about them. 



    John 1:14, 2:11, 11:4; publicly condemned and rejected by His own people. Stripped and were not thankful for their healing. Have we all not been rejected at some point? Hung publicly between two thieves, naked. Matthew 27:39-40; mocking. Matthew 27:36, they just sat and watched. Matthew 27:46-47, they mocked His prayer. Matthew 27:48-49, they gave Him vinegar instead of water.



    The idea was that they didn’t want the person to just die, they wanted them to suffer. The scourging, the whipping was so intense that his muscles and bones were exposed. Whipped beyond recognition. Spikes nailed through the most painful part of the body. The loss of blood, thirst, hunger, flesh, etc. We, our sins, crucified Jesus Christ. He suffered for YOU and yet you can’t attend church on Wednesday night? 



    God gave His only son. God didn’t get a bargain, He gave Himself. When selling a car would you purchase a $10,000 car for $20,000? God gave it all for you. Who’s the biggest sinner you know? God turned His back on His only son. Could you punish an innocent person? How could God punish His only Son all the while knowing He was innocent? Because He loves us. 

    John 7:39, 12:21-24, 13:31, 17:4-5

    There was glory in the shame, suffering, and shame but you must be a believer to see and know. A lost person doesn’t see it or understand, they can’t. Isaiah 63:1-2

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    The Gifts Over Fear

    The Gifts Over Fear

    We will all stand in front of God one day and give an account of our life. Matthew 25 tells us a parable of a man who was given a talent and his fear kicked in. His fear took over and he hid it because he didn’t want to lose it. 

    There is something greater than the fear that comes into our life. Over 500 times the term or word fear is mentioned in the Bible. Fear is something that will come into our lives at some point. 

    Spirit in the lowercase form. Something that can change your mind or feeling, is a spirit. The spirit of fear does not come from God. If something doesn’t come from God then it comes from the devil. In our world the common control is fear. They murdered 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. Can you imagine if 6 million Jews stood against it? The devil wants you to respond with fear. How you control fear, believe in God, don’t doubt Him. Jesus Christ over 40 times said to not be afraid. 

    Gifts are something we are not usually supposed to ask for. In the Bible, there are many gifts that God has given us and we didn’t even ask for them. In the case of fear, God gave us three things to stamp out fear.


    The Greek word is dudymos, English - dynamite. When dynamite is lit it’ll blow a hole in just about everything. When we allow God to come into our lives our faith is fueled and God gives us the power to overcome fear. God gave His power to every Christian, not just to a few. God is always the victor. The Word of God has power and if we let it into our hearts then it’ll give us power through it. Just as dynamite, one must respect it because of its power. God's power must also be respected. 


    When one usually thinks of love one thinks of a passive tense. Perfect love casts out all fear. Love, agape. We love God because He first loved us. There are times when you are given courage but most times there is a perfect love that is given to love the enemy, not hate. Christians have more for them than against them. Perfect love casts out all fear. 

    Sound Mind

    Discipline that is self-control. When fear has control over us it’s often only in our mind. We think this, that, and the other. If we allow God to take control then He will take over and get things into control. This gift has nothing to do with how smart you may or may not be. Tell the fear what God said about you. 

    Ever since we were saved we’ve been opening up these gifts. They just don’t stop! The best thing about your life was that you received a little bit of discipline. Without that discipline we would do whatever we wanted that would cause a lot of problems.

    If the enemy can make you fear then you’ll stop doing what God says to do. 

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