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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

    He Has Heard Your Prayer

    He Has Heard Your Prayer

    They say patience is a virtue. Patience is something that is learned from experience. The hope that we have is something we often had to wait for. There are times that we are spoilt and God answers our prayers immediately. If God answered all of our prayers exactly as we asked then God would become our genie in a bottle.


    We should be praying and praying without ceasing and praying always. If it were not for the hope and faith in Jesus Christ we all would have given up. We can not do anything without God. We do not have the smarts to get through this life without God. We do not need more of the world but more of God. God has never left us and He never will.


    In this scripture, David had been under great pressure and we see that he stated that he waited upon the Lord. Without God, he would have surely fainted. There are times that the waiting is the most difficult. Praying for a lost person's soul to be saved. We know this is something that God wants as well, but the waiting for salvation is great. If we are going to wait on anything we should be waiting on God. At this time, people can’t wait for anything. We’ve been trained by the changes of technology that we’ve been trained NOT to wait. People used to have to walk to church. They didn’t complain, in fact, they looked forward to it.


    Patience doesn’t come from a book it’s something that must be learned by life experiences. Some have been given a doctor prognosis that appeared grim but instead of giving up, you trusted in God. God can be trusted because His goodness never fails.


    So what happens when we wait on God? Let us look at Psalm 40:1; first a foremost when you wait patiently He will turn His ear to you and hear you. That MUST sustain you. It’s good to know that He heard you. There are times when you will be weak in faith. You will find yourself in the valley where doubt will begin to grow but understand that when you wait patiently on God He will hear your prayer. When you are patiently waiting the hardest thing to battle is whether God heard you or not. The truth is, He DID hear you. The problem is not God but the sins that separate you from Him.


    Psalm 40:2; When He hears your cry He can help you. He will rescue you, pulling you out of that horrible pit, and miry clay. Not only does He helps you out of the horrible situation and removes you from the mind games of the clay, but He will set your feet on a solid foundation. A foundation that doesn’t move around. The battle isn’t won when you get your answer, it’s when you know He heard your prayer.


    Psalm 40:3-5; There will be times when you will be unable to tell someone everything is alright. Be of good cheer, if you incline your heart to God then He will incline His ear to you and will lift you up and establish your feet. Not only will He pick you up but He will give you a new song of Hope. A Hope that others can and will see pointing them to trust in God as well.

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    Psalms 51

    Psalms 51

    0:00 . . . . . Psalms 51

    4:07 . . . . . Do You Know?

    10:53 . . . . . Let Go of the Dark

    16:07 . . . . . How Great Thou Art

    22:42 . . . . . Red Letters

    26:20 . . . . . All My Hope

    31:08 . . . . . This Blood

    37:36 . . . . . Ain’t No Grave

    43:44 . . . . . My Jesus

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    To Finish The Race

    To Finish The Race

    We can’t stop just because we get tired. To be in the Christian race one must be saved first and foremost. At times, the race can be hard. The Spartan race is one that is very demanding. Our Christian race is similar to this race because we carry tough things in our lives.


    In order to first be in a race, one must sign up. After that, the training begins. Much work must be done to be in a race to be in shape. Being a Christian is just the same. One must become a Christian. After that, a Christian’s training begins by reading the Word of God, praying, and fasting. If we eat the things of the world then we will begin to be full of the world and harder to train and be in the race. The reason a race is difficult is that it’s a battle.


    The flesh doesn’t like the race. It’s hard and difficult. But we must have discipline. One can’t just sit along the sideline and watch the others race. We must finish the race that has been set before us. There are others watching us whom we will give an answer.


    Anything that slows you down and keeps you from running the race needs to be removed. These things are obstacles in our path that will drag you down or cause you to stumble in your race. The race that you run with God is much more important than your race with the devil.


    Until your death happens you will be in your race. It’s your duty to run your race for Christ. If you run your race with all striving towards God, great will be your reward. Unlike worldly races where only one or three people are declared the winner, anyone and everyone that is a Christian running their race will be a winner. Run with all your might. Do everything that God asks you to do. God will never forsake you. He will not put more on you than you can bear. He is always there when you feel you just can’t keep going. The world can take everything from you but they can NEVER take Jesus from you.

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    God Spoke

    God Spoke

    Three times in the New Testament God would speak.


    Christ’s Baptism

    The first time would be when Christ was baptized. The trinity was shown at this time after Christ was baptized. The Spirit of God would come down as a dove and lite upon Him. Then a voice from Heaven, God would speak. He would tell them that Jesus was His beloved son and with whom He was well pleased. No other way to be saved than through the name of Jesus Christ. What compels you to serve Christ? 


    Jesus’ Transfiguring

    When Jesus was walking along with the disciples He began to transfigure in front of them. This proved that He could have done this at any time instead of going to Calvary as He would do later. He didn’t have to go through the torments but chose to do so for the sake of our sins. God spoke to the disciples and told them that Jesus was His beloved Son which He was well pleased and He also told them to listen to Him. There is no other name but Jesus. All they wanted to do was to build a tabernacle in honor of Moses, Elias, and Jesus. There was no one to build for other than Jesus. There is none to be worshipped but Christ.


    Jesus Spoke

    God spoke out loud to Jesus. He didn’t have to speak out aloud but He did in this instance. He told Jesus that He had glorified His name and He will glorify it again. How Jesus suffered and came sin for us glorified His father, God. Jesus Christ's life was perfect and He glorified His God. Not only His life, but His death, and His resurrection. It was all about Jesus when He spoke.


    When God speaks aloud, it’s terrifying. Of all of the times when God spoke it was terrifying to hear. All we would need to hear is spoken by Christ. The Spirit of God speaks directly to us. The gentle, kindness of His voice to our soul when He speaks. He does it in a way that’s not booming or thundering. The message should always be the same, through Jesus Christ and He alone is the way to salvation.

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    Blessed is the Man

    Blessed is the Man

    Three points to see clearly. A foolish statement to say is to admit that anyone has it all figured out. We always have something to repent about. We live in the flesh and it’s a hard thing to do. We as humans are weak. The Spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. King David had ups and downs just as we do. 


    Blessed is the man that…


    * …puts his trust in God.

    * God is good and God is great in every way. There must be an action on our part. It’s not by works but there should be a hunger in your soul to do something for God. The scripture says that we will know the saved by the fruit they bear. Sweet & bitter water can’t come from a single spring. It’s either good or bad.

    * We should trust God in the good and the bad. We often say we trust Him but do we really? He will test and challenge you to try your trust in Him. God will take you through the dark places in order for you to trust in Him to bring you out of it. How many times in your life when something pops up that’s bad that you say to yourself that you’ll need to take care of this? We ought to ask God to handle it and not ourselves because we will mess it up and will have to take the long journey around it.

    * …fears the Lord.

    * The fear that is given to God is the fear that means a reverence to Him. In our society, we have removed God from just about everything. The reason that we have removed Him is that if we admit He’s real then we admit that we sin, if we admit we sin then we must admit we are wrong, and if we admit that we are wrong then we must change, and no one wants to change. Those that fear God will not lack any good thing. These good things are not materialistic things. God gives and He takes away. It doesn’t matter what you have down here on this Earth. We ought to gather where God feeds the flock. God also said that we should fail not to assemble ourselves together. If you fear God then you would want to clean up your life. One can say you fear God but in your actions, they often speak to the contrary. God has His own woodshed that He uses to chastise us. He will take you behind His woodshed not for others to see but because it’s a personal chastisement. There should be a reverence in your heart that causes you to say what God wants is what you want in order to be more like Him. WWJD, What Would Jesus Do, we should be looking at each and everything we do, say or think if it lines up with what God would do.

    * …seeks the Lord.

    * Do you actively seek God? When you wake up is your first thought to go to the Lord? There is nothing that He can’t do. There are so many things in this world to seek, distractions. None of these worldly things can bring ultimate joy that will last forever. Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness will be added to you. God knows exactly what you need and when. Got a big job opportunity? Only God knows if you need it or not. He knows that if it’s going to lead you away from Him then He likely will not want you to have it. Trust that He knows what’s best for you.

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    Loose Him, and Let Him Go

    Loose Him, and Let Him Go

    Mary & Martha didn’t have true confidence in Jesus yet. We have some within the church that are just the same. They believe in Jesus but they still had some doubts. Jesus had to prove to those there that He was who He said He was, the son of God. We are to share what Christ has done for us. Jesus had to verbally say that God had sent Him so that those doubters would believe.

    When Christ told Lazarus to come forth he was bound. Jesus had a plan and commanded him to come forth. He then commanded them to loose him of his grave close. Our lives are bound by sin and the world and when Jesus comes on the scene He commands the devil to loose us and let us be free. We must ask God for help to stop the devil from binding us. All we have to do is call upon the Lord. Don’t we all bind ourselves with doubt and fear? There is going to be a time when Jesus is going to come back. Our world is getting wickeder and wickeder every second of the day. As a Christian, we should be asking God to loose His spirit and bring in the lost to our churches. But what we end up doing is looking at a lost person oddly when they walk into the church.

    A dress rehearsal of Lazarus was an example of Christ’s life. Lazarus was dead and in a cave with a stone placed at the entrance. Jesus also died and was placed in a tomb with a stone blocking the entrance. Both were called out of the tomb to live again. Unlike Jesus, Lazarus wasn’t mentioned again. Lazarus was only used as an example and proof to show who Jesus was and is. Lazarus was just a part of the testimony of those that witnessed his resurrection and who did it.

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