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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. For more information about NPPBC. Please visit our site at, www.nppbc.com.

    Increase Our Faith

    Increase Our Faith

    If the disciples struggled with their faith while they walked alongside Jesus, then surely we have possibly had a more difficult time. We read about so many where Jesus did miraculous things yet the disciples requested for Jesus to increase their faith.

    Luke 17:5-6; we read the disciples requested more faith. We then see Jesus describe what had just a little bit of faith can do.

    Matthew 17:18-20; again we read Jesus do something and then Jesus once again describes what having small faith can do. He still didn’t tell them how to obtain faith.

    Matthew 19:25-26

    Is our faith the size of a mustard seed? Now Jesus could most certainly make a tree move from one place to another. He could tell a mountain to move and it moves. We are talking about the same person that created the very Earth we stand on. So what is faith?

    Hebrews 11:1

    Faith is believing. Some will say they have no faith yet if you ask them if their car still sits where you parked it, you’ll say yes. You have faith that when you insert the key into the car it will start. The question is not do you have faith, it’s whether you’re using it correctly. When you pray do you pray with faith? So why did Jesus not explain how to increase their faith? Your faith has nothing to do with anything when put into things that mean nothing. However, if you put your faith in Christ then all things are possible. Faith is to the soul as the eyes are to our body. The Bible states that we do not walk by sight but by faith. Ask yourself, what is it that you hope for the most? You shouldn’t want earthly things. Your desire, your hope should be for the lost to be saved. If you can find in the Bible the thing that you hope for and God has promised it, then hang on.

    1 Peter 1:8; this is a perfect example of faith. You can’t see God and yet you say you love Him.

    Hebrews 10:38-39; here we read what faith is used for. Faith should be a muscle that we exercise daily. When you stop using your faith then you’re not living as a believer in Christ.

    To increase your faith you must use it daily and at all times. It makes the devil mad every time you try to do something of a spiritual nature. Not only does the devil not like it but your flesh hates it as well.

    1 Peter 1:7; the daily walk with Christ, believing in your heart, seeing God work, increases your faith like walking upstairs. You must exercise your faith at all times to have your faith increase.

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    What Do You Have To Offer?

    What Do You Have To Offer?

    Whether you’re great or small you’ve got something to share if you’ve been born again. At some point in your saved life, the devil will come to you and tell you that you can’t do something, the job. The problem is not the job itself but knowing the one that can. For most of us, we are not someone of great importance but if you’ve been saved you’ve got someone that is known for something worldwide. You can be little and see God do great things. We would not have this particular account if it wasn’t for the little maid. On social media, if you know something then you air it to the world.

    A lot of people will talk themselves out of doing what God has told them to do. We have a responsibility to tell the great news to the world. Just in this story, Naaman had leprosy and he would always have it but there was a cure. The lost people of the world all have leprosy and will die due to it. It is our job to share the cure for their sin.

    2 Kings 5:3; this little maid explained to Naaman’s wife that there was a cure in Samaria. Notice the exclamation point that is very limited in the scriptures. She knew this great prophet would heal her master. Just as her explanation we are just the same. We all as believers have the same information, we once were lost and now we are saved. What changes is how we got lost, the salvation is all the same. This little maid knew she wasn’t the answer. Think about when the great followers were all around Jesus and they were all hungry. The disciples told Jesus to send them on their way yet Jesus knew what He needed to do. So a little lad with his and only his lunch was brought forth and Jesus used his tiny fish to feed the multitude.

    Thinking of the little maid, if she had sat into thinking then she might have talked herself out of it speaking. We are just the same. We start to doubt ourselves and the next thing you know we have all the excuses in the world to now share the cure for their sin, Jesus. Just do what Jesus has already told you to do. Jesus didn’t tell the sower to not allow the seed to fall on bad ground, He just told him to sow the seeds. It is not our job to figure out what is good ground or bad. God can take a sinner and make him a saint. We should share the good news regardless of how small we know we are.

    In this time as we look around and see the people looking back, don’t they look hopeless? They look as if they're just begging from within to just help. They are hopeless without Christ in their lives. When we peer into the eyes of the hopeless the “voices” within our minds began to tell us we can’t help. The truth, simply tells them that Jesus can help. Jesus can take your lost condition and turn it into a saved hope-filled life.


    If you found out that you had cancer wouldn’t you want a cure to take it away? The lost of the world all have “cancer” and will die because of it. The cure for this “cancer” is and has always been there. We know the cure for it but we must share the cure.

    The message is simple, don’t make it difficult. If you’re saved then you once were lost and now you're saved. Simply sharing that fact is all there is to it. You don’t need to think of a great elaborate story to give, don’t change the story. If you are confident that you’ve been saved then you have the story, your story doesn’t require anyone else’s input or help. One more tip, your story is NOT for sale. Your story can’t be purchased for any price. Salvation can’t be purchased because it’s free because Christ has already paid for it.

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    Is Gods Timing Perfect?

    Is Gods Timing Perfect?

    We read about David and him being anointed to be king yet for many years ran from Saul all the while asking God, when. Our timing is not God's timing. Tonight we will discuss the act of patience.

    God is in full control. He knows what’s behind and in front. God never takes a vacation or is asleep. God always does things that are for our good. Most of God's people want God to work, move but we are so impatient. Psalm 119:82; even when we don’t understand what God is doing He is always in full control. There is a lot of times we ask ad beg God to know what He’s doing or His plan yet He doesn’t tell us. Keep in mind, He is never late and always on time.

    Daniel prayed and waited for 21 days. Daniel was surely a man of prayer, yet he had to wait, have patience. We read that when God finally came to him He told him that the very first time he prayed God heard him and thereafter. We know by what God told him that Daniel’s prayer was delayed due to a spiritual battle that had to be dealt with first. Keep in mind that God was not late because His timing was perfect for Daniel and his prayer.

    Acts 27; Paul was on a ship and they were fighting for their lives in a great storm. Just as Paul we too get to that point where we look around and think that there is no end in sight and we are surely doomed. Fourteen days later God came and Paul with his answer. God didn’t tell Paul that He was going to save them or rescue them. He simply told them to stop fasting and eat and as long as they stay in the boat, they’d be alright. God will not let you down and He is always faithful. The Holy Spirit is the great comforter and as long as you’re saved you’ve got comfort beyond comfort.

    * Glory for God. John 11:3-4; We don’t usually know why our prayer might be delayed but God does. Be patient because He knows.

    * For our belief. John 11:14-15; Those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. It’s sometimes for our growth in faith and belief. He can not fail. There is no one that can answer that they have enough faith and no longer need more. John 11:21-22, 39; Too late, too late, and too late. Don’t we get discouraged when we don’t get what we want when we want it? We see here they told the King of Kings that He was late. Don’t we do the same thing?

    * For us to see the glory of God. John 11:40

    * It just might be for someone else too. John 11:45; There wouldn’t have been anyone there if Jesus had just gone and healed him. The others were there because Lazarus had died.

    God is always right and always on time. He’ll never let you down, and He’s never late. Be encouraged!

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    Does the Dead Rise Again?

    Does the Dead Rise Again?

    We are living in a post-Christian society. Some today lived in a time in which Christ came first in most cases. That time is gone and most do not believe in God. We live in a time where people are absent of truth and they only believe in things that are not true. A lot believe in evolution and if that’s the case then you do not believe in the resurrection of the dead. If people believed that one would live again after death then the churches would be full. If one believes in life after death then someone has to do the raising. This then means that this person has power over death.

    A lot want to hear how good people are when they die. They want the minister to tell everyone that the person was a good person and somehow got their wings and are walking the streets of gold. All the while the person lying in the casket never accepted Christ as their savior.

    There is a time that the grave and Hell will give up the dead in order to be judged. When death finds you that is not your end. There is an eternity that you will spend, either Heaven or Hell.

    If you believe that there is no resurrection after death then that means you do not believe that Christ didn’t rise from the dead. One might think that a person that talks to God is crazy but the truth is God talks back.

    Absent from the body, present with the Lord

    There is coming an expiration point of your body. There is nothing that any doctor will be able to do to keep this body here and once it’s expired it will die. Once the body is expired the soul will go back to God. Absent from the body, present with the Lord instantly. I, is not the external person but the internal. God will separate the two and will take what is His back. This body can not handle God because our body is earthly, sinful. Now on the day of the great resurrection, God will raise each and every saved person's body and change it into a glorified body. It will then meet its soul with its new glorified body to live forever in Heaven. Those that are saved and dead already are already in Heaven but do not have a body yet. Those that are still living during the great rapture will be changed in the blink of an eye and will join those being changed that have already died.

    You either believe that there is a resurrection of the dead or you don’t. You believe that life came from nothing and then it goes back to nothing or, you believe that there is a great creator (God) and at death, you will go back to this creator (God).

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    What’s It Look Like To Love Another?

    What’s It Look Like To Love Another?

    The world has a concept of love and it’s different than God’s love. A human's love is based on what you can do for me. It’s traded and exchanged. Nothing means nothing. One can’t be loved until they are loved. Most people can love yet they love conditionally. God’s love is unconditional. The things that are hindering you are the things that still sting. We live in such a selfish world that we want what we want and when we want it.

    Could you be hindering the will of God?

    Are you showing favored grace to others? God didn’t tell us to judge folks but to love folks. We are to sow the seeds of love. There are people out there today that are fully capable of going shopping, vacations, etc, yet they are neglecting the house of God. Nowhere in the scripture does it say that God was going to send a plaque and He wanted people to stop attending church.

    Bearing all things.

    What happens when you get afraid? Usually one runs from it. If something comes against us like an illness we often try to run from it. David went through troubles but he didn’t run from it. He stood up and put on a garment of praise and began to worship and praise God. He then went and tried to show others to do the same in encouragement.

    2 Corinthians 6:1-10

    Christians are working with God even when the going get’s tough. We don’t receive his grace in vain but in great fulfillment. Today is the day of salvation. As in the prodigal son, he thought he was doing the right thing by running away from his father. The father never gave up on him and searched and watched for him daily. We should be like the father and tell those that God is out there wanting them to come home.

    We need to experience the love of God in such a way that when we leave the church house others can see they want what we’ve got. The end of time is closing in faster than ever before. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. We should be giving them what they need and that is a love beyond understanding. A love that goes beyond our values and selfishness.

    We need to be patient. The journey gets harder. If you’re in God’s will then you will always be under a strain. You should be constantly asking God, what next, what do You want me to do next. There will be some things that will make you look bad when you stand up with the love of God. Let go of yourself and don’t let these things bother you.

    John 15:12-13

    You would fight for your family. If someone came against one of your loved ones you would take a bullet for them. Would you do this for your neighbor?

    God will do whatever He wants with or without you. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of Him instead of without Him?

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    Locust Ridge

    Locust Ridge

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