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Spiritually ambitious friends who know the value of community invite you to join in their conversations about mindfulness, energy work, intuition, self-care and more. The woo-curious, the spiritually enlightened, and everyone in between are welcome. It’s a great big beautiful woo-verse out there and we’re talking about all of it! 

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Spiritually ambitious friends who know the value of community invite you to join in their conversations about mindfulness, energy work, intuition, self-care and more. The woo-curious, the spiritually enlightened, and everyone in between are welcome. It’s a great big beautiful woo-verse out there and we’re talking about all of it! 

    The Sh*t I've Seen

    The Sh*t I've Seen

    Today’s topic is a good one!
    Camille starts with her haunted house story. No really. She has photographic proof! She had a reading and got an earful about “the colonel” who used to live in her home. You’ve got to hear how he shows up.
    Brenda has her own ghost story. When she was a child, she had a frightening experience that was so strong, she knows it caused her to shut down her intuition. Later in life, she opened back up to those gifts.
    Alexandra explains how she connects with her intuition. She reminds us that it’s important to trust what you see and/or feel. Thank spirit for your messages and remember to trust yourself.
    Chandra explains that here guides communicate with her through a knowing and sometimes via external sources. Hear how she ask for and received a guide to help her during a business trip. Can you relate?
    Aaron sees with his intuitive eye, it’s more a feeling rather than vision. His story is about the spirit he saw in a vacation home. He outlines multiple sightings. Does this ever happen in your life? Psst . . . he also has photographic evidence.
    Rosalie shares her story of astral projection. Many moms may recognize her spirit experience. She also details a hypnosis session that she had and how energy and spirit showed up for her. It involves a past-life experience that she was able to release.
    Remember, everyone does not have the gift of clairvoyance. That doesn’t mean you are not intuitive; it means you have a different gift.
    Do these experiences resonate with you? When you heard them, were you reminded of a similar happening from your life? Do you have a story? Reach out and let the crew know!
    If you don’t have your own woo-crew, join this one!
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    To Degree or Not to Degree?

    To Degree or Not to Degree?

    The Woo-woo crew is back, and they are talking about higher education. It is worth it? Does the certificate mean anything or certify you to do more? We’ve all be there. Do we need to learn more, or is it about validation? Maybe both!
    Guest Lisa Lucario is back, and she shares why she decided to go to college originally and why she went back for her master’s degree. She shares her decision-making process and how it unfolded for her.
    Alexandra shares how the expectation to go to college was sometimes hard for her. She realized that she needed to find the way of learning that suited her
    Brenda shares something many of us will relate to. Do we feel worthy, to help others? Do I need to prove that to others or to myself? Brenda explains how she’s come to her decision and it’s going to be helpful for you.
    Where is my worth?
    This is something we all grapple with in some way. The crew shares how this has shown up for all of them, and how it’s changing as we get older. Do we speak up? What happens when others don’t value us?
    Aaron shares how his master’s degree changed how he sees the world. If you are there because you want to learn more and it lights you up, you don’t need to prove or explain to others.
    Is fake it until you make it okay? The group all agree that at times, it’s the right thing to do especially when you someone is trying to make you feel less than. Knowing you belong at the table is something only you can decide.
    This discussion will help anyone who’s felt like they needed another degree, or certificate or course. Who is it going to help? Is it to provide you with more confidence or to demonstrate to others your expertise?
    Trust your inner knowing. We all have to be whole so we can help others. That’s a great thing to remember when
    Resources mentioned:
    Astrologer Robert Brown
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    Energy Workers Unite

    Energy Workers Unite

    We have a great guest on the podcast. Lisa Lucario who is with the Woo-woo crew to talk about energy work, imposter syndrome and more. Lisa had never had an energy work session, so she tried it out, and is sharing her feedback.
    Lisa is like most of us, dealing with lots of things at once, and she shares her journey. She’s leaving her teaching position and considering other big life changes. During the session she tried to keep her mind focused on positive things.
    What to expect from an energy session?
    ·      Be open to spirit
    ·      Have an open mind about what may come up
    ·      Ask for help, admit what’s going on
    Learn how living with chaos (or grief, or pain etc.) can become the comfort when it’s what you’ve known for so long. Hear how you can break the pattern that keeps you going back to where you feel safe, even when it’s not serving you.
    What happens when we shift our identity?
    When change and growth happens, it can bring up feelings of fear and uncertainty. Our ego become attached to “who we are” based on what we do. The crew discuss how this shows up in several ways.
    How can you achieve balance?
    Life requires both chaos and change with stillness and acceptance. How do you go from pushing against what you don’t want to openly receiving what you want? The crew has you covered here!
    It’s not your job to keep others in their comfort zone.
    What? This is where the whole crew has some helpful advice. Aaron channeled his inner Oprah for you and Chandra shared her card from her new deck (they like big decks!) and it was St. Germaine. He has come up several times today. Brenda shares how he showed up around the topic of karma releasing.
    Good reminder that it’s time to let go of what’s not working. It’s okay to grow and move on. It’s also okay if others don’t understand or prefer you not change. That’s their journey. Camille reminds us it’s perfectly okay to do you!
    What does it mean to show up?
    The whole crew share great insights here. What does it take to be present for yourself and others? Guest Lisa and Aaron both share touching stories about how they showed up for their students.
    What does that look like for you?
    How can tuning into your energy help you?
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    The Wednesday Woo-woo Crew

    The Wednesday Woo-woo Crew

    Meet the people behind the voices of this incredible new podcast. After supporting one another the past 18 months or so, it became clear that a little bit of magic happens when this crew gathers around the table to talk and drink and talk a bit more.
    Camille shares how she found herself asking big life questions a few years ago. She’s a fan of astrology and the spirit world and is up for conversations about all of it.
    Next up is Chandra, a North Carolina native who’s been on her spiritual-seeking journey for a few years as well. She credits the Wednesday crew for helping her enjoy the process of learning about her intuitive gifts.
    Rosalie as west-coast transplant. She’s interested in herbal healing, crystals, and reiki. She brings her calm energy and insights to the group and is never too far from a few healing crystals for good measure.
    Aaron the empath is the only guy lucky enough to be on the show. He’s always known he was intuitive. As a young kid, he was labeled sensitive and tried to downplay it but no more! He’s a teacher and his peers call him the “counselor” because kids come to him with their issues, recognizing that he’s there to help.
    At age 7 Alexandra realized that traditional religion didn’t fit her. She calls the group her soul tribe. She’s no longer on the path alone and is learning all she can about tarot, crystals and of course, tapping into her intuition.
    Best for last! Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III joins us. You can just call her Brenda Sue for short. She loves all the woo things.
    How did the Wednesday Woo-woo crew begin?
    Brenda met Rosalie and Camille when she was a massage therapist. She knew those two people needed to meet. Chandra met Camille when they both took the same online course! They lived 5 minutes away from each other – it was definitely meant to be.
    Chandra wished the group into existence!
    She asked the universe to help her find a group of people who wanted to be on this journey with her. Little did she know that Brenda was already creating a group of like-minded people and invited her to join.
    This group is the safe space to learn and share. No question is out of bounds, and no judgement either. This crew believes that everyone is doing the best they can and accept everyone as they are.
    This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn, have fun and be part of this vibration-raising energy. 
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    OHM-G Podcast Trailer

    OHM-G Podcast Trailer

    What does it mean to be intuitive? Why do I struggle locating my "higher self" and what do people mean when they say to raise your vibration? The OHM-g podcast is here to discuss this and a lot more. Connect with this group of spiritually ambitious friends who know the value of community. Join in their conversations about mindfulness, energy work, intuition, self-care and more. The woo-curious, the spiritually enlightened, and everyone in between are welcome. It’s a great big beautiful woo-verse out there and we’re talking about all of it! 
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Taurus-bull22 ,

Funny yet Insightful

These people truly enjoy one another. They put the woo in woohoo!
They take on woo topics with humor but are also very engaged with what’s going on in the human experience.

cycling swede ,

Fun and serious at the same time

Warm funny conversations around the dining room table.
on top of the woo woo serious topics are discussed in a light way without loosing the seriousness of the topic along the way.
A fair bit of Prosecco and silliness is also sprinkled on top.

Ceceeee1994 ,

Like I’m Sitting at the Table!

Love listening to the “woo woo crew”! This group talks about such relatable topics while including spiritual guidance. I can’t wait to listen to another episode soon! ❤️

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