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The Oil and Gas Startups Podcast showcases emerging technologies and tells the stories of founders, investors and industry leaders.

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The Oil and Gas Startups Podcast showcases emerging technologies and tells the stories of founders, investors and industry leaders.

    Kelvin AI on Oil and Gas Startups

    Kelvin AI on Oil and Gas Startups

    This episode of the "Oil and Gas Startups" podcast features an insightful conversation with Peter Harding, exploring the intersections of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and the energy sector.
    This episode dives into:

    Peter's background and journey from a San Francisco native to a key player in the energy sector.
    The influence of historical events like the Persian Gulf War on Peter's interest in energy independence.
    Peter's transition from an investment banking and venture capital background to entrepreneurship.
    The evolution of venture capital over the years, including changes in specialization and market dynamics.
    Insights into the challenges and strategies of raising venture capital, with a focus on timing and amount.
    The importance of product-market fit and the role of serendipity in startup success.
    Personal anecdotes and experiences that shaped Peter's entrepreneurial mindset.
    The contrast between the roles of an investor and an operator in the business world.
    Peter's perspective on the current state of venture capital and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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    • 1 hr 10 min
    Life Cycle Power on Oil and Gas Startups

    Life Cycle Power on Oil and Gas Startups

    This episode explores the innovative world of mobile turbine generators and their impact on industries ranging from oil and gas to data centers, highlighting the shift towards more sustainable and efficient power solutions.
    This episode dives into:

    The services offered by Lifecycle Power, specializing in mobile turbine generators for various industries.
    The transition from traditional diesel-powered equipment to electric solutions in the oil and gas industry, particularly in electric fracking (eFrac).
    The advantages of using turbine generators, such as their ability to utilize field gas directly from the ground, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.
    The challenges and misconceptions associated with the consumption and efficiency of turbine generators.
    The impact of electrification on the demand for power and the constraints of the current grid infrastructure.
    The potential for turbine generators to provide emergency backup power in response to legislation changes and grid outages.
    The role of turbine generators in powering data centers and the anticipated increase in energy demand due to AI and other growing industries.
    The concept of self-generation for data centers and the competition for resources like grid access and fuel.
    The potential for collaborative power solutions between different operators and the legislative hurdles that need to be addressed.

    Learn more about EnergyX: https://bit.ly/3pedpdC

    • 44 min
    Deloitte on Oil and Gas Startups

    Deloitte on Oil and Gas Startups

    In this insightful episode, we sit down with Amy Chronis, a Deloitte veteran with a passion for innovation and transformation in the energy sector, to explore the dynamic changes and technological advancements shaping the industry.
    This episode dives into:

    Deloitte's Greenhouse Experience: Amy shares the concept behind Deloitte's Greenhouse facilities, designed to foster innovation and problem-solving through immersive experiences.

    Amy's Role and Focus: A look into Amy's extensive responsibilities, including her focus on client relationships, team development, and industry-specific challenges.

    Industry Evolution: Discussion on the ongoing transformation within the energy and chemicals sectors, emphasizing the shift towards advanced materials and diversified energy sources.

    Career Journey: Amy reflects on her career trajectory, from her early days at Arthur Andersen to her current leadership role at Deloitte.

    Economic Cycles and Learning: Insights into how economic booms and busts have provided learning opportunities and shaped Amy's approach to industry challenges.

    Diversity and Innovation in Houston: Amy talks about Houston's diversity and its role as a hub for energy evolution and innovation.

    AI and the Future of Energy: A deep dive into the transformative potential of AI in the energy sector, including its impact on operations, decision-making, and customer experiences.

    Challenges in the Energy Sector: Amy discusses the current challenges faced by energy companies, such as AI integration, supply chain issues, and the need for innovation in response to geopolitical pressures.

    Deloitte's Research and Insights: An overview of Deloitte's research on the energy sector, highlighting the financial performance of energy companies and the strategic use of surplus cash for innovation.

    Learn more about EnergyX: https://bit.ly/3pedpdC

    • 48 min
    Midstream Holdings on Oil and Gas Startups

    Midstream Holdings on Oil and Gas Startups

    In this episode, we delve into the world of midstream assets, exploring the challenges and opportunities in the sector, and how Midstream Holdings is bridging the gap between buyers and sellers.
    This episode dives into:

    Introduction to XCloud, a new cloud computing solution by EnergyX.
    Overview of Midstream Holdings and its role as an asset listing service for pipelines and facilities.
    The challenges of traditional M&A models and the need for a platform like Midstream Holdings.
    The reasons why such a platform hasn't been created before.
    The intricacies of midstream asset valuation and the factors considered.
    The process of listing and buying assets on the platform.
    The challenges faced by Midstream Holdings, especially regarding data protection and due diligence.
    The potential for joint ventures in the midstream sector.
    The business model of Midstream Holdings and its similarities to real estate transactions.

    Learn more about EnergyX: https://bit.ly/3pedpdC

    • 36 min
    WellDatabase on Oil and Gas Startups

    WellDatabase on Oil and Gas Startups

    This week on the podcast, we delve into the intricacies of data analytics in the energy sector, with a spotlight on the transformative journey of WellDatabase with CEO and Co-founder, John Ferrell.
    This episode covers:

    Catching Up with John: A heart-to-heart about personal transitions, moving away from the hustle and bustle, and the beauty of Montana.

    The Evolution of WellDatabase: From its inception to its current state, learn about the journey of this groundbreaking platform.

    The Data Revolution: How WellDatabase is changing the game by making data clean, usable, and analytical.

    Enterprise Challenges: The hurdles faced when selling high-quality, cost-effective solutions to big enterprises.

    Blockchain in Energy: A look into how blockchain could revolutionize gas trading and contract management.

    Machine Learning vs. Physics: Balancing the power of AI with the foundational knowledge of the energy sector.

    Startup Insights: Reflections on the importance of vision, the pros and cons of external capital, and the journey of building a sustainable business.

    WellDatabase's Official Website 
    Connect with John on LinkedIn 

    Learn more about EnergyX: https://bit.ly/3pedpdC

    • 37 min
    Industrial Data Labs on Oil and Gas Startups

    Industrial Data Labs on Oil and Gas Startups

    Dive deep into the world of industrial markets with Marty Dytrych, the Co-Founder of Industrial Data Labs. Discover how AI is revolutionizing the sector, the challenges faced, and the innovative solutions on the horizon.
    Key Takeaways:

    The Backstory: How Marty's journey began and his longstanding connection with Jake.
    Industrial Data Labs' Rise: From winning at the energy tech night to gaining investor attention.
    The Problem: Understand the inefficiencies in manual TDS, technical sales, and sourcing within industrial markets.
    AI to the Rescue: How Industrial Data Labs is using AI to transform the valve market and streamline processes.
    Industry Insights: Why many tech startups fail in the oil and gas sector and the importance of truly understanding industry needs.
    A Contrarian Approach: Marty's unique strategy of focusing on distributors and manufacturers first.
    The Future: The push towards automating front office processes to compete on a global scale.
    Guest Bio:Marty Dytrych is the Co-Founder of Industrial Data Labs, a company at the forefront of applying AI solutions to industrial markets. With a deep understanding of the sector's challenges and a passion for innovation, Marty is on a mission to revolutionize the industry.https://www.linkedin.com/in/martydytrych/https://www.linkedin.com/company/industrialdatalabs/

    Learn more about EnergyX: https://bit.ly/3pedpdC

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
256 Ratings

256 Ratings

MGF7963795 ,

Jim Fisher on Oracle on Oil & Gas Start Up Episode

Wow! This episode was fantastic and loved hearing Jim Fisher’s perspective on the oil & gas industry and where he sees the marketing moving.

I know a lot about Land, man. ,

Great Podcast

Fantastic podcast for those that like to learn and are interested in the oil and gas industry. Each episode seems to highlight a different portion of the oil and gas industry and the show really demonstrates the wide number of opportunities the industry offers. This podcast is a go to when I’m feeling uninspired or burnt out.

I find myself going back and re-listening to old episodes multiple times.

InBloom843 ,

Can’t hear Alex

Great content but they need to get Alex a better mic or maybe have him speak closer to it. I can’t hear Alex at all most of the time and am surprised there was no QC done before the podcast is released

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