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Hosted by Tyler Constance and Amanda Huesmann

    23: The Local Tooth Fairy

    23: The Local Tooth Fairy

    Tyler talks about the mental fortitude required for maintaining one's composure against an adversarial smoke detector, Amanda reveals some of the darndest things kids say at her summer job, and even treats listeners to a rare sample of her "teacher voice."
    Tyler is excited about the "personal knowledge management" app Obsidian, but Amanda doesn't bite, so that might have to be a different show. Amanda's forged a genuine friendship, and Tyler started painting in the absence of any social plans last weekend, but he enjoyed the excuse to visit the local art store and put on some old, stained jeans.
    Amanda's steadfast bravery continues into the after show.
    (Recorded Monday, July 19, 2021)
    Links:Paper Fortune Teller (Wikipedia)Obsidian App"Linking Your Thinking" Obsidian Tutorial (YouTube)Notion AppMonica CRMHow to paint like Pablo Picasso (Cubism) – with Corey D'Augustine | IN THE STUDIO (YouTube)

    • 47 min
    22: Dunbar's Revenge

    22: Dunbar's Revenge

    Your hosts are back from an unplanned break after Amanda wrapped up her busy semester and Tyler wrapped up his vaccinations and went outside. Amanda talks about the journals of a young girl in the 2000s, and Tyler muses that he should try to dictate personal logs in the format popularized in Star Trek.
    There's a discussion on friendships and communities while your friends figure out how to get back into the world, but like that masterful XKCD comic presents, socializing was difficult before this mess, too.
    Tyler rediscovers Junji Ito and he's very excited about it, and Amanda gets her feet cheese-grated by a professional.
    (Recorded Thursday, May 27, 2021)
    Links:Boimler's "Captain's Log" in Star Trek: Lower DecksSisko's Captain's Log in Star Trek: Deep Space NineDavid Sedaris on Keeping a Diary in the Age of Over-Sharing (YouTube)Junji Ito (Wikipedia)The Enigma of Amigara Fault (Read right-to-left)Uzumaki (Wikipedia)

    • 37 min
    21: Goth Pockets

    21: Goth Pockets

    Tyler's optimistism from the previous episode was short-lived, and he's crashed from his high rather spectacularly. Nevertheless, he collects himself enough to follow up about voice texts from episode 19, and then eagerly passes it off to his co-host for an update on the Bubble System and the anticipated list of Amanda's picks for springtime records. The latter topic sparks some reminiscince of past music experiences, through portable CD players, iPods, and mix CDs.
    Amanda will eventually begin work on her "Sad Songs To Listen To In The Car When You're Crying" playlist.
    (Recorded Wednesday, April 7, 2021)
    Links:The Pleasures Of Conversing via Voice Text from The New YorkerFederico Viticci's comments on Voice Texts from MacStoriesRed Garland’s Piano (Spotify, Apple Music)Novo Amor – Cannot Be, Whatsoever ("Opaline" Music Video, Spotify, Apple Music)Marianas Trench – Phantoms (Spotify, Apple Music)Erik Whittacre – Light & Gold (Spotify, Apple Music)Gabriel Fauré – Requiem (Spotify, Apple Music)Chopin –  Nocturne in E♭ Major (Spotify, Apple Music)Ola Gjeilo – The Ground (Spotify, Apple Music)Barilla Created Spotify Playlists That Will Help You Cook Your Pasta Just Right (delish.com, Barilla Italia Spotify)8TracksiPod Nano 2nd Generation (Wikipedia)Walkman 40th Anniversary Video (YouTube)Sony DAPsAstell & Kern Website

    • 50 min
    20: Mega-Bunny

    20: Mega-Bunny

    Tyler had a good week, Amanda had a week. Spring is finally here though, and your hosts are 1/4 vaccinated.
    Springtime records are discussed, Amanda has a new Macbook Air, and she's eager to share her new productivity system, "The Bubble System." It has sizes and colors.
    (Recorded Thursday, March 24, 2021)
    Links:Your Favorite Weapon by Brand New (Spotify, Apple Music)Say Anything by Say Anything (Spotify, Apple Music)People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm by A Tribe Called Quest (Spotify, Apple Music)April In Paris by Count Bassie (Spotify, Apple Music)Long Legged Larry by Aesop Rock (Official Video, Spotify, Apple Music)

    • 49 min
    19: Mountain Day

    19: Mountain Day

    One of your hosts tries to kick off the podcast with her cheeks stuffed with snacks, but we won’t tell you who.
    Amanda has some ups and downs with the semester and some complications with recitals, Tyler talks about his strategies for staying in touch with people without social media, and shares some ways he stumbled into memorable conversations throughout the winter.
    (Recorded Wednesday, March 10, 2021)
    Links:"Why You Need A Database" blog post by Derek SiversMonica CRM (Website, Github)Greg Piece's Drafts App (Website, App Store)

    • 44 min
    18: The Broccoli Of Fun Things

    18: The Broccoli Of Fun Things

    Amanda's been enjoying some treats, which prompts your hosts to talk a little bit about candy before crashing back into reality and discussing some pandemic-related challenges at the start of Amanda's second semester of grad school.
    Links:Oreo Thins Mint Flavor Creme Chocolate Sandwich CookiesCircus Peanuts

    • 46 min

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