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One Thing Today provides a regular nudge to remind you to live gently and to take a small daily step with your creative work.

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One Thing Today provides a regular nudge to remind you to live gently and to take a small daily step with your creative work.

    #1603: Taking five minutes to celebrate ten years

    #1603: Taking five minutes to celebrate ten years


    Today marks ten years since I recorded the first episode of One Thing Today and I did want to pop in to say hello and record a little homage to that very first episode.

    Join me together with my original timer and teapot for a five minute micropodcast.

    Maybe today you can pick one small thing to do to move your creative life on a little. Or maybe today's a day for a rest :)

    Thank you for being there 3

    PS Episode #1602 has been recorded and I will post it in a few days, but I did want to publish this episode on the day of the anniversary even though it is out of order!

    • 6 min
    #1601: Enjoying life when choices are limited

    #1601: Enjoying life when choices are limited

    Today, you find me by my kitchen window watching Louise enjoying her first morning out of the coop since her operation and reflecting on how taking care of her has meant that my One Thing has been decided for me over recent days.

    I hope however your energy is today that you can find something to appreciate and enjoy in your day 3

    • 13 min
    #1600: New growth?

    #1600: New growth?

    Not quite the 1600th episode of One Thing Today that I had planned for you, but maybe this gentle, scaled-back episode is an appropriate way to mark today’s milestone.

    Join me for a walk halfway up my hillside to visit a crab apple tree…

    Whether you’re a new listener or have been with me for a while (or even the very beginning!), thank you for your company.

    • 11 min
    #1599: Frosty celandines

    #1599: Frosty celandines

    It’s a beautiful frosty morning here in Wales and I’m by my gate saying hello to you after what felt like a very big day yesterday…

    • 10 min
    #1598: The return of winter?

    #1598: The return of winter?

    The albeit probably brief return of winter here in Wales this morning feels very welcome.

    Join me as I say hello to the chickens and then take a slow, snowy walk up the hill to the grove of oak trees.

    May your day unfold into the shape that is right for you.

    • 14 min
    #1597: A big day for George and Louise

    #1597: A big day for George and Louise

    My One Thing for today is to rest, but I did want to record you a short podcast as today is a big day in chicken world.

    • 12 min

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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings


Changed My Life

I read on one of the reviews that these podcasts are a gentle dose of inspiration and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a listener for about two (plus) years now. When I stumbled upon his website, I was looking for other creative types with low energy. Each day is a struggle, but I’ve been using Michael’s philosophy of doing one small thing to move my creative life on just a little each day and it’s worked. I love how he’s added a twenty-minute work session in the podcast. It’s like working alongside an encouraging friend.

JPFriday ,

Like working alongside a friend.

I found Michael Nobbs when I was dealing with the despair-filled depths of my chronic illness. Thanks to surgery, my illness is in remission, but I still listen every day to make sure that I am making forward motion, no matter how small, on my projects.

I love pausing the podcast and setting my timer to “work along with Michael.” He feels like a friend.

Whether you have limited time or limited energy with which to work on your creative life, this podcast is an invaluable resource.

DeannaDarling ,

Soothing yet motivating

If you have creative goals or dreams but you're limited due to a health issue, a lack of confidence or direction – or just time crunched — Michael Nobbs will give you the get up and go you need. But he does it in a relaxed, calm, comforting manner that manages to motivate without any hint of shame or false urgency. Taking baby steps and using small pockets of time is a somewhat new way of thinking about goal setting, but Michael has been plugging along for years achieving great things with his work done in just minutes a day. Highly recommended as a daily meditation for anyone who has creative dreams but is short on time or energy.

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