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Welcome to the Open Apple podcast, where we share news and memories of the Apple II, Steve Wozniak's most famous personal computer.

Open Appl‪e‬ Mike Maginnis & Quinn Dunki

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Welcome to the Open Apple podcast, where we share news and memories of the Apple II, Steve Wozniak's most famous personal computer.

    Open Apple #79 (July 2020): KansasFest 2020 Megapodcast

    Open Apple #79 (July 2020): KansasFest 2020 Megapodcast

    Welcome to Retro Open Poly Roundtable Chicken Missile Lines Drop Museum Gruecast, the annual “megapodcast” from KansasFest, this time conducted virtually via Zoom. Scroll past the links for Open Apple‘s audio edition, or enjoy the video edition courtesy Chris Torrence’s Assembly Lines podcast:


    * Quinn Dunki (Blondihacks, Open Apple, Retrocomputing Roundtable)* Earl Evans (Retrocomputing Roundtable, Next Without For, Retrobits)* Ken Gagne (Polygamer, Transporter Lock)* Paul Hagstrom (Retrocomputing Roundtable, Drop III Inches)* John Leake (RetroMacCast)* Charles Mangin (How II)* Rob McMullen (Player/Missile)* Blake Patterson (Retrocomputing Roundtable)* Kay Savetz (ANTIC: The Atari 8-Bit Podcast, Eaten By A Grue)* Kate Szkotnicki (RetroMetal: Old Games on Old Machines)* Carrington Vanston (Retrocomputing Roundtable, Eaten By A Grue)

    Game-related links:

    * KansasFest* KansasFest (YouTube channel)* National Dairy Council Grab A Byte* Ancient Tarot* Canadian Tire Complimentary Cassette* a href="https://www.mobygames.com/game/missing-ring" data-wpel-link="external" target="_blank" rel="extern...

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    Open Apple #78 (September 2018) – Retro Antic Assembly Chicken Missile Talks Our Way Out Of It

    Open Apple #78 (September 2018) – Retro Antic Assembly Chicken Missile Talks Our Way Out Of It

    This month on Open Apple, we bring you the traditional big group podcast that we record every year at KansasFest. Tune in for a casual chat with your favorite retro podcasters, and get a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes KansasFest special. This year we managed to twist the following arms into joining us:

    * Quinn Dunki – Open Apple

    * Carrington Vanston – Retrocomputing Roundtable, Eaten By A Grue

    * Paul Hagstrom – Retrocomputing Roundtable, Drop III Inches

    * Ken Gagne – Retrocomputing Roundtable, Polygamer, Transporter Lock

    * Charles Mangin – How II

    * Steve Weyrich – Retrocomputing Roundtable

    * Kevin Savetz – ANTIC, Eaten By A Grue, Tech Enthusiast Hour

    * Chris Torrence – Assembly Lines

    * Jason Scott – Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It

    You’ll have to excuse the strained voices and general discombobulation, as we generally record this sometime in the middle of the night on what-feels-like day 400 of KFest, in a dank basement chapel. It’s way more fun than I just made it sound. You should come to the next KansasFest!

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    Open Apple #77 (March 2018) – Kevin Savetz & Carrington Vanston, Eaten By A Grue

    Open Apple #77 (March 2018) – Kevin Savetz & Carrington Vanston, Eaten By A Grue

    This month on Open Apple, we sit down with Kevin Savetz and Carrington Vanston of the Eaten By A Grue podcast. Eaten By A Grue is a game-by-game style of podcast where the intrepid hosts are playing every Infocom game. They both play the game, then discuss it in detail, with and without spoilers. They discuss the amount of cheating required, how mapping was done, the quality of writing and puzzles, and so on. The show has a very nice structure wherein they discuss the show with no spoilers to the halfway point, so that you can stop and go play it yourself if you are so inclined. If not, you can keep listening and hear gory details of all the puzzles.

    Kevin talks about getting beasts into bed, and other reasons not to play these games on real hardware. Meanwhile Carrington gets his feelies on and brags about how he has so many original copies of Infocom games that he sits on them for fun.

    Meanwhile Mike and Quinn debate dubious silicon valley histories, wedge computers, and competing with other 8-bits in BASIC. Tune in to hear us malign our guests, misremember important names, and get super pedantic about connector nomenclature for no conceivable reason. You won’t want to miss a moment of the drama.

    More information on everything discussed in this episode, after the jump.

    * The Eaten By A Grue podcast – Listen for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

    * Zoom – A great way to play Infocom games on modern systems.

    * The CPRG Book Project – A great free book that is a work-in-progress.

    * Roger Wagner to keynote KansasFest – Accidentally timely information!

    * WozFest DB9 -Announced, and, well… happened a while ago.

    * Full BBS Documentary interviews – All the B-roll now online for listening.

    * MOS Technology – The old building is entering a new chapter.

    * Home-brew Apple /// – Chris Zuhar’s project marches on.

    * Apple //e Intro – Harry McKracken talks about it, and shares old photos.

    * Adventure Game Rockstars Live – Transcript of this historical event.

    * Eamon Remastered – Another text adventure engine modernized for the web.

    * FAppl...

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    Open Apple #76 (January 2018) – Ken Gagne & Andy Molloy, Juiced.GS, Nukes

    Open Apple #76 (January 2018) – Ken Gagne & Andy Molloy, Juiced.GS, Nukes

    This month on Open Apple, we sit down with Ken Gagne and Andy Molloy of Juiced.GS, the longest running continuously published Apple II magazine (that you can still get in your mailbox to this day!). Juiced.GS is in its 23rd year, which has to be a record for magazines of almost any type.

    Ken and Andy talk about the bloodless coup of the magazine, the long history of same, where things are headed, and why they hates trees.

    Meanwhile, Quinn and Mike chat about FPGAs, nuclear weapons, and BBSes. What do you do when you need a mathematically provably correct piece of hardware to verify nuclear weapons compliance? Why, you grab your Apple II, of course! Duh!

    Here’s a time sensitive news item that didn’t make it into the show- vote for Nox Archaist and Lawless Legends for your favorite Ultima-inspired indie games of 2017!

    Stay tuned for a Tech segment where we follow up on last episode and go even deeper on fast IIgs graphics. There’s always more to know about the intricacies of squeezing performance out of this unique and beautiful machine.

    More information on everything discussed in this episode, after the jump.

    * Juiced.GS – Subscribe here and get Apple II goodness direct to your mailbox every quarter!

    * Tiger Learning Computer – Andy’s photo gallery of this fascinating artifact.

    * Juiced.GS FAQ – Find out why there’s no PDF, and stop asking Ken about it.

    * Byteworks Tools – Now for sale from Juiced.GS.

    * IIgs Build Pipeline – Jeremy Rand’s ORCA/GoldenGate-based tool chain.

    * Apple II+ FPGA – All the cool kids are doing it.

    * Apple I on an ESP8266 – A very unique torturing of a commodity device.

    * Apple II for Nukes – What to do when you need to really verify something.

    * Ready Player ][ – A BBS scavenger hunt! With prizes!

    * Jeremy Barr-Hyde’s Collection – More goodies here and here!

    * CFFA Run 5! – This is great news!!

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    Open Apple #75 (October 2017) – Seth Sternberger, Class Apples, GS Graphics

    Open Apple #75 (October 2017) – Seth Sternberger, Class Apples, GS Graphics

    We’re baaaack! Sorry for the unscheduled hiatus folks, but your intrepid hosts had some family matters to attend to. This month on Open Apple, we sit down with Seth Steinberger of 8-bit Weapon. We talk about their new album Class Apples, which was made entirely on an Apple II. Yes, every sound on the album is generated by real Apple II hardware with no add-on cards. Apple IIs can make good sound with the right software and in the hands of a talented musician.

    After the amazement of Class Apples wears off, we get into Seth’s background with Apple IIs, how he got interested in electronic music, how 8-bit Weapon came to be, and where they’re headed next. We touch a little bit on his work as the main artist on the upcoming RPG Lawless Legends, and Seth explains how much better keyboards are as compared to proms. Furthermore, we all agree that the primary value of the internet is to find pictures of Devo. Michelle wasn’t able to be on the show, but you won’t want to miss the story of how she got to work with Mark Mothersbaugh.

    Mike and Quinn then get into augmented reality, alternative operating systems, and of course Richard Garriot. Can’t have an Apple II show without mentioning Richard Garriot. Stay tuned to hear about accelerator control, new magazines, and making your own memory cards.

    Lastly, Quinn goes deep on how to program fast graphics on the notoriously “crippled” Apple IIgs. Yes, you can do big beautiful sprites at high frame rates. Learn all about the deep dark secrets that the best games and demos used.

    Help keep the Garage Giveaway running at KansasFest! Donate here to keep it a thing. It’s one of the greatest services the Apple II community has, and we’re going to lose it this year if we don’t get donations.

    More information on everything discussed in this episode, after the jump.

    * 8-bit Weapon – The greatest chiptunes group around.

    * Class Apples – The greatest (read: only) pure Apple II album.

    * 4Play List – All the software for the four-player joystick card.

    * Checkpoint – An Augmented-Reality-ish game project for Apple II.

    * A2OSX – A new multitasking OS for Apple II, with discussion.

    * KansasFest HackFest – The judging videos are finally online for 2017. Better late than never.

    * Homebrew Club AR – Yes,

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    Open Apple #74 (September 2017) – Mark Lemmert, Nox Archaist Kickstarter, Fake Quinn, and Softalk #5

    Open Apple #74 (September 2017) – Mark Lemmert, Nox Archaist Kickstarter, Fake Quinn, and Softalk #5

    This month on Open Apple, the part of Quinn Dunki is played by RCR Podcast co-host Carrington “Fake Quinn” Vanston. A post-KansasFest Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop returns to the show to promote the new Nox Archaist Kickstarter. You should contribute because it’s awesome to support those still developing for the Apple II and not just because you get cool stuff when you do (though that’s a thing that happens too!).

    There’s lots of news to cover and Carrington has opinions on all of it. Only on Open Apple can you hear him trash clones, accelerators, ProDOS, retro BBSes, and a random assortment of other topics! Fun for the whole family! We also chat about Apple II music and there’s general confusion about Australian Apple II conferences (when is there not on Open Apple?)

    eBay isn’t talked about (because we don’t talk about eBay) and we deconstruct Softalk #5.



    RCR Podcast – Listen to this show! (but only after you listen to Open Apple)

    Monsterfeet – All things Carrington

    Nox Archaist – 6502 Workshop’s upcoming RPG for the Apple II

    Nox Archaist Kickstarter

    Nox Archaist on YouTube – Keep up with all the latest development news

    ANTIC – Mike goes all Atari in this episode of ANTIC, the Atari Podcast

    Nox Archaist Demo at KansasFest 2017

    FlexiDisc – All your Apple II software needs. Now on bendy vinyl!

    Tech Republic’s Evan Koblentz visits KansasFest

    KansasFest YouTube channel

    KansasFest 2018 dates announced – Be there!

    Another Apple-1 auction – This time at Charitybuzz

    Woz talks about the Zaltair ad

    Rainbow Apple logo retired 18 years ago

    PCWeek visits the Living Computers Museum

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28 Ratings

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Please bring back my favorite podcast! Miss you Quinn and Mike...

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A great listen

A wonderful show that I look forward to each and every month. If you are into the retro computer scene it's worth your time. Special thanks to the hosts for their time and effort.

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Awesome podcast

Apple II, Apple II, Apple II - did I mention Apple II? This is an awesome podcast. Keep of the great work.

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