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Our Hope is a place for accessible discussions about Israel and the Bible, as well as a resource for people who want to share their faith more effectively and compassionately with the Jewish community. This Chosen People Ministries production is hosted by Abraham Vazquez.

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Our Hope is a place for accessible discussions about Israel and the Bible, as well as a resource for people who want to share their faith more effectively and compassionately with the Jewish community. This Chosen People Ministries production is hosted by Abraham Vazquez.

    Making Disciples

    Making Disciples

    God uses people with all kinds of different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Wherever we live and work, He invites us to be part of His mission. We all have a role to play in bringing the good news of eternal life in the Messiah Yeshua to all the world.
    In this episode, we interview Tom and JoAnn Doyle. They founded Uncharted Ministries, an organization that focuses on making disciples among Jewish and Arab people in the Middle East. We discuss topics including:
    ·     What is a disciple?
    ·     Are we all called to ministry?
    ·     How can we make disciples among our family and friends?
    ·     How can we encourage believers who are facing persecution?  

    • 46 min
    Grieving with Hope

    Grieving with Hope

    One of the most difficult challenges we face in life is losing someone we love. We all go through grief at some point. This necessary process allows us to express the pain we feel after loss. Healthy grieving helps us come to terms with what happened and move forward in life. This episode, featuring Ellis Goldstein, is a conversation between two people who have experienced bitter loss. They discuss topics including:
    ·     The role of community in grief
    ·     How loss changed their view of God
    ·     How to grieve with hope
    ·     Why it is important to grieve

    • 54 min
    Trusting Messiah in Our Suffering

    Trusting Messiah in Our Suffering

    “How can God be loving and allow suffering?” is one of the most difficult theological questions there is. Though we may not know why we suffer, we do not suffer alone. Yeshua Himself is called “a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” (Isaiah 53:3). When enduring the inevitable trials of life, we are to trust in Him.
    In this episode, we speak with Carissa Kerstetter and Kim Surasky, who struggle with chronic illness. We discuss questions including:
    ·     How does Yeshua’s suffering give us hope to endure our own suffering?
    ·     Does suffering have any purpose?
    ·     What advice would you give to a family member of someone who is suffering?
    ·     How does being aware of suffering in Jewish history help us share about the Messiah with Jewish people?

    • 50 min
    Following Messiah

    Following Messiah

    Wondering how God can use the events of your life for His glory? Putting our trust in the Messiah is only one step in our spiritual journey. God is always at work, making us more like His Son, Yeshua. In this episode, we hear from three Messianic Jewish believers.
    ·     Len Rosenberg grew up in a family where there was a lot of anger. The Messiah taught Him how to forgive.
    ·     Vanessa Leef came from a Messianic Jewish family. When God called her to make Israel her home, though, she was unsure what to do.
    ·     As a teenager, Toby Mann got involved with alcohol and drugs. A coworker helped him discover the abundant life that Yeshua offers.

    • 22 min
    Be Not Afraid

    Be Not Afraid

    Time and again, Scripture tells us not to be afraid. Fear often stems from a lack of trust in God. Sometimes we need a reminder that the Lord loves us and is in control. Though we will certainly face pain and challenges, we need not give in to fear. We invited Darlene Line to discuss this difficult topic with us. She was a senior special agent for the Department of Homeland Security when 9/11 happened. This tragedy was a turning point that eventually led to her working with Chosen People Ministries.
    In this episode, we wrestle with questions including:
    ·     What can we learn about fear from the Hebrew Scriptures?
    ·     Is fear sinful?
    ·     Why does the Bible say that we should fear God?
    ·     What are some verses we can ponder when we start to worry?
    ·     How do we find true peace?

    • 36 min
    Love One Another

    Love One Another

    When we put our trust in Yeshua, we become part of the body of Messiah—the global community of people who believe in Jesus. It is also crucial to join a local congregation where we can worship together, study God’s Word, and love one another. Community can also be messy, and conflict is inevitable. To help us navigate conflict in our relationships, we invited back Scott Brown. He has served God’s chosen people in the United States and New Zealand since 1987.
    We discuss questions including:
    ·   Why is it important for followers of Yeshua to attend a church or messianic congregation?
    ·   What does the nature of God tell us about community?
    ·   What does Judaism teach about conflict resolution?
    ·  What are some strategies to de-escalate a tense situation?
    ·   How do we decide what is worth fighting for?

    • 45 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

RichardGloria ,

Trusting Messiah in our suffering

This is a good podcast! I identified with the speakers. My mother suffered most of her life. My youngest sister has suffered many problems. And at the age of 63, I discovered that I had Celiac, genetic. By the time I was tested and diagnosed, I was having so much trouble that I could barely eat at all. It has been a difficult thing for me. Cross contamination is so difficult. That I have had to stay away from eating out most of the time. The problem doesn’t go away. Just patience and prayer. God’s love makes it all tolerable. Thank you Lord! God’s presence eases the pain and the hassle.

Kenny G23 ,

Glad to see another season!

Very informative podcast of key, relevant issues!

Glad to see it is back for another season 👍

LizFedez ,


Love the format. I look forward to this show. I learn, I laugh and I cry. Love it. Great work.

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