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Getting outside with kids can be hard work. At times it can feel overwhelming, scary, or not worth the effort. But it doesn’t have to feel that way! I’m here to help you get outside with your kids and enjoy it! Outdoorsy Families podcast includes stories from parents like you, tips for getting outside, and the big, beautiful adventures that happen when we step out our door. I believe any family can be an outdoorsy family, and I’m here to help make that happen!

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Getting outside with kids can be hard work. At times it can feel overwhelming, scary, or not worth the effort. But it doesn’t have to feel that way! I’m here to help you get outside with your kids and enjoy it! Outdoorsy Families podcast includes stories from parents like you, tips for getting outside, and the big, beautiful adventures that happen when we step out our door. I believe any family can be an outdoorsy family, and I’m here to help make that happen!

    Episode 21 Joe Mailander from The Okee Dokee Brothers

    Episode 21 Joe Mailander from The Okee Dokee Brothers

     I am so excited to share today’s episode because it features one of my family’s favorite musicians - Joe Mailander from the Okee Dokee Brothers. My kids love listening to the Okee Dokee Brothers nature-inspired albums. They are one of our favorites to turn on for a morning dance party. My family had the opportunity to see the Okee Dokee Brothers in our small town in Minnesota. It was a free outdoor concert - and my kids loved it! After the show, Joe agreed to come on the podcast and share the inspiration for their outdoor influenced music. Three of the Okee Dokee Brothers albums are influenced from first hand adventures. Joe is also a father. He discussed with me how his music has changed after fatherhood, as well as how his approach to the outdoors has changed. We also talk about how he and his band mate, Justin grew up playing in the creeks and woods near their homes in Denver. The Okee Dokee Brothers have won a Grammy for their album, Can You Canoe and have been nominated several times since. This year they declined the nomination after the category for best children’s album was once again filled with white men. We discuss this decision and I have included works of BIPOC musicians in the show notes. 

    Before we begin the show, I want to encourage you to go to outdoorsyfamilies.com and sign up for the weekly newsletter. I am including tips for getting outdoors with your kids, as well as links to some great gear. So come join this awesome community!

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    Episode 20: Nature Parade with Nikki Samuels

    Episode 20: Nature Parade with Nikki Samuels

    Today I’m talking with Nikki Samuels. Nikki recently published her first book, Nature Parade, a beautiful, lyrical story told by the point of view of a pair of shoes. These shoes lead a parade of different sounds and events taking place on an adventure in the outdoors. This book is the perfect transition to fall book, as the beautiful illustrations show the changing of the seasons. It’s been one of our favorites lately, and my daughter loves to join the nature parade by making the sounds along with me. 

    I really enjoyed chatting with Nikki about the inspiration for her newest book. We also talk about outdoor play. Nikki is an early childhood educator who loves to teach children through outdoor play, and she provides some great ideas for teaching your own children while playing outside together. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

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    Buy Nature Parade: https://www.tinytwigspress.com/product/nature-parade/



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    Episode 19: Outdoor Play with Emily Isenbarger

    Episode 19: Outdoor Play with Emily Isenbarger

    Today I’m talking with Emily Isenbarger. Emily is a podcast host of the Happy Outdoor Family podcast. She first published her podcast a few weeks before I released mine. I’ve enjoyed listening to her podcast and talking with her about podcasting. Emily does a great job at prioritizing outdoor play for her three daughters and has homeschooled them for the last few years. Now her oldest daughter has started attending public school. She’s thriving in this new environment, but it’s added some challenges on how to incorporate plenty of outdoor play into her daily routine. Emily has gotten creative! From running laps around the house after school to doing early morning playground time, Emily is ensuring her daughter is still getting the outdoor time she needs to thrive! Our conversation is all about outdoor play and how to sneak in more outdoor playtime on a public school schedule.

    Emily's favorite outdoor gear: a metal bucket!

    Tinkergarten classes: https://tinkergarten.com/

    Happy Outdoor Families link: https://anchor.fm/emily-isenbarger

    Happy Outdoor Families Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happyoutdoorfamilies/ 

    Outdoorsy Families Website: https://www.outdoorsyfamilies.com/ 

    Outdoorsy Families Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outdoorsy.families/ 

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    Episode 18: Morrison Outdoors

    Episode 18: Morrison Outdoors

    Today on the podcast I am talking with Tavis Malcolm, the founder and creator of Morrison Outdoors, an outdoor gear brand that makes sleeping bags for babies and toddlers. Morrison Outdoors is quickly growing something of a cult following amongst parents who want to get their little ones camping. And for good reason, as I found out on my recent camping trip to Voyageurs National Park. The Big Mo and Little Mo sleeping bags provide a safe sleeping space that will definitely keep your little one warm and comfortable throughout the night. Hattie tried out the Big Mo 20 degree sleeping bag and she honestly slept better than she has on any other camping trip. Now I don’t know if this is because of the Big Mo, or because I weaned her about a month and a half ago but I’ll certainly give some credit to Morrison Outdoors for keeping her cozy and warm on some chilly nights! The Big Mo 20 degree sleeping bag consists of ethically sourced down, quality zippers, and soft fabric. The hands do not have cuffs. This ensures your little one will stay nice and warm. However, Hattie did want some more freedom to use her hands as she fell asleep (She’s gotta snuggle her dolly and her sloth, Fuff.). I kept her arms out of the sleeping bag while she fell asleep and then tucked them in once she was out. This sleeping bag also made a great spot to stay warm on our extra chilly days in rainy Voyageurs National Park. She snuggled in her sleeping bag as we played card games in the tent!

    In this episode Tavis shares the story behind Morrison Outdoors and their journey to becoming an outdoor gear company - including how quickly they got into REI and some awards they’ve received from Gear Junkie! I love hearing the inspiration behind small, independent companies and I hope you enjoy Morrison Outdoor’s story as well! 

    Purchase your Morrison Outdoors sleeping bag here: https://morrisonoutdoors.com/

    Follow Morrison Outdoors on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morrisonoutdoors/

    Enter the giveaway with Morrison Outdoors: https://www.instagram.com/outdoorsy.families/

    Gear Junkie award: https://gearjunkie.com/outdoor-retailer/best-in-show-winter-gear-outdoor-retailer-2020 

    Tavis’s Favorite gear: https://www.exped.com/usa/en/product-category/mats/megamat-duo-10-m-green 



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    Episode 17: Camping for Newbies

    Episode 17: Camping for Newbies

    Today's episode is a long one and that's because we're tackling a huge subject. We're talking about camping! Specifically, this episode is for folks new to camping. My husband, Richie, is joining the discussion to talk all about camping. We go through everything you need to know about camping from different types of camping to where to find your next camping spot. Things also get a bit silly as we recall some of our more memorable camping experiences - like the time we camped near an active train track while also facing 30 MPH winds! If you are ready to get camping then this is the episode for you!




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    Episode 16 Spanish Immersion and Nature Play with Naomi Noyes

    Episode 16 Spanish Immersion and Nature Play with Naomi Noyes

    Today I’m talking with Naomi Noyes from Niños and Nature. Naomi is a mother to twin 3-year-old girls and an educator. She’s passionate about nature play, Spanish immersion, and spending quality time outdoors with kids. Naomi’s course, Con Mi Familia allows parents and young children the opportunity to learn Spanish through play, especially nature play. Naomi’s newest course, Spanish in the Wild is a nature-based Spanish course for ages 5 through high school. This course focuses on learning Spanish while also learning about nature and the natural world! Naomi is also opening a forest school in her hometown near the Blueridge Mountains in Virginia. Naomi’s cheerful attitude and her amazing pursuit of her goals made our conversation so much fun!

    Before becoming a work-at-home mom, Naomi was a high school Spanish teacher. Just before the pandemic began, Naomi realized she needed to step away from her career as a public school teacher and focus on herself and her family. Knowing that their family needed another income - Naomi began brainstorming ideas for her future business. The idea for Niños and Nature actually came to her in the shower! From there, she launched into action, creating the framework for her popular online course, Con mi Familia. Now that restrictions on meetings are easing, Naomi is beginning her dream of starting a forest school this month! She will be teaching preschool students at a park near her home, with a fully outdoor setting! The focus of the forest school will be to provide an immersive, bilingual forest school experience. I love this unique take on forest school education. If you are not familiar with forest schools, check out this article from the Forest School Association.

    Check out Naomi’s website, Niños and Nature.

    Follow Naomi on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ninos.and.nature/

    Watch her awesome crafting videos on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG19ezhMTwoBsCphgVG6rzg

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5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Lueloise ,

Excited for family outdoor tips!

I grew up in the outdoors but I’m a little bit at a loss to know how to camp with my baby/toddler. I never thought to look for a podcast but this is going to be so helpful! Just started listening and already have gotten so many good tips! I also love learning about the outdoors in different parts of the country since I mostly know about Utah and Arizona. Excited to keep listening!!

Yawners ,

Love it!!

We have a 4 month old and have always wanted to continue to be outdoors and camp and climb when we had kids so this is an awesome podcast for us! Well done!

zbcnnejwizmqocjvbqhaix ,


I am new to listening to podcasts and this is amazing because it’s something i want to do more with my toddler and infant and with the tips i feel more comfortable

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