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A podcast for event professionals who want the knowledge and skills to grow a business with confidence. Industry authority Sam Jacobson hosts solo or with fellow sales and marketing expert, Katy Taylor Jacobson, with bite-sized, 20-minute episodes. Listeners take away one big idea with simple steps to put what you learn into action. Topics focus on sales, pricing, websites, and growing a team. Follow up questions answered in a private FB group.

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A podcast for event professionals who want the knowledge and skills to grow a business with confidence. Industry authority Sam Jacobson hosts solo or with fellow sales and marketing expert, Katy Taylor Jacobson, with bite-sized, 20-minute episodes. Listeners take away one big idea with simple steps to put what you learn into action. Topics focus on sales, pricing, websites, and growing a team. Follow up questions answered in a private FB group.

    How to "Sell" on a Discovery Call

    How to "Sell" on a Discovery Call

    Are you pitching your packages and pricing on discovery calls?

    If so, listen up.

    You might be booking couples with your current approach. But are you booking as many as you could if you chose to delay your pitch…

    Until they were at the right stage in the buyer’s journey?

    Until you’d built enough trust and respect with the couple?

    Until they were eager to hear that kind of information?

    Until all the decision-makers were paying attention?

    In today's episode, I’ll share a story about how a salesperson recently struck out on a major sale with me, why it happened, and how it’s - unfortunately - very similar to the sales approach many wedding professionals take with their inquiries.

    • 27 min
    How to Network IRL with Julian Leaver

    How to Network IRL with Julian Leaver

    Today, I bring in Julian Leaver, the Dapper Diplomat and owner of Julian Leaver Events.

    Julian was on the podcast a few months ago for episode 123 to talk about the power of a strong personal brand. It was one of the most popular podcasts we’ve done over the past year, which got me thinking about how to dive even deeper into the knowledge he can share with the audience.

    So I’m bringing him in quarterly, now, to talk about important topics like personal brand, grooming and attire, etiquette, communication, client experience, and how to handle difficult situations. 

    I like his no-nonsense approach, and self-effacing take on what it means to work with luxury clients and vendors.

    Today’s discussion is about networking, because it’s a) crucial for long-term success in the wedding industry, and b) a challenge for many, maybe even most people in the audience. Even if you think you’re doing a great job at networking, it’s quite possible - maybe even likely - that you’re messing it up and don’t even know it.

    I’ve learned a ton from Julian over the years. I know you will too.

    • 41 min
    Be a Better Listener

    Be a Better Listener

    You listen to the podcast because you want to be a more successful business owner. You want to get better at selling your services. At creating a solid website. At making messages that connect with your ideal clients. 

    I share information on the podcast, because I know how to do these things. And I love helping others like you who are open to the insights, the information, and most importantly, are willing to do the work to make the improvements.

    While I might be good at sales, marketing and buyer psychology, I was not always a good listener. It's been a weak spot in my skill set, not just in business, but as a person. As a friend, as a brother, as a son. 

    So 10 years ago, I decided to do something about it. Like you, I sought out a coach, an expert who could show me the way. 

    I learned a ton, not just from my coach, Laura, but from the resources she shared, the books I’ve read over the past decade, and the mentors who’ve taught me the value of listening is often more helpful in life and business than being a good talker.

    Today I’ll share a few techniques that will help YOU be a better listener. For people who inquire, for current clients, for friendors you collaborate with, and for everyone else in your life that wants to connect with you in real, meaningful ways.

    Listening may seem like a soft skill, but there’s nothing fluffy about the content I’m going to share over the next 15 minutes.

    • 26 min
    Mental Hygiene with Gurminder Banga

    Mental Hygiene with Gurminder Banga

    I tend to focus on practical advice about strategies and tactics on this podcast. Sales. Pricing. Copywriting. Website design. Communication. I take general behavioral science insights and apply them to your work as a wedding professional.

    However, don’t confuse my focus on these few areas with a belief that other areas aren’t important. They are the ones I choose to talk about, because I feel like there’s a gap in these topics in the wedding industry, and I’m uniquely qualified to provide expertise and advice in them. It’s my passion, and what I know most about.

    But you have more responsibilities as a business owner or wedding pro than just sales, pricing, copywriting, websites and communication - which is why I bring on different guests to talk about areas they’re expert in, about topics you can benefit from.

    This week I’m bringing in my friend and colleague, Gurminder Banga, to talk about mental health as a business owner - and as a regular human being. 

    Although I don’t talk about mental health much in my professional work, I’m very interested in it outside of work. Both my parents were therapists. I’ve focused on self-development regularly since I was in college. I’ve used therapy for grief, marital counseling, and parenting over the years. And right now, as I record this episode, I’m involved in a 12-week program to recover my own vitality as a fully present man in a crazy, chaotic world.

    Banga, which is how most people know him, has taken his own journey cleaning up his mental health - both as a business owner and human being. And along the way, he’s made it a point to educate himself in how to help others on their journeys to be a better version of themselves, particularly as it relates to full, whole success as a business owner.

    I hope you enjoy this conversation. It’s a good one.

    • 51 min
    How to Generate More Inquiries

    How to Generate More Inquiries

    We’ve all heard about the “inquiry season” or “booking season.” But does it really exist? 

    The digging I’ve done shows that it’s not as much of a thing as you might think.

    I surveyed dozens of clients inquiries and bookings from the past several years, and what I discovered might surprise you:

    There’s not a definitive bump in counts in the first quarter of the year compared to other times of the year.

    If inquiries were evenly distributed throughout the year, that would mean about 25% would occur in every quarter. Here’s what I found:

    Q1 - 26%

    Q2 - 22%

    Q3 - 28%

    Q4 - 24%

    Three things then:

    It’s fairly consistent throughout the year

    The traditional booking season is not really a big deal

    Q3, which is when most wedding pros are quite busy, is when most inquiries come in

    So what does this all mean?

    You have to focus on sales and marketing all year long

    You have to pay attention to next year’s couples when you’re servicing next week’s clients

    If you’re down in bookings, you still have a great chance to fill in your calendar with clients who are inquiring right now - no matter what time of the year it is that you hear this

    Today, I bring in Katy for a conversation on how you can generate inquiries with a few simple steps.

    • 29 min
    Inquiry Response No-Nos

    Inquiry Response No-Nos

    Let me tell you what I’ve learned after talking to hundreds of wedding pros who aren’t getting enough bookings or the right kinds of bookings.

    Most of the challenges you’re running into are self-created. You’re doing it to yourself.

    In the wedding industry, we tend to blame outside forces acting upon our business for the reasons why we’re not doing well, or not reaching our full potential.

    The economy. The election cycle. Declining engagement rates. Wars overseas. Yes, these impact the macro conditions we all work in.

    But how do you explain some people having banner years while others are struggling? Yesterday I had a call with a long-term coaching and copywriting client who’s fully booked for 2024 at her highest rates yet as a full-service planner, and then I opened my inbox to find an inquiry from a photographer who’s not booked anything in six months?

    The economy, election cycle, engagement rates, and wars affect both of them equally. 

    Both were getting enough inquiries, but only one was converting them. Why is one thriving with a full calendar and the other is trying to figure out how to get the next booking?

    Much of it has to do with two things:

    How the sales process is designed

    Your sales skills

    Here’s the good news: If you’re running into issues with a poorly designed sales process, we can fix some of it in this episode, because the first big issue to fix is the inquiry response. 

    You’re going to discover four big no-nos, why they’re wreaking havoc on your conversion rates, and what to do about it instead.

    • 28 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

HeidiJbd17 ,

Invaluable for wedding pros

In my 10 years in the wedding industry, I have yet to find a resource as valuable for wedding professionals. I truly can’t believe it’s free! I have learned about the psychology of my clients and how to connect & drive sales in an authentic way. A must listen!!

Mea! ,

Golden nuggets and actionable steps

Sam is a wealth of knowledge and experience and he doesn’t hold back. His advice is timely- he certainly has a pulse on the industry’s pain points. I always have something to take away from each topic he shares. Every episode is worth a listen. Also, while your at it, subscribe to his email newsletters- so many golden nuggets and without the gate keeping.

Some random personified person ,

Such valuable content!

I could not recommend Sam more! When the top wedding industry pros sing his praises, you better listen. As a newbie in the wedding space, I absolutely devour every podcast episode and take notes, it’s that good! I did one coaching call with Sam, implemented a simple strategy he suggested, and in two months time booked services that amounted to 4x what I paid for the coaching. Sam knows his stuff and shares it generously. I’m a fan.

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