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Theology from a wandering priest.

Padre Peregrino Fr. Dave Nix

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Theology from a wandering priest.

Customer Reviews

Uxajab ,

Great Resource

This podcast has been very edifying for me; reinforcing my faith and providing me the encouragement I need to continue striving to practice the virtues. I hope these podcasts resume in 2020 and continue for a long time to come.

Stable Elaine ,

Excellent Faithful Catholic Teaching

As a recent Catholic convert with few close friends and no family to work out my faith with, I depend on priests such as Fr. Dave Nix, his co-hosts and guests to help me make sense of the faith, the times and the world we live in. Fr. Nix is one of the few priests out there who is unafraid to examine the reality of our temporal problems as well as the underlying spiritual causes. This podcast is enlightening, intelligent, important. Don't miss it.

Zepplinman555 ,

Cruel and Awful Man

This “priest” was directly responsible for the suicide of my friend Alana Chen due to his traumatic counseling and “conversion therapy.” He is not he be trusted with any children, especially children who are LGBTQ.

His teaching are not in line with Jesus’ teaching or Christianity at all. May god have mercy on his soul.

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