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The Paid Insights Podcast will help you succeed with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, landing page design, copywriting and more. I will analyze ads and landing pages of different companies in various industries so you can learn what works and what doesn't work in online marketing today. Paid advertising is both an art and a science - that's what makes it so fun, but also difficult. Plus we'll have the occasional expert interview. Enjoy!

Paid Insights Podcast: Where We Deconstruct AdWords Ad Campaigns To Learn From Other Companies Mistakes Ross Winn: AdWords & PPC Expert

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The Paid Insights Podcast will help you succeed with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, landing page design, copywriting and more. I will analyze ads and landing pages of different companies in various industries so you can learn what works and what doesn't work in online marketing today. Paid advertising is both an art and a science - that's what makes it so fun, but also difficult. Plus we'll have the occasional expert interview. Enjoy!

    PIP 016: Estate Planning Attorney

    PIP 016: Estate Planning Attorney

    In episode 16, we look at the keyword estate planning attorney. Search volume is 5,400 searches per month with an average cost per click of $14.75. All of the results I got were local to the Denver and front-range area of Colorado.
    Search & Top AdWords Ads

    Estate Planning Attorney Landing Pages
    [Law Offices of Karen Brady (Colorado Estate Planning)](http://www.coloradoestateplanning.com/Estate-Planning-Landing-Page_ppc_lp.shtml)
    [Jorgensen Brownell & Pepin](http://www.jbplegal.com/Estate-Planning-Lawyer.aspx)
    [Baker Law Group](http://www.jbakerlawgroup.com/estate-planning-attorney/)
    [Evans Case](http://evanscase.com/wordpress/practice-areas/estate-planning/)

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    PIP 015: Best Website Hosting

    PIP 015: Best Website Hosting

    In episode 15, we look at the keyword best website hosting. The first 2 are listing/review sites that are owned by Endurance International Group that owns all the brands listed on those sites. Check out this [Wikipedia article on EIG](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_International_Group) to see all the companies they own.
    Deal Mentioned
    [Dreamhost $25 Off](https://www.paidinsights.com/dreamhost25) (I do get a commission applied to my hosting account, but they subtract $25 because I gave it to you :))
    Search & Top AdWords Ads
    This image was slightly edited to remove the recommendation box that Google added:

    The actual search looked like this:

    Best Website Hosting Landing Pages
    I decided the automated transcript was pretty bad, so we’re going to leave that out. Maybe I’ll pay someone to do it eventually.
    Additional Resources
    See the [fastest WordPress hosting companies](https://www.podcastinsights.com/best-wordpress-hosting/) here.

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    PIP 014: Appointment Scheduling Software

    PIP 014: Appointment Scheduling Software

    In episode 14, we look at the keyword appointment scheduling software. We got a variety of different types of scheduling software, some for larger companies and some for certain industries.
    Site Mentioned
    [SEMRush](https://www.paidinsights.com/semrush) (sign up for a free trial)
    Search & Top AdWords Ads

    Appointment Scheduling Software Landing Pages
    [Duoserve ScheduFlow](http://try.duoserve.com/scheduling-software/landing/landing1)
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    [0:00] Hey in Welcome 2 episode 14 of the Peyton sites podcast where we analyze and deconstruct other companies ad campaign so you can learn what to do and what not.
    [0:12] Music.
    [0:22] Hey bro we jump in here I just want to highlight a company that I use,

    literally every day it’s semrush and space clean All-In-One Toolbox to do keyword research you can analyze your,

    competitors ads and see what they’ve been doing this been working well you can do keyword research if you’re into SEO you can.
    [0:48] Track your positions you can look at your competitors backlinks your backlink stuff like that but specifically for AdWords and paid traffic you can.

    We can get two words you can group keywords you can get negatives and you know kind of export all that stuff for your account look at prices and competitors out there’s just too much to list so,

    could I want you to do is go to paid insights com Rush.

    That’s Peyton cize.com rush and sign up for free trial give it a try and.

    Let me know what you think in welcome back today we are going to be looking at some ads and landing pages for the keyword.

    Free appointment scheduling software so let’s Jump Right In today and,

    looks like this has a volume of 2400 searches a month pretty expensive an average cost-per-click of $27 so it’s pretty competitive but you think about it this appointment scheduling,

    you know once once you’re in one you tend to not switch around as much so it pays to get you in,

    you know and get you hooked the first time so I am,

    looking for appointment scheduling software for add I see is from que no me I don’t know if that’s how you say it Konami but it’s appointment scheduling software.
    [2:23] Has a weird little little Dash in their ad kind of kind of makes it weird Reed weird it says boost efficiency.

    So maybe that was just a space limitation or something that they are into but it just kind of reads weird there you are Elsa’s,

    appointment scheduling software says reduce operation costs contact us

    the call-outs a mobile.

    Interface Boost customer experience seamless integration online web interface,

    Texarkana cool this mobile interface online web interface so like seamless integration makes it sound like you can get access anywhere it’s easy to use and then next their site link for site link says,

    ask for a demo which is kind of a great.

    Secondary called action there then visit management app about the company and then all of their software Solutions movie they offer other other software,

    call Solutions as well so.

    Overall not bad the description literally says reduce operation costs,

    contact us so that’s that seems a little weak like I mean it’s it’s a.

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    PIP 013: How To Set Up Lead & Call Conversion Tracking In AdWords

    PIP 013: How To Set Up Lead & Call Conversion Tracking In AdWords

    In episode 13, you’ll learn how to set up conversion tracking for lead forms and phone calls, as well as get some insight into how offline conversion tracking works.
    Show notes are at [www.paidinsights.com/13](https://www.paidinsights.com/lead-call-adwords-conversion-tracking/).
    Links Mentioned
    [CallRail Case Study](http://www.callrail.com/blog/callrail-franchise-marketing/)
    [AdWords Conversion Tracking Article](https://www.paidinsights.com/adwords-conversion-tracking/) (how to set up and analyze, with screenshots)
    Automated By Google
    [0:00] Hey in Welcome 2 episode 13 of the pay insights podcast where we analyze and deconstruct other companies ad campaign so you can learn what to do.
    [0:10] Music.
    [0:22] Hey thanks for joining me today on the paid and sites podcast so.

    We’re going to some a little different today we’re going to talk about AdWords conversion tracking and this is a crucial piece that.
    [0:36] I see time and time again that companies just don’t have set up or haven’t even thought about it so they’re spending money on and it could be AdWords it could be Facebook ads Pinterest you name it but.

    So they know they know traffic is coming to their website.

    And that’s about all they can see they don’t know if people are taking action after they get to the website so if you were buying or filling out a form or any you know what whatever their goal is have no idea if that’s happening so,

    they could be they could be getting great results.

    From from the red spend or they could be getting 0 results but what without tracking it you just don’t know so that’s we’re going to go through today,

    and there’s there’s a few different types of,

    conversion tracking and I have a case study I did with a company called call rail they did,

    did you conversion call tracking sorry and,

    just playing planning that I saw a huge increase in return on investment Roi so I’ll link that up in the show notes for this episode you can check that out but we’re going to go through lead form tracking,

    call tracking and then touch on,

    tracking sales in offline tracking as well so there’s lots of different different aspects to this,

    I would say the most basic type of conversion tracking is lead form tracking so.
    [2:07] Put that means is someone you know someone.

    Comes your website and fills out a lead form and after that happens you want to direct them to a thank you page or a page that confirms they fill out the form and then,

    the only way to get to that page is by filling out the form so you put a,

    conversion tracking code or you know you set up we’ll talk about this you set up Google analytics so that it triggers a goal conversion when they hit that page.

    Hopefully that makes sense types of tracking are like I mentioned phone calls and you can set those up for different durations so.

    If someone calls you for 30 seconds or 60 seconds or two minutes that can be a conversion,

    obviously those aren’t aren’t perfect but by setting you know something more than just a couple seconds at least at least you know you have a decent,

    decent phone call

    so let’s let’s talk about the Forum conversion tracking,

    there’s two there’s basically two ways to accomplish this that I’m going to talk about there is an AdWords conversion tracking code that you get through the AdWords platform and then there’s also,

    like I mentioned a Google analytics goal that can be imported into AdWords and I used to...

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    PIP 012: Stock Trading Apps

    PIP 012: Stock Trading Apps

    For episode 12, I searched for stock trading apps. What I was originally thinking when searching was a something like the [Robinhood App](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/robinhood-stock-trading/id938003185?mt=8&at=1000ltXT) (iTunes store) but that’s not what showed up so we have to go with the advertisers that did. If you’re interested, check out this [awesome review of the Robinhood app](https://walletsquirrel.com/robinhood-app-review-saved-420-in-trading-fees/) to learn more about it.
    Search & Top AdWords Ads

    Stock Trading Apps Landing Pages
    [TD Ameritrade](https://www.tdameritrade.com/why-td-ameritrade.page)
    Automated By Google
    [0:00] Hey in Welcome 2 episode 12 of the paid inside podcast where we analyzed and deconstruct other companies ad campaigns so you can learn what to do and what not to do.
    [0:11] Music.
    [0:22] Hey guys and welcome back to the podcast I have a quick announcement.

    A couple spots have opened up for ongoing AdWords management I just do a couple clients at a time so I can give them kind of awesome service and value and then focus on the other stuff that I’m doing as well so,

    if you are interested in getting an awesome Roy on.

    On your PPC spend just head on over to paid insights click the hire me button and they’ll be a short form,

    that you’ll fill out give a couple details on budget and kind of your website and everything and then we can count to get the conversation started from there so I hope to hear from you if that is something you are interested in and now we can get,

    on the episode

    I ride for this episode we are looking at the keyword stock trading apps,

    so I got that into Google and the top three ads I got were from well-known companies I’ll see we’ll start with the top one is Scottrade then TD Ameritrade an E-Trade.

    Which is to be expected but what,

    didn’t happen was nothing talks about at least the first Lance hear nothing talks about apps or does there’s an option in AdWords where you can you can add a download.
    [1:53] Download your app kind of like add-on or extension and I don’t see that on any of these.

    Either nothing mentions that so.

    I would say that none of these actually are relevant to the exact search I did so.

    The first one Scottrade says Scottrade official site online stocks up to 2500 when you open and fund a qualifying account see offer detail so that’s kind of cool they give you to give you free money when you.

    Put a bunch of your money in there and then there’s says ranks highest in self-directed investor satisfaction from JD Power is a review extension.
    [2:36] There is some ratings website service selection investment help and fees all say 9 out of 10.

    There’s a local office as well in a phone number so it’s it’s kind of nice to see you can you can go in and talk to someone in person one of their agents,

    and then there’s some sitelinks as well as his fees and commissions wi’chu Scottrade stock quotes and research.

    And options trading till it’s nice

    no option I guess that let people know that options trading is available.

    So next we have TD Ameritrade this official TD ameritrade.com so there maybe they’re trying to.
    [3:20] Differentiate themselves from a fake version of the site and it’s possible that that they...

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

CameronSolu ,

Great AdWords Advice!

Ross is extremely knowledgeable about the SEM space and provides great insights in each episode. Although I have a few years experience working with AdWords campaigns, I'm finding things that either I needed reminding of or hadn't considered in the past, so it's definitely worth a listen!

Mike Kilcoyne ,


I've known Ross for a while now, and he knows more about the world of PPC and Adwords than anybody I've ever had the fortune to connect with. This is basically just the best-of-the-best from Ross's perspective. Highly recommend listening to this show, because you'll learn a ton!

SEMmastermind642 ,

A wealth of knowledge

Ross has provided insightful information about setting up successful Adwords campaigns. I look forward to more episodes in the future.

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