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Podcast by Rabbi David Fohrman

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Podcast by Rabbi David Fohrman

    3. The New Normal

    3. The New Normal

    We’re now several days into the new normal... except that the new normal changes every day.

    In this episode, Rabbi Fohrman shares his thoughts on finding spiritual strength in the face of chaos. He begins by looking at a model in the Talmud of someone who attempted to hold onto normalcy: Marta bat Baitos, Martha daughter of Boethus, a noblewoman who struggled to live through the days of the destruction of the Temple. Rabbi Fohrman also reflects on Stephen Covey’s circle of control and raises the question of how we, as religious people, can use faith to let go of what we can’t control to focus more completely on what we can.

    • 25 min
    2. Going Into Lockdown: A Conversation With Rabbi Rothwachs

    2. Going Into Lockdown: A Conversation With Rabbi Rothwachs

    On Thursday, the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County took the frightening step of closing all centers of community -- not only schools, but synagogues, and restaurants, too. Plus, people were asked to refrain from hosting shabbat meals, making playdates for kids, even going to the park. In this episode, Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, synagogue rabbi of Congregation Beth Aaron in Teaneck, NJ, and a past president of RCBC, joins Imu in an open conversation about how this historic decision was made, how members of our community are feeling, and how we can all help one another cope with the practical and emotional overwhelm so many of us are feeling.

    • 29 min
    1. Aleph Beta Quarantined: An Introduction

    1. Aleph Beta Quarantined: An Introduction

    No, this isn't Parsha Lab...it's a new podcast from Aleph Beta. Presenting: Aleph Beta Quarantined.

    Every day, every hour, almost every minute, it feels like there is some breaking news about what is happening with COVID 19. Schools are canceled. Synagogues are shutting their doors. Restaurants are closing. We are scared, we are looking into an unknown, and we feel alone and lonely. In this new podcast, Rabbi David Fohrman and Imu Shalev address some of the fears so many of us are facing, and talk about some of the most pressing topics they will address in future episodes. From preparing for Passover, to keeping kids entertained, to helping us deal with our own mental health and anxiety, we will try to deal with it all, with love, compassion, and community. Come join us.

    • 19 min
    Parsha Lab Says - See You Soon!

    Parsha Lab Says - See You Soon!

    You might have noticed that you haven’t heard a new episode in the last two weeks. Well, in this “mini” episode, we explain next steps for Parsha Lab. If you want to revisit past episodes of Parsha Lab, the episodes will continue to live on Aleph Beta’s site and app. For new Aleph Beta content, check out alephbeta.org or download the Aleph Beta app.

    • 2 min
    Ep. 36 Parshat V'Zot Habracha: Moshe’s Final Farewell

    Ep. 36 Parshat V'Zot Habracha: Moshe’s Final Farewell

    In the Torah’s final parsha, Moshe is preparing to take leave of the nation he has been so devoted all of these years. He gives them blessings before taking his final departure. He then ascends a mountain and is laid to rest in an unknown burial place. Or is it? A careful reading of Moshe’s blessings may give us clues as to where he was buried. The significance of this is not so much about identifying the geographical location of his grave, as it is about teaching us a profound lesson in loyalty, brotherhood and redeeming unfulfilled dreams. Join us for a deep look at the Torah’s bittersweet ending.

    • 35 min
    Ep.35 Parshat Ha’azinu: Is This The Song of Doom?

    Ep.35 Parshat Ha’azinu: Is This The Song of Doom?

    In Parshat Ha’azinu, the Israelites receive a frightening prophetic “song” about their future failure to follow God’s will, and the punishment they receive as a result. When Moshe introduces this prophecy, he states that he hopes his speech will fall “ke-se’irim alei desheh” -- like some sort of ‘rain upon grass.’ What does that mean? And why is it stated as an introduction to the song? Join Daniel Loewenstein and Ami Silver as they explore the hidden layers of meaning in Ha’azinu, and the crucial questions it raises for us today.

    • 30 min

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4.9 out of 5
180 Ratings

180 Ratings

covenantlifecoach ,


I am a subscriber to their website. I have benefited so MUCH in my own soul and life helping others as a coach and friend. I love how they make the LIFE giving precepts of Torah digestible and applicable! I am forever grateful for all they do here. Listen, learn and gain more LIFE❤️‼️🎶

JustLTDann ,

I love Aleph Beta

I am a subscriber to their website where they produce wonderful video content. Now I can listen while driving in my car too. These brings the Bible alive like no other teacher has done for me. Thanks Aleph Beta. Dann

JessieSallee ,

Listen to all !

I love this Parsha Lab podcast ! Stumbled upon it while searching for content on Amalek, and can’t stop listening ! Oh please keep the parsha lab going ! God bless you and your insight ! You inspire me !

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