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A place for casual discussions of Biblical principles and difficult questions that face the Christian believer. We believe that the Bible can speak to todays issues, giving us the wisdom and courage we need for our lives. Find us online at patternsoftruth.org

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A place for casual discussions of Biblical principles and difficult questions that face the Christian believer. We believe that the Bible can speak to todays issues, giving us the wisdom and courage we need for our lives. Find us online at patternsoftruth.org

    S01E14 - What We're Reading

    S01E14 - What We're Reading

    Welcome! Join our podcast team: Patricia, Peter, Krista, and Roy, as they talk about what books of the Bible and books about the Bible they’re reading.

    One thing that stands out from today’s podcast is that there are many ways to read God’s Word. You can take a chapter a week and incorporate some memorization, or take a study guide through an Old Testament book. Maybe someone’s asked you questions about a prophetic book in the Bible, or you decided to read something you’ve read before, but it hits differently this time around. No matter which way you go, the Bible is such a beautiful and fantastic resource for each one of us—but it does bring up a few questions:

    * How has what you’re reading exposed an area in your life where growth needs to take place? (11:00)* How do we avoid getting arrogant? How do we watch out for that? (18:53)* How do we make sure that we avoid taking a self-centered view of the lessons the Lord is teaching us in what we learn? 2 Corinthians 1:4 (24:50)* What do we do when we focus only on “what’s in it for us” as we study Scripture? Remember that while what Scripture has to say to us is pretty vast, it’s important to remember that the Bible is ultimately always pointing us to Christ. (29:32)* Have we really read what we’re reading? Do we sometimes skip over things we grew up with, or do we take the time to meditate on them? (33:48)* Why is it so hard for us to live out what we learn? To do what we know we should be doing? (35:37)

    Thanks for listening as our podcast team shared what they’re reading and the many ways diving into the Word draws us closer to God and each other. If you’re interested in any of the books that were mentioned today, we’ve included the titles below:

    Peter’s Reads:

    * Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes* The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer 

    Patricia’s Read:

    * The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Conflict by Ken Sande 

    As we’ve said before, Patterns of Truth is here not only to trace the patterns found in Scripture but also to be a place for deeper discussions with our listeners and readers—so tell us what you’ve been reading?

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    Be A Witness: Church Hurt

    Be A Witness: Church Hurt

    “…We are still a group of people who are fallen and prone to make mistakes. In general, people will disappoint us, doesn’t matter if they are believers or unbelievers,” -Peter

    But if that’s the case, why does being hurt by Christians hurt more than some other types of hurt we can experience as believers?

    Welcome back! Today Peter and Krista co-host the next iteration of our “Be A Witness” series, and this one’s going to be about church hurt.

    What is church hurt?

    “Church hurt can be so many different things… I can relate to the judgmental aspect of it. But also…when we’re being hypocritical [and] acting in one way and not being a reflection of Christ, that can cause hurt. Or approaching someone in the flesh because you feel justified in what you’re doing, and maybe it’s not the way the Lord would have you approach the subject. There are so many different things that could be hurtful depending on the person that you’re dealing with.” -Krista

    Sometimes it’s perceived hurt, sometimes it’s actual, but both can be dangerous and need to be handled with care.

    Joining our hosts is guest speaker Tim Hadley Sr. of Anchors for Life Ministries. Tim has been in full-time ministry for over 30 years, and together he and his wife Shelly serve the Lord by ministering the Word of God in the local church and elsewhere as they travel and visit other assemblies.

    Our podcast will delve into several aspects of church hurt. Things like—

    * -What church hurt is, in a general sense (3:05)* -Steps you can take to approach someone who has hurt you—or who you’ve hurt—according to Matthew 18 (Step 1 9:51) (Step 2 11:33)* -The best way to display character (18:46)* -What to do when we can’t fix the hurt (23:57)* -Reconciling the difference between not being judgmental while at the same time not compromising the truth (25:52)* -The apostle John’s advice to Gaius in 3 John (28:34)

    —and interwoven throughout the whole episode are themes of forgiveness, transparency, and displaying Christ. 

    Thanks for tuning in to our “Be a Witness: Church Hurt” podcast episode. Whether you have experienced church hurt for yourself or have been a part of causing that hurt in others (even unintentionally), remember that God’s not finished working in your life and the lives around you.

    If you’re interested in hearing more on the topic, join the discussion by leaving us a comment or reaching out to us! We at Patterns of Truth want to encourage, equip and build up the people we come in contact with through the truths that can be found in the Word of God. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our previous episode in this series, Be a Witness: Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse.

     To check out more of Anchors for LifeMinistries and Tim’s work, head over to Anchorsforlife.org or check out the Anchors for Life Youtube channel and follow Anchors for Life on Facebook and a href="https://www.instagram.com/anchors_for_life_ministries/" target="_blank" rel="nor...

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    How To Be A Faithful Christian

    How To Be A Faithful Christian

    Faithful: adj. to be consistent/constant to; to be true/adhering to a standard.

    Today’s question will be addressed through a “Perspective” episode. These are episodes where we discuss a topic and try to present its different perspectives to help our audience appreciate the complexity of the subject and hopefully give guidance on finding biblical truth in a world of misinformation and information overload.

    Roy, Patricia, and Krista join Peter in discussing today’s question: What does it mean to be a faithful Christian?

    Whether you grew up in a Christian home or you’re a new believer, you’re probably wondering how you can meet this requirement or “ultimate goal” of Christianity.

    As Roy talks about the misconceptions we can have on how to be faithful (3:44), Patricia reminds us that the enemy wants to keep us from becoming faithful (7:10), and Krista shares advice on consistency to grow (10:00), it’s important to ask yourself another question.

    Are we just checking boxes so that we can be faithful?

    “A husband doesn’t go through his day thinking, “I need to be faithful to my wife.” But when a husband enjoys a solid relationship with his wife, he does things to spend time with her because he enjoys it, not because he has to “check the boxes.”

    To be faithful to the Lord, we need the Lord’s help.

    “for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.”

    Philippians 2:13

    What has been something that the Lord has used in your life or shown you in Scripture to encourage you to be a faithful Christian? Do you have an area you’re struggling in and have a question? Leave a comment, or reach out to us through our contact link. We’d love to share some of the Patterns in Scripture that God has provided for each of us to grow in our walk with Him. If you liked this podcast but want to go a bit more in-depth, check out some of our posts related to Spiritual Growth! 

    **Link to Growing our Faith Parts 1-3

    **Link to How to Grow Spiritually 1-5 but highlight 5

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    Lost In Translation

    Lost In Translation

    If the Bible is God’s word. . . which Bible should we read?

    Welcome back to another Patterns of Truth podcast, and today we’re doing a “Catkiller,” a podcast where we dive into a topic related to the Bible to understand it as much as possible. (Don’t worry, no cats were harmed in making these podcasts; we like cats!)

    Patricia and Peter are joined by Krista, Roy, and new guest Lars Kemmann—a software engineer who was instrumental in launching our site when we first started Patterns of Truth two years ago—in a discussion about Bible translations.

    We know what you’re thinking. There are so many translations in the English language alone; how do I choose the right one? Aren’t they all saying the same thing in different ways? 

    Touching on everything from our guests’ go-to version for personal study (7:23) to chronological bibles (30:21), we attempt to bring a general overview on the topic. We could go in-depth with numerous details, but we’ll save those for another time!

    As you listen along, you’ll hear Lars and Roy speak on a very general history of translations, what autographs and received texts are, the debate on how literal versus readable a translation should be (24:42), how culture and idioms affect our perceptions, and the bigger question:

    Do most of the translations say the same thing? (28:52)

    With so many translations out there and some that fall into a category of misappropriating God’s Word, what can we do? How does one go about understanding why there are different translations in the first place? Starting with simply reading our Bible’s preface (13:59) and prayerfully being aware of the deceptions and conspiracy theories that can cloud the waters, there are many ways to approach choosing a translation to read. 

    What did you think of our “Lost in Translation” podcast? Did you like Lars’ suggestion of doing follow-ups on more specific areas? Join the discussion! We would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and recommendations by either commenting below, contacting us, or submitting a question.

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    Be A Witness: Homosexuality & Sexual Abuse

    Be A Witness: Homosexuality & Sexual Abuse

    Welcome to our new “Be a Witness” series! We’ve been working on this for a while, and with each topic have invited those with experience in these fields to help us learn how to be a witness. 

    Peter hosts today’s podcast, and our guest is counselor Emmanuel “Viv” John, a Christian psychologist who has served the Lord in this field for many years. Together, they’ll be looking at an area that believers tend to struggle with when it comes to “Being a Witness”: that area being homosexuality and sexual abuse. We’ve received questions about this topic in the past, some of which are—

    * How to witness to someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, especially with the fundamentally different foundational beliefs?* The Bible clearly indicates that homosexuality is a sin and dishonors God, but there is also a human aspect: the specific individual clearly has a physical attraction to the same sex. How do you reconcile both?* In our Christian circles, we might have people who experience same-sex attraction. How do you handle this in a loving but God-honoring way?* What do you answer to someone who says, ‘Where was God when I was being sexually abused?’

    —and we want to address each of them with Truth and Grace.

    Throughout the podcast, we touch on these important questions and their biblical answers with:

    * Examples of how Jesus handled these same situations (John 4 with the Samaritan woman being a clear example)* How we should view witnessing and view the person we are witnessing to* What our goal should be* That our desire should be to grow closer with the Lord, to know God, and to make Him known. 

    Listeners, thank you for coming along on this discussion; we hope that this topic doesn’t end here for you. Study the Bible and see for yourself the way our God loves, redeems, and renews. Our brother Tim Hadley over at Anchors for Life Ministries (who will be joining us for one of our next “Be a Witness” podcasts), has a Q&A video on this topic, “What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality and Transgenderism?” If you have further questions because of what you heard in the episode or from your own experiences, please reach out. Questions can be submitted through the “Ask A Question” page, or feel free to leave a comment or send an email via the “Contact Us” page.

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    Around the World with Eugene Vedder

    Around the World with Eugene Vedder

    “The Lord loves to encourage”

    And what an encouragement this interview was. 

    Welcome back to our podcast! Today, Peter is interviewing his brother-in-Christ, Eugene Vedder. Eugene’s been serving the Lord in one capacity or another for over 66 years! He’s taught Bible classes in southern schools in the 1950s, travelled to East Germany as a “tourist,” and been used by God to encourage and help in many situations.

    Listen along with Peter to these and several other stories, as well as some insight from our guest on serving the Lord, some of his childhood experiences-including the “best punishment his parents ever gave him,” and even his thoughts on angels appearing to us.

    We hope you enjoy hearing some of Eugene’s experiences as much as we did!

    **at 21:50 and 23:04 Eugene says Vi-ya-jawada when he means Vijayawada, a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

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4.3 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

i love 咖啡 ☕️ ,

Helpful points

Appreciated the helpful pointers in the first episode regarding how to respond to the question of if there is truth and reflecting on what it takes to know truth.


Looking forward to this!

I’ve been needing a podcast that tackles difficult issues from an informed, thoughtful, and biblical worldview. Great first episode, looking forward to future topics!

el_artisto ,

The discussion of truth is critical to life today

This is an excellent source for Bible based principles of truth.

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